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Playmates - Part six

Publish Date : Aug 2, 2008
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Deana had never been this excited about a camping trip before. Every inch of her teenage body was alive with desire. The small but perky nipples stuck out like hard little bullets wanting to be tantalized again. Her pulsating pussy ached to be touched and fucked repeatedly.

* * * * * * *

Part 6 camping with Daddy & Tommy

Deana had never been this excited about a camping trip before. Every inch of her teenage body was alive with desire. The small but perky nipples stuck out like hard little bullets wanting to be tantalized again. Her pulsating pussy ached to be touched and fucked repeatedly. However, she decided to wait until they were at the campsite to continue things. Deana had a plan to do something that she'd only dreamed about. Ever since daddy told her it would be just the two of them on this trip, she fantasized about what it would feel like to have sex out in the open, next to a campfire under a star lit sky.

Deana looked over at her Tommy then back at daddy and chirped, "Hurry up and get dressed guys, let's go camping!"

Daddy flashed Deana a seductive grin and replied, "I'm ready to do more than just camping, aren't you Tommy"

Tommy tried to zip his pants around his half swollen cock and shouted, "You bet! Can't you see how excited my still is"

She licked her lips and said, "Oh Yeah, it makes my pussy drool with excitement."

Daddy laughed and said, "Well you two better calm down or I won't b e able to drive with a clear mind."

Deana and Tommy both said, "Okay pops!"

The three of sat in silence as Daddy drove toward there destination.

As the truck pulled off the highway onto an asphalt road then after a few miles turned onto a gravel road. After awhile they saw a sign that said, "Robertson lake one mile ahead."

Soon dad drove off the road toward a grove of trees near a small lake next to it was an abandoned camp site.

Daddy looked over at the two of them and shouted, "Well we're here. What do you think"

Deana's eyes lit up, "Oooh Daddy this is perfect!"

Tommy grinned mischievously as he answered, "Wow, just right for a weekend of fucking, with no one around to interrupt out play."

Daddy laughed, "You got that right!"

They three of them were so excited they could hardly unload the truck.

Daddy took a breath and shivered, in attempt to stay calm while making camp. His mind was filled with many thoughts of what he and Tommy would do to Deana. The image of the two of the fucking her at the same time made his cock hard. This weekend would be special, because he could have sex with Deana without the fear of Momma catching them.

As Tommy helped, his body trembled with anticipation. Except for fucking Deana, he had never been this excited about anything. His dad never took him camping, and momma was always too busy for him. Now here he was with his girl and her dad on a camping trip. Tommy's mind was filled with different sexual positions he's seen only in his father's porn movies. His cock oozed pre-cum as he imagined what they could all be doing after supper.

After the tent was pitched, Deana started setting up a small table and some chairs. While Tommy helped her daddy walked over to inspect the fire-pit.

Deana's dad told Tommy that the fire-pit needed a few more rocks around it and sent him down to the lake to get some.

After lining it, Dad stood up and complimented Tommy, "Thanks for your help, now all we need is some firewood. Then I can put the prepared dinners on the hot coals."

Deana walked over to them and heard her dad say all that was needed was firewood. "Hi guy. Daddy, Tommy and I can go get some wood."

Tommy nodded in agreement as his stomach growled and he admitted, "Yeah, I'm getting kind of hungry."

The two of them went toward the trees to gather wood for the fire. It didn't take long for her dad to have a fire going.

Deana went over and got the tinfoil dinners out of the ice chest and took them over to daddy.

While daddy placed them on the fire, Tommy moved the chairs around the fire. We all sat and watched the flames for a few minutes.

Dad watched the fire and wasn't paying much attention to Tommy and me. Tommy cleared his throat and when Deana glanced over at him; found he had his pants pushed down around his knees and his cock standing at attention, begging for her lips.

She scooted over to him and sat down on the ground in front of his. Tommy's cock was swaying in front of her face as if it had a life of its own. Deana licked her lips, moaned softly as she grasped it and guided it toward her slightly parted lips.

Deana's lips touched the silky swollen purple knob of Tommy's cock. Her tongue flicked out to catch the drop of pre-cum oozing from the tip.

She purred, "Mmm, I love the taste of your cum Tommy." Afterwards she opened her lips and engulfed his cock.

While looking into her loving eyes Tommy slid his cock into her mouth. Her lips felt warm, soft and velvety as they slid down his shaft.

"Oh God baby, I love the way to suck me."

Her dad looked up from the fire just in time to see Deana sucking Tommy's hardened member. The sight before him fueled the fire in his loins and his dick pulsated and hardened aching for release.

At first her dad just sat there watching Deana and Tommy. He then stood up, unzipped his pants, dropped them to his ankles, grasped his cock and began to stroke it slowly.

Daddy then exclaimed, "Don't mind me kids, I'm enjoying the show! Oh God, that's it, Deana, suck his cock good make him cum for daddy!"

Deana kept on sucking Tommy and watching her daddy out of the corner of her eyes. She was happy that he approved of what she was doing.

Tommy reveled in the moment as in his wildest dreams he never thought he would be doing this. Maybe this was all a dream. He shook his head, blinked his eyes, the tightening of his balls and the movement of his hips told him that the mouth around his prick was real.

He gasped from between clenched teeth and squealed, "Oh fuck, Deana, I'm going to shoot this hot fucking load right down your throat! Ohhhh, suck it baby, it feels so good!"

Her dad watched and began to feverously stroke his cock. He knew Tommy was going to cum soon and he would too. As soon as Tommy filled Deana's mouth her daddy's balls tightened, his cock went rigged, and he shot a spurt of my hot sticky cum onto the ground before him.

Deana licked her lips and purred, "Wow, what a way to initiate a hot-fucking week-end!"

All Daddy and Tommy did was nod their heads in agreement.

Afterwards they cleaning themselves up, got dressed, and then sat down to enjoy supper.

Daddy told them it was getting dark, so he would do the dishes as Deana and Tommy made sure there was enough wood on the fire.

Tommy got some of the wood they had gathered and stoked the fire. Then sat down next to Deana, pulled her close, kissed her passionately and then confessed. "You know something girl, I don't think I have had a better time camping."

Deana trembled with desire and admitted, "Me neither, never in my wildest dreams did I ever realize how my world would change this year."

Her dad had just returned to the campfire, saw the two teens holding each other and talking. He smiled and asked, "What are you kids talking about"

Tommy looked up and answered, "We were telling each other how much we love this camping trip."

Deana shuffled her feet and looked at her two favorite men. She loved the way they had introduced her to fucking. He body quivered in desire, and she shrieked, "Oh God, I don't think I will ever get enough of you two. I think I will love and fuck you both forever!"

Daddy sat down next to Deana, with him on one side and Tommy on the other. He grinned and confessed, "I like that idea, as long as your mom never finds out. If she does, were in deep shit."

Tommy cleared his throat and asked, "To bad, we cannot make her a part of this. Forgive me if I hurt your feelings, but she is one hot-sexy mother, I'd love to fuck."

Her dad chuckled, "That would be so fucking hot, but she is too frigid to enjoy this."

Deana thought for a moment then suggested, "Do you really think so I remember hearing you guys fuck well into the night and mom sounded pretty hot."

Her dad's mind went back to his wedding night, when mom and he could not get enough of each other. They fucked all night and through-out the next day. They made love in just about every place one could do it, in bed, the shower, in the Jacuzzi, and even naked on the beach under a star lit sky. Tears formed in his eyes, and his cock started to harden as his mind wandered through the sexy hot memories.

He frowned and looked at the two teens and answered, "She was when we first got married, but over the years, your mom's sex drive has dwindled. I have to almost beg for sex now."

Deana licked her lips hungrily and flashed her dad a sultry smile. "I bet we could find a way to see just how sexy mom really is, as I think she's bluffing."

Her dad laughed and questioned, "Think so"

Before he could say another word, Tommy joined in and suggested, "I bet I could find out. I noticed that she watches me every time I come to the house. It the same kind of look that Deana gives me and you cannot tell me that she's not after my hot body."

Her dad, sighed and exclaimed, "Let's think about this tomorrow as see what we can come up with, for now, my cock is too hard for me to think about anything but Deana's hot, sexy, cunt!"

Deana body quivered with desire, she stood and took her everything off. As the campfire silhouetted her body she asked the two men, "What do you think"

Tommy felt his cock harden and gasp in awe at Deana's naked body. He blurted out, "You're beautiful!"

Her dad was spellbound by Deana's naked body. Her breasts were lovely, firm and round, the soft globes seemed to reach out to him, begging for a kiss on the crinkled pink nipples protruding from the center of each one. He could just barely make out her cunt. However, the wetness of it and her thighs glistened in the firelight.

"You surely are", Dad croaked.

Deana got closer to the guys so they could see what she was doing next. She then turned her back to them so they could view her perfect, tight ass. After pausing for a few seconds, she bent over; spread her legs to reveal her soft inner lips, which were covered with the hot slippery juices pouring from her cunt.

Tommy sighed, stood, and removed his clothing. When his hardening dick sprang from his pants, he bellowed, "Oh fuck, Deana! Look what you're doing to my dick!"

Her dad just stared at her, unable to say anything, and removed his clothing also.

The three of them just stood there for a moment, until Deana commanded, "Will someone please get a sleeping bag to lie on the ground, and I feel like doing something sexy right here in front of the fire!" Her dad jumped up and almost fell when he ran to the tent for a sleeping bag. When he returned, Tommy was pinching Deana's nipple and she was stroking his prick.

She paused momentarily, grabbed the sleeping bag from her dad and unzipped it. She then swayed her ass and tits, for the two men while laying it on the ground near the fire.

Deana then flashed them a sultry look, patted the bag, and suggested, "There is room on here for the three of us."

Dad moved to join her first and responded, "I've been aching to do this ever since you got in the truck."

He leaned over her, lowered his lips on hers, nibbled on the lower lip, sucked it into his mouth and started gently biting it with his teeth. As her breast pressed tightly against his bare chest, the softness a stark contrast to the hard nipple rubbed adamantly against his. He then tenderly explored her lips, teeth, and tongue.

Deana responded by flicking his tongue with hers as her breathing became more labored, coming in short, jerky gasps, as her passion mounted.

He then took his right hand, reached for her right breast, then held it in his palm, and then started to gently roll the hardened nipple between his thumb and fore-finger. His cock throbbed as it pressed tightly against Deana's thigh, leaking it sticky lubricant into a puddle on atop her leg. He then lowered his head and took the perky little nipple into his mouth.

She moaned, "Ooooh God, Daddy. I love what you're doing to me and cannot wait to feel you hot, prick inside me." Her daddy looked into her eyes and whispered, "I want to fuck you until you beg me to stop."

Tommy then spoke up and yelled, "What about me, I don't want to just sit here and watch, unless you want me too Deana."

Deana looked at Tommy with a seductive look and squealed, "You can watch baby, but I would love to have you fuck my mouth as Daddy does my cunt. Would you like that"

Tommy moved over and got near her mouth and ran his hot, oozing cock across her lips, and shouted, "Open wide, here comes Tommy!"

Deana lay down on the sleeping bag, parted her legs, and urged her dad to fuck her hot wanting cunt. While he guided his cock into her wanting pussy, Tommy slipped his cock inside Deana's mouth.

It was then her dad wondered about the subject of pregnancy, after all, what would her mom do

The frown on her dad's face worried her and Deana asked, "What's wrong dad"

He stammered when he replied, "I was just wondering what we all would do if you got pregnant."

Tommy looked as if someone pulled the rug out from under him and he shouted, "Yeah, what would we do, Deana"

Deana saw the worried look on both there faces and knew she'd better say something quick or the two men would loose there erections.

"Hang on a minute, you two; don't get so freaking bent out of shape. Awhile back when I first started playing around with Tommy, I ask mom about sex and babies." She chuckled, and continued, "That conversation really scared the dickens out of her, because she took me to the doctor and got me some birth control pills."

Her dad bellowed, "Well I'll be damned your mom for once thought ahead and did the right thing."

Tommy agreed then commanded, "Let's get back to business! Suck my dick Deana!"

Deana pulled her dad close and asked, "Why don't we pick up where we left off. Fuck me daddy."

Her dad melted into her once more and rammed his cock inside Deana. Then her watched with a lustful eye as Tommy's cock slid in and out of his daughter's hot mouth.

Deana dug her heels in and started to buck wildly against her dad's cock, while sucking hungrily on Tommy's rigid pole. With her free hand she began to massage her sensitive clit, knowing her own orgasm would soon overtake her.

Tommy watched her dad and then observed Deana masturbating. "Ooooooh fuck Deana, you've made me so hot! That's it rub you clit, I'm going to cum soon!"

Deana's and Tommy's actions made her dad's balls churn wanting to release their contents. He thrust his cock in deeper, harder, and faster. All of a sudden he shouted, "Oh my sweet baby girl, your cunt feel so damn good on my dick."

Tommy then yelled, "Here it comes baby, swallow it all!"

Deana responded by clamping her legs tightly around her dad, eagerly swallowing Tommy's load, and climaxing like a freight train out of control.

The three of them rolled over onto the sleeping bag, exhausted, panting, just holding on to each other.

Dad looked over at Deana, chuckled and confessed, "Well, I'm beat. I'm going to bed down in the tent, that way; the bugs won't carry me off in the night."

Deana glanced at Tommy then back at her dad, as the devious wheels in her mind began to move. "Sounds like a good idea to me. After all you never know what may go bump in the night."

Tommy winked at her and wondered if Deana's scheming mind was thinking about a double penetration. "Yeah, one never knows what will happen in the middle of the night."

Her dad just chuckled and said, "You kids head into the tent, I'm going to put out this fire."

As he began to put out the fire her dad began thinking, 'How long will it be before those two go at it again."

The minute he crawled into the tent, her dad noticed that the two sleeping bags were unzipped making room for the three of them to sleep together. Tommy and Deana were still naked and fast asleep in each others arms with her lying in the middle of the bag.

Her dad slid onto the sleeping bag, spooning Deana. He panted her naked ass and whispered, "Better what out for who goes bump in the night, my sweet baby. Goodnight precious."

Sometime during the night Tommy had to get up to go to the bathroom. When he got back to the tent, he noticed Deana was cradled in her daddy's arms. As he slid in beside her, he was tempted to make love to her, but Deana looked so peaceful in her daddy's arms that he decided to save his energy for a morning fuck.

Her dad woke up with the sun just beginning to peek up over the trees, but that wasn't what awoke him. It was the moans and groans coming from Deana. She was laying on her side with her face about a foot of his, her eyes, though a little glazed, looked straight into his.

Her dad raised himself up on one elbow and watched Tommy. He had one of her legs held high in the air, which opened her wide for his thrusting prick. He shoved it all the way in then slowly withdrew till just the head was inside her, the soft pink flesh of her inner lips clinging moistly to him. Her juice was streaming from her gooey cunt, spreading onto her belly and thighs. Deana's tits were bouncing and jiggling at every thrust.

Her daddy watched for a few minutes, then slowly leaned forward and kissed Deana. Her lips were warm and moist as he softly pressed against her, parting slightly as their tongues did the dance of lovers.

Tommy looked over at me and said, "She likes her tits played with, daddy. Think you can handle that"

Her dad's cock began to swell and throb as he reached out and ran his fingers over her breasts, then cupped one tit in the palm of his hand as he bent down to claim the throbbing nipple between his lips.

She moaned, "Oh, Daddy, suck my nipple. Uh-huh, just like that, harder, yessssssss!"

Tommy gasped and then shouted, "I'm coming, oh god, I'm coming!"

Deana shrieked, "Don't stop now! I was almost there! I!"

Tommy weakly replied, "Sorry baby, I couldn't help but cum in your tight little cunt."

Deana groaned and frowned, "But I was so close!"

She then looked into her dad's face, almost pleading as she asked, "Daddy, make me cum, pleeaaaase!"

Her dad looked over at Tommy, who just smiled and nodded in approval. As Deana rolled onto her back as he positioned himself between her legs. He then took a hold of his stiff cock, rubbed it up and down her drenched slit, lubricating it with Tommy's cum.

Deana squealed with delight with lust in her eyes and shrieked, "Fuck me daddy, shove it in all the way!"

Her daddy rammed his cock into cunt balls deep and yelled, "Ohhhh God your cunt is so fucking tight!"

Deana thrust her hips up to meet his cock and yelled. "Daddy, fuck me hard. Slam your prick into me. Make me cum!"

Bucking wildly Deana wrapped her legs around her daddy waist, pulling his cock into her as deep as it could go. Her arms went around his neck, squashing her tits against his chest.

As Tommy watched, he could hear the squishy, slurping sounds of her dad's cock going in and out of Deana's cunt. Her moans grew louder as Deana neared climax.

Deana clenched her teeth, made and face and trembled all over. "Oh God, Daddy, fuck me harder! Faster! Aaaaaahhhhh, I'm cumming!"

Her daddy slammed his cock deeper, and harder, feeling the velvety walls of Deana's pussy milking his cock. His balls tightened, his cock swollen to even larger size.

He gasped as his cock exploded deep inside her shaking body, "Daddy's cumming!"

The three of them collapsed into each others arms, reveling in the moment as their breathing slowly returned to normal.

Tommy just grinned devilishly and proclaimed, "I think we need to go camping like this every year." Deana chirped, "I agree and one of these days, maybe momma will join us."

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