Detroit Changes Our Lives

Author: Frank S.
Published: Aug 17, 2016
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We had never been to Detroit before and always wanted to attend the Detroit Auto show. We being myself an up and coming car dealer from the Portland area and my wife Kelly who worked with me as the office manager for the dealership. So, after 10 years of trying to get away we finely we able to swing the expense and the time away from the dealership. Little did we know that this trip would completely change or lives.

Kelly and I met at Business College and have not been apart since. She knocked me off my feet at first glance. Her strawberry blond hair to her shoulders, wonderful crystal blue eyes, and great figure with the best looking legs and ass I have ever seen. We married just after graduation and started our lives together which were and up to the Detroit trip have been vanilla and very normal. I have some family money and purchased a car dealership from a gentleman who was retiring. It was touch and go at first but after ten years make it was starting to run its self. Which gets us back to the Detroit trip.

We were only staying a few blocks from the convention center in an upper scale hotel so instead of renting a car we would just walk back and forth between the two. Our path took us on the edge of urban project style high rise complex but we always walked with several other folks staying in the hotel and always in the daylight.

The last night of the show we were invited to a dinner party with music, dancing, lots of alcohol. We were both excited about attending and left the show early to get ready for the party. I was a little worried about returning to the hotel later in the night but Kelly wanted to attend in the worst way and we agreed just to take a cab. I dressed business casual with slacks, button down shirt and sports coat. Kelly on the other hand was stunning. She had a low cut black mini dress, pushup lace bra, garters, black seemed stockings and her 4" black open toes heels with ankle straps. OMG I thought she has not looked this good in years and the site of her started my cock growing. I walked up behind her as she was bent over at the vanity finishing her makeup and rubbed my crotch against her ass so she could feel my hardness. "OHhhhhhhhh, Harry, we will work on that when we get back" she teased as her hands rubbed my cock thru my pants.

We partied long into the night. Kelly was full of life and wearing me down with dance after dance. I had to take a break but she wanted to party on so she asked if you could dance with a few of the guys we had met over the week. Not wanting to deny her a good time I shook my head yes and with a big wet kiss she bounded on to the dance floor hooking up with Jerry. Kelly and Jerry danced several times to the normal top 40 music till a slow dance came on. Without hesitation jerry swept her up in his arm and their bodies met. I watched them grind on each other as the music played and jealousy took a hold of me. I jumped to my feet, walking over to them and cut in. Jerry relented and whispered to me as he left "She's smoking man, you're one lucky son of a bitch". Without missing a beat Kelly kept the rhythm, grinding her thigh into my hardness as we danced.

Turns out that was the last dance of the night and we had drunk too much being really buzzed. Looking around it seemed that we were one of only a few couple left there and our traveling friends must have left earlier. It was only then we realized it was after 1am and went to the convention center entrance to find a cab. Other than a few stragglers from the party the streets were bare. It looked like something from a TV show, dank lighting, and wet streets with the traffic lights flashing in unison. It was all so eerie and there was not a cab for that matter another vehicle insight. Looks like we were walking or should I say more like staggering back to the hotel.

Kelly was in a playful mood as we made our way down the dark street. We both were laughing and she was playing grab ass and teasing me, "You know honey maybe I'll just drop down right here and suck you cock". She whispered in my ear. WOW, now I was hard! We had never done anything like that. Laughing Kelly took my hand "come on over here" leading me to a bench that was partially secluded by a trees and bushes. Getting there she pushed me down, dropped down in front of unzipping my pants and pulling out my hardening cock. As soon as it was free she was on it. Her hot moist mouth engulfing the head as she took the shaft down her throat. "OOhhhhhhhhh" I moaned as my cock disappeared into her face. Kelly was a wonderful cock sucker but it had been years since she went down in me. Gently I guided her as her head slid up and down, her lips and tongue were hard at work on me and I was lost in the moment as she was.

"What the fuck is this Tyrone" Those words and husky voice broke the silence and our bliss. "Looks like the hoe wanted the money right now" another voice shot back. Jolted from our ecstasy Kelly's mouth rocketed off of my now shrinking cock as she fell back on the grass. Coming to our senses it was then we realized that there were two large black man standing over us. "WOW, where you get the hoe from mister she is way nicer that the hoes we have around here" Tyrone asked me. "She's not a prostitute she's my wife" I shot back at him. They both laughed and looking at Kelly Daryl asked "So is this the only dick you ever had. That small while one from your sissy husband?" He was standing next to Kelly looking down at her. "Please, leave as alone, don't hurt us." Was her answer.

Reaching into my pocket taking out my wallet, pulling out the money and trying to hand it to Darryl "Here is all my money, please take". "We'll take it and whatever else we want" Darryl stated as he took it, "You see your on our turf, I'm the head of gang her in the projects and Tyrone is my second." Oh shit! Crossed my mind, in our rush to have sex we must have wandered into the projects park. "I'm sorry we invaded your turf, sir. You have our money we'll just be on our way" I started to get up while zipping up my pants. "Sit the fuck back down" a large hand pushed me back on the beach. "You losers will leave when we say so. First, I want a taste of your hoe" Tyrone explained as he sat on the bench next to me and pulled out a gun. Kelly screamed as she saw the weapon and Daryl quickly grabbed her pushing her towards Tyrone. "Come her bitch, I bet you never seen a black cock. Well now you get to suck one." Tyrone unzipped his pants and ordered Kelly to pull out his cock. "NO, I will not! Do something John" she cried. "You sissy husband here will do as he is told and so will you bitch." Tyrone told her as he placed the gun to my head. "I'll blow is fucking head off and then we'll fuck the shit out of you. No matter what you're going to get some black dick, your choice bitch. Get on my cock now!" Crying and shaking Kelly complied and I watched as I felt the cold steel of the gun on my temple. It took several tried for Kelly to pull out Tyrone's cock. Once it was fee you could understand why. It was massive, semi hard and at least 11". Kelly's hand looked tiny as she pulled it up straight and started to stroke it. Her eyes like mine must have been were in shock. "Suck it bitch!" Tyrone ordered. Kelly slowly lowered her mouth and kissed his cock head then opened her mouth as wide as she could starting to swallow the monster. "That's it bitch, such your masters cock" Up and down she slowly had her mouth ride the ridged cock. I was totally ashamed of myself. I was sitting there letting these black thugs overpower us.

"This is a show, don't you think" Daryl asked me as he sat down next to me sapping my back like we were old buddies. I tried to get my head around all of this. I was sitting on a bench in the projects of Detroit between to large muscular black men. My wife on her knees swallowing a cock and me with a gun to my head. "Hey sissy, I need help with this." Daryl stated. Looking over to my shock Daryl had freed his black monster and held in semi hard in his hand. "We can't let Tyrone have all the fun" he continued as taking my hand he placed it on his cock. "What, No" I shouted instantly. "Tyrone" Daryl said. And, without a missing a beat, as he was thrusting his cock into my wife's mouth he cocked the gun and placed it to the top of her head. I this point I wrapped my hand around the shaft. "That's better" Daryl said with approval.

I have never touched another man's cock before. The skin seemed thicker than mine did and of course this cock was three times the side of mine. Remembering how Kelly stroked my cock I began working on it. Running up and down and rubbing the head with my thumb every few strokes. Looking over at Kelly I could see she was working over Tyrone's cock. He was moaning and looking like he was going to shoot his load any minute. Good I thought, he'd shoot his load, I'd finish jacking this guy off and we're free, back to the hotel, get cleaned up and get out of the fucking city.

Ohhhhhhh yeaaa bitchhhhhhh, get readyyyyyy" Tyrone hollered "That's it bitch, taste some of Detroit's black cum!" I was fascinated by the way Kelly had adapted and seemed to what his load. But, I had to change my focus as Daryl grabbed my head in his massive hands forcing me to his crouch. Oh no, I thought and that sliped out. "Nooo, I never….." But he ignored me forcing the rock hard cock past my clenched lips into my mouth. Gagging, I could taste its mushy sent and salty percum. Using my hair Daryl raped my mouth forcing my head down on his black cock as he thrust up. I could not take its so big hitting the back of my throat making me resist the urge to vomit up my dinner. While he ravaged my face in the back ground I thought I heard Kelly shouting in pain. "OOHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTT, It's soooooo fucking big!" But, with my face buried in Daryl's crouch I couldn't look to be sure it was her. Daryl picked up the pace fucking my mouth and be this time he had moved me from the bench to my knees in front of him. As he slid in and out I relaxed resigned to my fate of sucking his cock. He forced it deeper until I recognized in shock that his balls were hitting my chin. "You may be a better cock sucker than your hoe wife, sissy." I heard and the cock stiffened and with great force exploded shooting what seemed like gallons of hot cum down my throat, filling my mouth and running down my face. I took as much as I could of the hot sticky, salty tasting jiz as his cock softened. With the cock sliding out of my mouth Daryl pushed me to the ground saying "WOW that was good sissy. Get a look at your wife." Looking over I was stunned to see my white wife bend over the bench with Tyrone's cock buried in her to the hilt.

"OOhhhhhh yesssss MASTER, Fuck your bitch!" OMG did she just say that! I could not believe my ears. He was pounding her good and she was taking it all. "OOHhh yyes, yes, yes" she was expressing, "Harder MASTER, I want all of your COCK! SHIT IT"S Soooooooo fuckin good." My wife had never talked to me like that during sex and my cock was beginning to swell watching this. Tyrone pulled out for a second "Nooooooo, Please don't stop!!! Please fuck this bitch…" Kelly begged and he obliged shoving the monster with one thrust deep in her. "OOOHHHHHHHHHHHH, Thank you MASTER, Please finish in me, I want your superior cum… Ohhh fuckkk yess" was her reaction to his thrust. With this Tyrone's tool jerked and massive amounts of cum exploded into my wife's cunt filling her. Maybe now it was over I thought. "Get under then sissy!" Daryl commanded. "Don't you dare let a drop of his superior cum hit the dirt." He pushed me on my back under them. "Lick them, clean his cock and her cunt, get to it!" I did as ordered. Licking and drinking the mix of juices from them as Tyrone's shaft softened. Looking down at me he laughed and pulled his cock from my wife and promptly shoved it in my mouth to clean.

We all were spent and after all of the Kelly and I were sober. Both of us were covered in their cum and the sun was coming up. Our flight home I thought, it was 9am looking at me phone it was 6:30. "What's the matter sissy" Tyrone question. "Our flight home" I answered "we are going to miss it, we need to get to our hotel." "Not so fast" Daryl interjected "who said we were done with you." "But you got our money, your used us for your pleasure. Please let us go home." "Where is home" Daryl asked "Outside of Portland" I answered.

Looking over I saw Tyrone was sitting next to me wife on the bench kissing her and fondling her. Playing with her tits as and fingering her wet pussy as her dress as wrapped around her waist. She was stroking his cock which was coming back to life and their tongues were dancing in each other's mouth. But now she was not resisting, she was willing letting this thug paly with her. "Looks like your wife likes it here" Daryl observed. "Kelly!" Trying to get her attention "We need to go, we will miss our flight." They broke off for a moment "Reschedule it" she shot back to my surprise. "Tyrone and I are not done, he has so much more he wants to do to me." "Cancel you flight sissy, your wife wants more black cock" Tyrone ordered "Do it now, open ended return, understand." "That's right" Daryl interrupted "It's been awhile since the gang had whites to play with". With that we were their captives to be used by the gang. Daryl drove me to our hotel in a beat up chevy so I could pack our things and check out. Kelly stayed with Tyrone in a rundown apartment on the 20th floor of the projects which would be our home for the next week.

Gang members one after the other entered the apartment to use us any time they wanted. My virgin asshole and mouth were invaded by more blacks then I could count. Kelly cried in pleasure every time a cock entered her loving every minute of it. By the end of the week we both were turned into black cock sluts and the slaves of the gang. Kelly and I were both taken to a local black owned tattoo shop to receive branding. In the small of our backs was placed the gang logo and above our pubic areas were placed the words "Belongs to Black Cock in Detroit. And for Kelly a special Queen of Hearts tattoo on her left breast.

We are returning every year now for the auto show but are no longer staying at the hotel but are "guest" of the gang. Oh and one more thing, since I owned a dealership, to cement our arrangement everyone in the gang received a 2016 Cadillac ATS-V Sedan with Tyrone and Daryl now driving 2016 Escalade ESVs. After all it was the least I could do for our MASTERS.


Please NOTE - This is a work of adult fiction and the story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life. Anyone acting out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a fellow convict in their local prison system. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and the author does not condone any perceived illegal / immoral behavior in real life.*


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