My Sexy Cousins

Author: Anon
Published: Oct 15, 2008
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I was fifteen at the time, a long time ago now but I have never forgotten that incredible day. I was staying at my Aunt's, she was the youngest of my aunts and she was about thirty four years old and very attractive, what was more is that she had two girls, they were very pretty like her.

I was fifteen at the time, a long time ago now but I have never forgotten that incredible day. I was staying at my Aunt's, she was the youngest of my aunts and she was about thirty four years old and very attractive, what was more is that she had two girls, they were very pretty like her. One, Mandy, fourteen, the other Tilda, she was twelve. They were very well developed girls, even Tilda had breasts that poked her blouse out provocatively. I knew they liked me and I certainly liked them, I tossed-off into my handkerchief most nights thinking of sex with them.

Then one evening my Aunt told us that she would be leaving early in the morning, an old friend of hers had been killed in a car crash and she was going to the funeral. Aunt Jess and the girls lived in Instow right over on the corner of the North Devon coast, it was a lovely place and we were right near the beach. The only snag was that it was so far from anywhere else and the funeral was in Northampton, 'I don't suppose that I shall be home before eleven tomorrow night,' she told us, 'but I am sure that you can look after yourselves until then.'

That morning I heard Auntie's car driving off at about half five, I turned over and went back to sleep. What woke me up was my bedroom door opening, it was the girls, Mandy in a flimsy nighty and Tilda in pyjamas. As I woke I found that I had an erection, as usual so I just sat up. Mandy said, 'Mum's gone James.' 'I know,' I said, 'she woke me up when she started her car at half past five.' Mandy got on my bed showing her fanny very, very briefly. I goggled, 'What's the matter' she asked. 'I..I...i I saw your f..fanny!' I stuttered. 'So what, surely you've seen a girl's fanny before' The girls laughed, I could feel myself blushing. 'Matter of fact I haven't.'

'Really' Mandy looked surprised, 'You're so sexy and good-looking I thought some girl or other would have let you.' I stared at her, I didn't realise that the girls thought me sexy and good-looking. 'Still, it's no great secret, look.' She was sitting with one leg doubled up on the bed and the other hanging over the edge, she pulled her nightie up and exposed her fanny. She had a plump swelling just above where her thighs met, it was divided by a long slit, the lips of which were closed and rounded. It looked very neat and, I thought, very beautiful. 'Wow!' I exclaimed, 'That's so beautiful, Mandy!' She smiled reaching down she drew the middle finger of her right hand right up the little groove between the lips, 'Wouldn't you like to feel me' She asked.

I felt myself trembling, 'Gosh, yes!' 'Show us your dick then.' 'Why, haven't you ever seen a boys cock' They shook their heads. 'Well, we're quits then, I'll show it to you and let you play with it if you take your nightie off and Tilda takes her pyjamas off too.' The girls began to look excited, 'All right!' they chorussed and took their things off. They both had incredibly beautiful breasts, not unnaturally Mandy's were bigger, full and round with pink-brown nipples, Tilda's smaller, stiffer, sort of pointed wiith her little pink nipples sticking out.

I pushed the bedclothes down, I always slept in an old pair of football shorts, I hooked them over my rigid prick and took them off, the girls stared. Mandy was the first to speak, 'It's huge,' she gasped, I did have a big cock as a fifteen year old, over seven inches and an inch and a half thick, I knew because I had measured it after seeing some of my friends cocks. Then she said, 'What do I do' I showed her how to wrap her fingers round the shaft and wank me. I kissed her and felt her breasts, her nipples hardened, then she said, 'Down here,' and, taking my hand, put it on her fanny. She showed me what to do, she became slippery and my finger went inside, she smiled and putting her hand over mine she said, 'You can put your finger right in me here,' she pressed my middle finger and it slid inside her hole, she was hot and slippery there, 'do me with it,' she continued. It seemed natural to slide my fimnger in and out, her flesh was very soft and slippery. She went on wanking me, it was the first time anyone other than myself had ever touched me there and it felt great.

I looked at Tilda, she had her hand over her fanny with a finger inside, she had a dreamy look an her face as she watched what we were doing. Mandy's hand had gradually speeded up and I felt the first signs of me coming so I stopped her, 'Don't make me come yet, Mandy, it's great but I'm getting so excited!' 'Me too!' she breathed, 'Tell you what, touch me here, very gently.' She guided my hand until I felt a little bit that was hard as opposed to the very soft, delicate inside of her, 'There,' she murmured, she jumped as I touched her, 'really gently though, it feels wonderful!'

We continued kissing and caressing each other, after a while Mandy said, 'I'd love to see you come, I've heard about it and I don't know quite what happens.' 'I'd love to fuck you!' I replied, 'Put my cock in your lovely cunt and fuck you with it.' Both girls were very excited, Mandy was panting, 'Come on then!' she said. She pulled herself straight on my bed and spread her legs, her cunt was now open and I could see the dark red colour inside and where my cock would go, I was trembling with lust, my cock leaking stuff. She held out her arms and I got between her legs, I aimed the knob of my cock at her hole as I stared at it. I said, 'You do know that this might hurt, don't you' 'Yes!' She panted, 'Come on, come on!' She seemed even keener than I was ! I touched my cock to the tight looking little hole, as I pushed she seemed to tighten up, 'It won't go in if you don't relax,' I told her. 'Oh!' she gasped and I saw her consciously relax. The flesh round her hole was soft and, as I pushed, I felt my knob go in, I kissed her, 'All right' I asked, she nodded. The next push it went in, only an inch or so then Mandy cried out, 'Ow, that hurts!' 'I told you,' I replied. 'Go on then, push it harder or something!'

I drew back and pushed in hard, Mandy screamed, 'Ow! Ow, that really does hurt!' But by the time she said it my cock was sliding up inside her slippery, tight and very hot cunt. I pushed in as far as I could and stopped, I kissed her, had tears in her eyes, 'All right' I asked. 'Yes, it's all right now, it still hurts but not much.' I drew back then pushed in again, I was watching her, I did it again, then again and again and again. Her features softened, I could see the excitement in her eyes. I was so excited myself, I was fucking! I could hardly believe it, the feeling was incredibly erotic. I knew that it wouldn't be long before I came, she became very wet, even her thighs felt slippery, she drew her knees up and I felt my cock penetrate her a little bit more.

My body started to throb and I felt hot, thrills were coursing through me, I knew I was going to come, 'Oh, you lovely cunt, Mandy, you lovely, lovely cunt!' Suddenly I felt the first twitch and hastily pulled my cock out, I grabbed it and gave it a couple of strokes, Mandy had raised her head. Then I came, my spunk shot out in a great spurt, then it went on spurting, fortunately I had managed to keep my cock down and came over her breasts and belly, there was loads of it. Finally the last few drops fell on her mound, fortunately above her cunt, then I flopped on my side. As I came the girls had cried out and I had looked at Tilda, her hand was moving fast and she seemed to be rubbing herself inside, I had, for some reason, thought that girls wouldn't play with themselves, but it was obviously what Tilda was doing.

As we recovered Mandy said, 'Gosh, that was really good James, I've been fucked, haven't I I'm not a virgin any more!' She laughed. I said, 'Did you enjoy it then' 'Oh yes,' she replied, 'not at first, after you broke my maidenhead it felt really strange having something right up inside my fanny, but as you fucked me, it got better and better. I'd love to do it again.' 'I can't though,' I told her, look at my cock!' It was limp and lifeless, 'I would need to get hard again!' She looked disappointed. Tilda said, 'Anyway, it's my turn next!' Mandy retorted, 'Don't be silly, you're too young!' 'No I'm not,' Tilda came back fiercely, 'my fanny gets all wet just like yours, you ought to know, you play with it enough!' Mandy said nothing.

I said, 'We ought to clean up Mandy,' I looked at her, both her breasts were 'iced' with spunk and her stomach covered with it. I leant over her and kissed her left nipple, then I kissed her mouth, she looked unsure, I said, 'It won't hurt you, it's not poisonous!' She licked her lips, 'Oh, I thought it would taste nasty and it doesn't!' she scooped some up on her finger and sucked it off, she giggled, 'I feeel awfully naughty, fancy spunk tasting like that!' We got up and went to the bathroom, Mandy showered and I washed my bits and thighs. Back in the bedroom I asked about the girls 'playing' with each other, 'Oh,' Tilda said, 'we do what you were doing to Mandy, to each other, it's nice and it makes you feel all sexy!' They asked how to get me hard again and I said they could play with my cock while I looked at and played with both their fannies. And that's what we did. Much to Mandy's disgust I then fucked her sister, she was even more disgusted when we found out that Tilda 's maidenhead was almost nothing and didn't hurt when I penetrated her. She was lucky too, for I found that I could fuck for much longer the second time. This time, when I came, I inadvertently splashed some on her face, she just giggled and licked at it as it oozed onto her lips.

After that we cleaned up again and the girls showed me how they 'wanked', which cleared up a mystery for me. Later that day we fucked again, not only that but I gave both girls oral sex, they couldn't believe how aroused it made them, then I showed them how to suck cock, that was incredibly arousing too!

What a day that was! By the time Auntie returned we were in our beds asleep, as far as I know she never found out what little sex pots her daughters were and how unbelievably pleasurable their generosity had been to me.

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