Keeping it in the family - Part two

Published: Oct 27, 2008
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It took Samantha about two minutes to get me hard again, Carol watched, she was obviously very excited, 'I've never done that,' she said. I turned and looked at her, 'Time you got your things off, Carol, that is if you want what Sam's just had.'

It took Samantha about two minutes to get me hard again, Carol watched, she was obviously very excited, 'I've never done that,' she said. I turned and looked at her, 'Time you got your things off, Carol, that is if you want what Sam's just had.' 'Oh, I did, I do!' she gasped as she slipped her dress over her head revealing that she only had a pair of cotton knickers on, there was a big damp patch between the legs. She hooked them down, unlike her daughter she wasn't shaved and she had a lot of honey coloured hair covering her mound and lips, 'I hope you don't mind that I'm not shaved.' 'I think it might be a good idea before next time, Mum,' Samantha said as she let my now hard cock slip out of her mouth.

'Come down on the floor with us, Carol, I can't do much with you sitting up there.' She joined us on the floor, she indeed had a nice figure when naked, which is not always the case. Her breasts were bigger than Sam's and jiggled as she moved, she had a bit of a tum but, also like Sam, a big domed mound. 'Show me,' I said, blushing slightly she opened her legs. She had a long lipped cunt, well fringed by all that hair, it was slightly open and I could see the edges of her inner lips, they glistened dark red. I lay beside her and began kissing her, she returned my kisses passionately, 'Oh, it's so nice to be kissed properly, I haven't been kissed like that since before I was married,' she told me. I was soon kissing her eyes, ears and neck before moving down to her breasts which I kissed and caressed. Carol grabbed my cock and started gently wanking me. I kissed and sucked her nipples, she gasped with pleasure. I slid my hand down over her stomach and began stroking the lips of her cunt, she was already slippery and became more so. Her cunt opened like a flower and I caressed her inner lips before slipping a finger inside her and fucking her with it. Then she gasped and jumped as I touched her clit, hers was just like Sam's, quite big and obvious.

I mounted her, her cunt was now wide open and her love-hole, oozing juice, was waiting for my cock. I took my cock in hand and positioned it pushing gently, the head entered her and she gripped me tight as I pushed it in. It slid right up her, she wasn't as tight as Sam, but nevertheless tight enough to grip my cock nicely. I started fucking, 'How do you like it, Carol' I asked. 'Gentle at first, then you can do it how you like,' she replied. I took her at her word, I knew from Sam that her father was an in and out in a couple of minutes man, I could last as long as I liked. After starting slowly I gradually picked up speed and was soon thrusting hard, her cunt felt great, she was well lubricated and I felt that I couldn't hurt her as I buried my cock in her as hard as I could. Carol was gasping and moaning and came quickly, her cunt tightening on me in a classic orgasm, her fingers digging into my back. 'Oh,' she gasped after the first one, 'more please, I haven't been fucked like this since before I was married!'

I carried on fucking, Sam was masturbating as she watched her mother being fucked by her husdband, I could see how excited it was making her. After a few minutes I had Carol on the plateau and she was cumming more or less continuously. I don't know how long I fucked her for but, after a particularly intense orgasm that wracked her body and left her gasping, she panted, 'Oh, darling, come now, I'm exhausted!' A couple of minutes later I obliged, firing my spunk deep inside her throbbing cunt. She came emitting a long, sobbing, half moan, half scream, then more or less sagged underneath me. I kissed her, 'Like that then, Carol' 'Oh,' she panted, 'you'll never know! I've never been fucked like that before, never had a cock as thick as yours either, it was wonderful. Now I know what it means to feel 'fucked', I'm shattered!' I kissed her again, 'Good, I promise you that it won't be the last time.'

My cock slipped out of her throbbing cunt, as a river of spunk and cunt juice oozed out of her, I rolled off onto my side, still panting. It had been a very good fuck, 'Like mother, like daughter' I thought.

Sam kissed her mother, 'I told you, didn't I Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed it Mum.' She'd had the forethought to produce a towel for us to lie on when she and I fucked, it saved our carpet! After a few minutes we all went and showered, we didn't bother with clothes just got towels from the airing cupboard to sit on. Back in the living room Sam said, 'We've something to show you, haven't we darling' I laughed, 'Oh yes!' I went over to where we had the T.V., I had set up the camcorder beside it, half hidden by a pot-plant we had there. I took the disk out and replaced the porno disk with it in the DVD machine, then I sat back with Sam and turned it on with the remote.

Carol gasped as she saw what we had recorded, to be honest it wasn't terribly good, we hadn't really given any thought as to how to position the camera to get the best view. Nevertheless, it was pretty graphic if not very detailed, no close ups for instance. I knew that I could do a lot better. Carol was glued to the pictures that revealed her having sex. Afterwards I said that I knew I could do better, 'but you have to realise,' I told the others, 'that fucking you, Carol, had to be a complete surprise so I could hardly set it up in the bedroom!'

It was late by the time we got to bed, Sam said, 'Thank you darling, I know Mum just loved it, she hasn't had sex like that for donkey's years, if at all.'

The next day sex seemed to be on the menu from the start, when Carol came down she was wearing her dressing gown with nothing underneath, she came straight to me, 'Thank you so much for last night,' she took my hand and put it between her legs, she'd shaved her cunt. Kissing me again she felt for my cock, 'How soon can I have this lovely thing again' she asked. 'Tell you what, Carol, I'll give Sam a few lessons on how to handle the camcorder then we'll go upstairs and you and I will have as much sex as you want while she films us. How's that' 'Oh, great,' she said, her eyes shining.

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