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Playmates - Parts 1 to 5

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Published: 02-Aug-08 Revised/Updated 03-Aug-08
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Fourteen year old Deanna stood at the window, looking across the yard at Tommy's house. She loved her new playmate, they were the same age, and had begun doing naughty things together. Ever since she'd caught him watching her touch herself, he had excited her.

* * * * * * *

Part 1

Fourteen year old Deanna stood at the window, looking across the yard at Tommy's house. She loved her new playmate, they were the same age, and had begun doing naughty things together. Ever since she'd caught him watching her touch herself, he had excited her.

Her mind went back to the day; they had sat in the make shift tree-clubhouse Tommy's dad had made him, with their pants down, examining each other between their legs. He'd asked her to come over so they could talk, without anyone looking, as the clubhouse was up in a tree.

When they climbed up, he'd watched her pink panties under her skirt and shivered as his small dick got hard. He whispered to himself, "Bet she's got a nice pussy," or as his mom called it, "snatch."

When they were inside the tree-house they locked pinkie's and said, "Secrets, forever, poke yourself in the eye and hope to die, if you tell!"

He then said, "If you show me yours you can see mine."

"I can't," she said. "Momma said it's not nice to show boys my privates."

"Yeah right, I seen you naked in the window fingering yourself miss prissy," he sneered.

Her eyes lit up and she suggested, "Take your pants off first."

To her surprise he did and Tommy wasn't wearing anything under his jeans.

Deanna stood and took of her pink panties, they were already wet, and the sight of seeing his dick again excited her.

He then flashed a look of surprise and asked, "Ahhhh can--I-- touch it!"

She then smirked as she batted her eyes and said, "Oooooh, maybe, if it feels good, I'll let you!"

He sat down, told her to spread her legs, and lean back. When she did he put his face about an inch from it. Whiffed, drooled, and licked his lips hungrily. He then spread it open, flicked it with his tongue, it got very wet. Tommy loved the feeling and wanted to rub it with his tiny hard cock.

She cooed with excitement as Tommy kept eating her pussy, just like his older sister had showed him.

Before long she was squealing, "Oh God I'm cumming."

It was then she decided they'd be best of friends. After that she touched him, even licked his cock, and then jacked him off.

As she remembered the episode, Deanna rubbed her crotch. She closed her eyes shivered and said to herself, "Oh God, Tommy makes me hot, and I wish he was here now. Since, my parents aren't home, and I'm all alone for about two hours, I'd even let him touch my pussy with his thing. I watched momma and daddy and the way she acts it must feel just so good."

She squirmed with excitement, and recalled the last time daddy touched her down there. He had told her, "When you're older baby, you can have a cock like my big one inside your pussy-hole."

She giggled, looked around the room to make sure no one was listening, and confessed, "No one knows it, but he makes me cum and I jack him off, when momma is gone. I wish it was Tommy though, his dick is smaller and I bet would fit right up inside me."

Just then she heard a whistle outside her window. It was Tommy's signal to see if the other was alone. She walked over, turned her light off then on, that told him it was safe to come over.

She hurried about the room, took her panties off, and just left her slip on, just like daddy showed her. That way if momma looked in the door she could say she was getting ready to take a bath. Deana then sat on the bed anxiously awaiting Tommy's arrival.

She heard the front door open and he shouted, "Yoo-hoo, anybody here"

She yelled out her door, "I'm in my room Tommy, come on up."

When he walked in, she had taken off her slip and stood there naked, with legs spread wide fingering herself.

His eyes popped out and she said, "Like what you see, Tommy"

He gulped, rubbed his crotch, and said, "Wowzers, you're hot Deanna."

She smiled and said, "Since we are all alone, take off your pants. I want you to rub my pussy with your dick, just like we talked about."

Tommy hurried and almost came when he strained them to slip over his rod as he took off his shorts. He walked over to the bed where she was now laying, and asked, "How do I do it"

She spread her legs wide and said, "See that hole, touch it and rub it up and down from my love button down to that. I hear it's supposed to feel good! But first put this rubbery thing on, it keeps your cum from making me pregnant, or at least that what I read in my big sister's book on sex." She didn't know he had to be inside her to do that.

Deanna scooted over to the side of the bed as Tommy got between her legs. He then rubbed his now hard cock up and down her pussy.

His eyes bugged out in excitement, God did it feel good, she must have liked it too because she had her eyes closed and was moaning, "Yessssssssssss."

He then asked himself, 'Bet she'd like it inside her like mom does.' So without saying anything, Tommy slid his cock inside her hole, just like his mom had showed him.

All of a sudden she shouted, "What are you doing Wait, you can't it hurts, stop."

Tommy didn't stop he just continued to slowly move his cock inside her hole, a little deeper with each thrust.

Deana was afraid at first, that was until his cock became lubricated with her juices and her body started responding. She started saying, "No-no! Ooooh, Tommy, don't stop, it's beginning to feel good. Fuck me!" She didn't know what that word meant, but she'd heard her mom say it to her daddy, "Fuck me"...so it sounded right.

Tommy shoved his dick all the way inside her hole. Deanna grinding her hips with him as if she was going to swallow him whole.

She reached down and rubbed her clit, like she'd seen her momma do one day. All of a sudden, she trembled from head to toe and came much harder than usual.

Tommy grunted, and shouted that he was cumming too.

When they were done, she took the rubber thing off, wrapped it in a tissue and told him to throw it away in the garbage next door on the way home.

She then blushed, giggled and asked, "Did yah like it"

Tommy nodded his head yes. They just stared at each other, and then he asked, "Will you be my girlfriend. If you are we can do this anytime we want and I will bring my own rubber things."

She looked at him and said, "Sure, lets kiss to seal it, I love kissing!" They kissed and she liked that too... "Oooooooh this is fun," she squealed.

They then hurried to get dressed. Afterwards, she looked out the door and made sure the coast was clear and he quickly left.

When daddy touched her that night, she asked, "When can we fuck, I heard it's fun daddy"

He looked surprised, smiled and asked, "When do you want to learn"

She giggled and said, "How about Saturday when momma and sis are at Aunt Polly's"

He just looked at her, smiled, saying, "Maybe, baby-cakes, we'll see. Now lay back and let me eat you!"

Deanna opened her legs, squealing as daddy ran his tongue across her pussy. She couldn't believe he was doing that to her, after all momma had told her, 'never let a man touch your privates until you are older, as its not nice for little girls to do that'. She wasn't sure what momma meant but right now, this was so good that Deanna didn't care.

She shrieked, "Ooooh daddy, stick your finger in me, yeah just like that. Mmm, you're making me shake."

Daddy smiled down at her and watched his babygirl. At fourteen, she was just a budding woman with tiny breasts, and a pussy sparsely covered with hair, but she was more of a woman than her momma.

Her mother was a good fuck; that was true, but she didn't like him talking dirty to her, or trying out many new things. Lately, she'd been moody and at times refusing his sexual advances. He wondered if she had a lover or was just starting to go through the change of life.

He shook the thought out of his head and turned his attention back to Deanna. He stopped eating her for a moment to finger-fuck her, because he knew she loved that. As he slid his finger in her, she cooed.

His cock throbbed as it oozed with pre-cum and he wished it were inside her tight hole. However, he couldn't do that, yet, because she wasn't old enough. After all it would hurt so much she may not be able to cope with it. He put the idea of fucking his daughter out of his mind, at least for the moment.

He leaned up and kissed her as he fingered her and asked, "Honey, do you like what daddy is doing to you You know you make me feel good and you're my special girl."

Deanna kissed his cheek and said, "I love the way you make me feel, but--aww forget it, you probably won't do that."

He looked at her with a puzzled expression and asked, "Do what honey"

She looked at him all serious and tried to act older and said, "I saw some pictures in my girlfriend's book about sex. We look at it all the time. We saw one of a man with his cock inside this woman's pussy; it sure looked like they were having fun. She also told me men use the word 'fuck' instead of 'intercourse'."

She batted her eyes, gave him a sad puppy dog look and suggested, "I want you to slide your dick in me, you know, fuck me."

He looked at her with loving eyes and responded, "Oh honey, I want to, but I don't think I'd better, you're just not old enough. Besides, daddy might hurt you. I wouldn't want to do that for all the money in the world."

Deanna frowned and said, "Oh poo! Can't we just try it, I won't cry or anything. Ppppllleeeeaase!" she begged.

He stopped fingering her, sat down on the bed next to her, to try and explain things. "Baby, let me hold you for a minute and try to make you understand."

Deana slid up, sat on his lap, and put her arms around him. Oooh it felt so tempting, because his hard cock was against her leg. She could just wiggle her butt a bit and it just might slide in without his help. She decided not to, since it might hurt, she didn't know.

Daddy made her sit on the bed and then pointed to his dick. "See how big my pole is baby, now look at your tiny hole, you're too small and it just won't fit."

She examined her hole and then suggested, "Well my hole is tiny. Why can't we just put something on your cock to help it"

Daddy took her face in his hands and kissed her cheek and said, "That wouldn't work either my sweet babygirl. Maybe when you're older we'll try it, okay"

As he watched her expression change and tears stream down her tiny face he picked her up and sat her on his lap. He kissed her cheek and then her lips and said, "I'm sorry I didn't want to make my baby-cakes cry."

Daddy cuddled her close and Deanna got an idea and thought, 'What if I slid my hand down between my legs and started rubbing daddy's cock, then - when he was busy watching me, I could ask him to touch my pussy with it. Yeah, I can do that.'

She sniffed, parted her legs, reached down and grasped his cock. Her eyes went wild with a lustful expression and she purred, "Ooooh it so hard, and big."

Deanna trembled and told herself, 'What if daddy is right and it hurts' Then it dawned on her, Tommy had already had his dick in her and it didn't hurt that much.

She stroked his cock, and with her best little girl voice asked, "Daddy, you like that don't you"

His eyes were glued on what she was doing and all he could do was nod yes.

Deanna then got bold and suggested, "Please rub it up and down my pussy, I want to see if it feels as good as your fingers do."

Daddy looked at her and said, "Sure honey, I can do that and believe me, you will like it"

He instructed Deanna to lie down on the bed and spread her legs wide because it would make it easier to rub his cock on her tiny pussy.

Daddy licked his lips hungrily, positioned himself between her legs, grasped his cock, and began to rub her pussy with it. Deana started moaning and wiggling her hips for him. Wow, was she wet.

Deanna loved it, now if daddy would just fuck her. She threw her head back and squealed, "Oooooooh daddy, I like that, harder! Aarrgggghhh, daadddyyy, I'm going to cum!"

Beads of sweat covered his brow as his cock pulsated hard. God he wanted to fuck her, deep and hard, but he dared not. He tried his best to compose himself, but decided he could put just the head of his dick in her, that surely wouldn't hurt her.

He cleared his throat looked up at her and asked, "Deanna, I'm going to try something. I'll put just the head of my dick inside your hole just to see what it feels like. I want you to tell me if it hurts."

Deanna's eyes went wide and she shrieked, "Do it daddy, put the head in me. I know it won't hurt. Do it now, I'm about to cum!"

He slid the head of his cock into Deanna's hot tiny hole. She started cumming hard as her vaginal muscles clamped down on it. Daddy couldn't stop himself, he slid it almost all the way inside of her and froze.

Surprisingly, Deana didn't scream. "God daddy, your cock is big, but it doesn't hurt," she lied as it did hurt a little. She thought if she just lay still for a moment, it would stop hurting.

Daddy looked at her with a sorrowful expression and yelped, "Oh God, I'm sorry, let me take it out of you."

Before he could move, Deanna shoved her hips into him and wrapped her legs around his waist causing his cock to slide all the way inside.

Afterwards she began moving her hips and yelling, "Ooooooooh, that book was right, it does feel good! Fuck me daddy!"

By that time, he was so overcome with lust, and didn't want to stop fucking Deanna. Daddy slowly started fucking in and out of Deana. He then felt her loosen up and his cock was now covered with lubricating juices.

It was then he stopped and said, "Deanna, I need to quit, I cannot cum inside my honey, because it will make you have a baby."

She responded yelling, "No-no, oh please daddy keep going-I LIKE IT!"

He then thought of something and suggested, "Hang on a minute baby. Let me get something out of my pant's pocket and then we can fuck some more."

He had forgotten about the rubber in his billfold, he always carried a new one just in case, after all momma wasn't the only woman he fucked these days.

Deanna's eyes lit up with excitement as she squealed with delight, "Is it one of those rubber things I read about them in that sex-book too, it's supposed to prevent women from having babies."

He looked at her and replied, "Yes, it keeps you safe, my darling babygirl. Now let me get it out and put it on, then daddy can put his cock in you again. Please tell me if it hurts and I will stop. Okay"

Deanna looked impatient and shouted, "Ok, but hurry I cannot believe we are fucking!"

Daddy put on the rubber and went back to fucking his babygirl. God she was tight, and damn did it feel good.

He then leaned down, kissed her hard on the lips and exclaimed, "You're now daddy's woman!"

Deanna quivered as a climax began to surge through her tiny body and uttered, "Daddy's woman, I like the sound of that."

Daddy watched her quiver and shouted, "Fuck, I'm cumming!"

When they had both finished their panting and shuddering, Daddy removed his cock and disposed of the rubber and then took Deana in his arms. He kissed her lips and caressed the small of her back, and asked, "Did you like it Are you okay"

Deanna beamed from ear to ear as her eyes twinkled with delight. She looked directly into his eyes and chirped, "I'm okay." She then batted her eyes, giggled and asked, "When can we fuck again"

Part 2 Deanna lay their on the bed that night thinking of what she and daddy did. Like a slow playing movie the scenes unfolded in her mind and her pussy trembled with desire. She raised her nightie and slid her fingers down to her hairless pussy.

As she separated the lips in search of her clit she cooed, "Ooooh daddy, wish these were your fingers."

She envisioned him sneaking in her room and ravishing her young body once again. It took just a few moments before she climaxed so hard she felt dizzy. After that she curled up in bed, hugged her pillow and dreamt of their next naughty tryst.

The sound of bird singing awoke her the next morning. Deanna stretched, yawned and got out of bed to go take a bath.

As she gathered her clothing and headed for the bathroom she wondered what she would do that day. She could always visit Tommy, but remembered he had told her they'd have too much company for her to come over that day.

As she slid into the tub she let the warm bubbly water caress her every curve. She closed her eyes and ran the wash cloth across her nipples, hard, then harder still so they would stand up like little peaks. Next Deanna rubbed the cloth down to her pussy, around her hole and sensitive clit. The more aroused she became, the harder she did it until she climaxed.

Her happy time was interrupted when someone knocked on the door. "Deanna, how'd you like to go shopping with momma today"

She giggled and squealed, "I'd love too! Can I buy some new things too momma"

Her mother poked her head in the door and said, "Sure, I'm leaving after dinner, so take your time, there is no hurry."

"Okay, I come looking for you when I'm ready to go," she chirped.

Momma replied, "Okay, well I'm going to go get dressed now. See you later baby."

Deanna was elated to go shopping with her mom, since she worked odd hours this would be a treat. She finished her bath, dried off, and then got dressed.

Following that she walked into the kitchen to see what she could eat. On the way their she heard moans coming from her parent's bedroom. She tiptoed near it and found the door open just a crack. When she peeked in, her mom and dad were on their bed having sex.

Her mom was kneeling by the bed, naked, with her lips wrapped around her father's cock. As she sucked her dad made a face and said, "Ooh... please suck it harder, I know you don't like to suck it honey, but do it for me." Deanna could tell he was upset because he had told her that momma didn't like to give blowjobs.

Finally totally disgusted, her dad said, "Well fuck, can you at least squeeze my balls, lightly now. Ooooh yes that's it. . .now slow down baby, or I will cum in your mouth."

Little Deana felt her clit tingle with arousal and ran her fingers under the waist band of her shorts and into her panties. God she'd never seen them do this before and her whole body was alive with lust.

She found her sensitive bud and rubbed it as her eyes were glued on the action between her parents. All of a sudden, her dad stopped her mom and said, "Lay down baby, and spread those legs, daddy wants to make you cum before I drive this dick deep in your cunt!"

She watched and masturbated as the scene unfolded. When she saw her dad slither between her mom's legs and began eating her pussy, she remembered what it felt like when daddy did her. She gasped and came hard, hoping they wouldn't' hear her.

Her mom stopped, looked around, and then said, "Ooooh God Jake, I need your cock inside me now."

He moved up the bed, pushed his dick into her now very wet hole, and began pounding Deanna's mom's cunt. Deanna trembled. 'Wonder what it would feel like to touch momma's pussy' she thought. She then shook her head and told herself, 'Dang-it, I know that will never happen, because she thinks it's immoral.'

She left the area and headed to the kitchen. After searching the refrigerator Deanna picked up an apple. She then went into the living room and sat down to watch television.

When she got there the phone rang, when she answered it, it was Tommy.

"Hi Deanna, what's yah doing" he asked.

She replied, "Not much, munching on an apple. Why"

He spoke with an excited voice, "Can you come over for a few minutes I've got a hot secret to tell you."

Deanna's eyes lit up with anticipation, "Sure let me go tell my parents I'll be coming over. Oh dang, I was supposed to go shopping with momma. Well maybe I won't be gone that long, because I'm dying to hear what you have to tell me."

Tommy told her good-bye and that he'd see her in a few minutes.

Deanna told him bye, then hurried off to find Momma. When she got to her parent's bedroom, the door was open and momma was sitting dressed in front of her mirror, combing her hair.

Deanna walked over to her and watched her for a moment. "Geez, momma you're pretty," she chirped.

Her mom winked and replied, "Why thanks honey, are you ready to go shopping"

Deanna hung her head and played with her hair, "Momma, can I go over to Tommy's first, he wants to talk to me."

Momma held out her arms, "Come here baby. Now there is no need to have a long face honey, we can always go shopping Saturday as I'm off that day too, we can even go out to eat, I know you'd like that. You run along and have fun with your friend, remember to be home by suppertime."

Deanna's face beamed with excitement and she kissed her mom's check. "Thanks momma, you're the best. See yah later," and she almost ran from the room, as she couldn't wait to hear what Tommy had to say.

She ran out the front door, letting it bang, and quickly yelled, "Sorry, I'll be careful next time."

Afterwards she almost ran all the way to Tommy's house and knocked on the door. Deanna stood there fidgeting until someone opened it.

Tommy's mom smiled at her and said, "Hi Deanna, I don't suppose you're here to see Tommy again"

Deanna blushed, "Yeah, can I come in"

"He's not in the house honey, he told me to tell you he's in the tree house. Wait a minute and I'll give you some soda to take up there with you," his mom said.

After getting the soda she hurried to the back yard, shoved the sodas in her pockets and scurried up the ladder to the tree house. She then gave the secret knock to the flimsy door.

Tommy said, "Come on in Deanna."

She entered, handed him the soda, and then sat down cross-legged on the floor. She glared at him. "Well what's up"

Tommy leaned over and said, "Remember when I told you, that you couldn't come over because we had company"

She was intrigued and her eyes lit up, "Yeah."

Tommy began to tell her what happened. "I told you that only because it was sis's seventeenth birthday party. She had invited a group of her girl-friends over for a party, and then they were staying the night. Dad told me not to invite anyone over as this was her special day."

Deanna made a face, "Okay, so what's so exciting about that"

His eyes lit up with excitement and he shifted as his dick was getting hard. "Well, around midnight I knew I wouldn't be bothered, so I started thinking of your sexy body and the last time we fucked. I stripped and lay on the bed masturbating. It was then sis just walked right in with her friends and caught me."

Deanna noticed Tommy's cock was hard and felt her own body beginning to get aroused. "Oh look at you, your cock is getting hard. Now, I want you to tell me all the dirty details!"

He looked around, made sure the clubhouse door was locked and suggested, "Only if you strip, I know this will turn you on."

She flashed him a seductive grin and said, "Geez, only if you get naked too. That way I can play with your cock while you tell me the rest of the story."

He stood and stripped and his hard cock stood out as if to yell, "Wish you'd suck my cock!"

Deanna took off her clothes and made sure he knew how hot she was, her nipples were hard and her hairless cunt wet.

He looked at her and felt his groin tingle with lust. "Oh hell let's fuck instead."

Deanna glared at him and said, "Uh-uh, not until I hear what went on."

Deana moved over and wrapped her small hand around his hard dick and began stroking him.

He groaned at the pleasure then went on telling Deanna what happened next. "At first the girls just stood there without saying anything. Then sis came over to the bed, and whispered, "Do what I say or I'm telling mom!'"

Deanna ran her hand across her hard pointy nipples and purred, "Oooh fuck, what'd yah do next"

Tommy ran his hand across her other nipple and tweaked it, "Play with my dick and I'll tell you!"

"Well sis then told them, 'Little Tommy wants to play with all four of us, but we have to get naked first.' Oh fuck, you should have seen em, they went kind of crazy and stripped. It was then that my sister said, 'Let's hold him down, and make him our slave.'"

Deanna's eyes lit up, "Oh my, now that is something I'd like to do sometime.....make you my sex slave."

Tommy blushed, "Well that won't be hard to do as I already will do to you whatever you want me too. God, suck me while I continue the story. . . I need to cum!"

Deanna leaned over him and took his dick in her mouth and felt her fluids run down her legs.

Tommy looked at her wrapping her small mouth over his dick, shivered and said, "Oh God, that feels good!"

"The next thing I knew two girls held me down and sis straddled my mouth and ordered, 'Eat me.' Now how could I not do that, I love eating her cunt, I do it all the time!"

Deanna almost bit his dick and stopped sucking and yelled, "No-way, did you really!"

He smiled and exclaimed, "Yeah, she's been teaching me about sex for over a year now. She even lets me bang her."

Deanna quivered and reached down and began furiously rubbing her clit and continued sucking Tommy's cock.

His eyes lit up, "Ooooooh God, I love it when you play with yourself as you suck my dick. That's it, show me how naughty you can be!"

Deanna sucked him, and not only rubbed her clit, but shoved almost all of her hand in her cunt. God-dang she needed his dick in her!

Tommy continued his tale. "Sis rubbed her pussy on my lips as I drove my tongue deep in her snatch and before long she filled my mouth with cum. After that, no one needed to hold me down and one by one each girl straddled my mouth.

"Once I made them all cum, Sis took my dick in her mouth, sucked it a few times as the others watched, then stopped and told me to fuck her. Geez-whiz, I banged her hard and deep and told the others to, 'come close as when I cum, I want to cover you all.'"

He held Deanna's head and fucked it hard and then said, "They all got close, and began fingering my ass, my balls and even my tits. God it was hot and I couldn't hold back any longer. I took my dick out of sis's cunt and blew my load all over them."

Tommy then shouted, "FUCK I'm cumming!" filling Deanna's mouth with so much cum it dribbled off her chin.

Deanna quivered hard as her earth-shattering climax overtook her body. When everything settled down, she squealed, "Hot-Damn that was hot!"

Tommy took her into his arms and kissed her deep and hard. "Yeah it was, God I love the way you treat me, it's like I'm your man!"

She flashed her eyes at him and purred, "You can't be my man, Daddy is that, but you can be my lover."

His eyes lit up, "Oh my God, is your Daddy doing what I think he is"

Her face beamed with excitement and her eyes told Tommy that he was right. "If you can keep a secret I will tell you something."

He looked at her and admitted, "You know I can."

Deanna then told him, "Daddy has been playing with my pussy for over a year now. After you fucked me the other day, he came in my room later that night. We played like we usually do, but this time I convinced him to bang me. Oooooh fuck Tommy it was awesome. I'm now his fuck bunny, to have fun with whenever he wants."

Tommy couldn't contain his excitement, "WOW, that's cool. Can I watch sometime"

She winked and said, "Sure, but only if you can hide in the closet and be quiet."

Part 3

Deana called Tommy's house around five p.m. and asked him if he could come over. She was alone for about an hour and horny. He felt his cock harden when she told him that they could fuck again.

Deana purred into the phone, "Oh Tommy, I just cannot get enough of your cock since we started fucking. I do hope you can come over, I'm naked and need your cock inside me again."

He swallowed hard and replied, "Hot-damn girl you sure know to turn me on. I'll be over in about five minutes."

Tommy ran to the bathroom, combed his hair, and removed his underwear. Ever since fucking Deana, he'd left them off, as it was such a bother to remove them and his trousers.

Deana hurried around the room, and made sure she had a rubber thing for Tommy. Her parents would be gone for a while and she just had to have him inside her hot, wet, mouth and pussy.

She was just fixing the pillows on the bed when Tommy knocked, opened the door and yelled, "Deana, can I come in"

Deana giggled and shouted, "You'd better, I am alone, and naked on my bed!"

Tommy took the stairs two at a time, feeling his hard cock strain his jeans. When he opened the door to Deana's room he almost came in his pants. She was lying on the bed fingering her pussy.

She continued fingering herself, flashed him seductively and cooed, "Want it Tommy It wants you!"

Tommy hurriedly removed his clothing and when he lowered his jeans, his cock was rock-hard. Pointing to his manhood standing up proudly he asked, "Does that answer you question baby"

Her eyes lit up and she reached for the rubber then squealed, "Ooooh God Tommy, I just love how hard your cock is. Bring it here and let me suck it a bit, then put this on and fuck me!"

He climbed onto the bed and ran his cock around her lips then when Deana opened her mouth, slid it inside. He moved his hips in fucking motion and then suggested, "Ooooh slow down baby, you'll make me cum too soon. That's it, now roll my balls."

As Deana tantalized him, Tommy reached back for her pussy and began rubbing her swollen sensitive clit. She must have been hornier than a rooster in a henhouse, because she came in just a few strokes.

Deana threw back her head and began to shake all over and shrieked," Aaarrrgghhhh, Tommy, I'm cumming. Oh fuck, slide your cock into me, NOW!"

He moved back down the bed, put on the rubber, spread Deana's legs wide, and guided his pulsating member inside her. 'Oh fuck, she's tight,' and her pussy muscles gripped his dick like a vise.

Tommy was just about to cum inside her when they heard, her mother yelling, "Deana, come down here and help us unload the groceries from the car!"

Deana and Tommy froze for a second and then both hurriedly got dressed. After that, he hid in the room while she went down stairs.

Then he waited, keeping still as a mouse, waiting for her to say the secret code that told him it was safe to leave.

Deana looked at her mom and asked, "Can I call Tommy's house now, or do you need me in the kitchen"

That told Tommy they were in the kitchen and he could leave the house without being seen.

He grumbled all the way home, trying to hide his still swollen cock so his mother wouldn't see it. Mainly because she didn't know he was fucking his sister or Deana, his mom thought he was only doing her.

Tommy and his mother had been playing around for about a year now. He didn't know why it happened; it just did when he caught her masturbating one Saturday, when it was just the two of them at home.

Tommy's eyes bugged out and he asked, "Mom, what are you doing"

His mom, didn't yell or anything, she just told him to come sit on the bed for a minute. I guess she had the intention to explain what she was doing and why. Instead of it being a question and answer session it progressed to kissing, touching, caressing and intercourse.

Following that night, every time his dad was gone, and it was just the two of them in the house, Tommy would get another lesson about sex.

He loved it. Their sex was fantastic and they would spend hours experimenting with the different sensations.

Tommy wished his dad and sister were gone when he got home. His mom would be alone, horny and he sure needed to fuck her.

He opened the front door, looked around and saw the coast was clear. Then almost ran toward his bedroom. On the way, he passed his parents bedroom and noticed the light was on and the door partially opened.

Tommy didn't think anything about the matter and just walked into his parent's room. Barging in on what was obviously his mother's masturbation session.

She was lying back on her bed, naked, left hand rubbing furiously at her sopping cunt, right hand twisting her nipples into eraser-like cones.

His eyes bugged out, mouth popped open and his slowly softening cock began to get hard again. He had this uncontrollable urge to take out his stiff rod and masturbate. Better yet, strip off his clothes, climb into bed with momma and push his cock into her drenched pussy.

He stopped dead in his tracks and wondered if dad and sis were home. He placed his hands over his crotch and yelled, "Oh-oh, sorry Mom, I thought you were decent!"

Before she could react or reply, Tommy quickly turned around, ran to his room and she heard him slam the door shut.

After closing his door and locking it, Tommy anxiously unzipped his jeans, let them fall to the floor, and sat on the edge of the bed. He envisioned her body as momma masturbated, wrapped his hands around his throbbing cock, and jacked off into the dirty clothes he'd left on the floor.

After that he put his pants back on, unlocked the door, and sat at his desk pretended to be doing some homework, just in case his dad and sister were home.

He then heard a knock on his door, "Tommy, are you okay"

Tommy swallowed hard and replied, "Yes, momma. I didn't mean to burst into your room like that."

She opened the door and said, "No harm done baby, after all it's not something you haven't seen before. You go ahead with your homework, supper will be ready in about an hour."

He looked at her and smiled, "Okay, mom. Call me when supper is ready."

His mom left the room and Tommy sighed, he thought for sure she would have yelled at him, because they were not alone. Boy was he glad she didn't.

Afterwards, Tommy couldn't concentrate on doing his homework at all. All he could see in his mind was a running movie of his mother masturbating. His body shifted into high gear while his cock began to harden again.

He got up, walked over to the door, and closed it. Tommy climbed onto his bed and then ran his hand down his jeans. While he traced the outline of his growing cock, he started thinking of what mom and he would do the next time they were alone.

His mood was interrupted when he heard her yell, "Tommy, supper is ready."

When he went to the dining room, there sat Dad and sis, and he was glad he didn't get caught.

However, all through supper Tommy couldn't keep his eyes off of his mother. Every time he looked at her she winked, as if to say, "I saw you watching me, and I loved it." He shifted in his seat several times to hide his swelling cock.

His dad looked over at him with a puzzled look and asked, "Is something the matter, Tommy"

He swallowed hard and lied, "No, I just have a paper I need to finish writing tonight. I hope you don't mind me going straight to my room after I get done eating"

His dad grinned, laughed and then said, "I don't believe my ears, you, doing your homework. By all means, get er done."

Tommy had just finished his desert when mom told his sister she could start clearing the table and helping with the dishes. He excused himself and scurried into his bedroom hoping no one noticed his bulging cock or the growing wet spot on his jeans.

Once he was inside his room, Tommy desperately tried to finish his homework, just in case someone checked on him. However, all he could think about was his momma's naked body. God, he wanted to thrust his cock between her legs and fill her full of his cum once more, like he'd done so many times before.

He shook the idea out of his head, decided to head to the bathroom, and take a relaxing shower.

As the water cascaded over his body it felt like 100 fingers massaging every inch of his body. He lathered his dick up, and began stroking it slow and hard, while fantasizing about his mom again.

Tommy dang near fell and bit his tongue when his sister banged on the door and yelled, "Are you going to spend all night in there, some of us others need the bathroom too!"

Well that ruined that climax. He cussed under his breath, grumbled, and then shouted at her, "Okay, I hear yah! Damn-it sis, there is no need to yell that loud. I'll be out in a second!"

Tommy got out of the shower, dried off, and then wrapped the towel around his lower half. Then he opened the door, stuck his tongue out at her and ran to his room before she could yank the towel off, like she usually did. Once in his room he put on a pair of loose pants to hide his swollen cock. Tommy heard the grandfather clock in the living room chime ten o'clock and climbed into the bed.

He was thinking of his mom, masturbating in all her glory. Tommy slid his pants down and grasped his hard cock and began to stroke it. He imagined the two of them were alone. Momma was thrusting her fingers inside her pussy as she watched him jack off.

He didn't hear the door open slowly, until he felt someone's hand on his mouth.

Tommy then heard his mother's voice, "Shhh, baby boy of mine, it's only momma."

He quivered, and turned on the light by the bed. Tommy eyed his mom's body, clad in a sheer, almost transparent, night gown. He trembled, his cock throbbed, and with a shaky voice whispered, "Ahhh. . . Mom, what are you doing here"

He watched her lick her lips, as she sat down on the bed next to him. She ran her fingers up his leg toward his cock and cooed, "Your sis is staying overnight at her girlfriend's house tonight. Well, dad fell asleep neglecting me again, and I'm horny as hell."

His mother stood up, dropped her nightie, and turned so to face Tommy.

He couldn't see much in the dim light, but he could see the shadows of her naked body and hard nipples. He gulped, and felt pre-cum oozing down his shaft.

Tommy then whispered, "God, momma you're beautiful! I cannot figure out why dad neglects that hot sexy figure. Please lock the door so we won't get caught."

Despite the fact that they might have been caught, Momma replied, "Awe, there is no need for that Tommy, you dad is out for the night."

Despite the possibility of being caught he sat up, put his arms around his mom, and pulled her into him. Tommy then planted a kiss on her that would curl her toes.

It seems like momma couldn't resist her son. She reached down and grasped his throbbing cock. "Oooh fuck, Tommy, I need you inside my cunt, now!"

Tommy moved and gently helped his momma lay down. He then knelt between her legs and stared at her pussy. It was trimmed nicely and glistened with her fluids. He pulled apart its lips and began to run his fingers down the wet slit. Slowly he stroked her snatch for a few seconds. Tommy then leaned his face down and flicked his tongue from her prominent clit to her brown winking asshole.

His mom moaned, shivered, opened her legs wider and purred, "Oooooh God, Tommy! Fuck me now. I want to cum while your hot cock is inside me."

Tommy positioned himself on his knees and began to work his cock toward his mother's snatch. He felt his heart pounding, his mouth went dry, and he trembled.

All of a sudden his mom grabbed him by the hips and wrapped her legs around his waist; this buried his cock inside her up to his balls.

Wildly, they fucked, and Tommy felt the pressure of his cum building up in his balls.

He leaned down, kissed momma lips and asked, "Momma, want me to cum inside you tonight"

His mother kissed him back with all the passion within her and replied, "Ooooh yes, fill my cunt with your sweet cum baby-boy of mine. I'm on the pill and cannot get pregnant."

He shoved his cock once more into his mother's snatch and climaxed hard. She followed, cumming so hard he nearly fell of the bed.

Tommy knew that his mother would always be a part of sexual fantasies. It was then he began to think, 'I wonder if she knows about sis, or Deana'

His mother quickly got off of Tommy and hurried to the bathroom to shower.

Tommy fell asleep dreaming about all three woman doing him at the same time.

His mother stood in the shower and giggled softly. She then whispered under her breath, "Oh baby-boy, I would love to see what you and sis do. I know you two are fucking."

After that she closed her eyes and envisioned the three of them having sex and climaxed again. She then got out of the shower, dried off, and went back to bed. His mom fell asleep dreaming of their next rendezvous'.

part 4

Deana's Daddy was a construction worker, with a tall, muscular, tanned body. He looked younger than his age. Lately, he told her that her mother had begun to loose interest in sex. Deana just couldn't figure it out, why momma didn't jump in the sack with him every chance she got, because he was gorgeous hunk. So he began to play games with Deana, which led to caressing her private parts. One night Daddy turned to Deana for sex.

She loved what she and Daddy did when momma wasn't around. It made Deana feel special. Late at night, Deana would lay there naked, rubbing her clit, as she envisioned his big cock sliding in and out of her pussy. At every opportunity, she wore a little as possible around the house; much often annoyed her mother.

Sometimes she didn't wear any bra or panties and would position herself where only Daddy could see right up between her legs. On other occasions, Deana would sit on his lap and grind her ass down over his cock-bulge. She giggled as she remembered one particular time, when she came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel, which she accidentally lost while walking past her parent's bedroom.

Oh, she was always careful not to let Mom see any of this. However, lately she was always out at her club meetings or bingo, conveniently leaving Daddy and her alone in the house together

Her Daddy would then sneak into her room and have sex with Deana. The last time they were together, she tricked him into fucking her. Oh God, it was wonderful and Deana couldn't wait to do it again. She confided in her best friend Tommy telling him all the details because Deana loved the way it made Tommy's cock hard. Then the two of them would have sex too. The last time he visited, Tommy asked her if he could watch Deana and her dad sometime, while hiding in the closet.

That afternoon, Tommy called her, "Hiya sexy, are you alone"

Deana quivered with desire and answered, "Yeah. Why don't you come over and fuck me"

Tommy almost dropped the phone, "I'll be right there."

Deana blew kisses into the phone and told Tommy good-bye.

She then got out her new skimpy bikini and put it on. Deana had bought it when mom and she went shopping. It was blue, with gold trim and in her opinion made her look older.

As she ogled herself in the mirror she purred, "Oh Tommy, I cannot wait to show you this, it will make your pecker hard that's for sure."

After checking herself out in the mirror, Deana repositioned the pillow on the bed. Next she turned on her radio, to one of her favorite stations, and then went out of her room and sat on the stairs awaiting Tommy. She was daydreaming about what would happen next when she heard their secret knock on the door.

She yelled down the stairs, "Come on in Tommy, its unlocked!"

Deana then hurried into the room and lay down on the bed. Playing it to the hilt, she let her legs fall open, so Tommy could get a good look at her wetness.

When he walked into the room, he stopped dead in his tracks and whistled, "Hot-damn baby, you look good enough to eat!"

She flashed him a seductive look and ran both hands sensually up and down her thighs, then readjusted the top so it was just above the nipples. Then, after he'd got a good, long look, she rolled over and showed him her ass. Deana then lifted her hips a bit, knowing that when she did this her plump little mound showed clearly through the fabric covering her crotch.

Tommy was panting, he swallowed and shifted to give his growing cock more room and replied, "Oh God, you're making my pecker hard."

She giggled and confessed, "Good because that is what I intended to do."

Tommy by then had started removing his clothing. "Take that bikini off baby; I want to eat that pretty little pussy of yours."

Deana could see him swallow and lick his lips when she removed the bikini-top and released her perky tits. Then Tommy gasped when she removed the bottoms. Her hot pussy was getting wetter and Tommy's cock was now rock hard and dripping pre-cum.

Tommy moved down and got between her legs and licked his lips again. He then reached out and massaged Deana's pussy from the top to ass.

He gasped and said, "Oh fuck, baby, you're so wet!"

She loved the feel of his hands, as they rubbed, stroked, and taunted the moist flesh. It made her tingle with desire. When his fingers slid inside her she squealed, "Mmmmmmm! Ooooh Tommy, that feels so good!"

She pushed her bottom slightly back at him repeatedly.

Tommy placed his lips around her clit, slid a finger inside her and started finger-fucking her hard.

Deana moved her hips wildly and moaned incomprehensively. When Tommy took her clit in his teeth and bit it gently. She responded by covering his face and hand with her cum.

He looked up into her face and bellowed, "Oooh God, baby, I need to ram this cock inside you before I cum all over the bed!"

Tommy grabbed a hold of her legs and guided his cock all the way in with one thrust, causing both of them to moan loudly. He was so horny, that he began pumping his cock into Deana's tight pussy like a piston.

Deana's ass shook and her tits jiggled as Tommy fucked her with jack-hammer strokes. His big cock slapped against the clit, pushing her towards another powerful orgasm. After another couple of strokes she was cumming like crazy.

Tommy kept ramming into her, as his own climax began to build rapidly. He gasped for breath, shuddered and filled her with his cum.

Tommy then laid on top of her for a moment and groaned, "Oh shit, Deana, you're one gorgeous fuck!"

He moved off of her, lay down beside Deana and put his arms around her.

She snuggled up into his arms, kissed him deep, and then asked, "So Tommy, want to watch me and Daddy tonight"

His eyes went wild and he replied, "Oh fuck, you really mean it"

She batted her eyes and admitted, "Yes, it turns me on to think that someone is watching me."

Tommy then asked, "What time will you're dad fuck you"

She replied, "He usually does it around 10:30p.m., when he knows mom and my little brother are asleep."

He flashed a devilish grin and wondered, "Well, do you think I can sneak in here around ten o'clock tonight."

She sat up, looked around and said, "Sure, just come to the back door, and I will be waiting there to let you in. Now we'd better hurry up and get dressed, my parents will be home soon."

They both got dressed and she kissed him on the cheek, "See yah, later baby."

Tommy winked, kissed her good-bye and went home.

Deana tried to busy herself as she waited for the time when Tommy was coming over to peep on her and Daddy. However, all she could think about was what would happen, if they were caught.

Would Daddy kick Tommy out or let him join them in fear of him telling momma their dirty little secrets.

Her mother called her and said, "Dinner is ready, Deana."

She put on her happy face and tried to hide her emotions and went down to eat.

All through the meal she couldn't stop looking at Daddy and wondering what would they do later that night.

Daddy must have thought something was wrong because he asked, "Deana is something wrong"

She smiled nervously and replied, "No, I was just thinking about how happy I am to have you for a Daddy."

He smiled, winked, and confessed, "Well honey, you're the best daughter a man could have."

After they were finished eating Deana helped her mother with the dishes hoping to pass the time away.

Following that, she tried watching television, but couldn't stay focused. Around nine o'clock she turned to her parents and told them she was going to get one of her school books and read the next chapter then go to bed.

She ran upstairs got a school book and headed back to the kitchen. Deana lazily thumbed through the pages, and almost bit her tongue when she looked up and saw Tommy at the back door.

She went over to the door, opened it a crack, put her finger to her lips and said, "Shhh, let me check and see if the coast is clear."

After looking into the living room and seeing that the coast was clear Deana went and got Tommy and snuck him upstairs to hide in her closet.

When they got to her room Tommy whispered, "Deana, I don't know how quiet I can be, I'm hornier than a rooster in the hen house."

She smiled and held back a giggle and uttered, "Well, try to be, I would hate to see what happens if Daddy hears you."

Deana then hid Tommy in the closet and went about getting ready for bed. She had just climbed in bed and turned the lamp on next to the bed when her parents entered the room.

Her mom kissed her and said, "Sweet dreams baby, goodnight," then left the room.

Daddy leaned over her, looked around, ran his hand across the mound of her pussy and then said, "Keep it wet for me sweety, I'll be back later to play."

She giggled, smiled and kissed him back and then whispered, "Oooh Daddy, I can't wait."

Deana tried to settle down, and wait but her body was alive with lust. She slide her nightie up, ran her fingers through her drenched pussy.

She then held them up for Tommy to see and whispered, "Ooooh I'm so fucking wet."

All she could hear was Tommy groan from the closet. Deana glanced his way, placed her hand at her lips and said, "Shhh!"

When she looked at the clock on her bedside table it read, ten thirty. Her heart started pounding, as her lips went dry. She then wondered, "Hope I can go through with this."

Deana saw Daddy at the door, looking around to make sure he was not being followed. He then entered her room walked over to the bed.

After sitting down he kissed her and with a husky voice whispered, "Baby, look what Daddy has for you."

He took Deana's hand and placed it on his hardened cock, while his other hand pulled up her nightie.

The next thing he did was slide his fingers beneath the wet folds of her pussy. "Ooooh my sweet baby-girl you're drenched. I bet you cannot wait for Daddy to fuck you."

Deana glanced at the closet then quickly back at Daddy and whispered, "Let me take this nightie off so you can fuck me Daddy."

With one whisk he drew the flimsy material over her head and ogled at Deana's sweet young body.

After that he spread her legs wide and she guided his fingers to her sensitive clit.

Daddy rubbed it with his thumb and slid his index finger inside the hole for a few seconds. He then lowered his head and began to suck the tiny bud. His manly tongue then flicked and probed it, until her whole body shook with a screaming orgasm. Daddy then licked his fingers. He then moved to position himself between her legs so that he could fuck her.

Deana quivered and cooed, "Daddy, please fuck me."

As Daddy guided his cock into her Deana thrust her hips up at him. He began slowly fucking her until his whole dick was inside her.

He looked at her and uttered, "You like being Daddy's little slut, don't you I hear you sometimes, finger fucking yourself and it makes me so damn hot."

Tommy stood there with his cock in hand, mesmerized by what he was watching. He panted heavily, his heart beat rapidly and he just knew they would hear him.

The idea of Tommy watching turned Deana on more. She looked at the closet door and purred, "Ooooh Daddy, I love being your little slut. Daddy will you do something different tonight"

He kept shoving his cock into her and asked, "What's that baby, you know Daddy will do anything for his baby-girl"

She gazed lustfully at him and answered, "Instead of cumming inside of me tonight will you cover my body with your cum so I can lick it off."

He stopped and it looked as if he would pass out from excitement and replied. "Oooh fuck, I'd love doing that."

She kissed Daddy passionately, pushing into his cock, feeling another climax building. Then Deana looked directly at Tommy and winked.

That did it; Tommy started to cum, and could not help but moan loudly.

It was then that her dad stopped dead in his tracks and said, "Oh hell, did you hear that"

Deana looked at him innocently and asked, "Hear what, I didn't hear anything"

Her dad's expression changed and she was certain he had heard Tommy. Her face turned as while as a sheet when he got off the bed and flung open the closet door.

With a very angry look on his face her dad pulled Tommy into the room and said, "Deana, just who in the hell is this!"

Tommy lowered his head and groaned, "Shit."

Deana climbed off the bed and grabbed her dad's arm. "Please don't hurt Tommy dad, he only wanted to watch us."

Her dad looked at her then back at Tommy, "Watch huh! I suppose this boy was also going to tattle on us too"

Tommy then looked up and answered, "I won't sir. I just wanted to see what you guys did. I already know you're fucking Deana."

Daddy looked at both of then and said, "Oh hell, what do we do now"

Deana toyed with her hair, gave Daddy her sad puppy dog-eyed look, put her arms around his neck and whispered, "Why don't the two of you play with me"

She watched as a devilish grin came across her Daddy's face as his eyes filled with lust. "Deana, I think you might have a solution to our little problem. After all it might just keep this boy quiet."

Tommy grinned like the cat that just got caught eating the canary. He leaned over to her dad, and whispered, "I won't utter a word, honest sir I won't."

Deana then kissed her Daddy's cheek and purred, "Will you finish fucking me now Daddy, I want your cock inside me again."

Her Daddy looked at her, and wondered, "I think it's time for Tommy to go home. I don't want your mother to hear us."

He then put his arm around Tommy shoulder and said, "We can talk sometime about when the three of us can play."

Tommy kissed Deana good-bye telling her he'd talk to her the next day.

When he left, Daddy turned his attention back to Deana and admitted, "God that was scary."

Deanna looked into his loving eyes and confessed, "I'm sorry Daddy, I didn't mean to upset you."

Daddy put his pajama bottoms back on and then went into the hallway to make sure the others were still asleep.

He returned to the room, took Deana into his arms, kissed her softly and asked, "Now, where were we"

Deana felt Daddy's cock against her leg, it was hard again. She trembled as she led him back towards the bed.

He gently laid her down, and once again positioned himself between her legs. Daddy started fucking her with deep long strokes as he felt the orgasm building up inside.

She clung to him whispering, "Fuck your baby-girl. Oh Daddy, cover me with cum."

That did it; Daddy withdrew his cock and covered her torso with his cum. He then watched as she eagerly lapped up every drop.

Afterwards they lay there snuggling for just a few minutes.

Daddy then whispered, "Good night baby," and went back to his room.

Playmates part 5 "Father-Daughter camping trip

Deana was sitting in front of the television, pretending to watch it as the event of her last sexual encounter ran through her mind. She quivered, wondering if Tommy, her, and Daddy would ever have the time to play together.

She was lost in thought when her dad entered the room. He asked her something and when he got no response he tapped on the shoulder, "Can I talk to you for a minute"

Deana watched him sit on the sofa then got off the floor and joined him. She then asked, "What's up daddy"

He placed his arm around her shoulder, and said, "Now that school is out for the summer, how'd you like to go camping with me to Eagle Creek this weekend. I know you love it there. He then winked and added, "However, this time it will be just the just the two of us"

Her eyes lit up and she shouted, "Camping, oh-my-God, really." She then frowned, "Does mom know about this, I bet she doesn't"

He laughed and replied, "Who do you think came up with the idea. She thinks you spend way to much time at Tommy's house and we need some father-daughter quality time."

I pouted, growled under my breath and whispered, hoping mom wasn't able to hear it. "Aww she's just trying to get back at me for not staying around the house and helping her with things."

Dad looked around to make sure momma couldn't hear him, leaned over, and whispered, "Want to know what I think She's upset because I'm giving you more attention than her. Oh well, I cannot help it she doesn't seem to want my affection, or cock, nowadays."

She giggled out-loud then and hid her feelings by asking, "Are we going to use a tent and all that kind of stuff"

Daddy replied, "Yes, but all you need to do is make sure you pack your sleeping back. I make sure we have the rest of the stuff we need."

Deana leaped of the couch and ran into the kitchen, "Hey momma, Daddy and I are going camping this weekend. You sure you don't mind"

Momma gave Deana a funny look and yelled her replied in a harsh tone, "Why should I mind dear, it will be good for the two of you. Now, quit bugging me, can't you see I'm trying to cook supper!"

Deana shouted back, "Okay, Okay, but you don't have to scream so loud, they can hear you next door."

She quickly left the room and ran upstairs in tears before her mother could respond. Deana flung herself across the bed, grabbed her pillow and shouted into it, "I hate that bitch!"

The tears then flowed. Why can't her mother be loving, and kind, like Tommy's

Deana then felt a hand on her shoulder and her dad's reassuring voice. "Come here baby, let me hold you. Now dry those tears, Momma really didn't mean all that, she's just going through some woman things, you'll understand when you are older."

She rushed into his open arms and hugged him tight. They were strong, loving, and warm. Deana felt his love for her radiate through her whole body. She laid her head on his chest and listened to the rhythmic beating of his heart and it calmed her.

Daddy glanced around to make sure they were alone, then lifted her chin with trembling fingers and planted a kiss on Deana that curled her toes.

He then whispered, "My precious baby girl, I love you and cannot wait to fuck you again."

All of a sudden Deana's eyes lit up as if a light bulb went off inside her head. She smiled and cooed, "Oooh just think of what we can do this weekend." Then her smile suddenly turned into a frown and she said, "Oooooh no, dang it!"

Daddy wondered what happen and looked at her with a questioning gaze and asked, "What's wrong dear"

She leaned up and with tears streaming down her face, and whispered, "Daddy, I can tell you now, because you already know that Tommy and I have sex. I was supposed to spend all day Saturday with him, because his sister and parents will be gone for the whole weekend. We were going to be play and have sex. Now what do I do"

Daddy wasn't sure he liked the idea of them two fucking all day, but knew she was careful and used condoms. "Oh, well let me think awhile dear, maybe I can come up with a solution, okay"

She kissed his cheek and squealed, "You're the best daddy in the whole wide world."

He then hugged her, kissed her cheek and replied, "We'd better go back down stairs before momma get suspicious, or over hears us."

She winked, giggled and said, "Okay daddy, it will be another secret I can keep from the ole hag. I'll be done in a little bit, I don't want momma to see my red eyes and ask why I was crying. "

Her dad laughed as he left the room.

Deana lay there thinking, of what plan she could help daddy come up with, so that Tommy could join them on the camp-out. She laughed softly telling herself, "Ooooooh this is gonna be a lot of fun. Two dicks hard and wanting me."

She went into the bathroom checked her face the boldly walked downstairs, just in time for her mother to tell her to set the table.

Deana proceeded to set the table without saying a word, expect when she was done. She asked momma if it was time to go tell daddy that supper was ready.

Her mother acted as if nothing happened and said, "Sure honey, go tell him it's time to eat

She almost ran into the living room where daddy was sitting. Once Deana got to the door, slowly tip-toed in, and tried to sneak up on him.

Deana held her breath, placed her hand around daddy's head to cover his eyes and chirped, Guess who Daddy"

He stuttered, giggled, and replied, "It's Danielle my niece isn't it"

Deana squealed, "No silly it's me, Momma said to tell you suppers ready."

He reached out tickled her and said, "Well then, let's go eat."

They all sat there talking about what they'd take with them Saturday and what they planned to do.

Daddy spoke first and said, "Well we need hot-dogs with all the trimming and corn on the cob, plus the ice chest filled with bottled water, soda."

Deana spoke up with her mouth half full and said, "We need marshmallows too for roasting, and maybe chocolate bars so daddy and I can make smoores."

Her mother frowned and said, "Deana Jean! Don't talk with food in your mouth full, it's disgusting!"

She wiped her mouth and replied, "Sorry mom."

Daddy then spoke up and said, "Maybe I can teach Deana how to fish, that ought to be a lot of fun."

Deana made a face, "It will be, if I don't have to put a ugly wriggly ole worm on the hook."

They all laughed out-loud. After dinner Deana helped with the dishes. After all it was just three days before the trip and Deana didn't want to make momma mad, because if she did, momma might just change her mind.

Later on, when Deana knew her parents would be watching television and not paying attention to her, she called Tommy. She told him, they needed to talk, but it was something she couldn't tell him over the phone.

He replied, "Ok babe, meet me in the tree house around noon tomorrow."

The next day, right after breakfast, Deana told her mother she needed to go over to Tommy's for a minute. She laid it on thick then saying, "I won't be long thought. I return in time to help you fold clothes if you want me too."

Her mom gave her a funny look and replied, "Okay dear, it will be nice to have your help with the laundry."

Deana ran to Tommy and then climbed up to the tree house. Tommy was already there, sitting cross legged on the floor.

He glared at her and asked, "Ok, out with it, just what couldn't you tell me over the phone"

She sat down next to him cross legged, lowered her head, and spoke quietly, "Ah-ah, I can't be with you Saturday.'

Tommy's face turned red and he shouted, "Oh hell, Deana, we had this planned for a week now. Can't you try and make it baby, if just for a few hours"

Deana's heart was aching and filled with so many emotions that it almost brought her to tears. These new feeling confused her and she wondered if this was what true-love felt like.

Holding back her tears she looked into Tommy's eyes and blurted out, "Cause Daddy and I are going camping Saturday. Don't be mad at me it was momma's idea."

He looked her straight in the face and shouted, "Camping right, your mother's idea, ha! Do you expect me to believe that, when I saw what you a daddy were doing"

He paused while closely watching her reaction. Tommy then sneered, and replied with a sarcastic tone, "Oooh I get it baby, this is a perfect time for the two to have one hell of a time fucking without me around."

Those words caused tears to roll down her cheeks as Deana's heart felt like it would leap out of her chest. With trembling fingers she reached out to him, and with a quiver in her voice answered, "It's not going to be like that Tommy!"

He just glared at her and grumbled, "Hump, yeah right!"

Deana tugged at his arm, looked him straight in the eyes, and shouted. "Tommy, listen! We are trying to figure out how you can go with us. You know, so the three of us can fuck around!"

He stopped dead in his tracks and a devilish smile crossed his face, "You're not saying that so I won't be upset are you"

Deana slid closer to him, put her arms around his neck, batted her eyes and purred, "I wouldn't do that and besides, I'd miss your cock to much---I---I--think I love you Tommy and more than daddy. Please don't be angry."

Tommy put his arm around Deana and replied, "You love me! Come here sweety, and let me kiss you!"

Tommy planted a kiss on her lips that made Deana's head feel woozy and she swore she could see stars.

"WOW, I love it when you kiss me like that, makes me want to fuck you."

Tommy flashed Deana a seductive smile and then frowned. "I don't have time right now to fuck you, but meet me tonight at 8 p.m. here in the tree house and we can."

Deana felt his love for her radiate all through her and it made her feel weak and giddy. She thought for a moment, and then replied, "I'll be here baby, ready, willing and drooling from both ends."

Tommy kissed her as his right hand eased up under her t-shirt and squeezed her left nipple. "Oooh baby, that ought to hold you until later my baby."

She giggled, squirmed and then cooed, "MMMM! I'll be back for the rest of that later, baby."

Deana left the tree house and hummed all the way home. After she entered the house she gladly helped mom fold clothes.

Her mom was going to ask why she was so elated but decided Deana was probably still excited about the camping trip.

That evening, Deana snuck out of the house to meet Tommy. They had sex for about an hour and then she hurried home before her parents realized Deana wasn't there.

The rest of the week drug by so slow, that Deana thought maybe Saturday might never get there.

When Friday arrive, Deana scurried about like a squirrel gathering acorns and by night time almost everything packed. She was sitting on the bed daydreaming about star lit nights, the campfire, and daddy's naked body next to hers. Then frowned as she wished Tommy could be there too.

She didn't hear anyone walking up the hallway to her room and when daddy knocked on the door it startled her.

He saw her jump and said, "Oh sorry honey, Daddy didn't mean to scare you. I was just coming up to see if you needed any help packing"

She smiled as her skin quivered with desire, "Hi daddy. I have everything packed. I just need help taking everything downstairs."

Daddy walked over too Deana and put his finger up to his lips. Next, he looked around to make sure they were alone and then whispered, "I have some good news for you. Now, don't yell or anything as that will make mom suspicious. I found a way to have Tommy join us."

Her eyes went wild and she replied softly, "How"

He glanced around nervously once more. Daddy then watched Deana's reaction as he began to speak. "Honey, I spoke to Tommy's mother and asked if he could come with us. She said that he could. I then made sure that Tommy and she didn't say anything to momma, because she'd be furious. Now try not to explode with excitement baby, be calm and quiet, okay"

Deana felt like shouting at the top of her lungs but decided to remain quiet. She then helped daddy take her things downstairs and the placed them by the door.

When they were finished, Daddy pulled her close and said, "Deana, you'd better get a good night's rest baby, we'll be getting up at five a.m."

She put her arms around his neck and said, "Okay Daddy, Good night."

Daddy watched her tight hot ass wiggle as Deana scurried off to bed. He sighed and felt his cock swell and told himself, "Oh fuck, I'm going to miss our Friday night fuck." He then smirked, because he realized he had all weekend to make up for it.

Deana stopped by the living room where her mother was watching the news. She walked over to her, leaned down and said, "Momma, I'm going to bed, I just wanted to tell you good-night."

Momma looked up into Deana's face, kissed her, and said, "Night baby, see you in the morning. I know you're really excited, but please try and get some sleep tonight."

She giggled and answered, "I'll try momma," and ran upstairs.

Four-thirty a.m. Saturday, Deana was already out of bed and dressed for the trip. She was making sure she had extra condoms hidden in the back-pack and a couple in her purse. Deana was just reaching for the light windbreaker in the closet when momma poked her head in the door.

Her momma didn't even bother to see if Deana was up, she screamed at the top of her voice, "Deana, get you ass moving girl, you need to eat breakfast. Your dad's been up for an hour and the truck is all packed. Come-on he wants to leave promptly at five!"

The truck had a camper shell on it and was still fairly comfortable to sleep in. However daddy preferred to set up a full sized tent, and save the camper for bad weather.

Deana just held her tongue and answered, "Alright Momma, I was just getting ready to come downstairs when you called me.

Deana followed her momma to the kitchen. When she entered the room, she saw daddy, sipping his coffee.

"Good-morning daddy," she chirped.

"Hi sweet-pea, it's time to eat, and get things rolling."

She sat down, poured herself some cereal and ate hurriedly as she couldn't wait to get out of the house....and pick up Tommy.

Daddy set his coffee cup down and looked over at Deana. "Well, I'm going out to the truck to make sure we have everything. I'll be ready to leave when you are Deana."

Before she could reply, her momma shouted, "Quit dilly-dallying and hurry up girl, it's almost five a.m.!"

Deana gulped her last bites down, got up and ran from the room, not bothering to answer her mother. She ran out the front door in so much of a hurry that she ran right into her daddy.

"Oops sorry Daddy, I'm so excited I didn't look where I was going."

He just smiled and replied, "That's ok, get in the truck."

By that time Momma was standing on the back steps and daddy walked over to her and kissed her good-bye. "See you sometime around five p.m. Sunday night. I love you, dear."

She told him, "I love you, now have a safe trip. Good-bye."

Afterwards, momma came around to Deana's side of the truck and opened the door. She put her arm around Deana, kissed her good-bye and said, "Have a good time honey and behave."

Deana hugged her mom and replied, "I will. Thanks for letting me go momma."

Her mom didn't reply just backed away with an angry expression on her face. She stood in the driveway waving until the truck was out of site.

Deana scooted across the seat to sit next to daddy with her heart beating so loudly she just knew it echoed in the cab of the truck.

She leaned up against daddy and exclaimed, "I cannot believe me momma let us go on a camping trip."

Daddy kept driving, glanced down, patted her knee and replied, "Me neither honey, but I'm glad she did. Oooh God, I cannot wait to fuck you on a blanket by a campfire."

She blushed, and then giggled. "Me neither. Hey, when do we pick up Tommy"

Daddy laughed aloud, then paused watching her and answered, "In about fifteen minutes. We are making sure, you mom doesn't see me picking him up."

Deana shrieked, "Oh my God, I cannot wait!"

Just then daddy pulled over to the curb and stopped. Deana saw Tommy standing by a tree waiting patiently for them to pick him up.

Her heart skipped a beat, her throat went dry, and for a moment she was at a loss for words.

Deana's dad got out, and helped Tommy store his gear. He then got into the driver's seat as Tommy climbed in the cab next to Deana.

Tommy leaned over, pulled Deana close, and kissed her. "Hi baby, is your pussy hot yet"

Deana flashed him a sultry grin then glanced over at her daddy. "What do you think"

By that time, it was light enough to see clearly inside the truck. Tommy could see the shorts Deana had on hugged every curve. The soft white t-shirt made it apparent she wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples made indentations in the material. Her long hair fell in ringlets across her shoulders.

Tommy grinned, licked his lips as wild sexy thought raced through his mind, making his dick throb and said, "It's smoking!"

Daddy smiled, felt his dick twitch uncontrollably, swallowed hard and said. "Let's get going then; we have a ways to go before we can fuck!"

Daddy started the truck and drove toward the campsite for a wild-sexy-weekend.

When he glanced over at Deana and Tommy, he had his hand under her blouse encircling her perky right nipple.

Deana had her eyes closed and murmured, "Ooooh Tommy that feels good."

Daddy tried to keep his attentions on the road ahead, but his cock twitched involuntarily. He told himself, "If they keep this up, I'll have to stop soon."

Tommy glanced over at her dad and saw the bulge in his pants and asked, "What's wrong, am I turning you on pop"

He groaned and admitted, "Yes damn-it and I'll have to wait to play"

Deana then spoke up and said, "I can wait if you want me too daddy."

He smiled, blushed, and replied, "No need to baby, you two have a bit of fun, but only if I get to fuck you first when we get to the campsite. Just be careful ok, I want us to have a safe trip getting there."

Tommy then interjected, "I can deal with that pops."

Daddy watched them out of the corner of his eye. Tommy pulled Deana close and a kissed her. He saw her breasts swell with there hard nipples straining the fabric. He then turned his attention back to the road.

Tommy slipped his hand down inside her top again and slowly began tweaking her breast, rolling the nipple between thumb and forefinger, then grasping it and pulling it away from her body.

Deana's sighed, glanced at her dad and then back at Tommy and asked, "Want me to take my top off"

Tommy felt his dick harden more as pre-cum oozed at the tip. "No I don't want to turn your daddy on too much while he is driving."

By this time Tommy's cock was throbbing wildly and tenting his pants.

Deana glanced at Tommy's lap and squealed, "Mmmm, looks like your cock is screaming for attention!"

She brought her hand to her mouth and sucked in her index finger. Gently, moving up and down the length like it was a cock.

About that time, Daddy put his hand on Deana's knee and suggested, "Honey, will you suck Tommy's cock for me"

Deana's eyes lit up and she squealed, "Right here, in the truck in broad daylight"

Daddy smiled, "Yeah, who's going to see you"

She glanced around nervously and answered, "Won't the cars going by see me"

When she looked at Tommy he was beaming from ear to ear like the cat that just swallowed the canary.

He placed his hand in Deana's, looked into her eyes and said, "No one will notice, as we won't be naked. Come on baby, I know you want to. Suck my dick, please!"

Deana swallowed hard, she not only felt nervous, but more excited than usual. She reached over, and slowly unzipped his fly. Tommy throbbing cock sprang out of into the open. Deana placed her hand around the base of it, and pumped it a few times. After that she leaned down and slowly took his dick into her mouth. Soon Deana's head was bobbing up and down rhythmically.

All of a sudden the pickup jerked crazily from one side of the road to the other. Then they heard her daddy yell, "Oh Fuck baby, I'm pulling off this highway onto a dirt road so daddy can watch and play!"

She kept sucking as daddy drove off the main road. When the truck came to a halt she stopped sucking and looked over at her daddy.

He saw her worried look and assured the two teens that they were off the main road and in a secluded area and could play safely now.

It didn't take daddy long to unzip his pants and lower then to his knees. His hand went around his hard cock, as he began to slowly stroking its hardness.

With a glassy-lustful look he said, "Deana, take your clothes off."

She looked at Tommy then back and daddy and asked, "Why don't we all get naked"

Tommy yelled, "Hell yeah, lets get naked!"

They all stripped and Deana resumed sucking Tommy's cock. Her daddy reached over to began fingering her pussy. "Hot-damn, baby-girl, you really like this you're sopping wet!"

All she could do was moan and suck Tommy harder. With each slurp of her tongue, she brought him closer to climax.

Tommy stroked her hair and exclaimed, "God do you know how to get me going. Oooooh yeah, keep it up baby, uh-huh, just like that. Do want me to cum in your mouth"

Deana stopped sucking long enough to say, "Yesss!"

Tommy grabbed her head and lowering her mouth as far as it could go on his cock. As he watched her daddy, move so his lips could taste Deana's pussy.

"Hang on pop's. I have a suggestion, why don't Deana straddle your face as she sucks me off!"

Her dad yelled, "Oooooh fuck, you almost made me loose my load right her on the seat. Deana, would you like to do that sweety"

Deana flashed them a hot seductive look, and quivered all over and said, "I have a better idea. Let me straddle your cock daddy as Tommy fucks my mouth."

She then opened her purse and handed daddy a condom. After that there was a blur of hands and bodies.

Daddy opened his door and lay on his back on the seat. He then helped Deana to straddle him as he guided his cock inside her hot-hole. Tommy moved so he could fuck her mouth.

Tommy fucked her mouth with passion as daddy drilled her pussy. He could tell by Deana's ragged gasps and the movements of her hips that she would soon cum. He reached down and cupped her left breath and squeezed its nipple hard.

At the same time, Daddy reached up and started stroking her slippery clit.

A low moan escaped from between Deana's lips, growing in volume as her climax approached. Suddenly, her body quivering as the throes of ecstasy washed over her.

Her actions caused Tommy to climax which in turn caused her dad to cum.

They all lay there panting for a few moments. Then Deana rolled off her dad looking at them both through glazed eyes.

"Daddy, how far do we have to go before we get to the campsite"

He smirked and answered, "Not long dear, I think we are about ten miles from our destination."

Deana's eyes lit up as her face beamed with excitement. "Well let's get dressed then, I'm anxious to get there. Oooh this weekend is going to be so much fun."

Tommy laughed aloud, "Yeah right, you're just in a hurry to do round two."

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