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Staying at Aunties

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Published: 25-Sep-08 Revised/Updated 26-Sep-08
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Lucy reached out her hand to feel me, I let her, then showed her how to wank a cock. As she gave me a good feel I pulled her bikini bottom down, it clung in her cleft.

* * * * * * *

I had always liked staying at Auntie's, she was my mother's youngest sister and had a girl who at this time was just twelve. Auntie lived just outside one of the lesser known coastal villages in Cornwall and there was a beach known only to the locals and we could spend time there whenever we wanted. The truth was that even when I was quite young I fancied Auntie Gill, she was so young seeming and had a great figure much of which I had seen at some time or other.

That summer I was fifteen, Auntie Gill was only thirty-one, she was unmarried and had let herself get pregnant when she was seventeen. Luckily for her one of the family's uncles had always fancied her too and had left her very well-off when he died. Consequently she didn't have to work, but she had gone to art-college and was a very good painter, she sold stuff in one of the local galleries.

Anyway I arrived at Wadebridge one early afternoon and was met by Auntie and Lucy her daughter, we went to the supermarket and then drove home. It was a gloriously hot day just as it was to be for the rest of that marvellous summer, Auntie had the top down and it was great to take in the Cornish scenery all the way.

I was straight into my bedroom to change into shorts and a T-shirt, Auntie made tea and we had lovely home-made scones with jam and cream. Then we walked down to the 'Secret Cove', as we called it. Auntie and Lucy took their sun dresses off to show that they only had bikinis on underneath. I looked at Auntie, I couldn't help it, she was slim, trim and very sexy looking with her full breasts and plump mound, She noticed and smiled. I looked at Lucy, she went pink, she knew that I was looking at her little breasts, she had a plump little mound like her mother too. We all went and jumped into the shallow water, it felt chilly at first then warm as we got used to it. Both Auntie's and Lucy's nipples stuck out, if the water had been really warm I would probably have got an erection.

Auntie always carried a sketch pad with her and while she started sketching, Lucy and I hunted the rock pools. As Lucy bent and stood her bikini bottom gradually worked it's way into her slit, she was beginning to look as sexy as her mother. I didn't bother trying to hide my erection, I saw Lucy turning pink again as she saw it, I smiled at her then noticed that she kept looking. I thought, 'I bet she's never seen a hard cock.'

Gradually my erection softened and by the time Auntie called to say it was dinner time it just looked half-hard. Auntie was already in the house by the time we wandered back, she was doing a salad for dinner. I loved dinner at Auntie's she always allowed me a glass of wine, to be honest I didn't particularly like it but I wasn't about to let her know that!

We all went to bed at the same time that night and Auntie gave me a hug goodnight, I could not only feel her breasts pressed against me but also that mound..... and it was pressing against my cock. I started to get hard, she pulled away and kissed me, 'Goodnight, darling, it's so nice having you here again.' I kissed her back, passionately, I didn't want her to be in any doubt about how I felt.

The next day was a typical hot summer's holiday day, down on the beach with a picnic lunch and a book, lots of time in the sea and lying in the sun. I was hard quite a lot of the time as I looked at Auntie and Lucy in their bikinis, I had on a very tight pair of swim briefs, both Auntie and Lucy made sure thay got a good look. That evening Auntie made dinner and we watched a film on T.V. Then it was bed, another hug and kiss from Auntie with similar results to the previous evening. Then there was a surprise, I was in bed, naked as usual, when there was a tap on the door and Auntie came in. I goggled as she proved to be wearing just a tiny pair of knickers, I stared. She smiled and said, 'I thought you might like to read this book, Jamie, it's a bit naughty but I think you're old enough.' She put the book on the bedside table then leaned in to me and kissed me, her bare breasts soft against my chest. 'G..g...gosh Auntie, that's so nice.' I put my hand up and cupped a breast, to my surprise she didn't pull away but let me have a good feel. 'Now don't get too excited, Jamie, and don't mess up the sheets!' She giggled and left.

I looked at the book, there was no doubt that it was an erotic novel, I was feeling very tired but I read the first chapter, masturbating as I did so, it was certainly exciting and I came into my handkerchief. Then I went to sleep. I put my stained hanky into the dirty linen basket in the bathroom when I went to wash then dressed and went down to breakfast. Lucy wasn't up yet, 'Enjoy the book, Jamie' Auntie asked with a grin. 'I..I..I've never read anything like it Auntie,' I stuttered. She smiled, 'Time you learned a little about such things, darling, anything you don't understand just come and ask me.'

That day I really couldn't take my eyes off Auntie and Lucy, Auntie had taken the bra top of her bikini off and I couldn't hide my erection. When Lucy asked if I wanted to go hunting in the rock pools I accepted eagerly. After a little while Lucy said, 'Do you get excited looking at Mummy's titties, Jamie.' I shrugged, 'Can't help it.' She looked across the beach, her mother's head was buried in a book, 'Like to see mine', she asked. 'You know the answer to that,' I replied. She beckoned, 'Come on.' She led me behind a large rock, then, in one movement, took off her bra top. She had lovely little breasts, small, beautifully shaped and with little pink/brown nipples and aureolae.

'Wow,' I gasped, 'they're so beautiful Lucy.' 'If you let me see your dick, I'll show you my quim,' she looked at me archly. 'I don't think you've ever seen a boy's cock,' I said. I was hard, as she must have seen, I manoeuvred my tight fitting briefs over it and showed it to her. She gasped, 'Gosh, it's enormous,' she panted, 'however would that ever get into my little hole' I smiled, 'I'm sure nature has a way.'

Lucy reached out her hand to feel me, I let her, then showed her how to wank a cock. As she gave me a good feel I pulled her bikini bottom down, it clung in her cleft. She smiled, 'Just a minute,' she looked round, close by there was a flat rock lying at an angle, she moved over to it and lay down. She parted her legs, 'Now you can see,' she said. It was the first time I had ever seen a girl's cunt, the lips were slightly parted and it was a dark coral colour inside. 'Don't you want to feel me' she asked. She directed me how to do it and she rapidly became very wet, 'If you touch me here,' she told me, 'it's called the clitoris, it's very sensitive and makes me feel extremely sexy.' I touched her, she gasped. Soon I was feeling her and she was wanking me, 'Do you want to see me come' I asked. 'Oh, yes!' she replied eagerly. I demonstrated to her how she should wank me to achieve it and a few minutes later shot my spunk all over her, she was ecstatic.

Afterwards we went in the sea and cleaned up. What a day! Going back to Auntie later excited me again, whether deliberate or not I don't know but her bikini bottom was pulled so far up her slit that I could see the lips. I took a deep breath, 'You look so lovely, Auntie!' I said, she smiled. After tea again watching television until bedtime. Once I was in bed I got the book out and started reading, the descriptions of sex really excited me. Then my door opened quietly, 'Enjoying the book Auntie asked,' she was smiling, in one fluid movement she lifted her nightie over her head and stood naked in front of me.

'I know you've been having naughty thoughts about me for a couple of years at least,' she said, 'now I think you're old enough to find out about the real thing!' I gaped as I looked at the neat lips of her cunt. She threw the bedclothes back, 'I'd noticed what a big boy you were on the beach,' she went on, 'now let's have some fun!' She got on the bed with me and kissed me passionately, feeling my rampant cock at the same time. She took my hand and placed it over the closed lips between her thighs, they were warm and moist, I felt her and my finger slipped in so I felt her as I had felt Lucy. She gave a little gasp as I touched her swollen clit, 'Oh, Jamie! You must know more than I thought, come on darling put that lovely thing inside me!' She rolled onto her back and spread her legs, her lips were wide open, she pulled me over on top of her and, holding my cock, rubbed it inside. Then she placed it at her hole, 'Push!' she said.

I gasped at the heat of the slippery canal and pushed right up as far as I could go. 'Now do me!' she commanded. I started fucking, I only lasted about six or so strokes before I came. She cried out and wrapped her legs round me to stop me pulling out, 'I want much more than that,' she told me. I was soon hard again and began fucking her sloppy cunt again, she moaned with pleasure as I managed to keep going until, after several minutes I shot another load deep inside her cunt. Then we slept. I woke, she was sucking my cock! As soon as she had me hard she mounted me, she rode me, fucking herself on my cock until she made me come for a third time. We slept again but I woke feeling my soft cock in the crack of her bum, my cock got hard once again and I managed to push it up her from behind and I fucked her again.

I don't know how many times we did it, only that in the morning I felt exhausted. She had left me but I heard her saying to Lucy downstairs, 'Jamie's been a lovely boy to me, Lucy, I think I've exhausted him so we'll have to let him sleep. I heard Lucy reply as I dozed off once again, 'He's really nice, isn't he Mummy'

Well, Auntie obviously thought so for we slept together for the rest of the holiday and she taught me things I had never imagined. That was the sunner of my growing up, it wasn't the last and, even now after all these years I still fuck my favourite auntie when the opportunity arises.

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