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Incest and Taboo Sex Stories

Shocked girl illustrationIncest stories and erotic writing covering taboo family and related uncle niece, father daughter, mother son sex tales. Incest is defined as sexual activity between family members or close relatives. This typically includes sexual activity between blood relations, and sometimes stepfamily, those related by adoption or marriage, or members of the same clan or lineage. A taboo is defined as a vehement prohibition of an action based on the belief that such behavior is either too sacred or too accursed for ordinary individuals to undertake, under threat of supernatural punishment. Common sexual taboos in general society can include incest, necrophilia, miscegenation, adultery, fornication, pedophilia, homosexuality, inter-marriage, bestiality, and male or female masturbation.

Listed below are some steamy hot young porn stories and XXX sex tales of sexual encounters of a more taboo nature - including sexual stories of family and relations (incest) performing sex acts such as; mother and son or daughter, father and daughter or son, randy uncles and aunts, and even horny grandma and grandpa sex.

Subcategories of Incest Stories:

List of Incest/Taboo Stories
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1 - We Were Young and Crazy - We slept over at my dads and his girl friend's little love nest and my wife snuck into his room and fucked him while his girl friend participated with them.
2 - Disabled, But Still Able - Chapter 1 - Brian broke his neck and became paralyzed, as the nerve damage to his legs was complete he would be using a wheelchair for the rest of his life, he wondered if he would ever have sex again.
3 - Disabled, But Still Able - Chapter 2 - A newly disabled man discovers that he can still have sex. First, with his personal care attendant. Now, with his mother.
4 - Disabled, But Still Able - Chapter 3 - A newly disabled man discovers that he can still have sex. First, with his personal care attendant. Then, with his mother. Now, he was lucky enough to be with both at the same time.
5 - Masked Motherly Love - Part 1 - A son and his wife unknowingly have sex with his masked parents at a costume party.
6 - Masked Motherly Love - Part 2 - A man makes love to a beautiful masked woman at a Halloween party. The next morning he discovers it was his mother.
7 - Masked Motherly Love - Part 3 - Immediately after their first lovemaking session, a son and his mother call his wife and his dad to join.
8 - Son Still Able, Mother Still Willing - A mother and her paralyzed son reunite several years after their first torrid love affair. Only this time his young friend is with them.
9 - Masturbating With My Mom - My mother ended up watching me masturbate - ultimately, she let me do the same.
10 - Loving Mother - I love my mother. Most men can easily make that statement. I however, can also say that I have made love to my mother. This is where our relationship is unique.
11 - Early 80s Excitement - This is the story of innocent flirtation that grew into the first sexual experience between two step cousins over one amazing three-day weekend.
12 - Fun with My Sexy Aunty - The way I was teasing her now rubbing my dick on her pussy lips she held my dick in hand and inserted it in her pussy.
13 - A Grandmother's Love - Grandma, I would like to brush my teeth, but not with toothpaste. I would like to brush them with your shit.
14 - Lester Perverts His Mom - He wanted to fuck his mother forever, but nature would not allow that.
15 - Best Friends Sexual Adventure - My best friend lifts Shannon as he presses his cock against her Virgin pussy easing it in.
16 - My Daughter Gives Me a Gift for My Birthday - I started rubbing my cock head against my daughter's clit and pussy lips. As she moaned I kept circulating my mushroom dick head against her virginal pussy..
17 - Looking Back: Knowing Now Thinking About Then - My Mom had many boyfriends and I would wait until she would leave the light of the fire and when I would sneak away to watch the girls as they would kiss and get naked with everyone.
18 - Family Week - The mother's planned ahead and for the next 3 nights had their son's and nephews eat their pussies, and suck out their Dad's and Uncles cum loads.
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