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Jay and Jodie

Author: eat_static
Publish Date : May 27, 2008
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Jay has started to notice how hot his preppy Gothic sister looks when she goes out. She stumbles into his bedroom one night upon arriving late home, drunk and confused.

* * * * * * *

Jay looked up from his magazine, his sister was going out somewhere it seemed. She had probably even told him where, but he had his earplugs in, and therefore, couldn't hear.

She looked gorgeous, and quite slutty in a low-cut, red top that showed off her tanned midriff, and a tiny skirt that was barely visible under her wide bullet-belt. He was disappointed to see that she had covered up her legs in those foul, red and black striped tights. She could have at least worn fishnets! But then their Dad would have probably had a go at her for looking too much like a whore.

"Here you go, Jodie. Have a great time," her Mother said, helping Jodie into a leather trench coat and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Jodie definitely has Mum's looks, Jay thought to himself.

Jodie stamped off in her patent leather boots, looking every inch the preppy Gothic slut she claimed not to be.

Jay groaned as he felt his arousal build. He got up from his slumped seat on the sofa and disappeared upstairs before his Mum engaged him in conversation.

Madeline, Jay and Jodie's Mother, shook her head. She wished her son would go out and socialise, find a girlfriend. Maybe then he wouldn't masterbate so much. She was sick of hearing fake-titted blondies moaning from his TV, and his headboard banging on the wall as he pumped the fuck out of his cock. She could never imagine him as a gentle, caring lover, somehow.

It was sometime past three o'clock in the morning when Jodie arrived home, swaying from side to side. It was only her heavy boots that kept her from toppling over. She fumbled in her coat pocket to find her house keys. She knew she had to be dead quiet incase she woke anyone up, and she was over an hour late. She detested her two o'clock curfew, but her Dad insisted, and he wasn't a man to argue with. But she had stumbed home later than her curfew every Friday for the past month, and each time she had woken up her parents. If she was caught again, she would be in serious trouble.

Finally, Jodie managed to find her keys and slotted them into the keyhole. Opening the door slowly, she creeped in and sneaked upstairs.

Jay bolted upright. He was having a particulary horny dream involving his sister and her best friend when he was awoken by someone falling into his bedroom door. He wrapped himself tighter in his duvet, feeling felt self-concious and dirty. He was hard, really fucking hard.

He laughed to himself as he realised it was his sister. She had stumbled into the wrong bedroom in her drunken state.

"Jode" Jay whispered as she spun confused around the room, as the realisation sunk in.

She giggled, then put her hand over her mouth to stop herself and creeped back out again to find her own room.

Jay followed her. He wasn't entirely sure why, but he convinced himself that it was incase she hurt herself or vomitted as she got into bed.

Jodie just waved when she saw him enter. She was sitting at the end of her bed, struggling to take off one of her boots. She thrust out one foot teasingly, beckoning him to take her boot off. Grinning, he bent down on his knees and took off both boots, then pushed her down onto the bed. He unbuckled her bullet-belt, and slipped his hands up her skirt to pull down her tights. He felt his skin tingle as she let him peel off the tights. Her legs were so smooth and he enjoyed running his hands back up her legs, giving her the goosebumps. She just lay there, not uttering a sound as he let his fingers run across her lacey knickers covering her mound. Jay noticed that her knickers were warm and moist and took that as an invitation to crawl ontop of her.

He looked into her eyes, looking for some sort of clue as to what she was thinking, but it was too dark to tell.

He whispered into her ear as he let his hand ride up her top and slide under her bra. He gripped her left tit firmly in his hand, squeezing and pulling on it.

"Want me to fuck you like the dirty slut you dress like" he breathed.

Jodie wriggled a bit, but that still didn't give Jay any idea as to whether she actually liked him doing that, whether it was allowed.

He decided he didn't care as he forcefully shoved his other hand up her skirt again and pulled her knickers aside. He ran his finger up over her clit and harshly massaged it, then shoved his thumb into her tight hole. She was wet and sticky.

Jodie thrust her hips up as Jay began stretching her with each finger, pounding them quickly and clumsily in and out. She began to dry a little, so Jay moved her to lie properly on the bed. He ripped off her coat and top, leaving her bra on, and chewed on her skin as he slid down her body to her pussy. He flicked his tongue hard on her clitoris which she seemed to enjoy by her sudden gasps.

Jay had to clasp his hand over her mouth as he shoved his tongue into her for her moan was loud and he didn't want her waking up their parents.

She tasted sweaty and of cum, as if someone had squirted into her when she was out. He grabbed her cunt with his hand and squeezed it, sliding back ontop of her.

"Have you fucked tonight" he sneered into her ear.

Drunkenly she shook her head. He could feel her smile stretched wide across her face. He slapped her, once, twice, forcefully.

"So my sister's a fucking skank!" he said through gritted teeth.

Jay grabbed his pulsing cock and hovered over her face, shoving it deep into her unsuspecting mouth. She choked, shuddering violently, trying to shake him off. But at the same time, she was sucking him deep into her throat and sliding her tongue fast across his length. It was like she was struggling with herself in a drunken manner whether to succumb to lust or think it all terribly wrong.

Jay loved the struggle his sister was having with herself, which made him even more aroused. She wasn't a bad cocksucker, either.

She suddenly grabbed his hips and threw him back, off of her. Jay threw a punch to her stomach and lay ontop of her, finding her tight pussy with his cock and forcing it inside her. His thrusts were harsh - he fucked fast and held her with his nails digging deep into her skin. She struggled, but he was strong and had her pinned down. He loved it that her arms were free to pull his hair, scratch his back and beat him.

He suddenly withdrew, an idea forming into his head. He climbed off and let Jodie curl into a ball under her blankets. He hurried into his room to find his chains and returned. She moaned as he tore the blankets off her and reluctantly lay still for him.

Jay was slightly confused. She could easily scream and wake her parents up - they would surely come to her aid, but she didn't. Maybe she was too drunk for it to occur to her or maybe she was enjoying it.

Jay pulled her hands up behind her and tied one chain around them and then fixed it to her headboard. He wrapped one chain across her stomach so that it dug in, and tied another around her neck in a way that allowed him to control the tightness.

He turned her over on her back and shoved a finger into her ass. It was tight, but only a little tighter than her pussy. He suspected that some fucked up bastard had screwed her in the ass before. Prehaps she used anal beads on herself when she was alone in her room.

He spat on his fingers and rubbed it in - he would allow her a little water-based lube before he thrust his cock into her.

She moaned in pain, too loud. He slapped her rounded buttcheeks as he furiously pounded her, loving the tightness squeezing around his cock.

He was so close, but it was too soon. He was going to fucking last as he probably wouldn't have the chance again.

It was her turn her fuck him. He untied the chain from her wrists to the headboard as he pulled out of her sticky ass. He pulled her around to sit ontop of him.

"Sit on my cock, bitch," Jay muttered, holding tight onto each of her wrists.

Jodie obeyed, and blindly stuffed herself with his thick meat. She threw her head back, moaning silently as she began to ride him, desperately fast. She hungered for him and bit down hard on her lip as she came, more powerfully than earlier that night with a guy she had met at the club.

Jay smirked at her desire for him, and came close to his own orgasm when he felt Jodie's pussy contract on his cock. It felt so fucking good.

He flung her down on the bed and knelt before her, spreading her legs apart and hung them from his shoulders. He thrust into her again, and fervently fucked her senseless. She had her hands on his buttocks and pulled him deep into her.

The world around Jodie was spinning from her vast consumption of alcohol and she was feeling giddy from her terrific orgasm. In her drunken haze, she struggled to remember a time when she had come so hard. She couldn't think of any.

Jay was really pumping away now. If Jodie had thought he couldn't fuck any faster she was cruelly mistaken. He was leaning right over her and had moved his hands around her neck. He was squeezing, clamped tight around her, a thumb pressing into her windpipe. The chain was digging in and each breath was struggled for.

Suddenly, his balls contracted and his cum shot fiercly into her. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and his mouth was held open in a soundless scream. He spasmed inside his sister's soaking, furiously hot pussy. Jay finally let go of her neck, and let his nails drag down her body until he withdrew and collapsed in a sweating heap next to her. She clutched at him, cuddling closer to him, everything spinning faster around her.

Neither could find anything appropiate to say to eachother, so they just clung on together, laying in their dirty act.

Suddenly, the door opened. Jodie jumped, as Jay lay silently next to her, wishing himself invisible.

The lightswitch clicked on. There, closing the door silently behind him was their Dad.

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