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I am Sorry Mom

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Author: Big Jon
Published: 16-May-08 Revised/Updated 17-May-08
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It's not easy being new at school or it a town,sometimes you say and do too much to make friends.

* * * * * * *

This past summer my parents split they had been fighting for a long time and I guess Mom had had enough. With in two weeks we had moved to a near by town and she said we were starting a new life without you know who.

When we moved to the new place I saw that the bathroom window was not frosted and if you stood on the right spot you could watch someone take a shower and they could not see you. The first time I tried this I got the first clear shot of my Mom nude,she had great tits and a hairy bush she leaned back and let the water spray right into her pussy,I thought I would die my heart was racing so.

When I came in the house I had trouble facing her as if she would know what I had done. That night with the vision of her pussy in my head I had a great jerk-off session.

One night when I was to go to a friends house I hide outside the window and Mom's new boyfriend came into the room and I saw his cock as he was pissing,but to my supprise Mom walked in and bent over and kissed it,it got hard almost at once she sat on the toliet and started sucking it for him. I couldn't believe my Mom was a cock sucker,but there she was sucking him. As I watched my cock got hard and in my mind she was sucking me. She took his cock out of her mouth and led him by it out of the room.

I left and went to my friend, that night as we talked I asked him if he had ever seem his Mom nude he said no,but he had seen his older Sister and she has nice tits and a small hairy cunt. I asked him if he had ever thought about fucking either one of them he said not Mom but for sure his Sis.

He asked me if I had seen Mom's tits or ass I told him about the window and what I had seen he asked if he could have a peek.

The next night I told him where to stand then I went in the house and told Mom I was going to shower she said " no way I'm going first." She went in and closed the door I just knew my friend would get a good look at her pussy. He is my only friend and I would do any thing to keep him.

The next day I saw him at school he told me he seen it all,your Mom would be a great fuck, my Mom is to fat he said Dad is always bitching he can't fuck her thru the fat. I told him about her sucking cock and he about went crazy.

The next Friday my Dad picked me up after school and took me back to his place there I spent till Sunday afternoon, he was better to me that when they lived togeather.

Monday morning when I got to school I saw my friend talking to some guys from the football team one of them looked at me and laughted I wondered what they were talking about so I asked and they said nothing. Later Billy ( my friend ) told me they went by the house and saw Mom it the shower, he said they all agreed she would be a great fuck if you could your cock out of her mouth. Why did I say anything!!!

Friday Dad picked me up and keep me over night it was about 7:00 Saturday night when I got home I walked thru the front door and Mom was on the couch half asleep and my coming in woke her. She said " go take your shower, I already took mine." In my mind I could see the guys outside the window with there cocks out looking at Mom, Why,why did I say anything.

I went into the bathroom and got into the shower and I thought I heard something at the front door,then I thought not and keep showering. I was out of the shower drying myself when the door opened and a man I didn't know grabbed me and pulled me out into the hall. My Mom was on the couch with the two football players beside her, Billy was pulling a kitchen chair to the middle of the floor. The man who had me shoved me into it and tied my hands behind me.

He turned to Mom and said " Do you want me to hurt him a little or a lot."

" Please don't hurt him, Please " she said.

" Start taking off your clothes then " he spit at her. She stood and dropped her robe all she had on was small panties, her tits were bare to them and Billy grabbed one and put his mouth over it. She was crying and asking them to leave us alone and just go.

" Not until we get what we want " Billy said as he stuck his hand into Mom's panties and pulled them down.

" You sure got a nice hairy cunt " one of the guys on the couch said as he pulled Mom to her knees by it. He had his cock out and was stroking it " your Son says you suck cock, so start sucking."

" No I don't " as she said that he hit her in the chest with his fist " now start sucking my cock" he replyed.

She lowered her mouth on to his swollen member as the big man stuck his finger into her pussy from behind. " That is one tight cunt, boys " he said " Billy do you want to go first, this was your idea."

" Billy,please don't,please "I yelled at him.

Billy got behind Mom and shoved his hard-on into her, she spit out the cock that was in her mouth and said " that hurts I'm to dry." The man on the couch grabbed her hair and shoved his cock back in her mouth " keep sucking." As I watched Billy's ass pound his cock into Mom I started getting a hard-on myself.

Billy yelled " I'm cuming in her pussy, Jon, your Mom is a great fuck."

The guy on the couch said " don't stop sucking i'm going to cum in your mouth." Mom's head was bobbing up and down on his prick as fast as she could. The guy then shoved her head down and held her there his whole cock was buried it her mouth and she was gagging on it. " I'm cuming right down her throat and into her belly " the bastard yelled.

When he let her up her face was bright red and cum was running out of her nose.

" Billy, do you want a turn at her mouth" he said. " No not right now, i'm all set " he replied.

The guy be side him said " it's my turn " and told Mom to start sucking him.

She moved over and took the next cock into her mouth and started sucking him.

The big man had not had a turn yet and I had almost forgotten him when he said " look at the cum running out of your mom's cunt it looks good enough to eat." He pulled mom's ass up on the couch and moved my chair to push my face into mom's crack " start licking her asshole and work down to her cunt boy" he said.

I refused and he slapped me,but I didn't care he dissappeared for a few minutes and came back with a knife and put it under my cock " Now start eating that crack boy or say good-by to your cock " he yelled in a forceful voice.

Mom was busy sucking the cock of the guy on the couch and didn't stop went I started lapping her ass and pussy.

The guy on the couch said " let me have her pussy I can't cum in her mouth ."

I was busy lapping her crack when they turned her around and the guy stuck his prick into her.

He was slamming her pussy real hard trying to get off and her face was only about an inch from my hard cock.

The big man said " open your mouth,honey and suck your son's dick." She did as she was told and took my cock into her mouth the man on the couch was about to cum and he shoved Mom down on my cock and her face was in my hair.

He finished her off and the big man turned her over and shoved my face in the cum that was running out of her.

" Drink some of that while its hot,Sonny " he said. I was just starting to lap Mom hole when I heard her gasp I turned and saw the big man cock in must have been a foot long.

" Don't suck all the juice out of that thing I will need it to get this in her" he laughted.

" Oh no, please don't put that in me you'll kill me with it " Mom cried.

The guys moved her to the floor and each grabbed a leg and spread her cunt open wide as he started pushing his cock into her hole. The first few inches wet in ok but then he stopped and told the guys to spread her wider.

They pulled at her legs and more cock went in Mom was crying that it was killing her even my hard-on was gone as I watched him shove that monster into her. Billy was standing beside me and his cock was hard " your Mom's cunt will shrink back to size they all do " he said " now I got a hard-on and your Mom is to busy to suck it so you will have to." Billy rubbed his cock on my face and I turned my head away,but he grabbed the knife don't make me hurt you " he said.

The man on top of Mom said " I think I have my whole cock in her,WOW,this is a first. Honey you sure have a big cunt and I love it." Everytime he pushed Mom would yell,but he didn't seem to care Billy had his cock in my mouth and I wanted to bite it off as I sucked it it grew bigger and then he pulled it out and jerked off in my face. His cum was on my lips and he pushed his cock back into my mouth it was covered with juice and I chocked.

Without any warning the man fucking Mom let out a yell so everyone would know he was cuming in Mom's pussy I looked down and Mom was laying there lifeless and the big man had his huge cock bury in her to the hilt.

" Fuck me woman, fuck me,move your ass,bitch" he keep yelling,but Mom didn't move she just lay there. When he finished he pulled his cock out of her with a popping sound and put it on her face he held her nose and when she opened her mouth he milked the last of his juice into her.

He turned to me and said" your Mom needs you to keep your mouth shut about this or you both will die. "

After they got dressed they untied me and told me to take care of Mom. They walked out the door and the house seemed very still I looked down at Mom she was not moving.

I said " Mom can I help you to bed."

" No just let me lay here my cunt realy hurts " she answered.

I stood there looking at her pussy it was wide open and leaking juice out of it. I still wanted to fuck her and my cock was getting hard.

" Are you crazy, are you getting a hard-on looking at my pussy" she screamed at me. But it was true I was getting hard and I started jerking off right there in front of her the cum flew out of my cock right on to her tits and she never moved.

To this day we have never talked about that Saturday night so long ago.

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