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Every Night For Eternity

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Author: Lucifer's Talon
Published: 17-Jan-08 Revised/Updated 27-Aug-17
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He has searched for half a millenium for his one true lust to follow him into the sexual bliss of eternity...

* * * * * * *

He's out there, outside her window, feeling the warm air as it flowed through his coat and silk shirt and softly caressed his skin. The moon highlighted pale skin and the white hair of his forearm; it revealed soft, striking blue eyes sheltered under long eyelashes and dark brows; it shone on his hair, a shade no less than black, tied back in ponytail that fell smooth and straight down the middle of his back. He's waiting, waiting outside her window for a perfect breeze.

It came, whipping up his trench coat, knee length and elaborately embroidered in dark violet and crimson velvet, and the soft, white curtains strung up about her window; as quick as the wind arrived he was inside, landing his black leather boots with a barely audible click.

Assessing his surroundings he found himself in the fair company of luxurious furnishings; the trimmings on the chair at the vanity expertly carved and upon the wall a painting of the Renaissance, one he himself might have seen painted.

His ears listened for sounds down the hall, but the stillness assured him that all were asleep, even the evening servants.

He sunk into the shadows beyond the moonlight, only his smile catching the brilliant light as he studied her, not breathing, not beating, not blinking; staring in silence at his passion, his pleasure, his prey.

Her eyes snapped open and rolled around in their sockets. She had heard something, she knew she had, she must have. Her ears pulled back and listened intently, but nothing in the night moved. She heard the soothing sound of the wind whipping over the forest below outside her window. The satin sheets resting over her naked flesh rustled and brushed against her, tickling her lightly, driving her back to sleep. Nothing. It was nothing.

He sensed it; she had woken and was now skirting the edge of dreaming once again, so he rushed forward, at her bedside before the curtains could fall back into place. She was faced away from him and he reached out and stroked her back with the tips of his fingers until he heard a gasp from the other side of the pillow. Her chest began to heave, her nipples hardening as she rolled over to face her molester.

She looked up, terrified of finding a scuffed up convict or some masked stranger standing above her, sharp blade held ready, glinting with sanguine hunger in the light of the moon; instead she found a striking, bright white face staring at her longingly from above dark, elaborate dress. No blade, she felt better, if only slightly. His hand moved from her back to her side, resting just below her breast, as he locked eyes with her. Almost instantly, and with a great ease that frightened her, she felt a tingle in her stomach and released her fear. His eyes told her that she desired him.

She felt her lips part as his hand moved up her breast, his thumb passing over her pastel pink areola and onto her stiff nipple, beginning to rub her gently.

His thumb drew circles around her nipple, and his fingers began to play with it, rolling it playfully back and forth, and tugging on it slightly; his long fingernails dragged over them, causing her to close her eyes and breathe deep, even as his palm flattened against her chest and began to squeeze her whole breast, pulling it between his fingers, and bringing it up to his mouth, where he sucked it in and let it slide back out with a pop. He brought his head down and planted little kisses all over her two bountiful mounds, lashing his tongue against them, eliciting faster and harder breathing from her.

His tongue ran circles around her nipples, sucking them into his mouth, his teeth playing on them, biting them, pulling them; she felt warmth between her legs and the moistness begin to build when he stopped without warning.

He looked down at her, a bit of saliva caught on his lip as he rose up. He closed his lips tightly together and smiled, and then lowered again, this time to her lips as he kissed her tenderly. Her tongue parted his lips and met with his tongue and they danced inside each other's mouths until she ceased to move. Her lips grew tight around his and the muscles in her body tensed as her tongue slowly traced its way along his front teeth, feeling the rounded edge of his incisors, and then the protruding, razor length of his canines. She licked the tip of it and felt her tongue begin to bleed. He lost control and sucked her tongue deep into her mouth tasting the blood and shivering as it coated his throat. She pressed away from him and he let her fall back against the mattress, curling her sheets up around her.

"Oh God, who are you," she whispered.

"Not God, I assure you that." He laughed. He glanced at the digital clock on her nightstand, checking how much time he had for games. "The name is Lance of Essex, circa 1500 A.D."

"Are you mad," she cried, her breathing growing hard and heavy, her words catching in her throat.

"Why, no I'm not mad at all, in any sense of the word." He clasped his hands behind his back. "In fact I'm quite pleased. I have been wandering on this world for quite some time now, and have found you to be the companion I wish to have at my side into the twilight of eternity," he said with a gentle smile.

"Oh God, you are mad. I'll scream, I swear I will! They'll hear me!"

"Don't trouble yourself. I'll leave," his lips curled up, bearing his fangs, as he fell atop her, bracing himself inches away from her pulsating flesh and quivering lips, "If you really want me too."

The scream she threatened was welled up in a ball somewhere deep in her belly as her eyes fell into his once again and she felt that overwhelming calm descend on her again. "Please, don't hurt me," she said, barely a squeak.

"I wouldn't dare." He raised up again, and reached along his side, drawing from his vest a knife. She gasped and held her breath as he took the blade and drew it slowly across his forearm, never taking his gaze from her. The slightest trickle of blood was caught on the blade which he licked off with unquestionable pleasure. In moments the wound healed itself and she released her breath, her mouth hanging agape.


"You too, if you would like; if you will permit me." He lowered his arm and tossed off his coat with a grandiose flourish. "Life eternal. Beauty, youth eternal. For the smallest of sacrifices, a bit of blood."

"I can't." She was breathing fast and hard now, her eyes were brimming with tears, and she felt lightheaded.

"You yearn for it! I know it. I can feel it from you. You want this as much as I want you to have it. I can free you from your nightmare, from all your nightmares and we can have it all!"


"No." He put a finger to her lips and kissed them again, feeling her relax beneath his touch.

He began to kiss lower, her chin, her cheek, her jaw, and her neck, her throat. His lips parted and this teeth spread over the soft flesh of her inviting throat. He positioned at her artery and let just the slightest unresisted prick draw two drops of blood from her. Feeling her final submission into his arms he drove his teeth into her throat, releasing a rush of hot blood into his mouth. He drank deep with every burst of sweet fire that rushed from her until the pulsing weakened and he began to suck every last drop from her body, growing cold then in his arms.

It didn't hurt-- at all. It felt like a pleasure beyond all words as she felt those two deadly fangs pierce her skin and release her blood, like a tidal wave, from her neck. As he sucked it out of her she felt as if every heartbeat was one overpowering orgasm, even as she faded into the darkness of death, her mind reeled with the boundless pleasure of having the blood sucked out of her by her very own vampire-knight.

Her body relaxed, her eyes closed, and her mouth was left hanging loose.

He drew forth his knife again and pricked the end of his finger, allowing drops of blood to drip into her mouth and flow off her tongue and down her throat. She began to stir and awoke with a start, her brown eyes turned an icy blue.

The blood down her throat burned seductively and brought her out of a slumber that felt like a thousand years of relentless orgasm. The room was no longer so darkly shaded and she could see her dark suitor in ripe relief. He laid his tongue out for her which she took into her mouth, drawing her newly developed fang along it, releasing a torrent of blood which she sucked hungrily on.

He moaned in ecstasy as his princess of the night bit down on his tongue and sucked it straightaway into her mouth. He reached around her squeezing a fistful of her soft ass and drawing his finger lightly over her soaking pussy. He pulled back his tongue and licked his lips.

"We must go, now." He took her hand and led her to the window where the faintest dash of dark blue could be seen painted across the horizon as the sun readied itself for the morning.

"But how will we get down"

"Hold onto me."

She wrapped her naked self around him as he floated out of the window and skirted over the forest, away form the rising sun. The warm summer wind felt magnificent on her bare flesh, flowing over her delicate skin like silk.

"Where are we going," she asked him.

He smiled, "Away from the cities and cars and trains. For now."

She recognized the lights of London and soon the English Channel. They sailed past massive cruise liners full of people playing shuffleboard before they flew past the Eiffel Tower. The light was growing steadily on the horizon as a castle with blue topped towers came into view, nestled against a cliff in the mountains of Spain. They dropped onto a ledge on a cliff below the castle. Lance lifted up a stone, a few tons at least, and motioned for her to step inside before him as he closed it behind both of them just as the sun broke out for the dawn.

To their right the end of torch flared up as Lance drew it up from its iron holster.

"This way."

He took her hand and led her through a damp, stone tunnel with a low ceiling they both had to bend down under to pass through. After a small bit of stooped walking in the curving shaft, a soft light appeared along the side of the stone wall. They turned the corner into a room built into the very rock of the mountain.

On the other side of the room, directly in front of them, was a massive four poster bed with gold trimmed pillows and the fluffiest of comforters. There was no fireplace or anything of the sort, but the room felt warm nonetheless from the combined heat of the hundred or so red and white candles around them.

"Where...where are we What is this," she asked as she edged cautiously inside.

"An old sub-dungeon. A secret place for the original residents to hold those they didn't want found. There used to be a hidden stairwell to the main building, but they sealed it up after suspicions arose. No one knows that it's here."

She looked at him with a smirk, "What No coffin"

He threw back his head and laughed harder than one might expect. He walked over to an old table and pulled off his vest, tossing it onto an old chair. He eyed her as his hands began to undo the buttons on his shirt, moving with a deliberate slowness, taunting her as he revealed, inch by inch, a perfectly chiseled chest down to the rolling hills of flesh that were the muscles on his stomach. He let go and the shirt fell and hung down around his pants where it was tucked into the sides. He reached behind him and tugged the shirt out of his pants and threw it to the floor, raising his arms out to his sides.

"Lilith. Come."

She raced at him, falling to her knees in front of him, and reaching up, digging her nails into his flesh, drawing beads of ruby blood from his chest. She sprung to her feet and closed her mouth over his wounds, licking the slowly dripping blood into her mouth. He moaned; there was still a touch of warmth from her surrendered life on her lips. She stepped back and spread a hand out on his breast and pushed him back against the bed, there falling to her knees again as she tried to pull his long boots off, finally resorting to break the buckles and tear the leather. His skintight pants, unabashedly revealing the outline of his eager penis, were the last in her way. She struck out her fingernails and shredded the fabric, tearing the pants off in tatters as his cock sprang free into her hands.

She let it brush over her face as she moved up, planting violent kisses down his stomach, his pelvis, and up his shaft until she took the raging hard cock into her mouth. Her lips quivered as she tasted the precum on her tongue and quickly discovered that she could take him all the way into her throat. She swallowed with his cock down her throat and he grasped the sides of her head, thrusting ahead, deeper. She pulled her head back, took a deep breath, and began to rapidly rock her mouth back and forth over his cock, swirling her tongue around the tip as she created a warm, wet suction around the whole thing. He grabbed a mass of dark hair and began to thrust into her mouth, fucking her face until his body went rigid and he began to cum, shooting his hot sperm down her throat. He withdrew slowly as she sucked the last drops from his limping dick, squeezing every last white drop out onto her tongue to swallow.

He grabbed her shoulders and tossed her onto the bed, spreading her legs and pulling her hips to the edge as he did. He pulled the soft lips of her pussy apart and gently, almost curiously licked the outside. In moments her pussy started to glisten as her juices began to flow. He pushed his tongue in a tiny bit and felt it, the barrier.

He chuckled, "A virgin."

"Yes. For you."

He smiled, "Every day, from hereon to eternity, a virgin."

She grew alarmed, "No! It's yours! Take it, please! I need it! I need you inside me. Fuck it out of me!"

He laughed softly and brushed a few hairs away from her cheek, "No, you need to understand. We are at the start of every night as we were when we died." He ran his hand down her side. "And so you shall be a virginal goddess at the start of every waking night."

She glanced around in confusion, "What if I don't sleep"

He laughed again, "You will sleep. We all sleep. Now lay back." He pushed her down with the tip of a finger and dove back into his work.

His tongue fell between the folds of her vagina and traced their way around, tensing and relaxing Lilith at the same time. When the wetness from deep within her began to drip out and onto the floor his tongue lashed out and drove deep inside her pussy, swirling around, teasing and touching every inch it could before pulling out and going back in again. Her moans followed one after another, increasing in rapidity and he withdrew his tongue and set it to her engorged clitoris, spreading his tongue over her whole pussy and licking up and over her clit eliciting a loud, animalistic groan that reverberated throughout the stone room. His tongue drew circles around it, flicked it; he nibbled and teased it; he traced each cursive letter out on her even as she mashed her pussy against his face, her thighs closing around him and her hands digging into his skull. But a Vampire needs no air and he journeyed on, never pausing, never ceasing his skilled barrage of centuries' honed tongue fucking until suddenly her body arched and a vicious scream escaped her lips as she orgasmed, drenching his face in her warm juices.

She released him and collapsed, her hands between her thighs as she curled up on the bed, giggling softly and manically as she came down from the high. Lance rolled over against the bed and lifted a bit of the comforter to wipe his face.

He heard her breathing steady and the bed creak, and then a hand on his shoulder.

"I need you, now," she panted.

Lance flew up to her side. Still weak from her powerful orgasm, her legs fell open lazily as he crawled between them; his cock was suddenly hard again.

She grabbed him by the neck, "Don't tease me, fuck me."

Lance bit his tongue eyeing Lilith dangerously as he raised his hips and slid his aching member down her belly, through a small patch of soft pubic hair, and then slowly along her pussy, lubricating it with her flowing cum. She gritted her teeth as she waited for him, feeling his chest expand between her hands as he inhaled, feeling the thin layer of sweat forming on his body.

He thrust forward, tearing through her virginity without mercy and filling her hungry cunt with his engorged cock. Lilith breathed a faint scream and clasped her arms around his back as she felt the pain of her shredded hymen course through her body. Slowly he pulled back and thrust in again, and again, and again. The pain began to pass and she began to feel a powerful elation and incomparable pleasure as he pounded his cock in and out of her pussy.

Lance grabbed her hands, and held them up behind her head with one hand, taking her neck and jaw with the other and twisting her face up and away as he fell forward into her throat, driving his teeth into her and sucking deeply on her flesh and blood. Lilith began to pant and squeezed her eyes shut as she encountered wave after wave of preternatural pleasure. His cock was a never-ceasing force, slamming into her, pounding a seemingly infinite bliss through her as his mouth sucked her neck, his tongue flashing over her wounds, tickling nerves she never felt; his undulating torso rocked against hers, and an aura of pure sexuality poured out of him into her.

The vampire blood of Lilith infused into his experienced body gave him power he never imagined. His cock began to grow inside of her as it filled with her blood, pushing against the sensitive walls of her pussy, driving deeper and deeper, slamming up against the very back of her vagina, filling her whole; his thrusts came faster and harder as his freshly fed muscles reached a powerful level of invigoration. With absolute precision he pulled all the way out of her and thrust all the way back in, over and over and over.

She pulled him close to her, as if she was trying to pull the whole of him inside her as she moaned ever louder and started to buck wildly, pushing her hips up against his. Without warning she grabbed his shoulders and flipped him on his back, his teeth tearing from her neck. She clasped a hand over the wound and waited for it to heal and then dove at his neck and sucked her first blood meal from him. Finished, she raised up, tossing back her hair, and digging her fingers into his chest began to bounce forcefully on his cock, her passion cream dripping over his balls and matting the hair at the base of his cock.

Their moans filled the room as she fell against him, wrapping her arms around him as he lifted his hips, jackhammering her pussy with such power that in moments she cried out, orgasming violently, squirting her hot honey all over his cock; Lance followed immediately thereafter, thrusting his cock all the way inside her, his pleasured howl cracking a mirror on the wall, and sliding his body over hers as he shot his sticky load deep inside her.

With gritted teeth and ragged breath he rolled off of Lilith onto the sweat soaked comforter. He was still half blacked-out from the orgasm, but as his senses came back to him he slid of the bed and onto his knees at the edge, pulling Lilith's hips with him.

She reached out a hand, "No, please, my God, no more."

"Relax," he pushed her hand away and spread her legs.

He immediately found what he was looking for. Her pussy and thighs were covered in her virginal blood and his tongue made an uncontrolled launch for it, lapping up every spattered inch and finally closing on her blood and cum soaked cunt and sucking every last sweet juice out, forcing a cry from Lilith.

When he was done he leaned back and wiped his lips with the discarded shirt lying next to him.

"Are you quite finished," she asked him with a smile.

"For now." Lance stood up and lifted Lilith into his arms as he tore the comforter off the bed, revealing white silk sheets and placing her back down. "We'll sleep now. When night comes we raise and feed."

He laid next to her and smiled. Lilith reached out a finger and stroked his fang. "And we do this-"

"Every night," he returned, "for eternity."

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