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A Familys Sexual Hypnosis - Part 5

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Author: Michael
Published: 13-Jul-08 Revised/Updated 14-Jul-08
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The Introduction of Michael's Mother, Dolores Ann Williams. The Dr. had a long talk with Dolores and found out the things that were bothering her about her marriage and life being sexually unfulfilling and that she hasn't been fucked since ten years ago by a muscular male stripper on a night out alone with her daughters.

* * * * * * *

Part 5: Introduction of Dolores

It was Friday, January 6, 2001. It was a beginning of a new year of hope and happiness for all. It was a new year of promise. It was not this way for Dolores Ann Williams. The 56 year old wife and mother just returned home from her Friday errands. She steps out of her 1994 green metallic Chevy 4 X 4 Blazer in the driveway. Her booths steps into the deep packed snow from a New Years snowstorm. It is cold but the bright sun glares on the field of snow on the grass. She steps inside of the front door, looking at herself in the mirror of the living room. She still sees a fairly attractive woman. Her hair is brown short and kinky, and her breasts are a perfect 36c with nipples that are constantly in a state of arousal. Dolores is the type of woman who would remind any man of the famous porn star, Kay Parker, who her and Dolores' husband, Gary, had watched many movies made by her only ten years earlier when their sex life was still wild and fulfilling.

Dolores got settled and turned the T.V on to her favorite Soap Opera, "One Life to Live," to see her favorite Soap Opera star, Kelly Ripa. Dolores would watch her everyday at this time, including the mornings where she hosts the Morning Show with Regis Philbin. Dolores loves to fantasize over this petite blonde haired starlet. Dolores had Bi - sexual fantasies but has never pursued any of them. Dolores is very envious of all the young girls of today, 18 to 26. Girls today have become more wild and sexier. They are experiencing wonderful sex with their men. Dolores has been married to a man who has deprived her of her sexual needs for a long time now. She wishes she can experience what these young women of today are experiencing. Dolores gets very jealous riding around the streets and seeing all of the hot sexy bitches all over, making her wish she was young again.

Dolores is a mother of three children, two girls and a boy. Laurie 39, Cheryl 32 and Michael 26 and back in college. Laurie and Cheryl both live out in the country of Pennsylvania. Laurie is married and is feeling sexually deprived just as Dolores is. Laurie is very unhappy. Cheryl is not married but is living with an older man in Pennsylvania. Both girls moved out there a couple of years ago. Cheryl's boyfriend is Joe, 38 years old. He has his own chalet house in the Hideaway Community of Pennsylvania, the same community where Laurie lives. Cheryl is very happy living with him. As for Dolores' youngest child, Michael. To her and her daughters, Michael is a complete pain in the ass. Michael and his sisters never got along. To Dolores he is very annoying. All he does is complain. He is under a lot of stress from college and also because all of the hot college bitches does not even know he is alive. They do not want anything to do with him, otherwise known as a natural born loser. He has still not gotten over his break up of Desiree from last summer, but is very happy in fucking his own cousins, but they are not always there all the time when he needs to fulfill his needs. Dolores has her own personal problems to deal with that she does not want to hear Michael's problems all of the time. Michael is very sexually frustrated just as bad as Dolores is.

Dolores spends a lot of her time talking to her daughters, long distance on the phone. She loves her daughters very much and has not been the same since they moved away. She is constantly complaining to Cheryl how her brother and father aggravates her and gets under her skin non stop that she cannot take it anymore. Cheryl, who has always been a wild child, has suggested that Dolores try and go out and look for a change of life. She always suggests to Dolores that she should just run away without telling anyone where she is going and come up and spend a weekend with her and Joe in Pennsylvania. Then Cheryl would always start to tease Dolores by telling her that Joe has a nice 7 inch cock ( not as big as Michael's massive bone, which still lies unaware by his mother and sisters.). Comments like these by Cheryl would make Dolores feel embarrassed but yet very hot, although she figures that Cheryl is only joking around.

The effects of the diagnosis on Cheryl created by Dr. Claiborne from two months earlier is making her come out with these comments to Dolores. Cheryl already knows a hidden dark secret in relation to Joe and her mother. Joe once revealed to Cheryl after his threesome with her and Laurie, is that he would like an opportunity to fuck Dolores sometime. Cheryl would always laugh at that response, and tell him that it will take some miracle before her mother agrees to that. It was now Dr. Claiborne's mission to make this happen. Her intentions is to make Michael fuck his own mother and sisters, but before that happens, she wants to have some fun with Dolores to make the event of Michael and Dolores together to be even more exciting.

When Dr. Claiborne visited Laurie and Cheryl back on November 7, 2000, a lot was revealed of their past and of their mother. It was two weeks before Christmas of last month when Dr. Claiborne started to stalk Dolores. She would stake out Michael's house and wait until Dolores would come out to do her errands, and she would follow a distance in her Dodge Durango. It was on a Monday morning when Dolores came out to do her errands. Dolores got into her Blazer and drove around with Dr. Claiborne following not far behind. Dolores would start off by going to the bank to pull her money out of her checking account. From there she would go to CVS pharmacy to get her bathroom and body necessities. Dolores, of course were always jealous of all the hot young bitches all around, especially ones that she will catch looking at female condoms knowing what they were up to, but at the same time would make her start fantasizing Lesbian acts of them together. From CVS, she would get her medium size coffee from Dunkin Donuts, light and sweet with cream, no sugar. She would drink it as she rides around smoking on a Pall Mall Gold cigarette staining her shade of lipstick, Dusty Rose, all over the cig and her coffee cup. After the meat market, she would fill up with a tank of gas at Sunoco, wishing that there was another hole that would be filled up. From there Dolores would go to the local stationary store to play her Lotto numbers. Dr. Claiborne followed all the way, until she made the effort of accidentally bumping into Dolores as she walked out of the stationary store, causing her to drop her bags.

"Oh I am so sorry," replied the Dr. "It's okay hun," replied Dolores.

"I see that your hands are full, can I help you to your car" says the Dr. as she gazes into Dolores' eyes.

Dolores was then overtaken by the doctor's beauty, such a tall blonde beautiful lady over sizing her. Dolores agreed, and the both of them walked over to the Blazer. The Dr. introduced herself to Dolores, and mentioned how she has an office not to far from here. She explained how she is a doctor of Psycho Therapy. She said to Dolores of how she noticed by the look in her face that things were bothering her. This gave Dolores the perfect opportunity to open us, and was then very interested in knowing about the Doctor's profession. The Doctor explained how it was her day off from the office but if Dolores wouldn't mind, she would like to stop off at the house for a little consultation. Before you knew it, Dr. Claiborne has trapped another fly in her web, and was starting to suck Michael's family into her trap like a bunch of vampires.

It was back at the house when the two sat in the kitchen together over cups of coffee. The Dr. had a long talk with Dolores and found out the things that were bothering her about her marriage and life being sexually unfulfilling and that she hasn't been fucked since ten years ago by a muscular male stripper on a night out alone with her daughters. She explained about the aggravation at home by Michael and her husband, and how she wishes for once she can get away and find some new adventures and if she could, someday like to move to Pennsylvania by her daughters. She explained how Michael drives her up the wall by his complaining, and how she has a feeling that he is gay, because he is still single with no girlfriend.

The Doctor explained how she performs hypnosis and soon had Dolores agreeing to be put under, for the so called relaxation healing technique. She had Dolores fully under, when once again the major deception started. It was the same routine as with Michael's cousins and sisters, but this time she did not have Dolores undress or get off. She wanted to wait until a later and a right time for Dolores to have her massive orgasm. By this, it would keep the stress within Dolores for a little longer in order for the effects of the outcome to turn out right.

Dolores stared in a motionless daze of Dr. Claiborne circular disc as she went through the process. The Dr. explained how Dolores needs to get away for some excitement and fulfillment. She suggested that Dolores wait until after the holidays are over to find it. She said after New Years, that the next time she and Michael get into a heated argument she will pack up and runaway for the weekend to Pennsylvania by Cheryl and Laurie.

"Your daughter, Cheryl is living with an older man of 38 years old. He has fantasies of fucking you Dolores, and Cheryl is in agreement with it. You, Cheryl and your other daughter Laurie will be together in one night to participate in inappropriate and unnatural things together, and he will fulfill you for only a temporary amount of time. When it is over you will feel relaxed, but as the weeks go by you will remember this night and your body would start to ache for so much more until the next heated argument with you and Michael will make you start wanting him, YOUR OWN SON, DOLORES, YOU WILL CRAVE YOUR OWN SON'S COCK, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME DOLORES ANN WILLIAMS, YOU WILL FUCK YOUR SON, YOUR LITTLE BABY. IN THIS KITCHEN WHERE WE ARE SITTING YOU WILL PARTICIPATE IN INCEST WITH YOUR BOY. YOUR BODY WILL BE NAKED. HE WILL HOLD HIS MOMMY IN HIS ARMS AS YOU DID WHEN HE WAS A BABY. DOLORES ANN WILLIAMS YOU WILL RECEIVE MICHAEL'S LOAD, AND YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. NOW WAKE UP, AND U WILL FORGET EVERYTHING I TOLD YOU UNTIL THE RIGHT TIME."

SNAP! Went Dr. Claiborne's fingers pulling Dolores out of her trance, now creating a very dysfunctional family now in for the time of their lives.

"I feel better already Dr." replied Dolores. The Dr. presented her card to her and said to call if she should have any further questions, and instructed her to give time for the relaxation process to take affect in her mind. With this being said, Dolores thanked her as she saw her to the door.

Returning to that Friday, January 6, 2001, Dolores was watching those sexy love scenes on her soap opera's that afternoon, when she started to rub her pussy through her jeans. The only problem is that those love scenes don't go far enough. Dolores was lying back on the kitchen chair really getting off, when she hears Michael coming through the door, finished with college for the weekend. Dolores quickly gathers herself together as he comes in. Michael comes in complaining as usual of how he hates school, and that the girls ignore him. Dolores snaps at him yelling how she is so tired of hearing him complain all the time and that is all he does. She also complains how he always interrupts her while she is watching her soaps. After a brief argument, Michael locks himself in the bathroom. He needs to relieve himself from those hot looking girls at school, but Michael reaches for the hamper and pulls out Dolores' satin badge tummy protection panties and he puts them on himself. The feeling of the fabric against the head of his cock almost makes him bust his load right there. Michael has a secret; he always wanted to fuck his mommy. He cannot stand his mother and she aggravates him so much that he would love to fuck her and be held in her arms again, but he knows that it will never happen. Michael jerks off to her panties and before he is ready to shoot, he pulls them down and shoots a long ribbon of cum across the bathroom counter. He definitely wants her.

Saturday Morning, January 7, 2001. Laurie fastens her purple satin bra on to her 36D breasts, slips into her purple thong panties feeling plain miserable. She just had an argument with her husband and because it is the dead of winter in Pennsylvania and she has no where to go. Meanwhile Cheryl and Joe arise out of bed after another absolute fantastic night of sex. Both are sweaty and exhausted. Cheryl's mascara and make up is a complete mess on her face. The two proceed to the shower where they will do it one more time.

On that late morning, Dolores tends to her miserable Saturday morning routine of house work. Meanwhile Michael is still complaining. Dolores already had an argument with her husband the night before because he is so cheap with his money and because she has been sexually deprived for years. Michael is only adding to the tension. Dolores was folding the laundry while arguing with Michael, when she has finally reached her breaking point. Dolores got so fed up that she just dropped everything she was doing and shut herself in the bedroom. Not long after, Dolores comes storming out with a suitcase in hands, and without saying one single word to Michael where she is going, she just grabbed her car keys and slammed the front door.

As Dolores rides away, she phones Cheryl on her cell to tell her that she finally did it; she ran away and is coming up. Cheryl in return calls Laurie to let he know what's going on.

Dolores makes it to the Goethals Bridge crossings leaving Staten Island and her husband and son behind. It is 1:00 in the afternoon and the afternoon sun is melting the snow off of the top of the bridge falling on to the blazer.

She makes it over to New Jersey riding the NJ Turnpike passing Newark Airport. As she rides off of the turnpike to 280 west she is dreaming of Joe's cock, and the thought of her being fucked once again was making her pussy itch. She rubs it here and there as Michael is ringing her cell phone where she refuses to answer.

As she drives onto 80 west, she is speaking to Laurie some more on her phone about what is happening. After speaking with Laurie, she lights up a Pall Mall gold cigarette as the cold winter sun glares off of her Rayban sunglasses.

Dolores gets off at exit 34B Sparta. She is at the halfway point. It is 2:30. She stops off for a little rest and a bite to eat the Yetter's Diner.

At 3:00, Dolores continues the trip. She is beginning to become very impatient that she cannot wait to get there. She accelerates her speed as she is rubbing her pussy more and more. The acceleration of speed was helping her pussy to get off, when a New Jersey State Trooper pulls her over and issues her a ticket for speeding. At this point Dolores just does not care. After the ticket is issued, she continues her trip on to 15 north and makes it to the Pennsylvania Milford Bridge crossing into PA.

As Dolores is riding on Rt. 6, Michael is ringing her phone again desperately wondering where she has gone. This time Dolores shuts it off.

Dolores makes it to 84 west as she starts inclining up into the mountains of Pennsylvania, getting closer and closer to that cock. As she drives she is playing the Country Station to artists' such as Martina McBride and Tracey Byrd.

Dolores is speeding at 80 MPH on 84 West. She cannot make it to that cock fast enough. She is pulled over once again, this time by a Pennsylvania State Trooper who handed her another speeding ticket. Dolores just did not care. Right now both of her tickets were worth it.

It is 4:00 in the afternoon in a brutal cold Pennsylvania winter sunset. That warm sperm load is going to feel nice and warm to her tonight. She is climbing and climbing the inclines of the Pennsylvania mountains of 84 west. Still speeding, she is rubbing her pussy more and more, and just cannot stop thinking of Joe's big cock.

She is close to her exit rubbing her pussy when it finally lets go, Dolores screams and as her pussy explodes in multiple orgasms, it causes her to lose control of the Blazer, crashing it into a snow bank.

When it was all over, Dolores just laid back in the driver's seat panting and moaning. She is all ready for Joe. Her panties were completely soaked underneath her jeans. It has been such a long time since she has had a major orgasm like that. She then regains herself, gets out of the Blazer to inspect for damages. Seeing that there are none, she gets back on to the road off to Cheryl and Joe's house.

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