Canceled Trip

Author: Sexi Lexi
Published: Sep 28, 2008
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She locked the doors and covered the windows so no-body could peek at her half naked body. She yawned, Got out her portable D.V.D player and put in a porn movie.

Chelsie turned the shower nobs, 'Brrr' She shivered and wrapped a tiny towel around her petite body her nipples were hard from the cold air. She took the towel off from her head and let her long silky black hair fall down around her shoulders.

She was humming to herself as she put on her lace black thong and her matching bra. She looked at herself in the mirror on her bathroom door with satisfaction. She pulled on a tight pair of blue skinny jeans and looked at herself again.

She turned around and looked at her perfect round butt and smiled at herself. Next she put on a long tight tank top and a little but shorter long sleeved gray shirt on top. It had a V shaped neck. She smiled at herself knowing she was a little over dressed for a 8 hour drive to a secluded area where no one could see her.

She opened her walk in closet and went to the shelve where all her shoes are. She found a pair of checkered slip ons and thought they went pretty good with her outfit. She towel dried her hair and went down stairs to look for her brush. She got her things together got into her car and drove off.

She blasted her favorite song 'Face down' rolled down a window because her AC was broken. She took a left and reached the highway. She realized how chilly it was so she rolled up her window and had some of her hot chocolate in her Star Bucks to-go container.

She was driving for about 3 hours and it started to get dark. Her phone rang and she answered. 'Hello' an older woman's voice answered 'Chelsie pull over, You know I hate when your driving at night.' she replied, 'O.K Mummy, I will. Love you so much, Bye.'

Chelsie pulled out 2 miles ahead at the first rest area. Knowing if she dis obeyed her mother then she'd be ashamed of herself.

She locked the doors and covered the windows so no-body could peek at her half naked body. She yawned, Got out her portable D.V.D player and put in a porn movie.

She started to finger herself and had an earth shattering orgasm, as soon as she was about to settle in she heard scratching on the door. She thought it was a tree then it became louder and louder and louder.

She was panicking, So she decided she'd go out and see. She pulled on a pair of sweats and grabbed a flashlight. 'Hello' She whispered. Then a hand reached out and grabbed her shoulder while another hand grabbed her mouth.

'You little bitch your gonna give me what I want.' a gruff voice said pushing her into the back seat of her car. He closed the door behind him. 'What do you want' she urged. 'Your pussy.' he replied. He ripped her sweats of and started fingering her pussy so hard she started to scream 'IT HURTS!!!' 'Shut up and take it.' he punched her pussy showing no mercy.

Moments after that he took hes cock out and started pounding her tearing her asunder. 'Stop it stop it!!!'

'No.' he grunted.

He went faster and harder.

He let out a moan of pleasure and exploded his cum inside of her. He spread her legs wide and he lowered his head and started eating her softly then with more force nibbling then biting her clit. His tounge doing all the work. She started moaning. 'SHUT UP!' he said.

'I'm gonna cum! Im gonna cum!' she whispered to him.

He stuck his cock in her again and as soon as he did she had an orgasm.

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