Feeling His Tongue

Author: veronica
Published: May 4, 2008
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A story from my memories...thinking back about my life..the joy the pain..my first time.

I never was very close to my mother. Daddy always took care of me ever since I can remember. He was black and smelled so nice. He was very handsome because whenever we were out women always flited with him. My moms sisters always flirted and one I watched him fuck the shit out of my moms youngest sister. My daddy taught me at a very young age that I had a job to do and that was please him. I always listened and did just as he told me. I remeber when i was little and he tucked me in he would rub on the outside of my panties while we talked. It never bothered me...in fact i loved this ritual. Sometimes I would cry and beg him to talk longer just so I could feel his strong warm huge hands touch me.

At First I didnt really get excited...I just knew I liked the feeling. But very soon I came to realize that it mad me hot as hell. I mean I was burning like a tree on fire!

One day all I could think about was my nightly tuck in with Daddy. I stayed close to him that day following him everywhere. I followed him into the bathroom and watched him pee. I will never forget the look on hs face when he looked up and saw me standing there. His dick became an instant Monster. I rember think it was huge and looked mad...I had saw it hard plenty of times in the morning inside his pants but never had I seen it Raw i stuttered a quick sorry daddy but could take my eyes off of it.

He laughed and said I was in trouble because now he couldnt pee. Rock hard the monster was pointing at me now as he was facing me with this monster in his hand...he said stern damn it i said you made me unable to piss i am going to reddin your ass that got my attention and i took my eyes off that monster and looked into daddys eyes...i couldnt help but giggle and say sorry daddy real fast and run out! I knew I was in trouble.

On the way out of his room down the long hallway I ran into my daddys brother, Uncle Dave. He grabbed me by my arm and said whats so funny squirt...I jerked and off to my room I ran. The rest of the day is a blurr but I will never forget that night. My mom was stripping as usual, she was never home. Unc and daddy had been drinking beer and uncle Dave kept pulling me down on his lap every time I walked by, which was constantly...I remeber anticipating daddys talk tonight.

Finally Uncle Dave left and I had the house all alone with My daddy. I decided not to wait for him to tuck me in that night...i bathed and put on a nightgown with some of my mamas perfume I had swiped being carefull to put it exactly where daddy would notice.

I found him in the living room with the lights barley on...he seemed tipsy but never drunk...I decided to press my luck and switched on an adult movie on pay per view so fast he didnt have time to stop me.

He looked up and saw a white women being raped by a black man...i will never forget it...without saying a word he grabbed me up and bent me over his knee lifting my nighty and tearing off my panties in an instant. I was so scared. HE JUST SAT THERE FOR WHAT SEEMED LIKE FOREVER. Without warning he slapped by butt cheeks so hard I instantly began crying which really made him mad...he spanked me several more times and i finally realized i needed to stop crying,after that he stopped whoppin me.

He took his hand and rubbed my sore butt and it felt nice. He commented how red my cheeks were and took his icy cold bottle of beer and touched it to my burning ass. I remeber loving it. Before long he tipped that beer and let it trickle down my ass crack. That was the first time I knew You ass was a sexual place. it felt so good sliding down my ass onto my pussy and stopping at the clit. I dont even tink i was breathing...thats how still i was.

Without saying a word daddy slid his finger in my ass and i clenched so tight that it made him mad and he shoved it in with force thrusting it several times. Again I learned the art of being still! Daddy loved it i know he did...the first time my young little ass was open for him. He slid his finger down and massaged my clit and thats where I know it was my destiny to feel my pussy swell for my daddy. I loved it.

I couldnt stay quiet and i screamed and flinched and my pussy soaked with juices...i was twitching and daddy wouldnt stop. Before i knew it he was down there licking my juices and I couldnt quit feeding it to him. Time and time again my little pussy produced what daddy said was a miricle. He said no little girl in the world can do that at your age but you can. He said your my star. AFTER THAT I WAS CALLED STAR BY MY DADDY. I loved it! Daddy taught me how to enjoy being touched.

Every night after that our talks became him sliding off my panties and licking me untill I cried. I loved it! My daddy licked me for a long time after that. He licked me untill he passed away 3 years ago. I was 23. No man has every made me feel like daddy did. Special. Wanted. My juices were endless back then! I miss my daddy!

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