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Jen and Sarahs First Night

Publish Date : Sep 23, 2008
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Jen and Sarah are twin sisters who decide to try something different.

* * * * * * *

One night Jen and Sarah were left home alone because their parents had gone out to visit their parents for the weekend. It was the first night in many days since they had been left home alone. They had started watching a movie and when the movie ended they went to their own rooms to go to sleep because it was getting late. Jen finding this the perfect opportunity decided to go on the computer. Jen logged on and immediately went to redtube.com. She picked the first movie and plugged in a pair of headphones. She had picked a solo movie of a petite brunette fingering her pussy. Already Jen's pussy was starting to get wet, and started throbbing. She lightly touched it to calm it down and just about screamed in pleasure. She pulled off her pants and ripped off her shirt and started fingering herself. She got so into it she closed her eyes and started going faster. Then she felt a pair of hands rubbing her breasts. She snapped her eyes open and saw her sister rubbing her tits sensually. Jen quickly covers herself up with a blanket. "What are you doing!" she exlaims Sarah smiled and said "What is it I'm just trying to help." "But were sisters!" Jen said "That doesn't mean we can't experiment." Sarah slowly slid her fingers down to jens vagina and started sliding her fingers in and out. "No this is wrong...ohhh that feels so gooood..."Jen murmured moving her hips in time with Sarah's fingers. Sarah quickly went down and started eating out Jen. "Oh you taste so good!" Sarah exclaimed flicking her tongue on the clit. Then with a very loud scream Jen had climaxed all over Sarah's face and chair. Sarah quickly lapped it up before it soaked into the chair. Sarah pulled Jen out of the chair over to the bed and said "My turn." and she grabbed the back of jen's neck and ground her face in her pussy. As Jen started eating sarah out Jen started moaning. "oh you like that you dirty little slut Yea eat hat pussy!" Sarah said grinding her pussy into jen's face jen getting so turned on from the taste of her sister's juices started fingering herself. Sarahs orgasm and quick and all over Jen's face making jen cum for a second time. Sarah pulled Jen up onto the bed and said " your going to love this. wait here." So jen scampered out of the room only to come back carrying a double headed dildo. She crawled across the bed and slowly slid the dildo deep inside her sisters pussy and then put the other end into her own. Sarah started thrusting her hips shoving the dildo deep inside Jen's vagina. jen in matched her sisters rhythm and thrust the idlo deep inside Sarah pink slit. in seconds both girls were moaning and panting. They both picked up speed and they both came all over the dildo and bed. jen smiled at sarah and whispered "thank you." and crawled under her covers sarah crawled in after her and whispered back "no thank you" and snuggled up close so that Sarah vagina was sitting inside jen's ass. in a couple of minutes jen had fallen asleep but sarah wanted more. so she got out of the bed and grabbed the dild and started thrusting it deep inside herself. after a couple of minutes jen woke up too but sarah didnt notice. so jen silently grabbed a strap on from under her bed and put it on and waited for the perfect chance. eventually sarah was so into it she got on all four and set the dildo down so she could ride it. before sarah could even realize what was happening jen quickly came up behind her and shoved the dildo deep inside her anus. sarah screamed from the pleasure and immediatly climaxed. but jen wasnt finished she continued to pound the dildo deep inside her sisters butt as she started fingering her own ass. eventually Sarah cae again and so did jen. both girls had finally had enough and fell asleep grinding their pussies against the others.

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