Punishment with Daddy 2

Author: Nayo D.
Published: Aug 19, 2008
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Oh Daddy, after a long day at school...I was exhausted when I got home. I took my uniform off and went to sleep naked...when you passed by my room, you could see me sleeping so you went inside and to wake me up.

Oh Daddy, after a long day at school...I was exhausted when I got home. I took my uniform off and went to sleep naked...when you passed by my room, you could see me sleeping so you went inside and to wake me up...you peed all over me, I fully woke up with your cock shoved down my mouth as I lay there on my bed...I could taste your pee and I sucked you hard as I look up at you with wide eyes, you said "What are you doing sleeping you lazy bitch"..."I'm sleepy Daddy but don't worry I'll do everything you want me to."...so I continued to suck your cock until you cum then swallowed each and every drop then you pulled me up and off the bed...you sat down and bent me over you and began spanking my ass hard and loud, I was moaning and screaming from the pain and pleasure my Daddy gives me...my getting red fast after a few slaps but you won't stop Daddy...you continued to spank me even though tears run down my face and my ass is so painful, you said "If I spank your ass hard then it'd hurt for you to sit down...that way I get to fuck you in any way I want especially in doggiestyle and it'll teach you to be awake to make Daddy happy". I nod as you continue to spank me Daddy but even though I'm crying and screaming, you could see my pussy getting wet and excited for your slaps so you turned me over and squeezed my tits hard, I had to bite my lip then you pinched my nipples...pulling them up and around, watching them jiggle and bounce then you bit them hard and listened to me scream, I lay on the bed afterwards with my tits all red then you snapped on your nipple clamps on my tits...I screamed and you slapped me, you said "Shut up bitch...I'm your Daddy and you'll do what I tell you to and you'll take everything I do to you willingly" then you pulled my thighs apart and shoved your fist in my cunt...I cried and asked "Why are you punishing me Daddy" but you just continued to shove your fist deeper in my cunt then you slide up my body and kissed my lips and bit them as you whispered "I wanted to fuck you and you were asleep...I had to wake you up just so you can serve me your body, you fucked all those boys today but you don't have time for you Daddy You deserved to be punished for not thinking of me as you top priority."..."But Daddy, I'm yours...you can have me anytime you want" then you told me to shut up and found my white panties on the floor and shoved it down my mouth...as you continue to fist my cunt and torture my tits...pulling on to the clamps that makes my body lift of the bed...when I do that, you slap my face or my tits and tell me to keep still...I'm so scared of you Daddy but I love it because I know when you finally fuck me, it would be worthwhile...it'd be so good and violent. You finally stopped fisting my pussy but when you pulled out, it was covered with my cum so you made me lick it off...as if you want to shove your fist in my mouth...then you sat on my face and made me lick your asshole, if I don't do it properly you'd hit my pussy and my tits with your paddle as well as pull nipple clamps forward which would make me scream and open my mouth wider for your ass... I enjoy licking you ass Daddy...I know it makes you happy so I do my best, I lick around it then I'd gently thrust my tongue deeper inside so I can explore and taste your ass thoroughly but even though you like what I'm doing...you continue to hit me with your paddle especially on my pussy, it makes my hips lift upward eagerly...I'm so turned on Daddy and you haven't even fucked me yet... Finally when you're satisfied how I ate your ass...you turned me over and shoved my face down on the bed, with your hands pulling on my clamps...you start to fuck my ass...Oh Daddy, your cock feels so amazing inside my tight asshole...your cock keeps pushing deeper and farther as I gasp and enjoy the feeling...you start to pound me and I can feel and hear your balls slapping against my wet pussy...so wet that my cum drips down my legs...you pulled a hand away from my tits and wiped them off and reached forward to make me taste it after you took out my white panty from my mouth...then you continue to pull on my clamps with your left hand and started spanking me again with your right hand...you grunt as you fuck me furiously "You're my fucking cumslut daughter, your body is mine and I'll fuck it in any way I want to anytime and anywhere."...I moan out...Yes Daddy...oh yes, I'm yours and I love every single thing you do to me...I love it, oh yes...fuck me more Daddy, give it to me...I'm your slut daughter Daddy, your pee and your cum belongs to my body"...and as if your cock had heard me, it starts to squirt its hot sticky and delicious cum up in my ass but you pulled out and watched your cum drips down from my ass then you shoved your cock to my very wet cunt and pounded me over and over again...heres my email. hope u liked it u can also email me at poobear9876@yahoo.com

About: The author of "Punishment with Daddy 2" is Nayo D.. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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