First time with 60 Plus mother-in-law

Author: Danny
Published: Apr 30, 2008
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I guess I never really thought I'd ever get involved with my mother-in-law, Doreen, for a number of reasons. First, she's so straight-laced and, second, when it did happen, she was in her mid sixties!

I guess I never really thought I'd ever get involved with my mother-in-law, Doreen, for a number of reasons. First, she's so straight-laced and, second, when it did happen, she was in her mid sixties! It all started because we used to go swimming together regularly - an early morning session at the local sports centre. Just to be sociable, even though I was a much stronger swimmer than her, I used to swim near Doreen in the pool. I confess I did used to quite like following close behind her when she was doing breaststroke. Each time she kicked her legs, I'd get a great flash of gusset. That's an old pool trick of mine. I just can't resist it. It's a bit like taking any chance you can get for a glimpse up a woman's skirt; like when she's on an escalator or something.

Quite by accident (true!), from time to time we'd brush into each other when we were resting at the end of the pool. One morning I'd been following Doreen and, feeling rather more randy than usual, I'd got a bit of a hard on. Doreen brushed into me as she finished swimming a length and her hand landed straight on my stiff bulge. It was an accident for sure, but I did notice that she didn't rush to pull her hand away immediately. In the weeks following that, it seemed that these little accidents started happening more frequently. In fact, I'd also find my hand resting on her backside and, just occasionally, on the inside of her thighs. One morning, having taken her home after swimming, I turned to give her the regular goodbye kiss as I was about to leave. We kissed and, somehow, the kiss lingered just a bit longer than it perhaps should have done. We looked at each other and kissed again - and again. That too became a more regular occurrence - all quite innocent though.

Then, over Christmas, we visited some relatives for a family gathering. We played cards and I found myself sitting on the floor facing Doreen. She was sitting on the sofa. As we played cards, I found I was getting a lovely view up her skirt. She was wearing tights but also a panty girdle. The card game was hilarious and, as she giggled, she'd part her legs very slightly and I'd get a full flash. It wasn't really until then that I started to think about Doreen and the possibility of what might happen between us. Of course, the signs were there - I just hadn't been looking for them. Anyway, I started to have the occasional wank with Doreen as the object of my fantasy.

Early in the new year, I had to write a report for work. It was quite complex and I found I couldn't concentrate on it at the office or at home. So I set up a temporary office in Doreen's spare bedroom. There was much less distraction and the report writing went well. Doreen would bring me regular cups of tea and we'd chat a bit. One morning, she brought me some tea and, as she stood by me chatting, I put my hand on the back of her knee and started to slide it very slowly up the back of her thigh. She didn't object at all, even when my hand was far enough up her dress to feel her panty girdle, smooth over her ass. In fact, she leaned over and we kissed.

I stood up as we continued to kiss and I unbuttoned the front of her dress. I moved her onto the bed and we lay down. I eased her tits out of her bra and started to suck and lick her nipples until they were flushed and erect. Then I knelt between her legs and started to kiss and lick the gusset of her panty girdle before slowly pulling it down her thighs and off. Her tights soon followed but she resisted when I tried to pull her white cotton knickers down. I moved back up beside her, running my fingers across her nipples, over her tummy and down her gusset before going round again. She put a hand on my crotch and I made no effort to hide the huge bulge in my trousers. She unzipped me and soon had my dick out and in her hand. She started to rub it slowly as I eased my hand inside her knickers. Oh, what a wonderful surprise - her mound was hairless; shaved smooth.

I found her slit with my finger and began to explore. As I teased her clit, she started to get moist - and she started to wank me faster too. I slipped my finger into her love hole and she suddenly went crazy, writhing about and groaning loudly, almost screaming in her orgasm. She obviously hadn't had any attention paid to her in a long while. There was no way I could hold out after that and, pulling her gusset aside, I shot my load over her wonderful cunt. She kept on wanking me until every last drop was out.

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