Dirty Little Secret

Author: Libby Choot
Published: Oct 30, 2008
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My brother went up to his room, and i knew my best bet was to close the curtains in the living room and do it there, as he would be upstairs playing XBox, and my bedroom was next to his.

Ever since I saw my brother wanking, I have wanted to suck him. I saw him moaning over pictures of naked girls, and i got so wet. I fingered myself watching him, and had to bite my lip to stop screaming at the intense orgasm my 18 year-old pussy was having. The next day i couldn't help but look at his big cock. He saw me looking and smiled, but i went red and looked away. Two weeks later, my mom said she was going out for a few hours. I wanted to borrow her vibrator and use it on my little clit, so i needed a good few hours. My brother went up to his room, and i knew my best bet was to close the curtains in the living room and do it there, as he would be upstairs playing XBox, and my bedroom was next to his. So, my mom went out, and assured me it was for at least 3 hours. I got into my school stockings, 3'' heels and lacy panties and bra I had secretly bought from a lingerie store. I put my dressing gown over it and got my moms vibrator. I picked a pocket vibe, as i was still a virgin. I turned the TV up high and spread my legs. I thought about my brother, and his big hard cock as i rubbed my clit with the little pink vibrator. I moaned, louder and louder, and i couldnt help it. It was the most intense orgasm i had ever had in two years of masturbating. I didnt hear my brother come downstairs, but the next thing i knew, he was standing behind me, his cock already hard in his pants. I smiled and he smiled back.

"Would you like to join in" I giggled at him.

"Yeah" he replied, unbuttoning his jeans.

I stood up and walked over to him. Even with heels on, i wasn't as tall as him. i got down on my knees and took hold of his throbbing meat. I had never sucked a cock before, but I put my mouth and sucked his cock the way all the girls in the porn movies on the internet had. My broher seemed to be enjoying it, and he moaned so loud. My pussy was dripping down my legs and my big brother came over my face, his hot come pouring into my mouth.

"My turn" I giggled.

He pulled me up onto my feet and looked at my curvy, slim 18 year old body. "Fuck. You look really hot in that. Hey, are you still a virgin"

"Yeah. The only thing that have been inside me are my fingers."

"Would you like me to pop that cherry of yours, little sis"

I giggled. I didn't need to answer. He pulled me up and layed me on the coffee table. He got on his knees and slapped my inner thighs. I screamed in the pleasure of him teasing me. He licked the juice off my thighs, licking up and down, just missing my pussy, teasing me until i couldn't stand it. I screamed so loud he laughed at me."FUCK ME! FUCK ME NOW!" I was so wet, i wanted to cry if i didn't have something in me soon. He laughed again and took my panties off. He then took off my bra, and flung it onto the floor. HE CUPPED MY SMALL 36A breasts and sucked my nipples. He then took out his still rockhard cock and hit my clit with it. I comed even before he had gone into me. I screamed with pleusure. He then slid his meat into me. It felt so good i had to bite my lips to stop myself screaming again. He started to pound my juicy cunt hard. His rock hard meat banged me until we both came together, again and again until we noticed 3 hours had passed. We quickly tidied uo the ornaments and mugs we had knocked onto the floor during our fucking session. I went upstairs, and he followed me. I lay on the same bed i had had since i was 5, where i had innocently had slumber parties, and he came over to me again and pounded my sweet little pussy until it was sore. It was all worth it. Every time our mom went out, me and my brother fucked and fucked each other, sometimes getting another person to join in......

About: The author of "Dirty Little Secret" is Libby Choot. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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