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Where Are You Taking Us

Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Dec 13, 2014
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My second load of cum shot from my cock and there was just as much this time as there was the first time...

* * * * * * *

It was a nice evening warm, and the sky was clear and the stars shone bright my girlfriend and I decide to take a walk as we lived in a small village there were footpaths across the fields and we have often gone out and ended up fucking under the night sky and I must say that I hope tonight would be no different, it was about 10pm when we set off on our walk and we went on a footpath that took us alone the river side and we knew a place we could lay and have sex without being seen should someone come by walking there dog, I must just tell you this happened five years ago, as we got to our spot we went into our little hiding place, the next thing we both knew we were in bed and the alarm clock was buzzing away neither one of us could remember anything from when we snuck into our hiding place, what had happened to us why could we not remember anything it was so strange that it was both of us and we both felt so worn out like we had been having sex all bloody night,

Over the next few weeks we found out my girlfriend was pregnant and we were over joyed at this but when the dates were worked out it seamed that she had fell pregnant around that night we could not remember and that made it even more of a mystery to us, she had scans and all was fine and 9 months later she / we had a baby boy he was healthy and that night was fading into the past we had our son to look after now.

Our son is now four and to everyone surprise he can read and write very well, he can do maths , and two months ago we sat watching the TV and there was this woman on there and she was drop dead gorgeous and I thought my god what I would do to her, my son turned to me and said dad what would you do to her, what I asked him??you were just thinking what you would like to do to the woman on the TV he said, How the hell did you know that I asked looking shocked, well if I am close to you or anyone I can hear what your thinking he said, really !!!! yea sometimes I can be so off putting but I am learning to control it why can't you do that dad he said., no son I can't.

Over the next two week he told me and his mum a number of times what we were thinking and then one day I saw something I just could not believe he was sitting at the kitchen table as we had our meal and instead of asking for the spoon which was on the other side of the table it slid across the table right into his hand we said nothing to him but when we went to bed we talked it over and there was no way we could work out how he was doing this, we took him for tests and he had a Mir scan and when that can back they said they could not work it out he was using parts of his brain that we do not use and they could not tell us why.

My wife and I could only but it down to what ever happened that night we still had no memory of, so I had to find out some how so I found a person that said he could hypnotise me and see if I could remember anything that way, this is what he recorded.

We had turned of the path and into our hiding place and had undressed and were just starting to make love when there was this big white light and we started to float of the ground being drawn upwards, us, the blanket we take with us and all our clothes floated up and we got higher and higher but we could not move it was if we were strapped down the next thing we knew we the light went off and we were laying on a cold metal floor we could move again so we got up and quickly got dressed just as we finished a door opened in one wall and this tall blue skined thing came into the room, now this thing looked like it was gliding across the floor even though it had four legs and four arm if that is what you could call them they looked as if the arms had little suckers all the way up them very strange indeed.

It came over to us and just looked at us then started to push us towards the door it was then we found out what the suckers were for they sucked onto our arms and we could not pull away from his grip and we were shoved through the door into a big round room, the walls were smooth and just a glow of light covered them and as the door closed it just disappeared and as we entered a two seat chair rose from the floor and we were pushed over to it and made to sit down, this thing moved round in front of us and to our amazement spoke to us even though it did not seam to have a mouth, it was talking to us through thought, it said that it meant us no harm and just wanted to ask a few questions.

So we were bombarded with questions and we did our best to answer them all the it asked how we reproduced and so we tried to explain it al to it but he found it hard to see what we were talking about when we said about the difference between a man and a woman, it asked us to show it and that once we had done that it would return us home.

I looked over at my wife and she said well what have we got to loose so we undressed and stood naked in front of this thing, it got up and asked what different bits and pieces were called and what they did it was fascinated by my wife's breasts they were big but not floppy and he put one of his so called arms up and ran it over her tit touching her nipple which I could not believe was rock hard, here we were being looked over by this thing from another world and she was sexually aroused, she took a deep breath in as it's suckers ran over her nipple and it asked her why she had done it , she told this thing that when a woman is sexually aroused it feels good to have it touched and so this thing did it again and again my wife was making soft moaning noises as it kept on doing it, then it turned to her cunt and as it looked closely it said why do you have hair down there and can I see a slit in your skin, she replied I have no idea why we have hair some women trim it off, and yes there is a slit in my skin what's it for said this thing I want to see it and as he said that a table rose from the floor lay on it, so we knew we had to do what they said if we wanted to get home so she went over and lay on the table two leg rests came out of the table and her legs wee placed in them and now her legs were up and spread wide this thing slid round to the end of the table and looked at me and said come here and tell me what these things do.

It moved a arm over her pubic hair and then touched her slit moving it's arm down it found her hard clit sticking out, this it said, that's called a clitoris a women get rid of body fluid thought that, and it is very sensitive when we have sex and give the women a lot of pleasure, sex it asked yes the way we reproduce OK OK it said and the end of it's sucked arm touched her clit and she moaned out loud as it's sucker pulled at it yes I see what you mean it said moving it's sucker round and round on her clit, the more it moved the more excited my wife was getting and I could see her cunt getting wetter and wetter as this thing played with her, then it moved down and found her cunt hole and this it said that's where I put my penis and place my sperm into her and that gets to the eggs and fertilises it and 9 months time she gives birth to a baby out of there also. So you put that limp thing pointing and my cock in there yea that's it I said so dose this hole give pleasure to when touched Oh yes lots I said and as I said that it pushed one of it's other arms into her cunt opening it up as it pushed about 7 inches into her, she is not making any noise like when I touched her nipple or clit it said, well you have to work it back and forth a man dose that with his cock and that not only gives the woman loads of pleasure but makes the man fire his sperm into her, why is she loosing this liquid it asked tat is her sex juice that helps the cock to slid back and forth as you have sex.

This thing started to move it's suckered arm back and forth and with the other arm it was playing with her clit, it was not long before she was moaning out loud as it just kept on rubbing her and ramming it's arm into her soon she was moving her body about on the table and thrusting her arse up of the table as it thrust into her then she had her first climax brought on by this thing, what was that it asked as she screamed out in sheer pleasure that was a orgasm it is a form of pleasure a woman gets during sex, this thing was not going to stop on and on it pumped into her, my poor wife was going nuts on the table her body shook and trembled as it carried on until she had cum four times and each one bigger than the one before then she had to say stop please please stop I can not take anymore please stop it pumped into her until she came again and then it stopped It then saw her arse hole and asked about that one which I told it about.

Then it turned to me and looked down at my cock and then said so that limp thing goes in there and places sperm inside her and then it works on the egg and becomes a new one of you so how do you make it a man or a woman it asked we don't know until it's born what the sex of it will be, so what dose your sperm look like, it is just a whitish liquid I said let me see let me see it said came you make it come from your thing without putting it up inside her yes I can, then do it for me then it said and another table came out of the floor, my wife was still laying on the other table worn out as I climbed up on the table I lay on my back and took my limb cock in my hand and started to wank and this thing watched as my cock started to grow and soon it was my full 10 inches and the thing looked and then said Oh I see it grows hard so it will go into her hole and it slid across the floor and stood beside the table watching me.

It put out a arm and the suckers gripped around my shaft and OH my god what a strange feeling that was but a great feeling and it started to move it's arm up and down my shaft wanking it I closed my eyes this was so bloody good it really was then it placed another arm round it and the whole 10 inches were covered as it rammed it's arms up and down I was now moaning out Oh Oh yes yes Oh Christ that's good 10 minutes later I was ready to cum and I told this thing and it kept on and then I shot my cum and I had never seen it shoot so high in the air before, and this thing just looked at it as it shot from my slit and still it kept on wanking my cock, my stomach was covered in cum and still this thing looked at me as it worked on my cock Oh my god the feeling I was getting from these suckers on my cock and I could not believe that my cock was staying hard it had not gone soft at all, on and on it went I was now in heaven or if sure felt like it and then my wife came and stood by the table and she watched as I was getting ready for my second load of cum and then I thrust my arse up of this table thing and my second load of cum shot from my cock and there was just as much this time as there was the first time.

The thing let my cock go and collected some of my sperm and left my wife and I alone, wow if your orgasms were anything like mine I said to her know fucking wonder you were so worn out Christ that was good, yes it was she said I have never felt anything like it before.

We sat there holding hands as we waited to see what was going to happen next and I turned and kissed her on her soft sweet lips and held her to me saying don't worry darling I am sure we will be OK, and as I said that the thing slid back into the room what were you doing just now it said, when I asked it ??? just now you put your faces together Oh that we were kissing it is a show of affection Please show me it asked so I pulled my wife's mouth to mine and we kissed again.

I see it said and I have one more thing to ask of you then you will be taken to your home, what is it a asked, I want to see you have what you call sex with her, but you will not see anything as my cock will be inside her, Oh I will see it said I can see inside you if I want to so I will see every thing and your sperm when you shoot it inside her I need to know where it goes it said, and you will take us home once we do this yes yes I it said,

So I took my wife in my arms and pulled her to me as this thing went and sat on the chair so it could watch us, I pulled from my wife and said to it do you have a wider table and without a word a table rose up right next to the other one and made a double table, I lifted my wife up and lay her on the table and moved round on to the bottom of it and eased her legs open, I looked at her and said well if we are going to do this we should bloody enjoy it and she nodded at me.

I lowered my head down between her legs and ran my tongue up her slit and she shivered and moaned softly as I did this again and again then I sucked her clit into my mouth and she raised her back from the table moaning yes yes oh Christ yes darling I entered two finger into her and started to finger fuck her and as I did I noticed that this thing was now standing at the side of the table looking down at us, I took no notice and carried on at my wife's pussy pushing my fingers hard into her, then she screamed out so loud I took my face away from her and saw that the thing had joined in and was working it's four arms over her breasts, two working on her nipples and two on her tits squeezing them as it sucked a nipple up, she was screaming out so loud as she climaxed again and again, Oh Christ Fuck me Fuck Me for god sake fuck me now she screamed at the top of her voice, so I told her to get off the table and she did the thing took his suckers from her tits to allow her to get up, Bend over the table I told her and she turned and the thing looked at us wondering what we were up to as she bent over the table I knelt down and licked her cunt a few more times before standing up and I placed my rock hard cock against her cum covered cunt OH OH fuck me fuck me hard she screamed again as she felt the head of my cock touch her cunt lips and I placed my hands on her hips and pushed forward and my cock opened her cunt and slipped inside her the thing watched as I started to pump back and forth into her, she put her arms above her head and gripped the edge of the table as I pounded hard into her again and again, the thing slipped a arm down under the table and it manage to reach her clit and I could feel it's arm working on her clit round and round, I took hold of her legs and lifted them from the floor and brought them waist hight as I held them up I was now fucking her like the piston of a steam train she was still screaming even more now with it playing with her clit, she orgasmed again her cunt gripped my cock as I thrust into her and I felt my cum rising up and with a hard thrust I empted my cum deep inside her Oh yes Oh yes I see it said as it watch my cum filling my wife's inside so now it's inside her what happens now, so I told him and it seamed to understand what I had said.

Then it slid out the door leaving us to get our breath back, My god that was some fuck my wife said those fucking sucker thing wow, she turned to look at me and with a big smile said why don't you have suckers like that,well if you want suckers then I could always ask if you could stay with him I said, fuck that he dose not have a cock she smiled and we laughed.

When it came back it was carrying a glass tube and as it got closer I could see that it was a syringe with a very long needle what are you doing I asked but it just pushed me away and went over to my wife and forced her back onto the table on her back and then pushed the needle into her stomach making her scream in pain I ran back to her saying you arse hole you said you would return us home if we made love so you could see.

The next thing he did was run his arm over my wife's tits and all her pain seamed to go and he just said home time for you and thank you both, and then we woke in our bed where this story began, so we can only make out that when he took my sperm away he or another one of his kind did something to it and then he planted it back into my wife and that's why our son is the way he is.

Once we found that out we have been trying to work out how far these changes will go in our son we don't want him to become to different to other children, but as we talked we knew there was nothing we could do about it, then two nights ago we put our son to bed and a while later went off to bed ourselves and the next thing we knew we were back in the room where my wife and I had had sex all those years ago and from the door that appeared from no where out slid a thing that looked just like the last one we had been with, Hello again it said to us how is your son doing well we hope, what did you do to my sperm I asked well we changed some of it's D.N.A to help him along ,well you sure do that all right I said, well with your guidance we are sure your son will do great things.

Now why we are here again we want some more of your sperm and some of your eggs it said looking at my wife, why do you want then I asked, well there is a planet near where we come from and they are more like you but are dying out and we think with your eggs and sperm we could save them will you help us do that.

I looked at my wife and she nodded and I said yes OK we will help you but how do you intend to get my wife's eggs, well since we were last here we have studied your form from the images we took and we can get them and you will not feel a thing OK then I said to it.

The Tables popped up once more and the leg rests popped up for my wife so we stripped of and I asked if they had brought our son up with us, you have no need to worry it said we have someone looking after him for you, so my wife lay on the table placed her legs up in the rests and once she had done this a second thing slid into the room carrying a long tube and it went to my wife and opened her pussy lips with one of it's four arms and pushed this tube inside her, as soon as this second thing started this the first went over and started to massage my wife's nipples soon my wife starting to moan and I could see her nipples getting hard as this thing played with her like before it had two of it's arms round her tits and the other two played with her very hard nipples, Oh yes Oh yes she moaned as this thing continued to play with her the second one pulled the tube from me wife as was gone, the first stopped and my wife shouted at it for fuck sake don't stop now OH fuck please don't stop now so it carried on until my wife climaxed and it was a good one too as her juice ran from her they spread over the table top and this thing ran it's arm through it and it said MMMM it's is nice, so that's how they taste through the suckers.

Then he came over to me I was now laying back and my cock was still soft and this thing took it in it's arm and started to wank my cock and it was soon bloody rock hard as I said before those suckers gave you feelings like you have never had, once it was hard it placed it's second arm round my cock and started to wank me hard, but this time it placed it's other two arms on my nipples and his suckers started to do there magic on mine and my god it blew my mind three minutes later I shot my first load and as before he did not stop but the second one came in and cleaned up my cum and went away again, as it carried on my wife came over to the side of the table lent over me and kissed me that sounded good she said Oh Christ yea I replied through deep breaths.

Then the door slipped open and this time four others slid into the room and they asked my wife to lay back onto the table and she did as they asked, the four of then moved round her and just stood there and look at her at first, then one started to play with one of her breasts and then a second joined in on the other breast soon she was moaning again again and again her body trembling and shaking as these two worked her up into a frenzy, Oh Christ OH Fuck OH God she was moaning louder and louder and all these to where doing is working on her tits, her legs were up in the rests so her cunt was on full show and spread open, then I gave out a scream of pleasure as I cave for the second time, and as before in came this thing cleaned up my cum and left again, the first one once more carried on wanking my cock and once more it did not even attempt to soften they must have something in there touch that was keeping it hard but Christ it sure was like nothing I had every felt before.

I looked over and the two that had been standing down by my wife's cunt were now just about to place there suckers on my wife tits, it looked like one was going for her hard swollen clit and the other was going to fuck her and as their suckers touched her she exploded I had never seen her squirt before but she did this time it was like a water fall it just shot from her she was making more noise then I have ever heard her make in my life her head was being thrown from side to side as they carried on giving her so much pleasure, then the fourth one pushed his arm inside her and that was it she screamed the placed down as it moved it's arm back and forth fucking my wife with it's suckered covered arm, OH FUCK OH FUCK,YES YES YES OH MY FUCKING CHRIST YES YES OH HARDER HARDER she was screaming out and the four of them responded by moving there suckers on her tits a lot faster and harder and the one playing with her clit was sucking it so hard and then pulling his arm up and stretching it as far as it would go and the last one was ramming his arm hard and fast into her .

YES YES OH MY FUCKING CHRIST YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS as the biggest orgasm ripped through her body you could her her body shaking on the table as it threw her around and her juice once more sprayed from between her legs OH fuck Oh fuck she said as it started to leave her and she thought they had finished with her but no they changed placed so the two working on her nipples and tits now had her cunt and I still had the one wanking my cock and I knew it would not be long before my third load would be leaving my cock to splash over my chest.

Then I was the one that was pounding it's sucked arm into my wife's cunt ran one of it's other arms into the juice that was all over the table top and then without warning it thrust it into my wife's arse and that did it she pasted out for a while before coming round still moaning out HARDER HARDER OH FUCK YES YES HARDER and as I looked at this I shot my third load I was totally nackard would it let me cock go this time could I come again I did not know at this point as the thing came and scooped up my cum and disappeared back through the sliding door, then I found out yes it wanted more of my cum and on it went when one more entered the room and came over to me and it took over from the first one and it wanked me even harder than the first one, my head was spinning as my cock stayed so fucking hard and on it's way to the forth load of cum.

The first thing moved and leg rested raised from my table and it placed my legs up on to them it went over to my wife and pushed it's arm up inside her cunt before coming back to me with it's arm dripping my wife's cum from it and then it pushed it's arm against my arse hole making me scream out IT HURTS IT FUCKING HURT and with that it rubbed one of it's other arms over my stomach and the pain was gone, it pushed some more and it popped into my arse and it started to fuck my arse as the other one really rubbed my cock so fucking hard the pleasure I was now getting is impossible to describe it was so intents and filling my entire body my wife was still screaming at the top of her voice for them to do it harder then she screamed once more as this gigantic orgasm ripped through her entire body she passed out with the pleasure the things left the room my wife now like a limp rag doll on the table her tits heaving up and down as she gasped for breath, I was still being arse fucked faster and faster they were going and then I raised my arse up of the table as I shot my forth load up my chest and collapsed limp back down on the table, the thing rubbing my cock left the room and it was just the first one left with us after my cum had been taken away.

Well it said I hope you enjoyed that it was our way of saying thank you for helping us save our friends we are most grateful to you both I am sure we can change your cum and eggs to make this work, one thing I asked when you send us home please don't make us forget I want to remember this please for the rest of my life and I know my wife will to, Ok that's fine it said we may be back to see how your son is getting on in the future to see what he has become, and you never know it said we might even please you again, well it would be great to know if you saved that planet of your friends I said and with that we were back in bed and only 10 minutes had gone by.

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