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My Horror Weekend

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Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 13-Apr-15
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The one that seamed to be the leader took hold of my cock and said right lets see how big this cock is shall we girls and she started to move her hand up and down my shaft making sure my foreskin was pulled back and forth each stroke.

* * * * * * *

Walking home from the pub one Friday night someone came up behind me and put a sack over my head and then a van pulled up and I was thrown in the back and it speed away while I was being driven god knows where my legs and hands were tied and I was left laying in the back as the van speed on, what do you want I shouted out I have nothing you want, I have no money, no family so what the hell are you doing and where are you taking me, shut the fuck up said a deep sounding woman's voice or I will shut you the fuck up I shouted out again and for that I got a kick in the guts and told to shut the fuck up again.

I was dragged out of the van my feet un-tied and shoved along and up some steps they pushed me against a table or something like that and my hands were un-tied I then had the sack taken of from over my head and there stood three of the biggest women I had seen outside of a magazine, they told me to get up onto the table if you could call it that as it was a table in the shape of a person with arms and legs spread out, Fuck off I said I not getting on there, one of the women that was standing beside me just punched me knocking me to the floor NOW GET ON THE FUCKING TABLE she shouted at me I got up and without saying another word got onto the table and spread my arm and legs out to fit the shape, now that's much better she said.

The three of them came up to the table and using cable clips they fixed my arms and legs so I could not move and then a strap was tied over my forehead to keep my head back on the table, my mind was racing fast at what the hell was going on, then one said ok cut his clothes off, and my clothes were soon on the floor cut from my body, my cock was limp but still six inches long and it is thick even soft, when hard it is about eleven inches long and seven inches round, Wow said one of the women we picked a fucking good one here and he still has his foreskin that's nice I love to play with a nice long foreskin yea me to said one of the others, next they moved away from the table out of my sight as I could not move my head to the side to see, when they came back all three were naked and there rolls of fat hung from their bodies and all had bloody massive tits and nipples that were hard.

The one that seamed to be the leader took hold of my cock and said right lets see how big this cock is shall we girls and she started to move her hand up and down my shaft making sure my foreskin was pulled back and forth each stroke she made, one of the others came up and stood facing down my body and bent forward and her big heavy tits came down onto my face, it was hard to breath but she said suck them arsehole suck them hard and bit them nipples or your be sorry, so I did what she asked I could not help but get hard as the third was now stroking and playing with my balls, the leader said OH my fucking god girls look and the size of this cock it is going to be one hell of a fucking weekend we will know we have been well and truly fucked by the time we are finished.

The leader got up and knelt over me and her big fat body hung over the top of me as one of the others took hold of my cock and placed it up against her cunt and she lowered herself down and the weight of her on me was painful but she was soon riding my cock her big fat tits jumping up and down as she slammed down onto me it was not long before she was moaning out Oh fuck girls you wait until you feel this in you oh my god it is so big the best we have had oh yes yes she screamed as she carried on ramming my cock into her the tits were taking off my face and I saw the woman that was fucking me to hell and back, my god those tits were sure bouncing as she moved, she looked down at me staring me in the eyes she said you had better not come until we all have had you or you will be punished got it arsehole I said nothing for some reason I could not take my eyes from her bouncing tits and her long think hard nipples, did you fucking hear me dick head she screamed at me yea yea I heard I said.

A few minutes later she smashed her overweight body down on my cock and she climaxed sweat pouring from her as she lifted of and the next one got on the table and the first one took hold of my now slimy wet cock and placed it into her friends pussy my god she had one hairy cunt thick black hair hung from it as my cock parted her lips and eased inside her she weighted just as much as the first one, the leader of this group came and stood beside me and said don't forget you don't cum until my other girl has had her fun with you, yea yea I said and she took hold of my nipple and twisted them so bloody hard it was a wonder they did not twist of in her hands I screamed as the pain ripped throughout my entire body you will get a lot worse than that it you come and she let them go as she said I got to go pee enjoy girls and she was gone, the one that had had her tits in my face stood beside us and she took one of the big fat tits that was bouncing up and down on the women fucking my dick and placed it into her mouth and started to suck the nipple and bit on it sending her into a frenzy and it was not long before she came my cock and balls were now covered in two lots of cum as she got of and the third one got on my cock the first one came back.

Both women stood beside the third and both had a nipple in their mouths as she rode my cock like it was the last one on earth, she was bigger then the other two and my god as she slammed down onto me she was nearly squashing the life from me and she was screaming out OH OH FUCK MY GOD OH CHRITST YES YES OH GOD THAT COCK IS BIG OH FUCK YES YES and then she exploded in her orgasm covering my cock and balls, the cum from these three was now dripping of my balls there was so much of it, I could see all this because there was this big mirror stuck above me so I could see every thing they did to me.

One of them the last one to fuck me got between my wide spread legs and wrapped her big fat boobs round my aching shaft and one of the other women held them in place as she started to tit fuck my cock and with her tits rubbing my pre-cum covered cock head each time the foreskin pulled back it was not going to be long before I shot my load, on and on she tit fucked me, I was now moaning out with each and every stroke of her tits and then I screamed I was cumming and as the first wave of cum shot from my throbbing cock she took her tits away so my cum would shoot up my chest and stomach, when my cock was empting out they stood round me and licked it from my body moaning in pleasure as they did, the leader when she had finished stood up and said not only has this one got a big cock but his cum tastes fucking good too.

But they did not stop there soon as they finished licking my cum the leader took my cock into her mouth and started to suck on it making sure every last drop was sucked from the inside, while she worked on my cock the other two came up and took hold of a nipple each and started pulling them up making them stand up proud then they placed a clamp on each and started to tighten them with screws tighter and tighter squeezing my nipples sending terrible pain ripping through my body I cried out for them to stop but they took no notice and tightened them some more, then they placed very thin nylon rope through the clamps and then pasted the rope through two hooks in the ceiling and pulled on it so the clamps were pulling so hard my back was only just touching the table, STOP STOP PLEASE STOP I screamed to them but no the first kept on sucking while the other two went across the room for something, what I could not make out was even though I was in so much pain more than I had ever had in my life yet my fucking cock was starting to grow again, the two returned and the next thing I knew was more pain even worse than the pulling of my nipples tears were now running from the corner of my eyes as they started to push needles through my nipples just under the clamps, my nipples were so tender that these needles felt like red hot pokers one after another was push in and out the other side, my head spun with the pain I had black spots in front of my eyes and I thought I was going to pass out, when one of them lent over me and placed her big thick red lips on mine and forced her tongue into my mouth and kissed me as she twisted the needles sending pain from head to toe and by now my cock was back as hard as it could be.

The next thing I knew was one of the women climbed onto the table and was kneeling with her legs either side of my head and she was going for the sixty nine but as the rope from my nipple clamps were there she had to squeeze her big body between the rope and this pulled on them even more making me once again scream out in pain but not for long as she lowered her big hairy cunt down onto my face and her wet pussy lips pushed either side of my nose and down onto my mouth where she started to grind her cunt round and round and then placed my hard cock into her mouth, as she sucked and licked my cock her cunt was running with juice and it was hard to drink it all as it poured from her so fast, it was running down the side of my face and into my ears and down my neck but on and on she ground her cunt into me and she was moaning over and over even with her mouth full of my shaft and she was taking the whole eleven inches down her throat to.

As she continued to fuck my face I felt a tit being placed in each of my hands as one of the women said squeeze them squeeze them hard and so I started to squeeze and pinch the nipple hard as they to started to moan, then the one over me pushed her cunt fully down on my face stopping me from breathing and she came her cunt trembled as it pushed more and more cum out over my face and as she lifted up I had to take a deep breath, she got up and her body pulled and tugged on the ropes as she got off from over me sending pain again rushing through me, as she lifted her leg up over my head a big drop of her cum dropped and splashed onto my face, as soon as she got off the table a tit was pulled from my hand and this woman got over me and like the last took great joy in making such I screamed in pain as she eased between the ropes.

This woman was the only shaven cunt out of the three and I had tears running from my eyes as she made sure I was in pain but I watched as her leg rose over my head and her big fat pussy lips opened up to show her inner cunt and it looked wet and I could see up inside her love tunnel as it lowered onto my face and she like the first started to grind her cunt over my face and suck my cock, I still had one tit in one hand and was still working on that when I felt my balls being played with, the one that had just got off from me was rubbing them , stroking them, and pulling at the skin when all of a sudden pain shot up through me so fast but I could not scream as my face was covered with this fat pussy, again and again shape searing pain ripped through me I wanted to scream, to shout to cry but I could not what the fuck was she doing to my ball sack but they both carried on then the one over me came and like the first pushed hard down onto me as her cunt gushed out cum, she made sure that her body pulled and tugged the ropes as she got off me as if the pain from what every the other one was doing was not enough.

When she got off and just before the third one took her place I looked in the mirror above me and I could see a load of needles pushed into my ball sack there must have been at least ten of them as me view was taking up by the hairy cunt of the third woman as she got above me, my god did she have a hairy cunt I don't think I had ever seen so much hair of a cunt before it was long and jet black and as she placed her legs over me I could just make out the slit beneath the thick bush and then as her leg came down beside my head her pussy lips spread apart and her pink slit came into view, it looked bigger and fatter than the other two and cum was dripping from it already, once more the pain rushed me as she got between the ropes and away we went again, and then even more needles pushed into my balls this time they felt like they were being pushed into my balls and not just into the skin, the worse thing was not being able to scream to let out the pain that I was getting over and over again, I have no idea how many needles I had stuck into me now but these two woman were turning them pushing them and twisting them as the other one carried on sucking my cock and pushing her cunt hard down into my mouth.

She came with a lot more force than the other two and as her cum shot out of her trembling cunt it was forced down my throat the power of her climax was amazing and she shot so much of it I did not think she was ever going to stop but in the end she did and lifted off me and the three of them said time to make him cum again I feel like some more cum and they laughed as each one placed a hand on my hard shaft and started to wank me on and on they went each taking turns to plan with the needles making me cry out in pain from the needles and pleasure from the wanking, after about ten minutes I screamed and my cock shot out it's load once more splashing up my stomach and chest and they soon licked it clean between them, come on girls let go have a rest and a drink and let this dick head get his energy back for the next round, please please take the needles out I asked but the leader turned and said no fucking chance you going to get a lot more before we have finished with you, and they walked off still naked leaving me tied to the table with my back only just touching the table as I hung from the nipple clamps and about twenty five needles stick out of my ball sack.

They all came back and the leader started to rub my cock and it was soon hard and ready for action and the first one climbed over me and sat on my cock and as she did so her fat arse pushed down on the needles pushing them even further into my balls sending pain through my body, then as she started to pump herself up and down my shaft she thrust herself hard onto my balls making me cry out in shear pain again and again my body jerked and jumped with the pain but she was loving it moaning out that she had never felt so good and how she loved my big long fat cock, she screamed Cum Cum In me fill me shoot your cum deep inside me you arse hole I want your cum, and then she hit down onto me hard as her whole body quivered as she climaxed her big puffy pussy lips gripped my cock as her body let go of a river of cum and as her cum hit my balls it stung where the needles had been pushed into them, she started to ride my shaft again on and on she pumped down onto it screaming for me to fill her cunt with my cum, I shouted yes yes I am cumming and my cock let got of it's load spurting deep inside her womb spurt after spurt entered her and she climaxed once more and her cunt felt like it was trying to suck the cum right out of my dick.

She got up from my shaft and one of the woman took my cock and licked both lots of cum from it, and then they went off again but came back a short while later Please please let me go I begged please, no fucking chance they all said we got you for the weekend and we will all have fucked you a few times by then, and the one that had fucked me a few minutes ago sucked my cock and it was soon hard once more, and the leader got up on the table but instead of facing me she faced away from me and her big bloated arse faced me as she lowed herself down and in the mirror I could see her arse hole bobbing up and down as she lent forward placing her hands on my knees to get a better grip as she rammed her big fat body down on me, the one that had fucked me came up beside us and just shoved a butt plug into her arse and I watch through my tears from the pain as her arse hole opened up to swallow the plug and as her arse got to the biggest point her arse sucked it in and she screamed out.

On and on she rode my cock until she climaxed and each time I came it took longer to come again so she just kept on ridding me she orgasmed three times before I filled her with my next load and she scream at the top of her voice as she orgasmed again as she felt my cum flood inside her, once more I was left alone while they went off somewhere I could hear them laughing and joking but as I could not move my head I could not see them.

Back they came two of them playing with me cock while the third came and tightened my nipple clamps some more making me scream again after a while I was hard once more and the third woman climbed on and sat down taking my cock deep inside her cunt, I watch in the mirror as my cock slipped in and out of this shaven cunt her fat gut moving up and down with her movement slapping onto my stomach each time her big huge tits slapping up and down and her nipples standing out hard then she grabbed hold of the ropes on my nipple clamps and pulled on them sending shards of pain it felt like my brain would explode with it, my nipples felt like they were being ripped from my body again and again she tugged on them as she rose and fell on my cock, but despite all this pain I still found it sexy and my cock was harder than ever, on and on she was now getting to her fifth climax when my cock erupted sending a river of my hot cum shooting up into her she scream as she felt my cock throb and the first spurt sent her over the top and she climaxed once more but as she did she pulled down so hard on the rope that my back was lifted from the table and with so much pain I blacked out when I came to I was alone once more.

As I lay tied to this table I wondered what was going to happen to me were they going to let me go at the end of this sexy weekend they were after, would they just leave me here tied to the table to die, or would they just keep on fucking me until my heart just gave out, one of them game back and to my surprise the table tilted and I was moved to upright and she gave me a drink and something to eat, as I drank and ate she said that they had never had a man with such a wonderful cock and they were all glad they took me, once I had finished she tilted the table back and left me alone not answering any questions I had asked her.

When they came back for more I said I needed to pee so one of them tilted the table upright once more while the leader knelt in front of me opened her mouth and said ok pee in my mouth and over my tits as the third one took hold of my cock and aimed it at her friends mouth, I was bursting to go so I did as I was told soon filling her wide open mouth and it ran down her chin and down over her tits and carried on down her body to the floor, when I had finished the one holding my cock shook it and the table was tilted back and the leader came to me placed her mouth on mine and let my pee run from her mouth into mine, I coughed and spluttered when she took her mouth away and I had to swallow my own pee.

They made me hard once more but this time they cut the straps from my legs and two of them pulled them up so my arse was sticking up and open wide, Pain shot through my arse like a red hot poker had just been pushed into it and I screamed over and over tears running down my eyes and then I must have past out for a few seconds as when I came round I had this big butt plug pushed full into my arse and my legs were tied back down to the table, it hurt like fucking hell I had no idea what size it was but my god it felt massive, there bet that feels nice one said to me, no if fucking hurts like hell, good good she said that's just what we wanted and they laughed, ok that's it for tonight we will be back to carry on in the morning, What I cried out your going to leave me here all night strapped to this table, yea you got that right they laughed again as they got dressed and left me there with this massive butt plug inside my arse stretching it wide and about twenty five needles stuck in my balls, the lights were turned off and I was left in the dark.

The next morning Saturday I heard the van pull back up and them walking up the stairs and into the room Hello my love one said hope you slept well as it is going to be a long day and a fucking good one, well for us anyway and once more they all laughed, so hows the butt plug not hurting now is it, no not at the minute I said well we can soon sort that out we can not have you with no pain now can we and as two undressed the other one came placed her hand down between my legs took hold of the plug and pulled it and twisted it and the pain started all over again.

She also pulled on the ropes pulling my nipples hard making me scream out, she went and undressed like the others and and like the day before I was force to fuck each one and fill them with cum when I had filled the last one the first to fuck my cock got over my face and pushed her cum dripping cunt down and I licked and sucked her and my cum from inside her, each did the same and when I had finished my cock was hard once more, I lay there cock sticking up hard and these woman started to horse whip me over my chest and stomach and making sure they whipped my cock to on and on they whipped me my body coming up in very red marks my cock was on fire with each whip of this leather whip but it still stayed hard I was going mad with this pain but I was getting pleasure from it to it was very strange as I had never thought about pain in sex before.

One went away and I felt her playing with the butt plug I had no idea what she was doing but I was soon to find out as the other two kept on whipping me I felt a shock of electric hit my arse hole sending my body ridged and then it was gone, fucking hell they had wired this plug up to electricity then another jolt hit me making me scream again and again as jolt after jolt ran through me making sweat appear on my body my balls tingled with each jolt as the electric ran through the needles that were in-bedded in my ball sack and balls, then one of them got up on the table sat down over my cock and started to ride it for all she was worth pounding up and down her fat bloated body smashing down onto me causing massive pain each time she hit my balls, then as she rode me a jolt of electric shot up my arse through my cock and into her and each time she got a shock she climaxed over my cock and balls by the time she had finished I was covered in her cum and then it was all change and another one took her place and on and on we went, as the third one was getting her shock treatment from my cock one of the others came and fixed wires to the nipple clamps and now I was getting it not only through my arse but nipples to.

Once this had finished and they had all had two goes each on my cock and getting there pleasure from it , my cock was limp and spent for a while so they went off and I was given something to drink and then left to rest, when they came back one took a metal rod it shone like silver and one of the others took hold of my cock and as I watched in the mirror she started to push this rod into my pee hole I was getting hard once more god knows why but I was and then this rod hit my prostrate and would not move further in so she pulled it back and with a fast hard push shoved it forward and the tip of the rod popped through the hole in the centre of my prostrate and pulled my foreskin up and placed a clamp over it making sure the rod could not pop out.

The next bit was like something from a horror movie as one held my cock upright one pulled on the clip pulling my foreskin up and the third started to push a needle through my foreskin and they had sewn my cock closed and the clip was taken away leaving me with a stiff cock and a rod down into my prostrate I was now crying fully in pain but my cock could not go soft even if it wanted to the table was tilted upright and my cock stuck out in front of me and a smaller table was but in front of me and one of these woman bent over it and it made her arse the right hight for my cock and she was pushed on the table back onto my cock and as I looked her arse opened up to allow my sewn up cock to enter her and as she pushed back on me the rod pushed further into me I was now getting hot stabbing pain from my cock head as her arse pulled on the stitches but also great pleasure as the rod probed my prostrate, and as she started rocking back and forth on me I could not believe now this felt the mixture of pain and pleasure at the same time, she was screaming our as she worked on my cock, OH OH FUCK FUCK MY ARSE FEELS WONDERFUL OH CHRIST YES YES and then she orgasmed hard her body shaking, her fat body rippled as it ran through her when she was done it was time for the next one but as she side back onto my cock the pain and the pleasure was to much and I shouted out I was going to cum and by fuck it was mind blowing as my cock throbbed trying to push the cum from it but it had nowhere to go as the rod and my sewn up foreskin was stopping it go anywhere.

My head spun as the shear pleasure ripped through me but on and on the woman fucked my cock with her arse until she came and then the third started and half way through I came again and now my balls ached as they filled with cum that had no where to go, once she was done and had orgasmed fully I was tilted back on the table and once more they started to wank my cock until I cried out and came the third time my balls now felt as if they would burst with the amount of cum being held back by the rod, the stitches where cut and the rod just shot up from the pressure of all that cum and as it left my pee hole three loads of cum followed it spewing out all over me and they soon started licking it up as if it was the last they would ever get.

After a long rest they all came back in and all had me again one riding my cock while the other sat on my face and the third was sending shock after shock through me into both of them and when the one shot her cum into my face there seamed like gallons of it she was so fucking worked up with the shocks, they all took there turn sitting on my cock and face and I had to pee into the open mouth of one of the other women thins time and I was given a drink of my own pee once more, I was then left alone all night and it was not until they left that it came to me I had had nothing to eat and for the first time felt hungry but could not do a thing about it.

The next morning once again I heard them arrive and we went through the same thing as the morning before each took my cock and I filled each with my hot cum but there was not so much of it now as I had cum so much but after they had had their fill the top of my cock was sewn up tight to make sure nothing was going to escape from my foreskin, once again I saw crying out in pain each time the needle and cotton pulled through my skin, then for the next few hours they kept wanking me off each time I came my foreskin grew bigger and bigger as it filled with my cum, it was now getting painful as it stretched and pulled against the cotton stitches, then the shocks started again and it hit my arse and nipples making my body shake and then each of them took a turn fucking my face while I got shocked and I could feel the electric jump from my tongue into the insides of there wet pouring pussy's and each time their orgasms got bigger and bigger.

They had been working on me for hours and my cock ached as one more lot of cum joined the mountain of cum being held back inside my foreskin, please please release it I begged but only got laughed at as they walked away leaving me with a painful cock and a small electrical currant up my body, they were gone for what seamed like hours and hours but when they returned the leader took hold of my cock and felt the bulging foreskin and she said I think it will take one more lot before we release it, and so they stood round me and started to lick, suck, stroke, and bit my cock, while twisting the needles into my balls even further, then I shot my load into the cum already there and I screamed and it made my foreskin pull even tighter on the stitches.

So I was asked you want this released do you , yes yes please please let my cum out it hurts, are you sure you want it released, yes yes I begged, ok once your hard again we will release it for you but only when your hard as we want as much pressure as we can, so half an hour later they started to wank and suck my cock until it was hard then one held my cock upright and I was watching in the mirror above me and then I saw the needles and before I could say a word one was pushed into my swollen foreskin and out the other side it was left there as more and more where pushed through I counted fifteen in all and then one was pulled out and the leader said OH Fuck the holes are not big enough so they got thicker needles and replaced them one by one until all fifteen had been changed, once more one was removed then another and another until all of then had been removed and from the holes in my foreskin oozed all the cum that had been trapped inside and some blood as well, the woman were screaming in delight at the sight of it and they smeared it all over my cock and lower stomach and they pulled down on my cock skin pulling it tight over the head so every little drop of cum had been squeezed out from inside and then they started to lick and suck it from me.

I was allowed to rest for a while before they all took their turns in riding my cock again it was still sewn up so each time I came it had to filter out through the holes in the foreskin, once that was done the pins were removed from my balls and that hurt as much as them going in, then the nipple clamps were un-done and as they were taking off my nipples I wondered if they would not fall of as they had been in the tight grip of the clamps for two days, but as the blood pushed it's way back into them I got more pain rushing through me, the three of them dressed still covered in my cum and then placed the bag over my head and finally my arms and legs were un-tied I was taken back to the van still naked as my clothes were no good after being cut from me, I was driven back to where I was taken from and given a sheet to put round me my clothes in a bag and pushed out of the van with the bag still over my head, by the time I got the bag of my head they were gone and as I tried to walk it was the first time I notice that the butt plug was still firmly inside my arse, as it was dark I got home without being seen and went straight to the bath room and ran a hot bath dropped the sheet from my shoulders and looked at my body in the mirror, it was covered in scars from the whippings, my nipples where black and blue from bruising, my balls were the same and on top of all this my cock was still sewn up and the butt plug was still in my arse.

I tried to pull it out but it would not move so I got into the bath and as my cock touched the water it hurt and stung like hell but I gently lowered myself down after awhile I lay back and tried to relax but the butt plug was pushing into me as I sat on it, so it was going to have to come out one way or another so I took hold of it and began to pull after being in there for two days it was stuck and so I pulled harder and as it started to come out the biggest bit was first and I wanted to scream out but knew the people next door would hear me so clamping my mouth shut I came one long pull and my arse finally opened enough to let the plug out and when I held it up it was ten inches round the fattest part, I was gulping for air as the pain slowly went away my arse red raw but the hot water in the bath was helping, now my cock I took a razor blade and as they had pulled the cotton so tight it was hard to get too without cutting my foreskin and I did cut it a few times until all the cotton was out and my foreskin was free, slowly I pulled it back over the head and it was covered in dried cum and blood and as I washed it off I started to get hard despite all I had been through I was getting hard while washing my cock head.

After this was done I laid back and closed my eyes as I relaxed still holding my cock in my hands, I was slowly moving my hand over my cock but not pulling the foreskin as that hurt to much, my nipple stung in the water but slowly got better, and slowly I got more and more worked up thinking about what I had had done to me over the weekend and after about half hour of slow wanking I cum into the bath water, I top up the water with more hot and just lay for another half hour before dragging myself up and dried off, I walked down to the kitchen still naked and made something to eat, then took myself of to bed and slept until midday, I was dreading going to the toilet after having that butt plug in me and I was right to as it fucking hurt like hell but over the next few days the pain eased, it has now been three months since this happened and I have now got to using the butt plug myself and I can not slip it into my arse easy and also went and brought nipple clamps, Great times ahead.

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