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Before the Parents Wake Up

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Author: Anna Rangel
Published: 17-Jun-08
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Xeriphina enjoys working the farm early in the morning, seeing as it gets far too hot during the day. She is busy caring to the animals in the barn when her sister finds her hard at work. Thyacin, the younger of the two, decides to make the morning just a tad bit more interesting for the both of them.

* * * * * * *

Hot days were never hard to come by on the farm - and lately they had become more and more noticeable, like something was hanging in the air that made it humid and unbearable. Xeriphina, like all the others on the farmsteads around her, made the best of it - tying her hair back and wearing her sleeves up around her shoulders. It didn't help too much, but it was the least that could be done. Thank goodness for the early hours, though. That's when the redhead decided to get most of the work done, when the mornings were cool and not even her parents had awakened yet.

She breathed in the moist air, tugging her stray hairs back behind her ear. Milking cows wasn't so bad, she never did understand why her sister hated the farm work so much. Languidly she stretched her arms in front of her, plopping down comfortably on the stool placed next to their oldest cow. 'It's just me again..' She crooned to the animal as it stamped its feet uncomfortably, but calmed as Xeriphina reached her hand up to pat its side. 'There there.. it's alright, see' She purred happily, petting the cow until a sound whipped her head around to the entrance of the barn. Nothing, but she could have sworn...

'Xeriphina! Milking the cows again...' A voice growled cheerfully over her shoulder, and had it not been for the hands holding her steady - Xeriphina might have toppled over in surprise.

'Oh.. Thyacin! You scared me...' She gasped, turning her head to the side to meet her sister's blue eyes. Thyacin giggled, squatting down behind Xeriphina.

'I'm sorry sister... I didn't know you could get so involved.. milking cows..' The redhead frowned, feeling a little uneasy with her sister's hands gripping her shoulders so tightly.

'..I was just not paying attention is all..' Xeriphina offered, frowning.

'Not paying attention.... I guess I could understand, being immersed in the trivial chores of a farm girl...' Thyacin's cold blue eyes were invisible to her sister as they roamed down her neck. Her hands moved as her eyes did, shifting slowly down her sister's arms. 'Or maybe it was just the motion.. I remember milking cows, and how you had to squeeze so softly, and so carefully...' As she spoke her hands slid up under Xeriphina's arms, nimble fingers wrapping around her sister's full breasts, squeezing them.

Xeriphina gasped, jerking away but her sister held her tight. 'Thyacin! Stop it!' She begged, whimpering when her nipples were pinched. The dark-haired girl smiled wickedly, smoothing away the rough linen to let her hands fall beneath it, teasing the pale flesh and hard nipples of her older sister.

'Don't sound like you want me to stop that badly...' Thyacin nibbled at Xeriphina's neck, before the older sister jerked away, kicking over the bucket of milk as she scrambled to a stand. 'Leave me alone..' Xeriphina gasped, tugging up her dress to cover her breasts. She moved backward while she spoke, and in her hurry tripped over her own feet. Hay fell way to her sprawled limbs, yellow straw catching in her hair.

'You sound so harsh telling me that.' Thyacin pouted, dropping down atop her sister. Xeriphina whimpered again, struggling beneath her - but she was far weaker, and her struggling only caught more straw in her hair, and left red scratches across her chest where the hay cut into her skin. Tough hands grabbed for Xeriphina's wrists, wrenching them back and noosing them together with a length of hemp rope. The material was rough, biting red marks into her pale and delicate skin. The girl beneath writhed, crying quietly into the hay littering the barn floor.

'Thyacin, please - just leave me alone. You're hurting me...' She groaned, feeling the warmth of tears streak down her face.

The stronger woman laughed darkly, pulling away from her sister's sprawled frame and then reaching down to haul her to a stand. Xeriphina whimpered again, tugging at her bound wrists while she was pushed toward a wooden pillar. Her feet shuffled below her until she was slammed hard into the splintering column.

'I'll be hurting you a lot worse if you don't do exactly as I say, got it' Thyacin reached up to grab a wad of Xeriphina's red hair, yanking her head back.

She gasped, whimpering softly while she nodded. Thyacin growled happily, tugging the restraints off of Xeriphina's raw and reddened skin. 'Wrap your arms around this pillar.' And, as ordered, the redhead did just that. Tears brimmed at the corners of her eyes, but she said nothing nor made any sound. The rope was tied tighter this time, gnawing into her already scratched and torn skin. She bit at her lip to ignore the pain, closing her eyes.

Her head was turned to the side so now she could not see her sister at all as she came behind her, her hands tracing up the sides of Xeriphina's bodice. 'That's better sister... just be a good girl, you'll like what I do to you..'

A moan echoed along the empty rafters of the barn, Xeriphina's head falling forward. Thyacin's fingers roughly pulled the skirt up over her sister's back, then slipped between the linen of her underwear to caress her clit slowly. Though she tried not to, another slow moan tumbled over her red lips, followed by a whimper as she pressed her face against the wooden pillar.

Her sister's second hand pressed against the inside of one thigh, forcing her legs apart. Fingers slipped away from the sensitive clit and now pulled the linen panties away to expose pale skin and a tuft of red hair. 'You've grown into quite a woman, sister of mine - look at this supple skin...' Xeriphina cried out, fingers gripping one another on the other side of the pillar, while her sister grazed a harsh slap across her bare ass. Thyacin smiled, rubbing the swollen area languidly, her fingers teasing the reddened skin.

Xeriphina whimpered, body relaxing after the initial shock of the slap but she grit her teeth together as another smack echoed through the entire barn. 'No more cries and whimpers Or are you trying to set your jaw against them' Thyacin crooned, her lips moving along Xeriphina's thigh. Slowly she eased down to a squat, ducking her head between her sister's spread legs. She grinned, reaching up to spread her legs further, pressing against the silk-soft skin of her inner thighs. Her body arched up, high enough for her tongue to run along the sensitive skin up to Xeriphina's clit.

The redhead squirmed against her bonds, her body shuddering as she whimpered. 'Thyacin, stop.. Please..' She begged, tucking her head between the pillar and her arm, muffling her moans with the cotton of her sleeve.

Thyacin said nothing, busy pressing her lips against the clit, sucking on it and teasing it with her tongue before she pulled away. Xeriphina gasped, taking some of the cotton into her mouth to bite down on. Her entire body shivered, and her nipples hardening further, pressed hard onto the hard wood.

Still the raven haired girl teased and sucked on her sister, until her tongue moved down where Xeriphina was getting wetter by the second. She grinned to herself and forced her tongue up, parting the sensitive flesh, wriggling inside her sister's body. Xeriphina's lips unclamped from the thick cotton, gasping in pleasure. Her hips moved against her bidding, her back arching. She moaned, tossing her head back while Thyacin's fingers took her tongue's place - slipping in and writhing, thrusting up into her as deep as her hand could manage. Xeriphina cried out again, forcing her hips down against the penetrating fingers. Her own fingers clasped to the wooden pillar, hugging it close to her breasts as her body arched, hips sliding down each time to meet her sister's thrusts. She panted, already overcome with pleasure.

Thyacin laughed, feeling her sister tighten around the fingers, feeling the spasm of climax shudder down the entire length of Xeriphina's body.

Finally Xeriphina fell slack against the wooden column, gasping for breath. Thyacin ducked out from between her legs, rearing up to stand behind her. 'See.. Not that bad at all, huh' She chided, wrapping her arms around Xeriphina's chest - grabbing at the breasts tugged close against the wood. The redhead groaned, lolling her head to the side.

'Now... how about we loosen up these ropes, make you a little more comfortable...' The raven haired girl twisted away from the breasts and marched to the other side of the column - undoing the thick rope restraints. Xeriphina, still dizzy from her orgasm, felt her knees buckle before she slid to the hay-strewn floor. Thyacin grinned wickedly down at her, dropping to her knees just beside her. 'Tired, sister' She purred, lunging forward to push Xeriphina onto her back.

'N..no.. just.. Ah.. Can I go...yet' She stuttered, looking up into her sister's livid blue eyes. Thyacin's feral smile only widened as she stalked over, slipping between Xeriphina's legs and resting with her hands on either side of her sister's shoulders.

'Go Heh, not yet. I'm not even close to being through with you.' Her hands whipped up to grab Xeriphina's cotton bodice, pulling it easily away from her torso. Xeriphina jerked against the sudden movement of her clothing ripped away from her, staring in shock up at her sister. Thyacin didn't give any moment for rest, diving down to take one softened nipple into her mouth.

Xeriphina groaned, arching up to the feeling of lips around her sensitive breast. 'Thyacin, stop!' She reached up to bat her sister's head away, but was seized in a flash of pain and pleasure, arching her body with a shocked gasp while her sister's teeth bit into the hardening nipple. Xeriphina bit down on her lower lip, her free hands finding handfuls of straw as she groped for anything to hold on to. Thyacin squeezed the other breast with one free hand, using the second to gently grope the one already in her mouth. She sucked on the nipple until she audibly suctioned away from it, leaving a wet trail of saliva from her lips to the skin of Xeriphina's breast. Her mouth immediately jumped to the other breast, while her thumb teased the wet nipple she had left behind.

Xeriphina's body twisted beneath the feel of her sister's soft hands, tossing her head to the side with each flash of pleasure from the tongue flicking her nipple back and forth. Groaning, she tried to wriggle away - but was held fast by her sister's groping hands. Eventually one hand stopped squeezing, sliding down the bare skin of Xeriphina's chest before hiking up the cotton skirt again and slipping fingers between milk-white thighs. Thyacin shifted her position, now straddling one leg, while her lips still pulled and sucked at the hard pink nipples perking at the tip of her sister's breasts.

Her legs tried to clamp closed against the prodding fingers, but Thyacin forced the legs back apart before pushing hard into Xeriphina's body again. The redhead recoiled with a moan, arching her back and bucking her hips to the feel of her sister's fingers.

'Ah.. You do like that, huh You're awful quiet, though...' Thyacin crooned silkily, nipping at the smooth skin writhing up to her lips. Xeriphina could only whimper in reply, bringing her arm up over her face to keep her moans quiet. Thyacin's blue eyes narrowed - and she grabbed both wrists in her hand, snapping them together above Xeriphina's head. Xeriphina tugged weakly, trying to get away, but was futile in her efforts. Her breasts bounced back and forth against the momentum of her torso, with her hips bucking down onto Thyacin's fingers.

Xeriphina bit hard onto her bottom lip, but she could not stop the flitting whimpers and gasp that broke through her teeth. The fingers sped up, forcing their way deeper into Xeriphina's wriggling body, eliciting a sharp cry before she burst into gasping moans. Thyacin smiled, leaning down to suck on her nipples again.

The hay shifted beneath Xeriphina's feet, her legs widening and her hips urging the fingers to thrust faster and deeper. Her entire body arched until she could no longer hear the wet squelching of her body being pleasured, her cries deafening her to everything else around.

Thyacin let her wrists go, tossing them away before turning Xeriphina on her side. The other sister gave a gasp, whimpering when the pleasure ceased momentarily. Thyacin hushed her, stroking back the red strands of hair away from Xeriphina's pallid face. She took her wet fingers and used her hand to raise up Xeriphina's leg, holding the redhead like that for a moment while she shifted down to rest between her sister's thighs. She kept the one leg above her head, gripping the thigh tightly enough for her nails to cut into the soft skin. Xeriphina, blind to the pain, only whimpered softly against the hay-covered floor, her torso writhing slowly. Thyacin's tongue slipped up to flick at the already moistened clit between Xeriphina's slim thighs.

Again Xeriphina moaned aloud and writhed, her eyes flashing open to stare up at the barn rafters. She did not try to cover or quiet her moans, letting them echo in panting gasps around her. Her torso shuddered, breasts drooping down to the side in the new position her sister had set her to. Hay poked and pricked at her soft skin, but she didn't care - or didn't notice. All she could feel was the faint bite of pain in her thigh from her sister's nails, and the flashes of pleasure shocking their way up her spine. Her pale face was flushed by now, her lips dry no matter how many times her tongue slipped out to moisten them. She panted, one free hand bringing a finger up to clamp onto. It didn't quiet her completely, her moans still reverberating from her red lips along the length of her thin finger.

She bucked her hips down onto her sister's tongue, groaning with a toss of her head. Thyacin grinned at the writhing of her oldest sibling, her tongue still slipping in and out, up and down the sensitive layers of flesh up to her clit and back down. Steadily she grew a rhythm with her licking and sucking, bringing the hand not on Xeriphina's thigh up to her sister's clit. She sucked and fingered it before slipping three fingers up inside her, forcing them up to penetrate up to her knuckles. Cries echoed from Xeriphina's lips, her head lolling away from the finger she had been chewing on.

Thyacin's penetrating fingers spread and thrust, and each time Xeriphina screamed out in pleasure, building her body up to another orgasm as she shuddered and bucked her hips. Unnoticeably to Thyacin, Xeriphina's free hands were no longer grasping for holds on the hay-strewn floor, but were squeezing her own breasts hard, nails scraping into her skin. She pressed onto her nipples, cutting over them with her nails, tugging at them with the tips of her soft fingers. Her face was flushed, her lips dry from panting and screaming, her aching body on the brink of orgasm when Thyacin pulled away, dropping the thigh she'd been holding up.

Xeriphina whimpered, looking over her teased nipples toward her sister who was now standing and straightening her clothes. 'Get up! Someone's coming.' She hissed at Xeriphina, who was still sprawled and dizzy with pleasure on the ground. Xeriphina only half understood what her sister had said, and it took Thyacin herself to drag the redhead to a stand. Thyacin reached around her sister's chest and adjusted the dress she had unceremoniously ripped off, tying it back together as quickly as she could before whoever it was came into the barn. Legs shaky, Xeriphina let her sister fix the dress - trying to focus on the barnyard door and not the lingering pleasure between her thighs. She had been so painfully close to orgasm and now the pleasure would torment her until the end of the day. Green eyes shakily settled upon her taller sister, gleaning over the sweat-streaked pallor of the older sister's skin. In a trance she continued to stare, oblivious to her father as he stepped into the barn and glanced between the two. Thyacin, of course, smiled brightly and even tugged Xeriphina closer to show a semblance of sisterly affection.

Xeriphina blinked out of her transfixed state to regard the tall red-headed man, giving him a brief smile. Her body still shook, and she could not reply as he asked what they were just standing around doing, questioning them with a broad smile before shrugging off their 'deviance', ruffling their hair as he passed. Wordlessly Thyacin gripped Xeriphina's arm, blue eyes watching their father grab what he had come in for and then leave with a wave to them both. Finally gone, Thyacin released her sister, pushing her up against the pillar Xeriphina had been tied to earlier. 'I gotta go, see ya.' She said briskly before walking out, leaving the red-headed sister to slump to the ground.

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