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Best Friends

Publish Date : Sep 28, 2007
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The relentless growth of her breasts during her first year in junior high propelled Jessica from her resented status as the butt of everyone's jokes into the social stratosphere. By the time she had attracted the attention of the highlyprized Scott Brandon, Jessica was sporting an incredible 34-DD.

* * * * * * *

"What a neat little doll, Ashley!" Corrina exclaimed.

"Where'd you pick it up" Corrina turned the odd little doll around into the light to get a better look at it.

Ruffling a page in her magazine, Ashley snuffled. "Oh, that old thing I picked it up in Rhodes, on vacation with my folks. It's older than dinosaur it, I've been told."

"Lemme see it," requested Zenobia, reaching out her hand for the little statuette. Corrina passed it to her. "It does look kinda old," she commented.

Ashley's little statuette was an odd one. It was clearly a woman, although her face wasn't clearly seen. Her head was bent over, and her hands were cupping, a pair of extremely large, full breasts, which jutted out through an opening in the front of the woman's gown.

The atmosphere of female sensuality was completed by the statuette's narrow waist and broad hips. The head was covered by a diadem of six stars, each one on its own spur. The effect was one of brooding royalty.

"It looks like Jessica Snively!" remarked Zenobia, and all three girls laughed nervously. Jessica was the best-developed girl in their eighth grade class at Monroe Junior High, and any mention of large tits was followed by a reference to Jessica's over-ripe, and still developing, bust-line.

Zenobia passed the statuette back to Ashley, who put it on the lamp-stand.

"Jessica's tits aren't that big," remarked Zenobia.

"They're big enough to make Scott Brandon crazy for her," taunted Ashley, who knew Zenobia had a crush on the ninth grade star center.

An uninterested outside observer would never have picked Ashley Monroe, Corrina Paglatelli, and Zenobia Farad as close friends. They were very different. Ashley Monroe's family owned most of the small Ohio town they lived in.

Even though Ashley's father was a younger son of a younger son, there was plenty of money in the family. Ashley had inherited the Monroe face and coloring; soft, straight blonde hair that fell to her waist, blue eyes, thin lips, a somewhat long, narrow nose.

Like most of the women in her family, she was flatchested, having sprouted two little bumps on her chest in the sixth grade, but there did been no further development in that arena. Despite her flat chest, Ashley had wide hips and chunky thighs, which she attempted to hide with full skirts and long shirtvests. At five-ten, Ashley also towered over the other girls, and her conceit was that she was only a few leglifts away from a modeling career.

Although Corrina and Zenobia privately thought Ashley stuck-up, they would have defended her to the death to an outsider. Neither of them came from a background half as privileged as Ashley's, and their friendship with her gave them a glimpse of the 'good life' they both aspired to.

Corrina Paglatelli was a red-haired, round-faced Italian girl from a large, boisterous family. Due to her mother's excellent cooking, she tended to a bit of heaviness, especially in the hips. She was shorter than Ashley, about five-five, but prettier, with mischievous grey eyes, a generous mouth, and a merry disposition. Rare for an Italian girl, she was also flat-chested, and had a large collection of padded bras she claimed to need to "balance" out her figure flaws.

Aside from her almost total lack of chest development, Corrina didn't have any "figure flaws." She had a narrow waist that flared out provocatively into her generous ass, muscular haunches, well-sculpted thighs and calves, slender ankles and dainty feet.

Much shorter than the others at five-foot nothing, Zenobia Farad was also the prettiest. The daughter of an Iranian immigrant family, Zenobia was beautiful in a dark, Middle-Eastern way, with huge black, sparkling, almond-shaped eyes, an even olive complexion unmarred by blotch or body hair, except for the merest hint of a mustache at the corners of her lips. Her thick masses of midnight-black hair fell past her waist to the bottom of her pleasantly-rounded little ass.

Obsessed with everything American, Zenobia had fallen hard for the All-American Scott Brandon, as blonde and as typically Mid-western as Zenobia was dark and exotic. She tried every strategy in her limited repertory to attract Scott's attention; short, tight skirts, scrupulous attention to fashion, swinging from grunge to hip-hop to black-lace-on-black-Gothic.

There was even an ill-advised hair coloring episode that, instead of turning Zenobia into a striking blonde, left her with hair the color and texture of Bozo the Clown's.

None of this produced any result whatsoever. Scott Brandon judged women by one pure and un-hypocritical standard; breast size, and true to this guiding principle he had selected Jessica Snively.

Jessica Snively was thirteen, overdeveloped and undercontrolled. She came from a poor family. Her father drank a lot and her mother had to wash floors to keep her six kids minimally clothed. All through grade school, the other girls made fun of her faded clothes, her clunky shoes, her pale, pasty complexion, her stringy blonde hair.

However, in the sixth grade, the tit-fairy waved her magic wand and singled Jessica Snively out for special treatment. By the end of the grade school, Jessica had grown from nothing into a 34-C. The relentless growth of her breasts during her first year in junior high propelled Jessica from her resented status as the butt of everyone's jokes into the social stratosphere. By the time she had attracted the attention of the highlyprized Scott Brandon, Jessica was sporting an incredible 34-DD.

As the girlfriend of the most popular boy in school, the busty Jessica was firmly on top of the early adolescent pecking-order. Needless to say, she engaged in a lot of pay-back, and relished the power she exercised over girls like Ashley Monroe who, despite the wealth and influence of their families, couldn't get a boyfriend to save their lives.

Zenobia snorted in disgust. "That cow! Just 'cause she's got the biggest boobs in school, she thinks..."

"She **can** have any guy she wants, stupid!" Corrina finished Zenobia's unfinished thought. "Just 'cause she's got the one you want doesn't make her bad or evil."

"I wish I had big tits," Zenobia said aloud. As soon as the words left her mouth, the stars on the statuette's crown flickered briefly, then died.

"Did you see that" screamed Corrina, grabbing the statuette.

"See what" asked Ashley, peering over her magazine.

"Watch," demanded Corrina. She closed her eyes and repeated, "I wish I had great big tits!" Once again, the tiny jewels in the statuette's crown flared, flickered, and died.

"Jeez, maybe the thing's got batteries!" shouted Ashley. She grabbed the statuette from Corrina and checked it thoroughly. Finding nothing that could explain the flickering lights in the statue's crown, she shrugged her shoulders.

"Go ahead, Ashley, say it!" Zenobia giggled.

"Say what," snorted Ashley, looking around at the two eager faces staring back at her.

"Say what we said!" Corrina encouraged her. "Let's see if it'll light up again!"

Ashley took the doll and looked at it. Nothing special, she thought. Just ancient wiring going off somewhere inside. "I wish I had **huge** tits," she sneered. The doll flickered, and the jewels in its crown ignited into a steady white light. The little statue's crown glowed for about a second, then faded.

"Well, dip me in dog-shit!" exclaimed Ashley. The jewels flickered briefly again.

"Oh oh," said Zenobia, "I don't think you oughta have said that!"

Life in the eighth grade can be pretty monotonous, especially if you are in that delicate social stratum between the most desired, most popular girls, and the absolute dweebs and grendles. Ashley, Zenobia, and Corrina stuck together as much from self-preservation as from any genuine affection.

The three of them were standing at Corrina's locker when Jessica Snively came sauntering up, wearing a lowcut, pink sweater hat revealed more than an eyeful of her precocious assets.

"Oh, hi there, Corrina, Zenobia, Ashley!" she warbled, moving her prodigious chest from side to side as if marking out her territory. "Are the three of you going to the dance on Friday Scott's taking me, of course. I'll see you there, maybe!" and she disappeared in a flash of hair, cleavage, and cheap perfume.

"God, what a **bitch**!" snarled Zenobia, her dark eyes lashing with rage.

"She's just stupid," Corrina consoled her friend, "Don't pay any attention to her!"

Ashley stared down at her own 32AA poking inadequately out from her chest. "Betsy Grundy's stupid," she remarked, "but I don't mind her. That little slut Jessica gets on my nerves, though."

As if to remind them of their subservient status, Jessica passed them by once more, this time with her arms wrapped around Scott, the basketball center. She was rubbing her substantial breasts all over his arms, and Scott was smiling a perfectly contented smile. She turned and smiled at Ashley, Corrina, and Zenobia, as if to say, see what you can have if you got what I got.


Zenobia was in science class when she felt something tugging at her back. She turned around to see if Jimmy Talbot was doing anything nasty to her, but Jimmy was buried in his textbook.

She felt the tug again, as well as a sort of a tightness about her chest.

She attempted to adjust her bra under her shirt, and was surprised to find that her bra, which was not really a necessity, but more of a fashion had ridden up on her chest. When she tried to pull it back down, she could no longer pull her bra back over what felt like two large and growing lumps on her chest. She put her hands over what had been until then a non-existent bust-line, and felt two soft, rubbery little mounds.

Where had these breasts come from She pulled her textbook over her other hand, so that no one could see her feel herself up. She could feel her heartbeat, and each time her heart thumped, she felt her breast push against her hand as it grew and swelled.


Zenobia pulled her book to her chest and feigned interest in the lecture. slowly, she felt her breasts expand until they began to press against the book. Her bra was beginning to feel uncomfortable underneath her cotton shirt. She could feel it stretch slowly under the pressure from her growing boobs.

Reaching behind her book, Zenobia grabbed her left breast. She was an ample handful now, and she could feel the outward expansion continue.

Her straps were beginning to dig into her shoulders now, and the pressure from her inadequate bra was becoming painful.

No one seemed to be watching her, so Zenobia snuck a peek behind her book. what she saw thrilled her. Her breasts had expanded to about a C-cup. Her 34-A bra was stretched across her growing tits like a piece of string tied across a couple of baseballs. Her shirt had filled out, and now had formed a considerable shelf instead of plunging straight from her shoulder-blades to her waist. Zenobia wondered how long she could continue to hide behind her book.

Her burgeoning breasts had just about filled all the available space, and the gaps were starting to show between the buttons on her shirt. The pain from her too-small bra was quite acute now, and she began to shift in her seat. What the hell, Zenobia thought as she dropped her book to her desk, they are bound to find out sooner or later.

Jeremy Cage, the boy sitting in the seat next to Zenobia, gasped when he saw his classmate's new grapefruit-sized tits. "Wow, Zennie!" he shouted, "dope tits!"

I could get used to this, Zenobia thought as she leaned back in her seat. All eyes were on her now, as her shirt continued to pull away from her chest. Through the growing gaps between the buttons of her shirt, Zenobia could see her new breasts, punching out from underneath, and from above, her bra, which was now a narrow band vainly trying to hold back a growing mass of adolescent tit-flesh. With a rending sound, the snaps in the front gave way, and her newly enlarged breasts bobbled as they sprang out from behind their restraint to fill the space inside Zenobia's shirt.

Now that her bra no longer covered them, Zenobia's dark nipples were visible through the flimsy fabric of the blouse. Zenobia cupped her hands under her breasts. She was more than a handful now!

R-r-r-rip! The first of the buttons on her shirt pulled away and went clattering away across the classroom floor. Zenobia was really blowing up! Even the teacher had given up trying to lecture, as he stood slack-jawed in disbelief as Zenobia got larger and larger. He had to duck as Zenobia's swelling tits fired another button in his direction.

Only the top and bottom buttons remained intact on Zenobia's blouse, and new breast-tissue was straining into the great gap left by the two missing buttons. Zenobia stood up, causing her now-volleyball-sized tits to jiggle wildly under her shirt.

"Holy shit!" one boy exclaimed, "watch out Jessica Snively.

You've got competition now, for sure." Zenobia wiggled and jiggled her way to the front of the class, her top button giving up the uneven struggle as she walked out the door.


A couple of days later, Corrina and Ashley were standing by their lockers as the new, enlarged Zenobia breezed by. She had Scott Brandon by the arm, and Jessica Snively in adoring attendance behind her. Zenobia saw her old friends standing in the hall. She waved to them and passed on by. "I wonder what gives with her," asked Ashley.

Corrina snorted. "I guess she's outgrown us!"

Later that afternoon, Corrina found herself in a Monroe Jr. High cheerleader uniform, trying out for the squad. In the middle of basketball season, Cindy Bouwer had come down with mononucleosis and had left her spot on the squad vacant. About twelve girls were trying out for the spot, and Corrina took her place on the bench between Tamika Wilson and Jan Van Dam.

Jan Van Dam leaned over to Corrina. "Hey, Corrina," she asked, "you stuffing If you are, its not gonna do you any good."

"What do you mean, stuffing," replied Corrina indignantly. "I ain't even wearing a bra today!" Corrina wondered what Jan had meant by that remark. She looked down at the front of her borrowed cheerleader's sweater and saw what looked like two little knobs poking their way out against the heavy fabric of the sweater. The uniform sweater was a blue V-neck with a white 'M' on the chest, and a white V-collar and cuffs. The girls wore white skirts and socks with them, and carried blue and white pom-poms.

Corrina reached her hand up to her chest to brush off a stray piece of pom-pom that had lodged there, and found, to her delight and surprise, that she had grown a substantial amount of chest tissue. She looked over at the other girls. None of them was particularly large, but they weren't as flat-chested as Corrina was, or had been until just then.

She didn't know where the extra tit had come from, but she was thankful for it anyway, especially at this crucial moment.

'Blue and white! fight! fight! Blue and white! Fight! Fight!' The candidates were starting their routines now under the watchful eye of Mrs. Prince, the cheerleading advisor. Corrina watched the first two girls go through the movements, until she felt something tugging at her sweater.

Her sweater had worked its way up, and was now riding above Corrina's waist. When she tried to pull it back into place, she noticed with horror that her breasts, which had been practically non-existent that morning, were now two orange-sized mounds jiggling and bouncing away merrily under her borrowed sweater. Their growth had bunched the sweater up in front, pulling the bottom of it up over the top of her skirt.

Corrina pulled her pom-poms over her oddly-expanding chest as the third girl got up to cheer. While she was performing, Corrina did a little investigating. She was definitely growing. She could feel her breasts push against the sweater as they grew. She began to sweat. There were only four girls ahead of her now.

Lowering her pom-poms, she snuck a peak. Yup, she was bigger, all right. Between a B- and a C-cup from the looks of things. The sweater had not been made for a full-chested girl, and it was being pulled all out of shape by Corrina's exuberantly expanding boobs.

The third girl sat down and the fourth girl got up to start her routine. Corrina sat in the stands with her pom-poms pressed tightly against her chest, repeating the phrase 'Stop growing! Stop growing!' to herself like a mantra.

Corrina's tits weren't listening to her. By the time the fourth girl sat they had ballooned to the size of large grapefruit, and Corrina's sweater had ridden up past her navel, exposing most of her midriff. She tried to pull the fringe of the sweater back down, but this had the effect of pushing her big new tits up through the V-neck, exposing an imposing amount of newly sprouted cleavage.

The girl next to Jan Van Dam got up to cheer, and Corrina wished she could find a hole she could crawl into. She had real knockers by now, and pretty soon, the pom-poms wouldn't be able to hide them. She could feel the back of the sweater pull tight against her back as her growing, swelling tits pushed against the front, pudging out through the V-neck on the top. By the time Jan got up to cheer, Corrina's sweater was little better than a halter top across her furiously expanding boobs.

The sleeves had worked their way up to her elbows, and she had about six inches of cleavage poking through the top of the sweater. The 'M' on the front of the sweater was practically un-readable, as it had been stretched across the vast expanse of Corrina's expanding breasts.

Jan Van Dam sat down. "Your turn," she said to Corrina.

There was a collective gasp as Corrina stood up to start her routine. Her breasts had exploded to the size of twin basketballs, and the bottoms were showing beneath the tormented sweater. Corrina was jiggling like a bowl of Jello as she began her routine. "Blue and white! Fight! Fight!" she yelled, jumping and raising the pom-poms over her head.

Her now-enormous breasts heaved skyward as well, only marginally restrained by the over-stuffed sweater. "Blue and White! Fight! Fight!" As she landed, it took her tits an extra second to stop their downward motion and return to their original position.

"Who fights" Corrina thrust the pom-poms to the left, and was nearly knocked off balance as her big tits swung with her, continuing in the same arc well after she had stopped turning.

"We fight." She repeated the same performance on the right, almost losing her footing as the unfamiliar mass of her newly-grown boobs pulled her too far into the circle.

Corrina thrust the pom-poms over her head and gave on more leap. "Blue and White! Fight! FIGHT!" There was a tremendous ripping sound, and the armpits of the sweater gave way. Corrina's immense breasts exploded out of their restraint and into the faces of the astounded girls.

"Ohmigod," shrieked Corrina, and she tried to grab them. They were too big now for her small hands to do anything but agitate them further. She ran screaming for the shower room.

Watching the performance of Corrina's breasts, clearly visible from behind, Jan Van Dam turned to Tamika Wilson. "We might as well go home now. I think Corrina's made the squad, if only she can support her team!"


The shower room was full of squealing, naked eighthgrade girls, all with one idea in mind, that of hiding their an adequacies. The cause of this mass complex was evident. Three extremely well-endowed young girls stood like royalty in the center of the shower room. They were laughing and joking, completely oblivious to the psychological devastation they were causing around them.

One girl, as equally unspectacular as her mates, showered calmly. She was more resentful than envious. Ashley stared at Corrina, Zenobia, and Jessica in the center of the shower room. Jessica was the smallest. Her breasts were about the size of cantaloupes, but they were capped with the most delicate pink little nipples, about the size of Pez lozenges. She had almost no areolae whatever.

Zenobia had a great volleyball-sized pair of dusky breasts. She was lathering them up now, and the suds dripped off her plump, brown D-battery-sized nipples onto the floor of the shower room, and down the drain. The largest of them all was her old friend Corrina, whose massive basketball-sized knockers with their saucer-sized areolae and shot glass-sized nipples had won her a prized spot on the cheerleading squad. Attendance at the games, it was rumored, had doubled since she was installed.

Ashley was close enough to hear their conversation. Of course, they were talking about boys. Jessica had Scott Brandon back, as Zenobia was now going out with the quarterback from the senior high football team. Corrina had been linked with the son of the owner of the local mattress factory, but she was saying that she had met a young professor from the local community college, and was ready to give up on schoolboys for good.

Glumly, she walked back to her locker to dry off. Time was when she would have had a great time laughing and joking with Corrina and Zenobia, but they moved in wider circles now, propelled by the astounding growth in their tits. Gently Ashley patted her own 32-AA's dry, but was surprised in that they seemed, well, fuller than before.

Her breasts were growing. Visibly. She watched as they grew from two little bumps under her nipples to golf ball sized spheres, then, like two little water balloons attached to a water faucet, they swelled and grew until they were the size of baseballs, then softballs. She was growing, and much faster than had either Corrina or Zenobia.

"Hey! Lookit this!" shouted one girl, "Ashley's boobs're growing!" Soon there was a small circle of girls crowded into the narrow space between the rows of lockers, staring at Ashley's tits as they continued to grow. "Make way, make way," shouted Corrina as she and her two companions pushed their way through the seething crowd to get to Ashley. Ashley was as large as Jessica now, and her boobs kept growing until they reached the bottom of her rib cage.

"Hey, Ashley!" shouted Zenobia, "this's great. Now you're gonna have big tits too! We can all be friends together again!"

Ashley bent over to dry her feet. Her expanding tits slapped against the locker door. When she stood back up, the girls saw that they reached to her navel, and stuck out a good foot from her chest. "Why," she asked, "We were friends before you all got so big and mighty. Why should the size of our tits matter"

Zenobia shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know," she replied, "but it does!"

Turning too quickly, Ashley tit-slapped a thin girl who had moved in too close. "Oops, sorry," she said. She pulled her bra out of the locker and held it up to her amazing tits. The cups could barely contain Ashley's nipples now, as her growing mams now reached to her waist, and stood out about twenty inches from her chest.

The girls stood back, giving the rapidly-growing Ashley some room. She draped the miniscule bra over her nowtitanic left tit. "This isn't going to help much," she said, shaking her head.

"Corrina!" Jessica shouted. "Get one of your cheerleading bras. You're the only one big enough now to help her!" Corrina disappeared and returned with one of her cavernous brassieres. Ashley bent over. Her massive new tits reached almost to her knees, and their amazing bulk overwhelmed even the capacious cups of Corrina's custom-made 34-R bra. "I'm getting too big!" shouted Ashley.

She attempted to stand upright again, and got her huge breasts wedged between another girl and the lockers. "Help! You're crushing me! I can't breathe!" gasped the other girl. The crowd of girls pulled on her arms and legs, and managed to get her free from the prison of Ashley's growing, chair-sized tits.

Ashley managed to work her slowly towards the open space at the end of the row of lockers. She had to drag her tits along the ground as they grew. The other girls grabbed hold of her waist, pulling her down the corridor as her tits grew and it got harder to pull. Finally, with a great crash, one of the rows of lockers toppled to the ground, and Ashley's mammoth tits popped out of the narrow corridor.

Attempting to drag her bean-bag sized breasts along the concrete floor, Ashley moved slowly towards the door of the shower room. If she could only get to the open gymnasium, she thought, she wouldn't have to worry about being stuck again. Grasping her purpose, the girls all pitched in and helped. There was only the double doors now standing between Ashley's now-couchsized breasts and freedom.

Struggling and straining, ten or twelve girls to a breast, they managed to get Ashley to the doorway. They found it impossible to get Ashley through the door in one push, so they pulled one Aerostar-sized breast through first, then all of them hopped through the rapidly closing opening, and pushed Ashley's other mammoth breast through the door.

The girls dressed rapidly, eager to see how much bigger Ashley was going to get. Ashley had finally stopped growing, but she lay flat on her back, with her trucksized tits on either side of her. Zenobia put her hand on her old friend's nipple. It was larger than a rolled up sleeping bag, about three feet long and two feet wide.

Corrina's bra had been trapped under the growing girth of Jenny's breasts, and had been dragged from the shower room out onto the gym floor by the girls' efforts. Corrina picked it up. It looked like a Barbie doll bra next to Ashley's mammoth mams.

Suddenly, Ashley shot straight up into the air, as if she had been lifted by an invisible hand. Her Peterbilt-sized tits dragged across the floor, even though she was twenty feet in the air. The girls watched in disbelief as she rose higher and higher, crashing through the gymnasium wall on the south side, leaving a room-sized hole.

The girls filed out of the gymnasium just in time to see Ashley and her huge tits land in a strange brown mound which had magically appeared in the center of the Monroe Jr. High football field.

"Phew!" exclaimed one girl, "I can smell it form here!" "Where did all that dog-shit come from," remarked another. "They must have had every dog in the city shitting for a month to make that mound!"

Ashley was removed from the mound of dog-shit by a crane from the city electrical utility, and taken to a hospital warehouse on a double wide flat bed truck. She disappeared from the hospital mysteriously, and rumor was that she had been kidnapped by a rich Greek shipping magnate, who kept her hidden on his Astrodomesized estate on an island in the Caribbean.

It was heard that she regained partial mobility using a special motorized dolly he had built for her. By the ninth grade, Jessica had filled out a little more, but she never came close to rivaling Zenobia or Corrina. The three of them were cheerleaders, of course, and homecoming court members all the way through junior high and high school.

Corrina, true to her word, had stopped dating anyone under twenty-five by the time she was in the ninth grade. One day, though, she broke her rule and went out with a very confident-acting boy from her sophomore geometry class. She let him talk her into the back seat, and as she basked in the attention he paid to her generous breasts, she noticed the odd little carving he had mounted on his dashboard.

It was a little old man, wearing a six-pronged crown with a little jewel at each the end of each horn. His face was hidden, as he was bent over, supporting an enormous dick with both hands. Corrina sighed happily and opened her shirt...

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