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Moon Touched

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Author: Anon
Published: 03-Mar-06 Revised/Updated 08-Jul-13
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She was probably in her early twenties, Vince guessed, and judging from the way she walked she was definitely drunk, very drunk. She was about 5'2 and weighed maybe 110 or so pounds, and her long wavy blonde hair blew haphazardly in the cold air. Her skin was a pale white and her eyes were a startling green, carefully applied eyeshadow and lipstick enhancing her features.

* * * * * * *

The cool, crisp, December air gently caressed Vincent's long, raven black hair as he looked at the ever rising full moon. It drifted and floated, painfully slow, and it's long ethereal rays seemed to pierce Vincent's tanned skin, filling him with feelings of both sadness and elation. " God you're a beautiful bitch...", he muttered, his deep voice being carried away by the chilled San Francisco wind. He gave a few more moments of reverent introspection towards his lunar mistress before he descended the mound of rock he had been perched on.

As his booted feet sunk into the soft, moist grass of Golden Gate Park, Vincent absentmindedly looked around, overseeing the area around him. All around him were large eucalyptus trees, with several pines and other trees lending their beauty to the park. The night, aside from the ghostly tendrils of sea borne mist, was painfully clear, and the stars shone brightly with their lunar queen. He looked behind him and beheld the large boulder he had been sitting on, along with the large man-made pond that stretched out beneath it. Vince, or so he commonly referred to himself, inhaled deeply. He let out a long sigh, the smell of sea salt and greenery giving him a small tingle of pleasure.

Vince began to walk, a smooth and eerily predatory gait rolling out of his every stride. He put his hands in his pockets and tossed the hair out of his face as he patted the dew off his black leather trenchcoat.

As he reached the edge of the pond, he bent over, the moon's glow giving his eyes light to glimpse his reflection. A handsome, broad face gazed back at him. The face possessed a stout, masculine chin as well as full lips, an obvious Latin air surrounding it, and when it smiled pearl white teeth shone out. As he pulled back to begin his business for the night, the reflection's eyes gave off an odd, almost canine glow, and Vince smiled in response to this.

As he slowly walked down one of the many cement paths in the park, Vince felt an odd pain surge through his chest. He gave a low hiss of pain as the sensation intensified, the feeling beginning to be almost knife-like in it's intensity. Vince gripped his chest and gave a deep breath, trying to calm the rapid fire of his heart, sweat beginning to roll off his brow. " All in good time", he said with a knowing smile, his pace increasing as the phantom pain began to subside.

Suddenly Vince stopped, a curious look overcoming his normally calm features. He tipped his head back and began to sniff rapidly, the cold sea breeze flooding his olfactory nerves with information. Many scents went through his mind clear as pictures, a stray bitch on his left, a drunk hobo towards his rear, only one in particular caused his heart to beat faster. Near his right, maybe two hundred feet away, was a human. A female.

The scent of her rose hip perfume, leather pants, and the smell of cheap liquor made Vince grin in feral happiness. He had found his prey.

As Vince began to close the distance between him and his prey, thoughts of his past flooded through his mind with a strange force. Images of what he was and what he used to be tugged and pulled at him, the moon's constant glow an aching counterpoint to the fleeting images in front of him. A young child, maybe 10, ran before him with a beautiful woman at it's heels. The woman scooped the child up as they both grinned and laughed with happiness, and Vince felt his heart give an odd heave as the pair melted away with the mist.

Just as soon as the first memories departed, more came to take their place, this time an older boy of perhaps 18 along with a girl of about the same age. Sunlight seemed to play over their youthful features as they rolled and kissed on the ground, a feeling of wistful euphoria spreading from their direction. Vince closed his eyes, the feelings of young love washing over him and filling him with an unreasoning sense of compassion.

Out of nowhere a ghastly snarl cut through the cloud of joy, dark streaks of fear beginning to roll out of the ground. The boy and girl sat up quickly, a startled look of confusion playing over their young faces as the girl pointed towards the dark clouds, a small scream coming from her mouth. Vince swallowed deeply, he knew what was going to happen next, he had seen this for the last five years of his life.

Out of the black clouds came a bestial shape, tall and imposing, it's features obscured by dark mist. Vince saw the couple before him rise up and run, their hands interlocked in a futile gesture of unity as the monstrous form before him leapt at the couple, it's clawed hands dragging the girl down. The girl's screams of pain bit deep into Vince's soul, and the sounds of flesh tearing made him shudder. The boy ran at the monster, an unreasoning cry of rage erupting from his throat as he pulled out a Swiss Army knife and plunged it into the creature's neck. A grunt of pain cut through the gloom of night as the creature swatted the boy away, it's large hairy fist sending the youth crumpled to the ground, his neck hanging at an odd angle. The vision slowly faded away, the moans and sobs of being eaten alive drifting into the fog.

Vince began to move again, hoping the Blood Memory was over, but as he took a hesitant step one last image appeared before him, ominous and mournful. It was a young man, perhaps a year or two older than the last, nude and standing tall. His body was lean and muscular, and his hair was long, playing softly over his shoulders. Vince saw the apparition of himself slowly touch it's neck, and Vince realized he was doing the same, his fingers playing lightly over his once broken neck. His reflection pointed at Vince and than at the moon, a sad knowing look on it's face. Vince nodded as he slowly walked up to his mirror image. The two looked at each other as they stretched out their hands towards each other, and he closed his eyes as he felt for the hand that wouldn't be.

Vince opened his eyes and was greeted with fog and moon-beams, the reflection of his 17-year old self gone, faded back into the ether. " Fucking memories" Vince grumbled, the emotions of remembrance inside of him rapidly fading, the old feelings of anger and savage glee replacing them.

Vince was a Wulfen. A werewolf. He had been one for five years now, and frankly...he liked it. And why shouldn't I He thought. I'm better than any man alive, physically and mentally, I live like a man should live. Covered in the blood of your victims Fuck You!!! Vince shouted, enraged and secretly ashamed that he possessed a conscious after all he'd been through. I am an animal, he thought reassuringly. I am what every person is deep inside, a creature that lives only to hunt, fuck, and hunt some more. I have no reason to be ashamed at what I am, and with this thought Vince began his walk towards the female scent.

The moon was no longer a kindly mistress, it had now become a harsh dominatrix, it's beams of light causing Vince's skin and hair to itch with Change. Vince cursed underneath his breath, angry that this of all nights would be one where he couldn't control the Change to his liking. Vince quickened his pace, the desire to see his victim causing him to move uncharacteristically fast, for he knew that the full moon could trigger the Change at any minute. The smell of rose hips and alcohol began to sting his nostrils as he turned on the path, and he smiled as he viewed his prey for the night.

She was probably in her early twenties, Vince guessed, and judging from the way she walked she was definitely drunk, very drunk. She was about 5'2 and weighed maybe 110 or so pounds, and her long wavy blonde hair blew haphazardly in the cold air. Her skin was a pale white and her eyes were a startling green, carefully applied eyeshadow and lipstick enhancing her features. She was wearing skin tight black leather pants as well as a black tank top, and Vince noticed she walked with a slight limp, probably from the fuckin heels she's wearing Vince thought.

Before the woman even knew Vince was there he was already in front of her, his face transforming from it's normal predatory look to one of confusion. " Excuse me", Vince said in a low and friendly manner. The woman looked up with surprise, her wide green eyes causing Vince's member to stiffen, " Oh, shit I didn't even see you!!", she uttered in a slurred and confused manner, her eyes suddenly beginning to spark with interest as she looked Vince up and down.

"I'm sorry if I startled you, I was wondering if you had a phone I could use I was supposed to meet a friend here but I seem to be lost", Vince said as he tried to put as much realism in his voice as possible. " Sure hold on a sec...", the woman replied as she dug her hand into her pocket, how she could with such tight pants Vince had no idea. "Fuck...I'm sure I had it...I must have lost it at the bar...", she began to look at Vince again as she drew a bit closer, " If you want...you can use the phone at my house, I live just outside the park..." Christ!!!, this bitch really was drunk thought Vince, and he couldn't help feeling a bit depressed at how easy this was going to be, " No, I wouldn't want to be a bother like that, I'll just find a payphone..", Vince said softly as he began to walk away. "No!!!", the woman urgently cried out as she grasped Vince's shoulder and tugged him back towards her, " I mean...it's not a problem at all, besides it's real cold out here", she said in a softer tone as she stared deep into Vince's ever changing eyes. Vince shrugged lightly, " Well...if it's not a problem..lead the way then...", Vince paused where the woman's name should have been and she grinned as she said, "Sophia"

As they walked closer and closer out of the park, Vince listened with a mixture of fascination and disgust as Sophia regaled him with tales of her life, one which she insisted was harsh and unfair. You have no idea, Vince thought with dark amusement. Vince had only bothered to tell her his name and his age, and they were just reaching the edge of the park when the first pangs of the Change began. Vince gritted his teeth as the nails on his fingers began to lengthen and darken into stiff, curved claws, the feeling akin to needles being jabbed into the fingertips. " Hey what's wrong", Sophia asked with a tone of amusement in her voice, " You drink too much to", she giggled as she finished. Vince's eyes throbbed in pain as they took on an amberish hue, and as he looked into Sophia's face, the night became as clear as dawn, the moon like a soft sun.

Sophia continued to giggle until she noticed Vince staring at her. She looked up, a drunken grin on her fair features, and instantly she noticed something was wrong. Vince's eyes were a start, and when he grinned, the ever elongating canines and incisors also told Sophia's drunken mind that maybe she shouldn't have asked this guy to come over. As she began to back up Vince uttered a rumbling chuckle and he asked in a harsh, growling voice, " Something the matter", he chuckled again at this. " Um...I think that I need to just go home and sleep...yeah sleep. I'm sure there's a payphone around you can use", she continued to back up as she said this. " What's the matter Bitch Don't like what you see", Vince threw off his coat and ripped the black shirt underneath off himself, his voice already almost unrecognizable in it's harshness and intensity.

With that, Sophia turned and ran, her black high heels coming off as she sprinted out of the park and towards her condo two blocks away. Vince laughed out loud, I'll give her ten seconds he thought to himself in amusement, his fingers and hands beginning to enlarge, pads of thick flesh growing on the undersides of them. Vince gasped in pain as the muscles on his chest and arms began to swell and enlarge, his already well shaped frame becoming massive and predatory. He began to lightly lope after Sophia, her fear leading him like a glowing path.

Sophia's mind whirled in fear and confusion as she hurled herself across the street, her feet aching where she had cut them on some broken glass a few feet back. Fuck!!!, who was that guy!!!, she thought rapidly as the image of Vince's eerie eyes and animal-like voice came back to her. She shuddered. She was just a block away to her condo, the park beginning to fade, when a chilling cry erupted from the darkness of the park.

It was an angry cry, like an animal that's lost it's food Sophia thought with a shiver of fear, and as she stole a glance back at the park her stomach dropped as she saw Vince burst from the shrubbery at the edge of the park. He was nude, and Sophia screamed out loud in spite of herself, panicked thoughts streaking like lightning through her mind. Is he...bigger She said to herself, her condo appearing across the block.

Vince let out a hunting cry, the smell of female and fear setting his blood on fire as he hurled himself out of the park, the rest of his clothes lost behind him. He grinned in savage exultation as he increased his pace, the muscles in his legs carrying him with a speed that would make an Olympian track runner jealous. His mind was a mixture of pain and pleasure as his body continued to shift and change, his bones becoming more dense and thick, the hair on his body lengthening into black, bristly fur. He let out another cry, his gums bleeding as his teeth continued to elongate and sharpen. It was time to feed.

Sophia squeaked in fear as she finally reached the door of her condo, the second cry causing tears to begin to well in her eyes. She thanked God that she had left her door unlocked and she whirled into her home, slamming the door behind her as she locked it and double bolted it. She hurried through to the end of her hall and went into her room, almost tripping as she went for her phone. She instantly dialed 911 and had to restrain herself from screaming into the phone as the operator came on, calmly asking what her emergency was. " I'll tell you my emergency, there's a Fuckin Psycho after me!!!", she yelled. She rapidly gave the operator her information and than slammed the phone on the receiver as she huddled on her queen sized bed, teddy bear in hand.

Vince cleared the two blocks in mere seconds, and by now the change from man to man-beast was entering it's final throes. Vince was now a little over seven feet tall, his body almost fully covered in a fine layer of black fur. Every inch of him was either rock hard muscle or solid bone, and his legs were bending in a canine fashion causing him to slouch slightly. His head was almost fully lupine as his snout finished forming and his ears lengthened into dark tips. He grunted in pain as his tail bone elongated into a tail, plumes of fur covering it.

He snarled with hate as he reached Sophia's door, the smell of her womanhood and fear causing him to go into a frenzy. He thought nothing of the door as he tore it off it's hinges with ease and tossed it aside disdainfully, and he let out a bellowing howl that rattled the house, a scream of terror coming from the end of the hallway in response. Vince dropped on all fours, his body massive, and he crossed the hallway with swiftness, the fancy decor and art of the condo registering nothing in his mind. As he reached the closed door of Sophia's room, he stopped, his breath coming out in low rumbling tones, and he sniffed lightly, the smell of fear causing his penis to harden and lengthen...the cunning part of his mind smiled as he thought of what he could do before feeding...

Sophia gasped and screamed in fear as a wild, thundering howl echoed through her home, and her whole body clenched in terror. Tears ran down her face as she heard the clicking of huge claws come stalking down her hall, and she thought she might pass out as an eerie and harsh breathing pounded against her closed door. She looked in vain around her large room for anything that she could use as a weapon, but nothing appeared to her. Suddenly she noticed something...everything was quiet. There was no noise, no breathing, no anything. Then her door crashed inward...and she beheld her pursuer...

Vince paused to savor the feelings of lust and savagery that his bestial heart was pumping out, and he listened intently to Sophia's short panicked breathes, her heart like a small drum beating rapidly. He couldn't bear it anymore, and he rose up and slammed his two massive fists against the door, bringing it crashing down. He ducked under the doorway as he stepped into the room .

Sophia's mind felt like it was going to shut down. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, it can't be real she thought in a panic, this is all a dream it's all just a Fuckin Dream!!! she screamed mentally. Before her was something that looked like a wolf that wanted to become human but ended up halfway there with the physique that would make a professional body builder jealous. The wolfman, because that's what it was no doubt about it, stalked over towards Sophia's bed, an odd crazed look in it's savage amber eyes, and for some reason Sophia felt an odd stir in her crotch despite the terror she was feeling.

Vince shivered in delight as he smelled Sophia's pussy beneath the layers of fake scent on her skin. His mind raged with the choice to fuck or kill, the first sounding better and better as her womanhood called to him.

He strode up to Sophia and lifted her off the bed by her waist, one large hand gripped around it, and grasped her tank top easily removing it with a quick pull revealing her full, milky white breasts, the nipples stiffened in fear. He ran his claws down her chest, and he trembled as he bit back the urge to tear open her stomach.

Sophia wanted to scream, and yet she found herself paralyzed as the wolfman lifted her up and removed her top. I should be fighting she numbly thought, I should be kicking and screaming, and yet she shivered in pleasure as the beast's hard nails trailed across her nipples, sending small bolts of pleasure across her breasts. She gasped despite herself, as the wolfman's long hot tongue flicked across her breasts, and she was surprised at how good the long canine tongue felt as it brushed across her nipples and breasts. She uttered a small moan of pleasure as she felt her pussy begin to moisten.

Vince savored the salty taste of flesh as he ran his tongue across Sophia's breasts, the false smells of perfume beginning to fade as skin began to moisten and perspire with lust. Vince uttered a low growl as he smelled the fluids in Sophia's moistened pussy, and he planted her on the bed with one hand on her bare chest as he used his claws to tear off her leather pants. Sophia let out a small pained cry as Vince's claws lightly cut her skin, but it was soon replaced with a low moan as Vince begin to lap at Sophia's moist cunt.

Sophia was still numb with shock and fear. Oh My God, she thought with panic, I'm going to get raped by this thing...and I'm liking it... She thought of fighting back as the thing put her on the bed, especially when it ripped off her pants revealing her bare pussy, it's claws scoring her thigh, but as it's hot tongue invaded her pussy her feelings of fear seemed to melt away. She groaned in pleasure as the tongue parted her moist pussy lips and began to stroke her clit, and she gripped her sheets as a hot wave of pleasure caused her cunt to spasm and tighten, her fluids beginning to rapidly seep out.

Vince rumbled in animal lust as Sophia's cunt juice covered his tongue and muzzle, the scent and taste almost driving him out of control. Her groaning sighs were an odd counterpoint to Vince's deep, primal breathes and he let out a growl as he felt her stiffening clit against his tongue. He began to firmly flick his tongue over her clit, and within minutes Sophia's groans were turning into low cries of pleasure. He knew she was going to cum a minute before she did so attuned where his senses, and the sound of her now screams of passion along with the sudden rush of fluid from her pussy nearly overwhelmed him. He drew back and prepared for the main event...

All thoughts of death were erased from Sophia's mind as the beast continued to caress her cunt with it's tongue, the scent of hot animal breath and pussy flooding Sophia with pleasure as she cried out with passion. I shouldn't be enjoying this she thought, but than her cunt tightened and shook as the wolfman's tongue hit her clit. Sophia bit her lip and gripped the manbeast's massive lupine head as she felt an orgasm begin to rock her body. She screamed with pleasure as her pussy released orgasm induced fluid, and her eyes swam as she cummed. She looked at the wolfman as it rose up and looked at her...she had a feeling she knew what was coming.

Vince gathered what little remained of his human side and forced his heart to stop it's thundering and shaking, the atmosphere literally reeked of bestiality and it was becoming harder for Vince to stay under control.

He drew up over Sophia's small body, his massive form completely overshadowing her and growled lowly as his penis reached it's full eleven inches, the tip dripping hot precum onto her stomach. With a wolflike snarl he began to urinate on Sophia, the steaming piss drenching her body and sheets. He was surprised to hear her moan in pleasure as she inserted a finger into her asshole, her body soaked in wolf piss, and he grunted with pleasure as he began to insert his cock into her wet pussy.

As hot piss flowed onto her, the little bit of fear Sophia had, left her, and she felt filled with an overwhelming lust as she stuck her middle finger into her asshole, the feeling of it tightening on her digit causing her to let out a small moan. She caught her breathe as she felt the wolfman's dick enter her pussy, and she let out a small cry as it enlarged her hole larger than it had ever been. Sophia played with her nipples as she started to gasp in pleasure, her cunt struggling to accommodate the man beast's massive cock, and the steaming hot penis inside her sent shivers up her spine.

Vince trembled as he slowly stuck his dick up to the hilt into Sophia's pussy, his ears hearing her catch her breath, and he began to slowly thrust his cock in and out of her hole. He began to let out deep pants of pleasure as he felt her cunt tighten over his dick, and he continued to rock in and out of her snatch, her moans of pleasure urging him onwards.

Sophia held her breathe as the wolfman fully inserted it's cock inside her, and she clenched it's massive arms as her cunt tightened over it, it's heat causing her to cry out. She tossed her head back and forth as it began to mercilessly ram itself into her, her cries of pleasure seeming to cause it to move faster and she felt another orgasm rising out of her. Suddenly it stopped and she felt herself turned onto her knees, bent over facing away from it as it prepared to continue fucking her.

Vince could feel her cunt spasmingand contracting and he forced himself to stop, wanting to have her bent over like the drunken idiot bitch she was. He pulled out his cock, her pussy literally drenched in sweat and fluid, and he quickly turned her over. He draped himself over her as he shoved his dick up to his balls in her snatch and she let out a scream of pleasure as he began to violently thrust all eleven inches of his cock into her.

Sophia knew what was going to happen but she still wasn't ready as the monster's dick seemed to impale her cunt with such force that she almost cummed on the spot. She had no time to even groan as the wolfman began to savagely thrust his dick over and over into her cunt. Sophia began to lose all perception of time as everything became a blur of pleasure and pain, her screams and it's hoarse snarls echoing through the night.

Vince felt the orgasm beginning to erupt from her as he drove his dick into her with a wild frenzy. The feeling of her cunt squeezing his cock sent flashes of pleasure across his feral eyes and he knew he was going to cum. He gave five massive full length drives into her, each eliciting a scream of animalistic pleasure and than he let out a bestial roar as his hot beast spunk jetted out into her, filling her cunt to the brink. He pulled out his cock, cum and fluid dripping rapidly out and he growled lowly. It was time to feed.

Sophia screamed with every savage thrust that ripped into her cunt, her body threatening to overload, and she let out one last moaning scream as she felt the manwolf's searing hot cum flood her pussy. As she felt the wolfman's cock exit her throbbing pussy, a part of her knew what was going to happen, and so Sophia did nothing as Vince tore into her.

Vince flipped Sophia over and lashed out before she could even cry out, his claws laying open her stomach, her hot blood and entrails jetting out from the large gashes. He rammed his hand inside her guts, his claws cracking ribs and severing organs as blood gushed from her mouth, her eyes already beginning to glaze over as her lungs let out one last wheezing moan. He placed his massive jaws over her throat and tore into it, the severed veins sending streams of life fluid cascading into Vince's mouth, and he let out a moaning howl of pleasure and ecstatic glee.

It was the sirens outside the condo that eventually caused Vince to stop his feeding, and he lifted up his blood matted head and sniffed rapidly. The scents of a man and woman filtered into his mind and he gave a wolfish grin as he tossed the mutilated, unrecognizable corpse of Sophia off the blood and piss stained bed. The night was just beginning.....

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