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In This Year

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Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 28-May-15
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I ran my tongue round and round the very tip of her slit and now she was thrusting her cunt up as I licked and she was now saying yes yes oh my god oh yes.

* * * * * * *

My name is smith Jon Smith I live in the year 2325 and I have been ordered by my boss to retrieve a diamond worth millions which was taken from him over a year ago and he has only now just found out would took it but not where the diamond is now so I have to find the person who took it and then get them to tell me where the diamond is.

Let me tell you a bit about myself first I am 35 years old and in 2325 all men have there heads, body hair shaven as it is thought to be unclean to have any hair anywhere on your body I am 6 ft 2 inches tall and of medium build, to keep our body hair removed each morning we walk into a sonic shower where all body hair is removed then we are cleaned.

Woman are the same no body hair so we do not think one coloured hair is more sexy than another in fact we do not have sex that often as the sonic shower can be told to please us and also we have humanoid robots that are built just for sex all the male and female robots are build the same male one's have a 7 inch dick and the female's have all the same size cunt and tits, you make a call and the robot turns up pleases you and goes again.

Now as I said I am 35 and I have been lucky that I have a cock that is 11 inches long and 7 inches thick but dose not get much real cunt as a lot of woman would rather have a robot, but I am rambling.

So I jumped onto the teleport pad and pushed in my ID card punched in where I wanted to go and there I was in the New York in the blink of a eye, after two days I had found the person I had been tracing and found it was a woman and not a man like we thought I followed her to her home which was on the top floor of a 400 floor tower block right in the centre of New York, the penthouse she lived in took up the whole of the top floor, I knocked on the door after blaging my way up there, when she answered I just pushed her back into the room and slammed the door behind me who the fuck are you she screamed at me and what the fuck do you want she said picking up a glass to throw at me but I was to quick for her and grabbed her arm and twisted it round making her drop the glass and it shattered as it hit the marble flooring.

Who I am is not important what I am after how ever is, my boss wants to know where his diamond is that you stole from him last year, WHAT she screamed what Fucking Diamond I do not know what the fuck you are on about, Oh come on love lets not do this I do not want to hurt you but I will if you do not tell me where it is, Oh fuck off she said I have no idea what the hell you are on about and as I still had hold of her wrist I twisted it more making her scream out in pain, she was now swearing at me to let her go, but still she did not tell me what I wanted to know so I slapped her across the face with the back of my hand and she reeled back and fell into a chair which was just behind her and she brought her hand up and wiped her nose as it started to bleed, I am sorry love but I need to know where that diamond is so the sooner you tell me the sooner I will be gone, go to fucking hell she spat out so I hit her again but still nothing.

I pulled her up from the chair bending a arm up behind her back and marched her down the corridor and into her bed room and threw her onto the bed face down as she hit the bed with such force her whole body bounced up and down, I told her not to move and walked over to the wall and asked the computer that I wanted four black silk scarf's and a panel opened up in the wall and there was what I had asked for as I turned she was trying to get up and make her way to the door to try to escape but I caught her arm and threw her back onto the bed now on her back so I got on the bed and sat over her pinning her down, I soon had her hands tied up to the headboard and then I slid down and tied her feet to the bottom of the bed she lay there hatred in her eyes as she looked at me and still swearing at me.

Ok love one last chance to tell me I said, go jump off the roof she screamed I do not know what the fuck your talking about.

Ok have it your way I told her and walked over to the computer again and asked for a very sharp 7 inch long knife and as the panel opened there lay my knife walking back to this beautiful woman that I had tied to the bed, she was 5ft 8 inches tall and a very slender body and she must have been in her late 30's big breasts for such a slim figure her eyes popped open as I turned with the knife in my hand, Please Please don't do this please don't hurt me she screamed out tell me what I want to know, I don't fucking know she screamed again so I knelt on the bed beside her and woman did not wear dresses anymore they all wore jump suits that fitted tight against there bodies.

I pushed the knife up inside her trouser leg and ran it up the inside of her leg cutting her jump suit as it slipped up pasted her knee and up her inner thigh NO NO NO she screamed but it was to late !!! she had had her chance to tell me what I wanted to know, when I reached her crotch I removed the knife and started up her other leg, she was now thrashing about on the bed trying to get loose but I knew that was not going to happen and as for her screaming she could scream as much and as loud as she wanted no-one was going to hear her up here that was for sure.

I reach her crotch again and her wonderful shapely tanned legs were in full view and my god they were firm and looked so sexy that my cock started to stiffen I had not cut across her crotch at this point just up to it.

I now started cutting down her sleeves to her arm pits and the jump suit fell from her arms revealing her tan skin and I lent forward and kiss her arms as she tried to pull them away from me.

Now I have said that we have robots for sex so there are a lot of women that have never had sex with a real man and feel it is wrong to do so.

What are you doing what are you going to do to me?? I will tell you what you want to know she shouted at me, I am sorry love but that time has past you had your chance to tell me, with that I placed a hand onto her breast with just the thin jump suit between us NO NO Please Please No she screamed again but I took hold of her nipple that was now getting hard and pushing hard against my hand and nipped it hard, NOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo she shouted and then spat at me you fucking bastard she screamed you fucking fucking bastard, and I got up of the bed leaving her laying there with her tan arms and legs dangling out of her suit.

I moved to the bottom of the bed and as she watched me her eyes widening as I started to strip out of my jump suit peeling it back of my shoulders and sliding it down my chest and then down over my hips and pulling of my legs, OH GOD OH GOD she cried out your not going to have sex with me NO NO PLEASE NO Please No I have never had a man please not that, but I did not answer and walking round the bed and knelt back beside her she was now crying as I picked up the knife and pushed it up into the crotch of her jump suit and cut across it and her silky smooth cunt came into view and boy oh boy what a wonderful cunt it looked, it had been a long time since I had seen a real cunt and I was now hard as a rock at the site of it, I then ran the knife up one side and then the other and now the jump suit was just laying on her covering her tits and stomach, as I took hold of the top half she scream for me not to do this but I took no notice.

I puled the jump suit off and there she lay my god what a wonderful body she had a full tan and long pussy lips and I brushed my finger up between them she felt very dry but I knew that would change soon enough, NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo she screamed again as my finger reached her citrous and touched the very tip of it, I knelt up and placed a leg either side of her waist and my big long cock lay pointing up towards her tits.

Now as I said all the female robots have the same size breasts so to sit over this beautiful woman and have these big tits shaking in front of me as she pulled and tugged and the silk scarf's that tied her to the bed, she had very dark brown nipple and I raised a finger and just traced round the out side of her nipple it started to grow hard to my touch, STOP STOP she cried out Please Please do not do this, but I lent forward and sucked a nipple into my mouth and then bit into it hard making her scream and squirm under me, you you asshole she shouted out I now cupped her other tit in my hand and started to kneed it and play with the nipple as I continued to suck and bite the other one.

I'll tell you I'll tell you she screamed out it's Sue Parker she has the diamond she live in Canada please please stop, sorry love you may have told me that at the start and saved yourself this but I am not stopping now I said and as I knelt over her, her eyes were filled with fear but it had been a very long time since I had seen such a wonderful pair of tits this size so I pushed my cock down between them and wrapped them round it and started to tit fuck this beauty as she squirmed under me but I thrust my big cock back and forth and each time the head of my cock touched her sweet red moist lips, open your mouth bitch I said but she shook her head clamping her mouth shut, Open your mouth you fucking bitch I said twisting one nipple so hard she had to open her mouth to scream with the pain, and as her mouth opened I pushed forward and three inches of my cock popped into her mouth and I started to tit fuck her hard with the head of my dick pushing into her mouth with every forward thrust.

She closed her mouth round my shaft and I wondered if she was going to bite it at first but she started to suck it and lick it running her rough tongue over the head and pushing the tip of her tongue into my pee hole as far as she could get it, god this was making my cock ache with pleasure but them I pulled from her and she looked at me saying Oh my god I never dreamed a cock would taste like that I want more please please let my suck it some more, later darling I said first I want that wonderful smooth cunt of yours round it, Oh no no it has never had a real cock and never one that fucking size you know the robots are all the same, well darling your in for a bloody good treat and I started kissing down the chest spending time on her tits she was now starting to breath heavy as I slowly worked my way down, Oh Christ Oh Christ she moaned out as I kissed round her belly button and the got onto the top of her mound and the smell of her cunt rose up into my nostrils and she smelt so so good.

I ran my tongue round and round the very tip of her slit and now she was thrusting her cunt up as I licked and she was now saying yes yes oh my god oh yes, and then my tongue pushed against her slit and it let my tongue push it open and there was her clitoris hard and sticking up foe my tongue to lick it and as it touched the tip she shuddered and screamed out OH MY FUCKING GOD THAT's Good and I sucked it in and bit lightly down on it and she trembled again and again as she had a orgasm, OH OH FUCK she screamed out it's never felt like this before, I said nothing just pushed my mouth harder onto her cunt and ran my tongue further down her slit until I found her hole and with one push I forced my tongue as far up into her as I could, her head was now trashing back and forth on the pillow as she moaned over and over then I brought up one hand and eased a finger into her and as it slipped in her cunt tightened round my finger and she climaxed once more.

By now her cunt was dripping with cum and she tasted so so sweet and it was better knowing I was the first person to have this bitch and she was now loving it begging me to finger her harder and faster I eased in two more fingers which was thicker than any robot but with all her juice they slipped into her fully and I curled my finger up and found her rough skinned G stop and as I ran my fingers over it her body thrust up from the bed as far as it could as she was still tied to the bed and would remain so.

I was soon ramming my fingers hard into her and she had now cum a few times each climax bigger than the last, it was time to fuck her and give her a real cock that throbbed and would fill her more than she had ever been filled before and she would feel cum shooting into her for the very first time, robots cum but it's only a gel so I pulled my fingers from her and before getting over the top of her I pushed my sticky fingers into her mouth and for the very first time she tasted real cum and she lapped it up sucking my fingers and wanting more, I got between her leg open legs and she looked at me not with fear now but with lust she wanted my cock and she was now ready for it as her cunt dripped her cum juice, I placed my cock up against her slit and raised myself up on my out stretched arms and pushed forward and without caring if it hurt her or not once my cock head had found her wet cunt hole I pushed hard and the whole 11 inches rushed up inside her until my body smacked hard against hers.

OH FUCK FUCK THAT HURTS SHE SCREAMED OUT but I could not have cared less as I pulled back until the head was just inside her and thrust hard once more smashing hard into her pushing her body up the bed her legs pulling tight on the silk scarf's OH OH FUCK she screamed again and again, on and on I thrust into her getting a hard but steady rhythm going with each thrust she started to enjoy it more and more and was soon begging for me to fuck her harder and harder, Oh you fucker oh you big fucker she screamed out fuck me fuck me I want it oh fuck that is so fucking good oh yes yes and she pushed her body up against my downward thrust making sure she got every inch of my cock inside her, OH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK she screamed as I felt her cunt gripping my cock hard and then it started to ripple as the mussels contracted as she orgasmed harder than she had done before OH OH OH YESSSSsssssssss YESSSSSssssssssssssss and her whole body went ridged as her orgasm ripped through her, her cunt pushed out her cum juice as it squirted out from the side of my cock and her cunt walls it covered my balls.

I did not stop on and on I rammed into her, more more I want more she moaned out but I was getting ready to cum myself and knew I could not hold back much longer as I fucked her harder slamming down into her pushing her body into the bed as our bodies met, then I felt my cum rising up my shaft and with one last thrust I pushed into her and held myself into her cunt as far as it was possible for me to do so and then with one massive throb of my cock my cum shot from the end and filled her virgin cunt with it's very first load of real cum.

Oh my god she moaned I can feel it warm and pumping up inside me I never thought it would be lick this it's it's wonderful and her body climaxed again as I filled her up, I held my cock inside her as it emptied out and she moaned over and over how good it felt and how she wished she had had a real cock sooner, I pulled from her and without stopping got down between her legs pulled her cunt lips apart and shoved my tongue back into her hole and licked out her juice and my own cum, moving back up the bed I placed my mouth on hers and let the sex juice run from my mouth into hers Mmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm she moaned as she swallowed it and then I knelt beside her and shoved my softening cock into her mouth and she did not hesitate to start licking it running her tongue up under the foreskin making sure she had got every bit of my cum.

I got up and got dressed and went over the details with her and this time she told me it all and that even thou I now knew where the diamond was I would never get it, and why is that I asked ?? well this Sue is a special woman the diamond is hidden inside her and as she like me never had a real man the trigger to it's release is what you just done to me and fill her with cum once that is done a little flap on her side will open and reveal the diamond, but she would die first before letting you fuck her so what good is it you knowing where it is, I was dressed now and I turned to her and said thank you for the information and you were a bloody good fuck just wish I could stay and fuck you some more but I have to go, WHAT about me she screamed un-tie me, Oh no I said I am leaving you like this I know you have a cleaner robot that comes in at midday every day so that will un-tie you so I will have found this Sue Parker by then and you will not have time to warn her see you baby and I left to her scream of UN-tie me you fucker UN-tie me now.

Going down the the ground floor I got my ID card ready for my next jump in the teleport to Canada Ontario where I was going to have to find this Sue Parker some how and then find away to fuck her to get my boss's diamond back and I just had this strange feeling that this was going to be much harder then getting madam up there to talk.

Getting on the teleport pad I punched it and within seconds here I was stepping out in Canada, thank got for teleportation I could never have stood the air transport of years ago where it took hours to get away.

It was two weeks later when I found Sue Parker as she had now changed her name to Jane Doe that bitch in New York must have warned her I was coming to find her, oh well I had found her now so it was watching and waiting tracking her to find her habits, two days later I followed her to a subway where she boarded a train and as luck would have it we stopped between stations and I worked my way up behind her and as the train was crowed I made like I was pushed into her and knocked into her and took her hand to steady her saying I was sorry, I had sprayed my hand with a gel so when she took my hand I got a copy of her finger print which I was going to need to enter her home, as in 2325 we did not have keys like they use to it was all DNA or finger prints but I know had both so I knew I could enter her home when I needed to.

I needed a few more day to get everything together and work out her routine and find the best time to strike, four days later I waited until the now Jane left her home and watched as she drove away I found entering her home easy with her DNA and finger print and I was not stopping tonight I just wanted a look round and plan, I found the perfect place to hide and left deciding to return tomorrow.

Once again I found myself waiting for her to leave and as every evening she left dead on time, she was wearing a bright red jump suit and high heels she got into her hover car and was gone, once more I entered her home and knew she would not be home until midnight so as 23.30 arrived I entered my hiding place and waited.

When she returned I was taken by surprise she had a sex robot with her and it was a female one so that's why she had the diamond inside her and only cum would release it she was gay or bi-sexy dam how did I miss that one o" well I would just have to keep hidden and watch the show it was not long before the robot was stripped naked and Jane stripped from her jump suit and I was in for another shock Jane still had cunt hair it was unknown in this day and age I for one had never seen cunt hair before let along fucked a cunt that had a thick bush of hair over it but tonight was going to be the first.

The robot got down between her legs and started to lick her cunt pushing her lips apart and pushing it's tongue inside her after a while the robot turned round so her and it were in the 69 position and it was about half hour later that Jane screamed out and covered the robots face in her cum, the robot dressed and left Jane lay on the bed for a while still panting hard getting her breath back, finally she got up and went to the sonic shower and then came back to the bed still naked and got between the silk sheet and turned the lights to a very low dim.

Half an hour later I eased out of my hiding place and stood at the foot of the bed watching her as she breathed gentle the sheet raising and falling her breasts pushing up against the sheet as she breathed her nipples were like small mound in the sheet, as I watched my cock started to get hard so I quickly undressed and stood naked my 11 inch cock sticking hard out in front of me, now it was time to get the diamond, I slowly moved round the bed and took one arm and stretched it out and tied it up slowly moving round to the other side and did the same she must have been worn out for her big climax as she did not even stir.

I soon had her tied up just like the bitch I had back in New York it was as I tied her last leg up so she was now spread out and the sheet just covering her body that she woke up, stirring slowly slowly realising that she was tied up and could not move it was then that I asked the computer to turn up the lights and she screamed as she saw me standing there naked with my cock pointing right at her.

Your the fucker that Mary phoned me about your the one that fucked her her eyes widening as she looked me up and down then she said my god Mary was telling the truth when she said you had a fucking big cock, I have never seen one that big ever, well darling you are not only going to see it I said but feel it open your cunt and plant it's seed right up inside you as I want my bosses diamond back and this Mary said this was the only way to get it.

You don't stand a fucking chance she spat at me Oh we will see I said and knelt on the bed beside her I could just get on top of you and fuck you cum and that would be that but as I have never seen a woman with real fucking pussy hair before let along fucked one I am going to take my time and have sex with you and enjoy it, and with that I lent forward and started to kiss her breasts it was not long before her nipple grew hard and were about half an inch long and really solid so I suck one into my mouth and flicked the top with me tongue and she shivered as I did this, I was now working back and forth between her nipples and her breath was getting harder and heaver, unlike Mary Jane was up for this and I was taken aback how easy and enjoyable this was going to be.

Her skin was fair and her nipples stood out dark brown making them look good enough to eat and I was getting my mouth full of her hard nipples and she was enjoying it, Jane was staring to moan as I flicked the tip of her nipple with my tongue and I ran my hand lightly down her flat but heaving stomach and then my fingers touch the top of her pubic hair, it felt think and wiry I had never in my life felt anything like it and I eased my fingers slowly through it moving them round and round in small spirals working nearer and nearer to her slit, Jane was pushing her cunt up against my fingers trying to get them into her slit then I felt it the very top of her now wet slit and as my finger touched it she pushed up as far and hard as she could moaning out Oh Oh yes yes and my finger slipped into it.

The warm slimy juice touched my finger coating it making it ready to enter her hole when I found it, but first came her citrous this felt really hard and the folds of skin moved and slipped under my touch Jane taking in a big deep breath as I pushed my finger down onto it rubbing it hard she screamed as her first small orgasm went through her body making it tremble slightly as she came.

Round and round on her clitoris faster and faster I moved my finger Jane was now begging for me to push my fingers into her her pubic hair getting matted with all the juice that was now leaking from her most inner places, moving down my fingers found the entrance to her dark,wet,pussy cave and with one hard push two fingers fully entered into her Jane arched her back the best she could being tied up as they entered her and once more she screamed out OH OH FUCK YES YES as I started to ram my fingers into her then I pushed a third finger into her and she climaxed hard as this one entered her fully along with the other two fingers, as she climaxed I curdled my fingers up and found the spot I was looking for, getting the g-spot between my fingers and rubbed it sending her wild as she screamed over and over as her body shook.

Removing my finger after giving her two more mind blowing orgasms with my fingers I now wanted to taste her and feel her hair brush my face this was going to be the best ever pussy I had ever eaten, I kissed down over her body reaching the thick black now matted pussy hair and as my tongue touched it my body shivered Oh Christ this felt wonderful, the rough hair touching my tongue as it moved down further, my cock was aching it was so hard with the feeling I was getting as I parted her pubic hair and then found her slit and pushed my tongue into it and her juice touched my sensitive tongue and the taste of her sweet sweet juice made me moan out as it ran down my throat.

My god I have never in my life tasted anything like this before it was so sweet,with a taste that drove me wild I was now lapping her citrous hard and fast and this in turn was making Jane make more and more cum and the more she make the more harder I lapped at it. Jane was shaking and trembling again and again as orgasm after orgasm ripped though her naked tied up body, Oh Oh fuck me fuck me now she was screaming and I knew that if I stayed here licking her cum I would shoot my load before even getting inside her so I had to force myself away from this heavenly cunt and started to kiss back up her perfect body over her tits stopping just briefly to suck on her nipple again.

OH FUCK FUCK I WANT IT IN ME NOW she screamed and as the tip of my cock pushed inside her slit it touched her clit and it felt like a spark of static jump from her to me and I thrust forward and the whole of my 11 inches ploughed into her stretching her cunt wider than it had ever been before, Jane shouted out OH OH MY GOD THATS FUCKING BIG fuck me hard big boy fuck me really hard and with that I took my cock out and plunged it back into her and the slapping wet sound of our bodies smashing together was so loud, her body being pushed down into the bed as I forced my cock into her again and again I rammed home fully, time and time again she was climaxing her cunt gripping my cock as it exploded with her cum, my cock slurping and squelching at her wetness.

It was not long before I felt the cum building low in my balls and then it started it's journey up my cock and then spit out the eye of my cock filling her cunt with my warm cum, spurt after spurt washed her insides I lay on top of her panting for breath as my cock stopped twitching and pumping, why the hell had her flap where she had the diamond not opened up I had filled her with my warm seed it was supposed to have popped open, looking down into Jane's eyes she was smiling and then said told you it would not be that easy, but what a great fuck that was and what a cock your have there Wow never had a real cock like that before come on fuck me again I want that cock inside me again please she said to me, I had to think what had I done wrong why the hell did I not have my bosses diamond I got off her and went and got a drink from the computer and sat in a chair looking at her laying there tied up then as I drank it came to me maybe I had to fuck her ass and not her cunt maybe it was cum into her ass that would release the diamond.

I got up and went over to the bed and un-tied her then ordered her to turn over which she did, I placed two pillows under her flat stomach which raised her arse up and then I retied her back to the bed, you don't have to tie me up she said I am enjoying this I really am such a wonderful cock I love a cock in my cunt from the rear she said as she wiggled her arse, once I had her tied up I said Oh is that where you think I am going to put my cock will as you did not give up the diamond when I filled your wonderful hairy cunt then I think I should fill up your arse and see if that works.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo she screamed out NOOOOOOOOO not there please not there I have never had anything in my arse before please please no, sorry my darling I said but I must have that diamond and I got up behind her pulled her arse cheeks apart and bent forward and ran my tongue up over her hole NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo she screamed again as I continued to lick her puckered hole her screams turned from NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to YESssssssssssssssssssss oh yes as she forced her arse into my face and I pushed my tongue into her hole it was to tight against my tongue it was going to be hard getting my big long fat cock in there but in it was going to go.

I knelt up behind her NoNoNo she pleaded you don't have to do this but I placed the head of my cock up against her hole then just put a small amount of pressure on it to hold it in place as I took hold of her slender waist the best thing my dear Jane or what ever your real name is is to try and relax or it is going to hurt like hell and then I pushed forward her arse squeezed shut trying to stop my cock from entering, Jane was screaming out that I was a fucking cunt and to stop but I just pushed some more and I felt the head of my cock start to enter YOU BASTARED she cried harder I pushed and then as she screamed the house down the head of my cock forced open her hole and it popped inside her, FUCKFUCKFUCK that hurts she screamed and as I looked down I saw a small amount of blood where her hole had ripped just a bit to take my cock.

I told you Jane you should relax as much as you can,FUCK YOU she spat back, no I replied fuck you and with that I just rammed into her and with a lot force I pushed into her until my cock was fully inside her and our body's hard together then I started to fuck her hard I did not care if it hurt like hell, while she was screaming for me to stop I continued to fuck her ten minutes in and her screams where disappearing and being replaced with Mmmmmmmmmmm Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mmmmmmmmmmm as my cock rammed hard into her Oh Oh Baby she said oh my god yes as I got fasted and fast her arse cheeks were turning red from the hard slapping of my body against her.

Now was the time for me to get what I came for and as my cock let go of it's second load of cum into Jane all be it a different hole I moaned out as my cum left my cock to splash her insides, and I felt her climax as I let my load go.

Once more I was dumbfounded as still no diamond, what the hell is going on here I said well I am going to keep fucking you until your arse and cunt can hold no more cum Mmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds nice she said and looked up at me with a big grin across her face.

I fucked her again in both holes and still nothing then like a idiot it hit me the only hole I had not put any cum was down her throat so I tied her tight down on the bed and after a rest as I was getting worn out with all this fucking and cumming but I was not stopping until that diamond was in my hand, so I knelt over her and Jane's tits where not that big so I just pulled on her long hard nipples and moved forward when she knew what I was going to do, she clamped her mouth shut and that was when I knew I was right as she had not minded me fucking her cunt and like the arse fuck once I had broken it in,but this she did not want so as I pulled on her nipples I twisted them and as the pain got to much she had to open her mouth and I pushed my cock into it, at first she started to bite down on my cock so I stretched her nipples and said if you don't want me to rip these from the rest of you no more biting understand, she nodded and stopped bite me.

After cumming so much it was taking a long time for me to cum again and Jane was doing her best to get my cock from her mouth I was only pushed in about 6 inches and she was gagging at that, but finally I felt my cum starting to rise and I pulled her nipples really hard once more and as she opened her mouth wide I pushed forward forcing my cock and all it's 11 inches into her, she was gagging like hell but I was not taking it out until I came and then my cock throbbed and spat out it's load right down her throat again and again my cock throbbed spitting out the cum that I hoped would get me what I wanted, a few seconds later I heard a click and this small panel in her side popped open and inside was the most beautiful diamond, taking it out I pulled my cock from her letting her gasp for air and I got dressed and put the diamond safe and left leaving her tied top the bed and I did not care who or if she was found, she had been a wonderful fuck and the pussy hair was amazing but it was a job and that was that.

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