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Helping an Old Buddy Out

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Author: L Michaels
Published: 24-Oct-08 Revised/Updated 18-Nov-08
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He called me and said his wife and 18 year old daughter have been kidnapped, and he wasn't suppose to call the police, so he called me instead for help.

* * * * * * *

I was sitting on the lanai early one afternoon when the phone rang, it had been so peaceful that I almost didn't answer it. I picked it up and it was an old buddy of mine from my army days. He asked me what I was doing and if I'd mind meeting up with him, he had to ask me a favor, a large one, I said sure, we agreed on the location and I threw on some clothes and left out. It took me an hour to get there, traffic was hell, and I had the way he called and asked for a large favor on my mind, now back in Nam, we covered each others asses many times, without him, I probably wouldn't be here today, nor he also. I pulled into the sports bar and went in, I found him at a table and went over to see him, as I approached him he seemed really nervous, almost ready to jump out of his skin. I called his name and he said come on sit down, act like were just two old army buddies tagging up, I said no problem, since we are. He went on and the waitress came over, he ordered another stiff drink, I had a beer, she left and he was fumbling with his almost empty glass, I said ok Hank, what's on your mind, he looked around and then leaned over and said I've been very successful since I left the army, I've made lots of money and have all the toys, I said well good for you, he said well not so fast, with all the money comes drawbacks, he looked me in the eyes and said my company is up for renewal on a secret weapon for the army, and we are due to show it in three weeks, but now, they have my family Jack, they want the weapon and all it's stats or they're going to kill them. I said who's got your family Hank, and what does this weapon of your do, he said the people that want the weapon are either rival companies, or foreign governments, this thing well make our old job twenty times easier and less people needed, he said that's all I can tell you right now. He said they are probably watching me so lets laugh like were having fun, I looked around without moving my head to much, I said something to him and started to laugh at him, and he returned the laugh, I said we need the general on this one, he shook his head in agreement. After an hour or so, I said well hank I need to get home, nice seeing you again, hope we can get together some time, I took out one of my cards and wrote down my address, I said if your ever in the neighborhood, drop in, well pop some brews and talk about the good old days, he said sounds nice, I got up, went ot pay the bill, I know sooner got up, than a woman came over to his table, she sat down and got real close, he looked down between them and that's all I needed, I went back over to the table and said oh this is why you wanted me to leave, hey good buddy, she smiled and said well I was being nice to let you two chat for a bit, I just waited for you to leave, I said well little lady, this good buddy is one of a kind, he's saved my butt so many times, that I'd marry him if he were available. With that, I picked him up out of his chair and gave him a hug, I said ok, we're all going back to my place for drinks and I don't want to hear about any meetings or nothing like that, you can come too honey, we might just have a nice party back at my place, she said oh no, you two go ahead, I'll catch up with him later, he knows I love to be with him. I put my arm around his neck and walked outside with him, once out, he thanked me for rescuing him, she was one of the bad guys, I said I know, now get in your car and follow me, don't leave any room between us, so no one can cut you anyway, ok, he said yes sir sarge, I said ok soldier, now move your ass. I walked over to his car, he got in, and I walked over to my truck as he followed, I got in, we pulled out into traffic and he was on my six close. He stayed that way all the way to my house.We pulled into my driveway, he saw all the nude bodies, we got out and he said damn Jack, you live in a nudist community, I said yep, I do, and my family and I love it, so many perks. We got in, and I called the general, he was out so I got him on his cell, we told him of the problem, he said ok, under no circumstances is that weapon going any where except to us, that thing could sway the balance of power on the ground to them, I said I have to see this thing, he said not now Jack, but I promise you, you will, soon, ok, I said yes sir. He said ok, I'll send you a list of probable suspects, I said good sir, he said I'll also send you the shy eye to use, if you promise not to break it Jack, I smiled and said I'll try to bring it back in one piece, he said ok, I'll talk to you tomorrow on the sat net ok, understand sir, we're out. We sat out on the lanai and I said I'm not sure about you, but I need to strip down, my wife and daughter will be home soon, now the rules are, if you want it, go for it, no boundaries, he said your kidding Jack, I said nope, if you want one of them, do it, no one will say anything, the woman has to agree though, that's the only draw back, he said ok, but I'm not in the mood for sex right now, I said ok, just telling you, so I said ok, now tell me what you know about these people. For the next two hours we talked, the girls came home, they stripped and his jaw just about dropped out of his mouth when they came out nude. I asked the ladies if it was ok if we had some alone time, real important, they both said ok, and Michelle and Haley both gave me a kiss and said call us when your through ok, I said thanks guys, I will. While he filled me in on what he knew, I was watching him, he was understandably nervous, so I tried to take his mind off the problem, I told him we would get them back, so try to relax. I said ok, enough for tonight, tonight we spend time trying to forget Nam and catching up on what's been happening to us since then, I held up my glass and we clanked them together and we drank, I called the ladies back out, I introduced them to him and we was still amazed at them being nude, he had yet to drop his clothes, which we all said ok to, Michelle got me off to one side and asked what's going on, I filled her in on what I knew, she said get them back Jack, do it, it's like if it were us, I'd want him to help, I said can do Michelle, we have the general helping out too, she smiled and said ok, we need to relax this soldier then, I said affirmative on that, she giggled and said ok, enough soldier talk, lets get him naked first, I kissed her and said well if anyone can, it's you, she looked at me like what did you mean by that, I smiled and patted her ass, she giggled and we went back out with some snacks. I asked Haley to show Hank where he could clean up at and maybe shower too, she winked at me and said I can do that, Michelle said oh you sneak you, I smiled and said who me She took him by the hand and took him to the bathroom, she got him a towel and then she stood there, he said ok, I'm ok now, I can handle this by myself, she giggled and said ok, she closed the door and waited, she heard the shower going, she counted to ten and went back in, she opened the door quietly and then opened the shower door, his back was to her at first, then he turned and saw her standing there, it startled him at first, then he calmed down, she came in and she started to wash him all over, she stood very close to him, he reacted his cock got hard, she smiled and continued to wash his body, she kissed him, he returned the kiss, and the rest is what you's say is that, she took his cock into her hand and guided it into her, she moaned as he sunk deeper inside her, he started to fuck her and doing it very hard, she backed up against the wall and he pounded her pussy until he couldn't hold it any more, he let out a grunt and splashed his load inside her, she moaned as he filled her up, she kissed him again and they stood there letting the water splash around them. He was still partly inside her, and when she started to move a bit, he became hard once more, she smiled and said oh yea, do it again, so he did, this time she came along with him and they both were enjoying it this time a lot more. They came back out, he was nude also, I said shower does wanders doesn't it Hank, he smiled and said oh yea, wanders. That night they spent together, I could hear them in her room, she was cumming several times, she moans really loudly when she does, and he grunted just as loud. Michelle and I had a few good times that might, she wanted his cock, but she was happy with mine for now, and I gave it to her. The next morning we all got up, Hank had the biggest shit eattin grin on his face, I said ok, time to go to work, he said ok, lets do this. We planned to follow the people with the sky eye, and see where they are hopefully holding the ladies, well it all depended on Hank, he was to meet up with them and do what ever the said, just to get them to return to the holding area. Well either the people were new at this or they didn't know Hank and I so it was easy to follow them, they were in a house only two miles from Hanks house, they had rented it to be close and to watch him, not to bright, but hey, I'll take it, after we accessed the area, how many and what they had, we went in, it was like old times, but this time we knew the area and enemy. We went in, took out the sentry and went inside, the one girl was there and she had two others with her, they had no visible weapons out so when we went in, it was easy, we took them down and they told us where the ladies were, we secured them and went up to get them, but something didn't seem right, we got to the door and I stopped him, he was about to reach for the door, I said stop, he froze, I said it doesn't feel right, it's to easy, I looked around, I saw what seemed to be an alarm system box, but why at the top of the steps, I said trap, we open that door and we might die, why have an alarm box at the top of the steps, I said stay here, I need to talk to our hostess, he smiled and said she might like it rough, I said I can do rough, he said good Jack, I'd hate to clean up after you, again, I smiled and said oh, I think it was the other way around. I went back down stairs and went to the woman, I said now we can do this easy or hard, I'm in the mood for hard, but it's up to you, so I want the code for the door, and to assure us that your telling the truth, you're going to open the door for us, she said like hell I am, I'm not telling you anything, I said oh I was hoping you'd say that. I pulled my knife, cut her top off, the other two guys were watching as I did this, she tried to resist, but the restraints were put on to well, I said ok, now you have two nipples, I'll ask you twice, once for each nipple, ok, now what's the code, and are you going to help us, she spat at me, I said ok, I took my knife and cut the top part of one nipple, she let out a scream, I said now, are you going to help, she said no, never, I said ok, I cut the top of the other nipple, she screamed again, I said ok, next time you can say good bye to them, she said go ahead, if I help you I'm dead anyways, so what do I have to loss, I said well you help us, I can help you, she was crying and said you have no idea of whom your dealing with, they can get to any one, I said well it's your choice, she said I'm not helping you, so I said ok, I took my knife and poked her nipple with it, she let out one more scream, I said last chance, she shook her head no, I said ok, so I could bring myself to cut them off, but I hit her and she was out, I said ok guys, your turn, now it's not your nipples I'll cut on you, it's your balls and dicks, so what's the code, the first one said nothing but the second was a little jumpier, so I went to work on him, I took my knife and cut his pants where his cock was, I took my knife and reached inside his trousers, he said no, don't I'll tell you, I'll unlock the door, don't cut my cock, that's all I ask, I said fair enough, so I untied him and held my knife to his throat, I said ok, do it, hank said damn Jack, you kill that bitch, I said no, but she won't be breast feeding any kids, he smiled and said I wouldn't have thought about that. The guy opened the door and I hit him upside the head, he went down and we went in, the girls were on the bed, tied four point to the bed, completely nude, they saw Hank and started to cry for glee, they had gags on and looked like they had been fucked a few times, there was cum running out of there pussies. Hank pulled his knife to cut them loose, but they were cuffed, I searched the guy and got the key, he released them, he asked where there clothes were, and they said they didn't no, they were nude when they woke up, I looked in the closet and found nothing, she said right now, I want to get out of here, lets go, I'll walk the street nude if I have to, I don't care right now, Hank said this is Jack from my army days, she shook my hand and said I'm Sally, this is my daughter Marcie, I said hi Marcie, she was hugging her mother hard, I said it's ok honey, your safe now, I got on the line and called the general, he said I have a clean up crew waiting, tell me where, they'll be there with in the hour, I gave him the address, he said damn, ok, fifteen minutes, I said we won't be here, he said ok, keep me abreast of the job, I said ok, and thanks for the eyes, he said glad to help. I searched the house I found some clothes, probably the kidnappers but they would do fro now, I gave them to the ladies, I said we can't go back to your house, better go to mine, it's secure, and I have lots of surprises for anyone that tries to get in, he said I agree. Sally said we both need a shower and then clean clothes, I said I can supply the shower, but the clothes, Hank said we'll buy new ones, let's get the hell out of here, the girls put on there clothes and we left, Sally saw what I did to the woman, she said is she dead, I said nope, but she is hurting, she said she ought to be the bitch, and the one over there is the one that raped Marcie, Hank took out his gun and shot him in the knee, he said you sick bastard, I hope you bleed to death before help gets here, I said ok Hank, lets go, they might have back up coming, he said ok sarge, I said oh by the way, I'm out of the army now, he said sorry Jack, it's hard to break old habits. We got back to the house, I secured the premises, I said ok, now if your not on my list, your not getting in here without a fight. Sally took off her clothes and Hank showed her to the shower, and Marcie sat in the chair holding her legs up close to her, I offered her a soda but she didn't answer, I just let her stay there. I heard Hank and Sally in the bedroom they were screwing, she was in shock but Hank loved her, so he screwed her away. They came back out nude, I said so, Hank told you about the community, she giggled and said yes, he did, sounds like fun, I said it has it's perks, she said I guess so, I said so I can strip down too then, she said well it's your house, I said well after what you've been through, I didn't want to assume, she thanked me and came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, she went to Marcie and said come on honey, lets get you cleaned up, and she took her into the bathroom, I said ok, we need some more help here, I called the general, I said ok, has anyone talked so far, he said not yet, he said I recognized your handy work, but she is not talking, she is afraid of her employer big time, I said the one that was upstairs, he's the one that helped us, he might be of some help, he said ok, we'll work on him, I said I could use some things to keep us safe, he said I thought you'd be asking for some things, what you need, I told him, he said I'll arrange a shopping spree for you, I said good to go sir, the general said be safe Jack, I'd hate to lose you son, I said I wouldn't like that either. We got the things from the supply truck, and set it up, I had the girls stay home for he rest of the week, it was sort of fun, we all got along well and Marcie started to be herself again, she was happy with the video game station we had and the games we had, she like the stereo also. We stayed together for two weeks, and the adults all had sexual fun, I even got to do Sally a few times, she really was fun to be with, Marcie didn't come near me for the first few days, but I let her be, she finally would come near em, I let her make first contact, and when she opened up, she cried her eyes out, she couldn't understand why what happened did, I tried to explain it to her, but she was to upset to understand, one morning we were sitting out on the lanai, and she dove into the pool, well Haley and Sally joined her, Hank and I sat there laughing at the happenings, that was like most of the days, then the phone call came, it was the general, they had rounded up the bad guys, and they had made Hanks house a lot more secure, it had state of the art security and cameras, Sally said really hate to go, it's been so much fun here, she looked at Hank and said lets buy a house here, I love this style of life, and Marcie had taken to it also, he said well I've been thinking the same thing, they laughed and asked Marcie, she leaped into the air saying yes, she would love that, so the general said ok, I'll take the system out and install it in your new one, let me know when and where, we said ok. That evening, Marcie came out and we were sitting around the pool, she came to Sally, she whispered something to Sally, Sally pulled back and said are your certain about this honey, she smiled and shook her head yes, she said well it's up to Jack, not me, but it's ok with me honey, go ahead, she came over to me and whispered in my ear, she said I'd like you to make love to me, she said I've already lost my virginity, but I'd like you to do it right to me, and I've seen how mommy looked when you made love to her, and I'd like that glow too, I said well honey, I don't know what to say, what do you think Hank, he smiled and said said well, she picked you, so I'm happy with that choice, so I say yes, I said ok, where and when, she said now, but lets go into a bedroom, I'd like the first real time to be special, I said I agree. I went to Michelle and asked her to sleep with Haley or Hank and sally, but we needed the bedroom alone tonight, she kissed me and said I'll see you in the morning stud, I said I love you, she said I know, have fun you two. I took her into the bedroom, she was dripping wet, I said ok, now there is two ways to do this, she put her hand up to my lips and then kissed them, I smiled and returned the kiss, she stroked my cock and I played with her pussy, I laid her on the bed and started to kiss my way down to her pussy, she moaned as I did this, I just touched my tongue to her wet lips and she nearly came out of the bed, she started to cum, and she came many times, I continued to lick her pussy, she fell limp and I smiled at her, she said wow, that was better than any time she has brought herself off, I smiled and said congratulations, you've had your first real orgasm, she said, um, can we do that again, I stayed down between her legs and brought her off again, this time she let out a scream and said don't stop, keep doing that, I'm cumming again, after a good licking she fell totally limp, I said now, it's your turn to do that to me, I moved up to her mouth, she took my cock into her hand and put it into her lips, she sucked on it, I showed her what to do, she was a fast learner, by twenty minutes of lessons, she was about to get her first cum shot, I said ok, I'm about to cum, do you want it in your mouth, or on your body, she kept on sucking, I said ok, her it comes, I shot the first pulse in her mouth, she swallowed it, but she couldn't take any more, I blasted the rest on her tits and stomach, she said wow, that is salty, but I could get use to it, I smiled and said good, because any man loves to have his cock sucked, she smiled and said well I'll practice a lot, I said yes, that's the right attitude, she said ok, now I want to feel that cock of yours inside me, I smiled and laid next to her, we made love for the longest time, I gave her three loads in her young pussy, she loved the feeling of me inside her, she wanted me not to pull out when we fell asleep, but I told her she wouldn't like it in the morning, so she laid next to me all night, the next morning, she woke me up sucking me off, she said I told you I was going to practice, I smiled and let her, she swallowed two pulses this time, I said very good, now I'll tell you that not all men shoot such large loads, you you'll probably be able to take all the load of most men, she said ok, thanks. We made love once more missionary style, then I showed her doggy, she really loved that way, I said well most women do, it hits something inside you just right, she said I'll say, I came twice that time, I smiled and we cleaned up, when we came out, the group was out by the pool and she went running to her mother, she said oh mommy, it was wonderful, now I understand why you like it so much, they hugged and said oh daddy, I'm going to practice giving head, so your in for a lot of that, he said oh I am am I, she smiled and said yep, I really like sucking cocks, Hank said well your just like your mother on that one honey, she loves it too. Sally she has 36dd tits, and Marcie, I'm guessing has 34c maybe d's so this family is going to be a good addition to the community, that afternoon we went house shopping in the community, they decided to buy a lot and build a new one, they wanted me to supervise the build, I said I'd be honored to, they moved in seven months later, they stayed with us until then, Marcie has graduated cock sucking, she and her mom are very good at that, Marcie is in school here and she knows not to start in with any of the boys until they have met her parents, and the council has welcomed them with open arms. Everything turned out well, the general still owes me a look at he weapon, but I'll be waiting for that day, ha.

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