My Study Fuck

Author: Nayo Dickens
Published: Sep 16, 2008
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I fell asleep over the kitchen table while I was studying, slump over my books...I was still wearing my uniform that you helped me get into that morning.

I fell asleep over the kitchen table while I was studying, slump over my books...I was still wearing my uniform that you helped me get into that morning. You found me there, sound asleep when you came thighs partly open, you can see my white panties...barely concealed by my skirt and my breasts straining against my top. You walked over me and slowly pulled me off the table then looked me over as you lean my back to my kneel next to me as you softly caress my tits through my top, careful not to wake me then slowly ran your hands down my body until you reach under my start stroking my pussy and my clit through the cotton, I stir a little but still asleep so you kept going until my panties were wet then you pulled me up from the chair and took me to my bedroom. You locked the door then laid me down on my back on my soft didn't bother turning on the lights because you want to surprise me. You sat next to me and slowly unbuttoned my top then unclasped my tossed them off to the side then started taking off my skirt and pulled down my wet spread my thighs wide, exposing me to fingered my cunt for awhile then continued to undress me, this time you took off my shoes then slowly rolled down my knee-high white socks from my legs...completely naked for you, you started taking off your clothes too...still watching me, asleep, naked and so oblivious of what's happening. You lay next to me on the bed, kissing my lips softly while you start touching me all over...from my tits and down to my wet cunt, you started stroking my tits...feeling my nipples poke your palms, you suck on them and squeeze...I moan out in my sleep, you looked at me and watched for a few seconds then you continued sucking my wet from your mouth then your hands travel down to my thighs...stroking it until you reach my wet pussy, you finger it while you thumb my clit then slid down between my started sucking on my clit, your tongue thrusting in my wet cunt while you hold down my hands...just in case I wake up and start struggling against you. You hear me moan and when you look up, I'm still asleep. You couldn't believe you went this far and I'm still're surprised that my body's so wet while I'm sound asleep. After a few moments with enjoying my cunt, you slid back up again and started kissing my neck...your cock just sweetly cradled by my wet cunt, rubbing against it when you make a sudden move. Then you were so hard and big that you don't want to wake me up, you thrust your sweet cock in my wet pussy and started fucking grabbed my hands and pulled them up to my head and held them there with one hand so I won't move much then you started pounding me...faster and deeper, I felt like I was in a dream...a very nice dream but what woke me up was when you squeezed my tits and pinched nipples so hard. I opened my eyes and saw your face, my daddy's deep concentration as he pounds me furiously and mercilessly that within seconds of being awake, I'm moaning and moving my hips to meet each of your thrusts...I start to cum, just thinking about how daddy had enjoyed me and pleasured me in my sleep...cumming so much because daddy was fucking me so good. Daddy starts to cum too and I hug him tight as I feel his hot, sticky and delicious cum enter my body...filling my cunt so much that our cum drips down my thighs and on the sheets. You slowly got off me and laid on your side, just looking at me...enjoying the delighted look on my face, enjoying how I looked so thoroughly fucked by you. Then you told me how you wanted to pee on me when you got home but I was asleep then seeing me body so carelessly exposed to you made you horny and you couldn't stop yourself from fucking me. I told you how much I enjoyed it and how waking up with you fucking me was the best way to wake up...that I wanted you to pee on me, that I especially wanted to taste your pussy with my mouth and to feel it in my cunt and in my ass. You smiled and went on fucking me for the rest of the didn't give me much sleep but it's okay, I loved it.

About: The author of "My Study Fuck" is Nayo Dickens. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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