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Children of the Lake

Author: CuntFucker
Publish Date : Sep 18, 2008
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They know they shouldn't but they find each other so hot! Tom and Sarah find themselves in a situation they know they shouldn't be in.

* * * * * * *

18 year old Tom was lying in his bedroom playing with his half hard cock when her heard his 19 year old sister creeping up the stairs. As he thought about her his cock hardened completely. His sister was a gorgeous creature with long brown, wavy hair, big green eyes and a wide smile. He mentally undressed her like he did every time he thought about her. He had seen her naked only once or twice but that was enough to appreciate how her tiny waist fed into her full round ass and to love her size C tits with their beautiful hard nipples. He gently slid his hand up and down his cock loving the sensation and imagining it to be Sarah bouncing up and down on it.

In the morning he woke up to some one knocking on his door. It was Sarah in a long T-Shirt holding a cup of steaming tea. The T-Shirt only just covered her but cheeks and Tom could see her hairless shaved pussy from his low down position on the bed. He could feel his cock getting hard already and he tried to cover it by sitting up and putting his hands in his lap.

" Morning sleepy head" said Sarah " Brought you a cup of tea" she offered it towards him and he took it gratefully noticing as he did so that her T-Shirt had ridden up and that he could now see all of her pussy including her clit which was just peeping out from between her pussy lips.

After drinking his cup of tea he got dressed and went down stairs to breakfast.

"morning love" his mum greeted him "what are you up to this Saturday then" she inquired.

"Think I'll go and swim in the lake maybe go and try to catch some fish" he replied. A good cold swim in the lake would take his mind of Sarah and hey if he was still thinking about her then he could always treat himself. There had been cum in the lake many times before.

The lake was a small, secluded, abandoned quarry that had been done up especially so that people could swim in it. It had been used quite a lot but it was now very rare for people to go there because of the new outdoor heated pool at the leisure centre. It had tree's all around it and old slag heaps now covered with grass and wild flowers. Tom went there quite a lot because it was secluded and very close to his house.

As he got nearer the lake he began to strip his clothes off and when he was completely naked he dumped them by the small jetty and took a running jump into the freezing water. As he surfaced he could hear someone swimming towards him and turned to look. Hands fastened round his waist and pulled him under the water. He spluttered and splashed about and finally managed to return to the surface and was faced with the big green eyes and wide smiling lips of his sister.

"Ha! Ha! Got ya!" she cried in delight.

"Hey! No fair! I didn't even see you coming!" He said splashing her. She continued to do her victory dance, her naked body glistening with water her tits bouncing from side to side. The sight half mesmerised him and he found himself leaning towards her his hands raising to touch her breasts and slide down in-between her legs. He caught himself before he did though and instead pulled her under the water.

" Ha! Got ya back!" He yelled gleefully once she had returned, spluttering, to the surface. They continued to play in the water their naked bodies occasionally sliding against each other.

Sarah got closer and closer trying to pull him under the water until their lips were almost touching.

"Your to strong for me! I can't get you under!" She cried out in frustration. He laughed and leant close to her

"Nah-nah-nah-ner I'm better than you!" He whispered, teasing her. She went closer and kissed him on the lips and he kissed back pulling her closer. He could feel his cock hardening and new she could to. She pulled away and swam to the bank and clambered out

"Come on" she called to him "It's almost lunch time!"

He followed her and got out he could feel his hard cock as he walked towards her and didn't care. She stood there staring. He went over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist and muttered in her ear

"Man I want you so bad, you make so hard" She pulled away slightly but he held her close and let his cock slide between her legs and into her cunt. She gasped as it slipped in.

"Oh Tom!" She exclaimed as he pulled his cock out and pushed in harder.

"Oh!" She cried out an bit her lip as he started to push harder and faster. "Tom we can't!" She said between gasps and pulled away.

"I really want you to but we shouldn't" she said sitting on the grass, her legs slightly apart.

"Why not, who cares what we should and shouldn't do!" He said sitting on to the soft green grass next to her. He could see her cunt from his position and was dying to lick up it's juices which were starting to drip on the grass. He got onto all fours and crawled over to her and kissed her on the lips.

"But you're my brother!" she said. "So" he replied and crawled so that he was on top of her. He pulled her legs round him and she slid onto his cock. He began to push in and out again. Going faster and faster hearing his skin slapping against hers. He knew it would not be long before he came. He had been waiting for so long to have her little pussy.

"Oh!" she cried out again "Oh Tom don't cum in me I want to taste you! Oh please let me taste your hot, sweat, cum!" she begged him.

"Ok, but quick I'm nearly there" he gasped back and she pulled herself of him and he stood up. She rapped her mouth around his huge cock and let her tongue explore it. Her head bobbed backward and forward. Tom felt he balls tightened and cried out, warning her that he was about to cum. No sooner than he had than his cock shot sweat cum into the back of her throat. She gulped it down as quickly as she could and sucked him until he was dry. Only then did she let his cock fall from her mouth.

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