Punishment with Daddy

Author: Nayo D.
Published: Aug 19, 2008
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When I got home from school...you were waiting for me and saw the big smile in my face, I run up to you and said "You would be so proud of me Daddy...I earned $350 today just from fucking all those boys, I'm so energized...I feel like I can fuck you Daddy starting now until tomorrow before I go to school.

When I got home from school...you were waiting for me and saw the big smile in my face, I run up to you and said "You would be so proud of me Daddy...I earned $350 today just from fucking all those boys, I'm so energized...I feel like I can fuck you Daddy starting now until tomorrow before I go to school"...but instead of replying or even smiling, you slapped my face and dragged me to my room then you showed me the wine bottle and the beer bottle you found hidden in my bedroom...you pulled my hair hard and slapped my face again as you said "Why the fuck do you have this in your room Are you drinking"..."No Daddy, I use it to fuck my cunt and my ass when you're asleep and resting sometimes" then you said..."You whore, you get fucked and paid at school...I fuck you when you get home or when you're asleep, how do you find the time to play with yourself", "I just don't want to bother you sometimes Daddy and I love the feel of a cock filling inside my holes...", "You fucking cumslut whore...I'm your Daddy, you either get fuck by me or by someone else who'll pay...you're way above playing with yourself, if you want to play with these...you'll do it with me". I nod as tears run down my face then you shoved me down my bed...opened my thighs forcefully and ripped my white cotton panties then you did the same for my buttondown top, you ripped it open that buttons starts to fly across the room then you pulled my bra down my tits and shoved my legs up to my shoulders...then you shoved my ripped panties in my mouth and said "You'd need that because I'm sure you'll scream from what I'll do to you"...then you took the beer bottle and shoved its long neck up my ass...I screamed but it was muffled by the panty inside my mouth...you slapped my face and said "Isn't this what you do to yourself"...I nod and you slap me again as you say "Then take it whore". You watch me cry and scream through my gag as you began to slam the beer bottle deeper and deeper in my ass...you slapped my face again as you took the wine bottle in your hands but instead of using its long neck to fuck me, you slammed the wide bottom part of it in my cunt..."You whore...you fucking slut, you're not content with me fucking you and getting fucked at school so I'm going to punish you"...I shake my head as new tears run down my face as you shove the bottle deep in my cunt then you pulled apart my legs, they're still tucked close to my shoulders but you pulled them apart so you can start torturing my tits...you start to squeeze and knead them at first then your hands turned rough as you pinch my nipples and squeezed them hard then you used one of my belts to whip them...I cry and start to struggle beneath you but you just slapped me again so I just remained quiet as you punish me, you whipped my tits over and over again until they're red and watched my face wince in pain, trying not to scream or cry out..."Very good daughter...you're learning to take it" so you took out my cotton panties from my mouth and slammed your hard delicious cock in my mouth...you start to shove your cock over and over my mouth, not caring that I feel like I'm going to choke then I start to taste your pee shooting down my mouth and I groan as I swallow each delicious drop..."This is how I've always imagined you my cumslut daughter...your holes filled and fucked really good"...I nod as I continue to suck your cock...milking your pee then you start to cum and you start fucking my mouth as your hot sticky cum squirts down my mouth...you pulled out and I can feel some of your cum dribbling down my chin...I lick them and gave my Daddy a smile but you're not done punishing me yet... You dragged me down from the bed and onto the floor...my cunt and ass still filled with bottles then to my surprise, you began to step on the wine bottle...shoving your cock oh so deeply in my cunt, I cry out and you reached over to slap my face..."I don't know Daddy...I'm scared, I'm scared you'll rip my pussy apart", you just smiled and said "Trust me, you'll love this...you'll cum so much and you'll be so sore in the morning you won't be able to walk and besides, these are just bottles...I still have to fuck you later"...My eyes went wide and you just laughed as you continued to push your foot down the bottle, it was so deep and big inside my cunt...stretching me open then you began to step on the beer bottle instead...stretching my ass open, filling it with the bottle's narrow and cold neck...after watching me silently cry, taking every punishment my Daddy gives me...you finally took out the bottles and tossed them aside "We might use this again bitch" then you pulled me up off the floor and hugged me tight...my tits crushed against my Daddy's wonderful chest...you said "I had to punish you because I need you to learn that if you need to be fucked...you come to me or you get out to get fucked and paid...Okay", "Yes Daddy"... Then you pull away from me and looked me up and down..."You look like shit" then you pulled down my skirt and shoved me to the bathroom...you took out my cheerleader uniform from my closet and handed it to me..."Get yourself pretty and wear this with nothing else...I want to watch you with this on"...so I gave my Daddy a long deep kiss in his lips before I close the door...I took a very quick shower and put my hair up in two ponytails then I've put scented lotion all over my body...put on my make up and finally put on the uniform, when I came out...you had this big smile on your face so I ran up to you and start to kiss you, I felt your hands squeeze my tits through the top...then you pushed me away and told me to start performing...the first thing I do is shake my hips with the sexy music you've put on then I suggestively touch my body as I continue to dance like an exotic dancer...bringing my body lower and lower to the ground then I did a split, and I saw you play with your hard cock furiously...you lick your lips so I knew you love it so I leaned back until my back touched the floor, my legs spread apart in a split...giving you a clear view of my cunt, I looked up at you and smiled as I touch my cunt briefly then I stood up and began doing high-kicks...each time my legs jump up, you can see my pussy very well, it makes your cock harder and bigger and I lick my lips as I imagine how big and hard my Daddy would be when he fucks me...I'm done performind Daddy so I kneeled in all four and began to crawl towards you then instead of facing you...I turned around and showed you my ass, you pulled up my skirt higher and enjoyed how tight my ass looks then you pulled me up and sat me on your lap...your big hard cock thrusting up my tight asshole, "Oh Daddy...that feels so good" then I took off my cheerleader top and took your hands towards my tits as I began to rock and slide over your cock...I can feel your breath against my neck and I reached out a hand to grasp your neck as I turn towards you and kiss you...riding you as I kiss you deeply, tasting your mouth with my tongue...exploring your mouth as I hungrily kiss you, I moan as you squeezed my tits...loving how I slide my ass up and down your cock, enjoying how I rock my hips in a circular motion...your cock deliciously exploring every inside of my asshole...you bit my lip and we kissed harder, so blown away with how good we're fucking, you pinched my nipples and made me moan against your lips then finally we reached paradise...as we start to cum, your cum squirting inside my ass...your cum feels wonderfully warm and sticky inside my ass, I kiss you one last time then I pull way and turned to face you...I said, "I want to ride you again Daddy...but this time I'll face you so you can see and touch my tits..." You smiled and gave my ass an encouraging slap then you lay on the bed...so gloriously delicious, I straddle you and slowly brought my pussy down to your hard amazing cock...you smiled up at me as your cock slides up farther into my cunt...I moan and close my eyes but I opened it again when you gave my tits a squeeze then you said "You please me daughter...very much, no wonder you've earn so much money today...you've been trained to fuck very well"...I smile and leaned over to give my Daddy a nice long kiss...my tits wonderfully crushed against your chest...you've put your hands on my back, sliding down my ass...giving them a few loving but loud slaps as I continue to ride you...in no time, we start to cum and I can feel you shoot your sweet delicious cum up my pussy so I leaned back up again and start to furiously ride you...moving my hips up and down and in circle as my cunt milks your cum then I start to cum and so much cum fills my cunt that it drips down between us...thoroughly fucked, I collapse on top of you and after catching my breath...I slid my body down to yours until my mouth reaches your cock, limp and spent from pleasuring me so much...I start to clean you off with my tongue then began to play with your cock as I lick and taste your ass, I look up at you and said "I enjoy licking and tasting your ass Daddy...you taste delicious, I can't help pushing my tongue further in your ass...just to get a taste of what's inside"...You smile and gave my head a pat then told me to cover your cock with my mouth...you're about to me so as you lie there...your pee squirts out of your cock like a fountain and I try to catch each drop...then I licked you off again then slid up next to you...my body wrapped around yours, my hands on your chest and my head on your shoulder...my skirt hiked up and exposing my cunt...I whisper to my Daddy's ear "I enjoyed that Daddy, I hope you did too...and I loved my punishment, don't hesitate to do that again"...you laughed and gave my ass a loving slap as you said, "I would never hesitate my cumslut daughter because I know you love it...I can see that even though you're scared and crying, you love it"..."You know me to well Daddy..."..."Of course, you're my slut daughter and I tought you how to fuck"...you felt me smile against your shoulder and eventually fell asleep... Next morning...we'll see how Daddy will fuck me before I go to school...

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