Cousin Fucker

Author: rh navy
Published: Jul 30, 2008
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Navy guy home on leave fucks his hot, horny slut of a cousin.

This story is about losing my virginity to my cousin on leave from the Navy. I had thought of fucking her a lot in the time since I had moved down to GA, but, come on, I dare you to look at her and try to say you wouldn't fuck her like an animal if she wanted you to, even if she was your cousin. My fantasies started when I accidentally saw her fingering herself after her shower. But anyway, I went home on leave from the U.S. Navy a few months ago. I had told my friend Mike he could stay in my room till he got back on his feet, so I had nowhere to sleep for a few weeks. I got told by my cousin Val to go ahead and sleep in her room that night, she had to work late anyway. Around 4 or 5 as I'm laying in bed jacking off and thinking of her wet juicy pussy in my mouth, Val came home, I had quit just before she walked into the room, and pretended to be sleep. Val asked if I was asleep and I ignored her. Val, staring at me said, "too bad, I was looking for some fun tonight." My stiffie had finally gone down some, but she started stripping down and soon she was standing in front of me wearing MY shorts and t-shirt. She took off my shorts and layed them on the bed, again staring at me. Val stuck her hand into her panties and started fingering herself. She said,"this will have to do." The only reason that I didn't move on her then was that my voyeuristic nature took over, I wanted to watch this horny slut of a cousin that I had finger herself so bad. After a while Val started shaking and breathing hard, I knew the look in her eyes too well, they rolled back in her head and she let out a quiet sqeal as she filled her own hand with cum and started to wipe it on my shorts. Val took off her bra to show off the most perfectly shaped 32 c's I've ever seen. She pulled the covers down and found me wearing only a pair of boxers. She reached down and grabbed my cock just as I decided it was time to let her know that I had seen the whole show. She was just sitting on the bed and I sat up with a mouth full of titty. I grabbed her tight in my arms and lay back, pulling her down on top of me. We shared a long overdue kiss, when she pulled away, she said,"I sure hope my husband doesn't find out about this." We rolled over, putting me in charge, I moved to get myself deep inside her, and said to her, "forget Matt, I'd kick his ass, no problem. The only problem we have is with your mom." Her pussy was so warm and tight, if I hadn't just teased myself for the last 45 minutes I would have pumped her full of cum as soon as I started fucking her. As I pumped in and out of her, I started to realize just how wrong this is. Val and I came together, it was already too late to stop, so as I flipped her over and stuffed my cock in her ass I told her how long I had wanted her just like this. Val told me that she had also been wanting me in her for years, but she didn't think that anything would ever happen with us because we were cousins. I fucked my cousin in every way imaginable for the next 4 hours, when her mom came home from work. Val immediately came up with a reason why we had to go somewhere and we would probably not be back for quite a while. Of course Aunt Bev didn't think anything of it, we had been running off together for long enough that it was just normal. As soon as we were on the road, my cousin started sucking my cock, we drove around for the next 3 hours, Val decided it was time to trade positions, so I moved to the passenger seat and set her on my lap. I was still hard, so my cock went straight up her ass. Val rocked her hips a couple of times and almost made me lose my load for the 4th time that morning. I worked her pussy for the next hour and a half, until we got to a hotel 40 miles from anywhere but the sex shop. We decided to go shopping for a minute, I already had my navy uniform on, so this was all for my favorite slut. I bought her a nurse outfit and a slut teacher uniform. we also got handcuffs and whips, she thought it would be hot, so I got her a latex dominatrix uniform and a spiked choker-chain. We spent the rest of that week in the hotel room(three days.) Luckily there was a sudden flood, so we pretended that we were stuck on th other side of the flood waters, and couldn't get through. My cousin and I spent the next month--every day of my leave--finding any excuse to get away from the family so we could fuck. Val filed for a divorce from Matt last week and said she had to get out of town, so she's moving up to Virginia to stay with me for a while. I told everyone I'd make up a bed for her, if only they knew she'd sleep in my bed everynight, and wake me up with an incredible fucking blowjob. I wonder how long we can keep this up before the family gets suspicious I look forward to having more to put up here, so keep an eye out.

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