My Hot Bi Sister - Part 1

Author: BEN
Published: Aug 13, 2008
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She then said do you want me to take care of that erection, i didnt answer she must have took my silence as a yes and slowly dropped to her knees she started to undo my trouses.

It was the summer holidays, i was 18, i decided to go stay with my sister for a week, i arrived early about 9 o'clock i knew my sister would be in because she dont wake until 10.

I let my self in with the key she gave my mom i walked in droping my bags on the floor in the kitchen i walked upstairs were my older sister was, i walked into her bed room she was asleep and to my surprise she was naked her sheets covering the bottom part of her body put the top part was showing all of her great 36D boobs.

I walked over to her window as i walked over i knew she would wake since she is a light sleeper. as she woke she said how are you little bro, i answered by saying im fine thanks. as she sat up her big juicey tits started to bounce. i faced the window again because i felt my cock hardening, she said she had a wild night last night at a party till 4 in the morning, i replied by saying well " i can see your still tired so go back to sleep and i'll make you something to eat". i made my way back down stairs.

About 30 minutes later, i heard her walking down the stairs i turned to face my sister she had golden blonde hair blue eyes and a beautiful athletic sort of figure. she wlked over to me and gave me a tight hug after about 10 seconds my cock was starting to harden again and it pushing into her vaginal area i knew she could feel it because she kept twitching when it was hitting against her clit. she laughed and said to me " bro are you getting a hardon over this" i embarressingly said "yes" she just laughed i replied by saying well its not hard for any one to get a hardon over you when all your wearing is a bath robe and you tits are rubbing all over my neck and chin and almost going in my mouth.

she then said do you want me to take care of that erection, i didnt answer she must have took my silence as a yes and slowly dropped to her knees she started to undo my trouses then my 10" erection floped out, she said " god bro i didnt think you were this big " she slowly started jerking me off she then started kissing my end and then slowly slid it into her wet warm mouth she was slowly sucking me off after about 3 minutes she started to gag as she was deepthroating me another 5 minutes had past i knew i was going to explode i shouted " i'm going to cum" she pulled my cock out of her mouth and i bursted all over her face she slowly licked it from around her mouth she opened her eyes and she noticedi was still hard she said " are you still a vigin leo" i replied with the truth no i'm not lisa she said well lets go up stairs and get that cock back to its smaller size we went up stairs she droped her robe exposing those juict boobs. i undressed as fast as i could knowing that this is the only chance im going to get with a hot girl like this even though it was my sister i then started to kiss her while i was concentrated on kissing her she grabbed my cock and strted jerking me off again i returned the favor by driving my 3 fingers in to her she let out a long loud moan she dropped on to the bed telling me to lick her clit. i dropped to my knees licking her out as fast as i could she tol me to slow down as she would cum faster if i didnt i started to taste her sensational juices in my mouth. i stood up saying i wanted to fuck her tight ass she leened over to her draw to get some lub, i lubed her ass then slowly inserted my cock she moaned i was fucking her as fast as i could about ten minutes later i cummed in her ass i came out of her turned her over and fucked her till i came again. we stopped knowing we wanted to do it again the day went on as normal i went to bed that night knowing that this is going to be the best week of my life

end of part 1

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