My Mom Fucks my Pussy

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Published: Nov 2, 2008
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My mom takes my virginity and anal virginity and makes my pussy cum several times for the first time.

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I have a great body with 32 C breasts and a hot thick ass. I'd never tried masturbating before and ive always wondered what it was like to have an orgasm. So one night when my dad and sister were out at a concert and my mom was asleep. I decided to try it out. I was in my bed wearing a bra and panties. When i was sure my mom was asleep i slowly put my hand under the covers and started rubbing my virgin pussy through my panties. After a while my pussy started getting wet and it was feeling great and it was leaving a damp spot on my panties. Then i slipped my hands under my panties and rubbed my slit. Then i slipped my finger in and just about screamed from the pleasure. I quickly put in another finger and slid my fingers in and out and moaned slightly. My pussy was getting so wet my thighs were soaked and my covers were starting to get damp. Then there was a knock on my door. I gasped and to my disappointment slipped my fingers out and pretended to sleep. My mom came in and said Jessica are you awake i opened my eyes and said yes why. She looked at me and said what were you doing. I avoided her eyes and said nothing then she noticed the wet spot on my sheets and she said Jess were you masturbating. I looked down and nodded my head. She walked over and said honey there's nothing to be ashamed of then she put a reassuring hand on my thigh. I don't know why but it got me even more wet. She continued there's nothing wrong with being curious about your body. In fact i first masturbated when i was about your age. You did Oh yea tons, have you already masturbated before this. No this is my first time i wanted to see what it's like. She said well do you promise not to tell your dad. I nodded and said what about. I did this with your sister too so don't worry. She then moved her hand and cupped my little mound through my sheets. My eyes widened and i said mom what are you doing. She kissed me but not the way she normally does. She slipped her tongue between my lips the way she does with my dad. She kept wiggling her tongue in and out while she started rubbing me through the sheets. I moaned loudly and it didn't take long when i came for the first time. It felt so good i screamed and the orgasm wracked my body for many minutes. When it was done i lay there panting with my mom kissing me. My sheets and thighs absolutely drenched with my juices. She smiled and pulled back my sheets and took off my panties and bra she cupped my breasts and sucked on my nipples. She sucked and pinched them for a while and then started kissing her way down. I moaned and said oh yes please make me cum again mommy. When she reached my vagina she sucked and nibbled on my clit and immediately got wet again. I moaned and pinched my own nipples. Then she started slipping her tongue in and out of my pussy making me moan even louder. As my vagina got even more wet my second orgasm came and it felt even better than the first. My thighs clamped on her head as I sprayed my love-juice all in my mom's face. She obediently licked it all up and kissed me so i could have a taste. She then started undressing so i could see her glorious naked body. I giggled as her 36DD tits bounced as she unclasped her bra. I then started breathing heavily as she slipped off her now damp panties. And i got a full view of her bare pussy. She straddled me and put her pussy on top of mine. I whined and said oh please once more. She grinned and started slowly rubbing her vagina against mine. As i heard the squish of our juices mixing i grabbed a handful of her breasts and played with them the way she did to me. After a while i came again and said oh please no more but she wasn't finished. As she started approaching her orgasm she got up and fingered herself over me until she came all over my young hot body. She left but when she came back she had a large purple dildo strapped onto her with a wicked grin. I whined and said please, please no more. She hissed then you should have thought about it when you started masturbating you slut. She slapped me across the breasts and said now take it bitch. I was scared by my mom's sudden change in attitude. She then forcefully spread my legs apart and slowly lead the tip if the rubber dildo to the entrance of my love hole. She then shoved the dildo deep inside me and took away my virginity with one thrust. I screamed out of pain as she fucked my brains out once in a while slapping my pussy or breasts. When i came again she took the dildo out and shoved it into my mouth i sucked my cum off the rubber dong and whined. She then flipped me over so i was on my stomach. Then she spread my ass cheeks open and placed the tip at my ass hole. I said please no i heard it hurts. She slapped my ass as i screamed in pain she said stop complaining. She then grabbed a handful of my ass and shoved the dildo in ignoring my screams of pain and protest as she took my anal virginity as well. As she ripped the inside of my ass hole apart i started rubbing my sore pussy until i came hard for the fifth time. She got off the bed as i passed out from the pain and pleasure and slapped my ass as she looked at my red and cum soaked body. She smiled and went back to bed to masturbate herself several times at the thought of fucking me senseless.

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