Humping My Sister Part II

Author: Twisted Infatuation
Published: Apr 19, 2008
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Continuation from Humping My Sister Part I - For the next couple weeks my sister did not talk to me and she no longer walked around in her underwear anymore.

For the next couple weeks my sister did not talk to me and she no longer walked around in her underwear anymore. I didn't want her to be mad at me & I desperately wanted to have sex with her but couldn't think of any games to come up with to get her to play with me.

I loved her panties & figured since she knows about me jerking off in them that it would be ok to steal a pair, but when I went through her drawers I found a sexy red satin teddy. I didn't know my sister wore lingerie as I never saw her wearing this before..It was the only piece of lingerie there, but I took it anyway hoping she would not notice..

I would wear her satin teddy & hump my pillow pretending it was her and make myself cum. I couldn't put the teddy back with cum all over it so stuffed it under my mattress so to hide it hoping she wouldn't notice.

One day after school I was masturbating while wearing her sexy satin teddy & I heard her key in the door.. I quickly took off the teddy & pulled the covers over me and pretended I was alseep.. I had the teddy in my hands when I heard my sister & her friend Lisa walking by my room.. I heard her call my name.. I didn't move, when all of a sudden my blankets were yanked off the bed & I was exposed butt naked with cum still dripping from my penis & her cum soaked teddy in my hands.. I heard the girls laughter and I was very embarressed... "You're a weirdo" my sister said to me as I pulled the covers over my cock.. "I'm going to tell everybody" she said.. I begged her not to.."Please don't.. I'll do anything.. please don't tell anyone" I begged..

"Anything, huh".. "Prove it" she said and then she whispered something into Lisa's ear as she began giggling.. "Make out with Lisa" she said and then they were both laughing... I didn't want to make out with Lisa.. She was not a pretty girl, rather she was fairly ugly, she was flat chested & was skinny as hell.. not attractive at all. I told her "no!" "You have to do everything I say or I'll tell the whole school that you jerk off in my underwear, and I'll tell mom that you tried to have sex with me".. she looked very serious.. I slid next to Lisa & began kissing her.. My sister laughed as I made out with her butt ugly friend.. "and don't stop until I tell you" she said. I was so relieved when the phone rang & it was Lisa's mother telling her to come home.

After Lisa left my sister came to my room.. She was topless & wearing her hot pink satin panties with black lace trim around the waist & legs.. That was my favorite pair of her panties & I loved how she looked in them.. I was hard as a rock & very please to see her like this and excited that we were going to play again.. she kneeled down between my legs & looked at my cock.. "Do you want to fuck me" she asked... I nodded.."have you ever had sex before" she asked as she lightly caressed my penis with a finger.. I got harder as I shook my head.."Who would you fuck besides me" she asked... "What do you mean" I said.. "Of all my friend's. who would you fuck" she asked.. For the next few minutes she kept asking me about which of her friend's I would have sex with, naming them as I said yes or no when finally she asked "So, out of all of them, who would you fuck the most"... I replied, "you"...."but you can't fuck me" she said as she turned & straddled herself over my cock & began rocking on my naked hard cock.. I placed my hands on her hips & guided her back & forth on my dick.. The sensation of the shiny satin rubbing my dick was making me want to cum.. I so wanted to be inside her tight pussy.. She pushed me back so I was laying on my back..she rocked a couple more times and then slid up so that she was sitting on my chest with her pussy right in my face, "eat me" she demanded..I began kissing her pussy through her panties.. While I continued to make out with her underwear and little pussy she began reaching behind her & then she stroked my cock until I cummed in her hand....

I loved the smell of her pussy and desperately wanted to place my cock deep inside her.. I continued sucking her pussy until she told me to stop and then she left the room..

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