Author: Northants_Bloke
Published: Aug 8, 2008
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A series of stories about me fucking members of my girlfriends family.

It was just a normal day, in Northamptonshire. I woke up, at around 7am, thinking that I was late for work - however I soon got that warm feeling inside that it was Saturday. I had worked the past 4 in a row, so this was light relief! I woke, walk to the bathroom, glanced at the mirror and saw that I could really do with a shave. I flopped out my penis, took a leak, and went back to bed. Later I awoke to the noise of traffic flowing outside. I got up again, and finally took that shave.

I thought as the shower water cascaded down my 23 year old body, what the day would have in store - I never thought that it would turn out the way that it did!

I dressed, went down stairs, grabbed my car keys and went to my girlfriend's house. When I arrived I walk in, and shouted "Hello, anyone around"

No reply.

Strange I thought that Steph would have been there Steph was my girlfriend of 6 years. She was around 5' 9" and had shoulder length blonde hair, and good frame supporting a 34 C bra size. I went upstairs, to see if she over slept. This is when it happened.

As I walked up the stairs, I saw Steph's mum tidying her room. It was not unusual to see her in a dressing down, but today, she was just in bra and panties. She always wore the full backed panties in black. I had on other occasions been known to open the airing cupboard door, and take out her panties and try them on. I had also been luck enough to find a disregarded pair in the laundry bin when I had popped in to feed the dog once. The aroma of her 53 year old mature pussy was amazing. For a woman who was menopausal, and in her prime, she wasn't bad. I know for sure that she was a 36 DD - I had seen her bra's in the airing cupboard too.

I saw her, and our eyes met. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Okay Steph's mum (Alison) wasn't a spring chicken, and had some love handles, but over all she was a MILF - as I was about to find out. I stood there mouth open, taking in the sight. We both didn't know what to do at this point. In my boxers my cock woke from its slumber and started to tent my track suit bottoms. I knew Alison had seen this. I decided to take the bold move and continue up the stairs.

"Alison, I'm sorry to barge in on you like this, where is everyone" to which she replied "All out for the next two hours" - great I thought, I might be in with a chance. I walked into her bedroom, everything immaculately placed.

I walked over and she blushed, "I can't believe that you are seeing me like this, let me get dressed", "don't be silly"; I replied "I've seen you in less at the beach!"

I remembered back to when I had been in the swimming pool, ducking under the water - Alison had her tankini top undone to get rid of strap marks, and thought I hadn't seen when she sat up to drink her cola!

I walked over and said, "I've often thought about you like this Ali" I touched her shoulder and she shook like a leaf. I took down her bra straps, and went behind and undone her bra.

She couldn't believe what was happening and protested "you shouldn't be doing this; I'm your future mother in-law!" "Don't worry I won't tell, it will be our secret". I returned to face her, seeing a small damp patch on her black cotton panties. These were from Marks and Spencer and had a lace design round the leg holes.

I leant in and kissed her deep on the lips. She responded, and kissed back, hard and with all her experience. My cock became solid and poked into her stomach. She opened her eyes, got her hand and felt me through my tracksuit bottoms. I began to feel her breasts - so soft and supple, I tweaked her nipples, and they soon turned into cue tips. Then she stopped kissing and raised my t-shirt over my head, and began to kiss down my stomach, kneeling as she went "oh god, Ali that's amazing" as she reached the elasticated waist band of my trousers, she pushed me back on the bed, pulling my trousers and boxers down at the same time!

I lay back, and my cock sprang up and hit my stomach. "Oh my Steph is a lucky girl!" she rubbed the pre cum into the head of my cock and then stated to wank it slowly up and down. I groaned "now I know where Steph gets this from, you bloody amazing!"

Ali continued, and then stuck out her tongue and licked all around the head of my cock. This made me squirm, and then she took my full length and gave me the most amazing blow job I'd ever experienced. I watched as she massaged my balls, and gently fingered my arse hole, occasionally, circling around it. I constantly reached down to get a handful of her tits, and she was bright red.

After about 5 mines I put my hand on her head and, she looked up and me. I pulled her up by the arm, and she slid up my body "dragging" her tits up my chest. I got the tops of my fingers in her panty waist band and pulled the down, with her flicking them to the side with her foot. I reached down and found her slit, moist and smelling of maturity - the same I had smelt on her panties some 3 weeks before. I thought that I'd just go for it, with her having two kids and being 53, I though she'd take it - and she did. I slid two fingers he her by now soaking pussy and pumped them in and out, all the time, tonguing her mouth.

She groaned as I rubbed her swollen clitoris. She the said, "I can't wait any longer babe", and straddled my rock hard glistening penis. She lowered herself down and it was like pushing my cock into a warm cup of tea. She was so moist and warm, and surprisingly tight. She began to ride me with her on top, holding my hands, and tits all other the place. She began to scream "oh yes, oh yes, harder" and ground her pussy down on my cock. She was so red in the face, and her chest was crimson. I looked down and the wetness around my pubes amazed me. Never before had I seen so my moisture from one pussy!

We began to strike a rhythm until She slowed down - "No" I though as I was so nearly there! "Please, please don't stop!" Ali smiled and look back at me, "well I won't, unless you want to finish me off with your expert tongue!" I agreed and we got into a 69 position, me underneath.

We freshly fucked, red pussy was in front of me, dripping, and I buried my tongue deep inside her. She put the same effort into her cock sucking. Finally I couldn't take anymore, I licked her clit with all my might and she was screaming "this is the best fuck I've ever had, come on Jay; finish me off, you fucking bad boy!"

With this crude language spurting from her mouth, my cock exploded, all over her face and her tits. She said in amazement "wooooo that's loads of cum for a young lad!" before she erupted into orgasm, where a slight bit of female ejaculate spurted on my face. It smelt wonderful and sweet and I lapped it up. She stood up to show me what I had done to her poor body!

"One for the album!" she said, to which I get my phone and snapped a photo of my cum soaked mother in law.

More to follow, in "Fucking my girlfriend's family"

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