My Sisters Gangbang

Author: Homealone_447
Published: Nov 3, 2008
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I searched for the porn pictures I had stored in the computer and opened the first one. It was a picture of a beautiful teenager, with black hair and blue eyes, sitting fully dressed on a sofa with five guys sitting and standing around her, also fully clothed.

Chapter one

My name is Mark. I am 22 years old and I live in a big house uptown with my two sisters. Our parents died in an accident two years ago, leaving me in charge of the family. Our uncles offered to let us move in with them, but we refused to leave our home. My sisters and I were very close even before the accident and now more than ever. I am a couple years older than Tracy and Kelly is the youngest. Both girls are very pretty and sexy. I admit that in the last few months, as I'd watched them go around the house wearing only t-shirts or nightgowns, I had wondered what they would look like naked, or how would it feel to touch their soft bodies. I never suspected that my opportunity to find out was in the very near future.

It all started when I was walking past Kelly's room and I heard some quiet moaning coming from inside. I could easily imagine what was going on and I carefully opened the door. My little sister was lying on her bed completely naked, fondling her pussy with one hand and rubbing her tits with the other. She was unaware of my presence; completely drowned in her senses.

I stood there quietly for a while, admiring her beautiful body. Her skin looked so smooth and tender. She was thin and her breasts were rather small but they had a shape and size just right for her frame. Her ass was another thing; it was perfectly round with no tan lines. With this magnificent body, combined with her angelical face, she had nothing to envy from any magazine model. I walked out careful not to make any noise and closed the door.

Twenty minutes later her room door opened and she walked out dressed in a long t-shirt, white panties and nothing else. She walked down the stairs and joined me in the living room to watch TV. She had a look of satisfaction in her face.

"Hi!" she said.

I just smiled back at her. As I changed the channels, I stopped at FTV channel (fashion TV) and there were some teenage models posing in bikinis on a beautiful beach. They looked gorgeous, of course, but no better that my young sister, so I asked her,

"Have you ever considered becoming a model"

"What Me A model" she asked back.

"Sure! Those girls look no better than you."

"Do you think so That would be really cool! Travel to all those places for free!"

Then I said, "Hey, I just bought a digital camera, would you like me to take some pictures of you Later we can load them in my computer and put them in a slideshow, so you can watch yourself posing like a model".

"Yes! Lets do it!" she said excitedly.

"Ok. Follow me"

My sister Tracy was out for the weekend so Kelly and I had the house to ourselves. We went to my room and I pulled my camera out of its case.

"Stand near the window," I said.

She walked in a sexy way, looking back at me. She leaned on the window, smiling at the camera and lifted her left calf a little bit. I started taking pictures. Her sensual moves and positions were turning me on.

"You look beautiful. Nice butt" I said. She felt ashamed and looked down. "Come on! If you want to become a model you have to be shameless. Make love to the camera!"

She just giggled and said, "Ok".

"Why don't you change your clothes Put on something sexy."

"What should I wear" she asked.

"Anything you want."

She ran to her room and after a few minutes she came back wearing a white blouse and a short skirt with black shoes.

"Now, let's take some pictures of you on the bed" I said.

She sat on the bed and I started shooting away, "Move your hands over your body".

"What" she said surprised by my request.

"Move your hands like the models we just saw on TV."

She hesitated for a second but then she started to slide her hands over her legs and arms. I kept taking pictures and let her move at her own pace. Then, she moved one hand over one of her breasts and closed her eyes.

"Yes! Like that! This is perfect!" I said loudly.

This seemed to loosen her shyness a little because then she began to caress both of her tits and looked to the camera with very sexy eyes.

"Wow! You were born for this!" I said and she gave me a big smile.

I noticed she was not wearing a bra so I said, "Undo the top buttons of your blouse."

She did it without hesitation. She unbuttoned not just the top but all of them. Her blouse was still tucked into her skirt so her naked breasts were just barely visible as she moved from one position to the other. This was incredibly sexy and I was really horny.

"Lift your skirt a little bit," I said.

My young sister was obviously excited too, because she lifted her skirt almost all the way to her panties. I took pictures of her perfect legs. "You have the most beautiful legs I have ever seen," I told her.

"You mean it" She asked.

"Sure. Let me see them with more light. Why don't you take off your skirt"

She hesitated for a second, but then she pulled it down to her feet and a second later, she was standing in front of me wearing just her white panties and her open blouse.

"You are so damned beautiful. Now lay on the bed and keep moving," I said.

She did as told and with her blouse now opened freely, her creamy white breasts became fully exposed as she shifted from one position to the other. I didn't waste the opportunity and captured everything on the camera's memory.

After a long while we both got tired and finished the session.

"Did you like being a model" I asked.

"I loved it! Let's look at the pictures!" she answered.

I downloaded all the pictures to the computer and set them up in a slide show, ready to be displayed sequentially, after hitting the enter-key. Kelly glowed with enchantment as she watched herself semi-naked on the screen.

"Ok. That's it for today. Maybe we can do it again tomorrow".

That night I could not stop thinking of that gorgeous young body posing only for me. One question was going through my head and I didn't know the answer to it... Given the opportunity, would I be capable of fucking my own sister Well, it didn't matter anyway because the chances of that happening were very remote... weren't they

That night I looked at the pictures over and over and I ended up jerking off so I could catch some sleep. But I was not the only one. When I went for a glass of water and passed outside my sister's room, I again heard moaning coming from the inside. I felt an irresistible urge to peek inside but the house was too quiet and I was afraid that she would catch me this time, so I didn't. I listened to her moans until she finished and then continued my way to the kitchen.

The next afternoon, after Kelly arrived from school, she knocked on my door.

"Can I see the pictures again" she asked timidly.

"Sure, come in," I said. "I don't have another chair but you can sit on my lap."

"Ok," she responded gladly.

When she sat over me, I could smell her delicious perfume and that made my dick swell noticeably. I though that maybe having her sit on my lap was not such a good idea after all, since she could easily feel me getting hard inside my pants.

I started to display the pictures at random order, pausing longer on the most revealing ones. Kelly looked at each picture and then looked at me each time with such an angelic face that I felt the urge to throw her to the bed and fuck her brains out right there.

"Mark, do you really think I'm pretty" Kelly asked.

"You are not only pretty, you're gorgeous," I said.

Kelly smiled and gave me a big kiss on the cheek while she put her arms around my neck. Then she rested her head on my shoulder and I took the chance to put my hand on her thigh. Then, with her head still resting on my shoulder she asked,

"Mark, what's a gangbang"

I was taken by surprise by her question and I only responded, "Why do you want to know that"

"Well, when I asked my friend Laura if she was still a virgin, she told me that she wasn't and that she had even participated in a gangbang with her boyfriend and other guys. I had no idea what Laura was talking about so I changed the subject," Kelly responded.

"Well," I said, "a gangbang is when a girl has sex with several guys at the same time"

"What Do you mean one right after the other" she asked.

"No, I mean at the same time," I responded.

"But, how do you do that" she asked.

"I have some pictures of a gangbang if you want to watch how it's done," I said.

"Yes! Show me!" she said agitatedly.

I searched for the porn pictures I had stored in the computer and opened the first one. It was a picture of a beautiful teenager, with black hair and blue eyes, sitting fully dressed on a sofa with five guys sitting and standing around her, also fully clothed.

"First answer me something. Have you seen a naked man before" I asked Kelly.

"Of course. I've seen pictures in some dirty magazines that my friends brought to school".

"Ok. Be ready then, because you are going to see really hot pictures now."

Kelly nibbled her lower lip and nodded, turning her face to the screen.

I started displaying the pictures. The first ones showed the teen sucking the guys' dicks while being fuck by one guy at a time. Kelly had her eyes wide open and glued to the screen. Meanwhile, I inadvertently moved my hand over her slim thighs and squeezed them softly. She moved her hand on top of mine as a sign of approval.

When I displayed a picture of one guy penetrating the teen's anus, Kelly gasped.

"Is... is he... entering her ass" Kelly asked truly amazed.

"Yes, a lot of girls like to be fucked in the ass," I responded.

"Wooow," was all she said.

The next pictures showed two guys fucking the girl in her ass and pussy at the same time while she sucked another one. By now, Kelly was breathing deeper than normal and was moving very uneasily on my lap. She was squeezing my hand as I caressed her upper leg. I moved slightly closer to her pussy.

Then, I displayed a picture of one guy shooting his load in the teen's open mouth. Kelly gasped again. The following pictures showed the girl getting her face and mouth filled with cum and Kelly was practically hypnotized by the show.

I moved my hand a bit more until I reached her panties and touched her pussy with the back of my fingers. Kelly unconsciously closed her legs, trapping my hand between them.

She moaned as she buried her head in my shoulder and I started to rub her gently over the silky material of her underwear. Her breathing became heavy and started to pant as she opened her legs allowing me to caress her pussy. I could feel her slit and pouting cunt lips getting wet from my touch. In less than a minute, she clamped my hand again within her thighs and squeezed me hard as she started to cum. Her body contorted on my lap for a few seconds. Her eyes half open, only the white visible. When it was over, it took her a few seconds to regain control of herself. Then she looked a little ashamed at me and said,

"Mmmmh, this is the first time this has happened to me. I mean... with a man", she said, "I've only come before when I used my own fingers... and it is not the same."

"Did you like it" I asked.

"It's the best feeling I've ever felt," she responded.

"Let's take some more pictures", I suggested. "We'll continue where we finished yesterday."

"Yes!" she screamed happily.

"Take off your skirt and open your blouse." I said. She did as told and soon enough she was again posing half naked before me.

"Open your blouse for the camera" I commanded.

She hesitated for a second but then she showed her beautiful bared breasts as she moved around the room and posed over the bed. A few minutes later she pulled off her blouse completely and laughed like a little girl that just had misbehaved.

"Ok, let's lose those panties", I suggested.

This time she objected and said "No, not my panties. I feel too embarrassed to do that..."

"Come on, honey. Do it or we will never do this again!"

She thought about it for a moment and with one swift move, she pulled her panties down to the floor.

"Great, lay on the bed and show me what you've got".

I shot flashes like crazy, getting close ups of her bubble butt and her pink cunt.

"Now we are being really naughty," Kelly said while she looked at the camera with a grin.

I dropped the camera aside and moved closer to her. She just stayed there looking at me, with her legs partly opened. I grabbed her legs by her knees and started to slide my hand up along calves and thighs. She gasped softly. I touched her pussy lips with my finger, which made her buck her hips and gasp again. Then, I slid my finger the length of her slit until I reached her tiny hole and pressed delicately, penetrating just to the first knuckle. She moaned hard and threw her head back. I pulled back and the pushed in again. As I started to finger fuck her, she lifted her head and torso, resting on her elbows and looked directly into my eyes. Her hips were now moving in sync with my finger and increasing the pace slowly. Soon after, she got a glazed look in her eyes and started cumming again, harder than the previous time. She plunged back on the bed as her climax took control of her body. She shivered and convulsed with the powerful waves of passion traveling up and down her spine. Then, it slowly faded away.

"Now its my turn," I said as I stood up near the bed and took my cock out of my pants.

As Kelly came back from heaven, she sat on the bed in front of me and just stayed there marvelling, staring at my huge hard-on.

"Give me your hand," I said.

I took her hand, made her grab my shaft and then showed her how to wank me off. She began to masturbate me, never taking her eyes off my phallus.

"Why don't you kiss it" I said as I moved forward, closer to her face.

Kelly looked up at me with her angel eyes and then looked back at my shaft.

"Come on. Kiss it!" I said again.

She leaned forward and gave me a soft kiss at the tip, retreating her head immediately.

"Again!" I said.

She leaned and kissed me again. This time she stayed a little bit longer with her lips resting on my dick.

"Now lick it," I said. She pulled out her tongue and licked my cock in the most seductive way I have ever seen.

After a few slight touches with her tongue, I said, "Open your mouth and put it in".

After a short pause and a gentle push from me on the back of her head, my cock slipped between her lips while she moaned with pleasure. Her mouth felt so warm.

"Now suck it deeper," I said as I pulled her head harder towards me.

She looked up at me with pure joy in her eyes and that made me almost shoot my load right there.

Suddenly, she pulled my dick out and asked, "Are we going to do it like the pictures"

"What" I said.

"Are you going to spray it in my mouth" She asked.

"Do you want me to" I responded.

"Yes! Do it"

That said, I pushed my dick back in her mouth and started fucking her face. At times, I pushed so hard that the head of my cock slammed in the back of her throat but it didn't seem to bother her at all, which really surprised me since most girls gag even if they are used to giving blowjobs. Kelly was a natural.

I kept fucking her face hard. Her saliva was drooling to the floor and loud squishy sounds filled the room. Then, I felt the familiar tickle in my balls and I said, "Get ready, baby... I'm your mouth..."

I pulled my cock out and aimed my first shot right to the center of her open mouth. This caught Kelly by surprise, which closed it for a moment but she opened wide again just in time to receive the second shot. Some sperm landed on her upper lip and on her right cheek. Then I put my cock back inside as I released the rest of my load. Kelly closed her lips tightly around my shaft, moaning, her eyes wide open looking at my belly. Her tongue gently caressed the underside of my cock while I discharged the last drops in her warm cavity.

I stayed in her mouth almost a minute after I finished cuming and Kelly kept sucking hard on me, like she was trying to milk out more of the gooey sperm. Finally I pushed her away softly and she looked up at me with 'I love you' eyes. I noticed that my entire load of cum was still churning inside her mouth and I told her to spit it out on her hand. She did and some of it dribbled down her chin and onto her chest. She looked up at me again, not sure of what to do. I told her to go to the bathroom and clean up.

When she came back, she threw her arms around me and held me tight, "I love you!" she just said.

After that night I set my mind on a mission; I was going to fuck both my sisters, no matter the consequences or how long it took.

Chapter two

The next day, I came back from work and everything was oddly quiet. Usually there was sound coming from the TV or the stereo. I saw the light turned on in my room and went upstairs to see what was going on. I stopped at the door and looked at Kelly sitting in front of my computer and Tracy was kneeling on the carpeted floor just beside her. They were looking attentively at the monitor and even though I couldn't see what they were watching, I had a good idea of what it was. The computer is on the opposite wall from the door so they didn't see me nor hear me when I walked in and stood right behind them.

"Look at the size of that dick!" Tracy said, "I don't think I could ever fit that thing inside me!"

"That girl seems to be enjoying it very much," Kelly responded without taking her eyes off the screen.

"Hi girls!" I said noisily.

"Ahhhh!" Kelly screamed.

"Shit!! Idiot! You scared me!" Tracy said as she jumped on her feet.

"What are you watching" I asked mockingly.

Tracy looked at the screen and immediately blushed. Kelly just looked back at me and gave me a wicked smile.

"We were... Kelly..." Tracy said nervously.

"Relax," I said, "If you want to see porn, look at the good stuff. Move over," I said to Kelly as I pushed her gently off the chair.

She stood up while I sat down and then she sat back on my lap. She was just wearing a t-shirt that barely reached her legs. Tracy looked at Kelly for a second with a startled expression on her face but quickly looked back at the screen as I grabbed the mouse and played a movie that I had stored on the hard-drive.

The movie started with one beautiful girl taking off her clothes like a stripper and then two already naked guys joined her on the scene. The girl began deepthroating their dicks in turns. She really could take several inches down her throat. My sisters were hypnotized watching the screen and Tracy knelt back on the carpet. I turned up the volume on the speakers to make it more impressive for them. After a few minutes, the actors were banging the woman as hard as they could. I moved my arm around Kelly's waist and rested my hand in her lap, very close to her pussy. Tracy didn't notice this. But I did notice that Tracy was already breathing deeper than normal. More minutes passed and Kelly was slowly rubbing her legs together.

Kelly grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy. I started to caress her cunt lips through her panties. She jerked and gasped at the feeling of my finger caressing her clit. This time, Tracy did notice my actions on Kelly. She watched, eyes wide open, as I slid my finger up and down Kelly's tiny panties. Kelly had her eyes closed and her head tilted toward me. I pretended I was watching the movie. Tracy was speechless, unable to decide what to say or what to do.

More minutes passed. Tracy was still frozen in her place watching my hand work on Kelly. My younger sister was now panting openly and when I sensed that she was about to cum, I stopped. I wanted her to be as horny as possible for my next move. I lifted Kelly from my lap and made her kneel on the floor right next to Tracy. I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled out my already hard cock. I was not as big as the guys on the movie but my size was nothing to complain about. As soon as my dick popped out in front of Kelly, she jumped forward and engulfed it in her mouth. Tracy gasped in shock and said,

"Kelly!!... What are you..."

Tracy looked up at me and looked back at Kelly. She stared at her little sister sucking my cock, as the sounds from the movie heated up. Kelly was slurping on my cock like crazy.

After two or three minutes, Kelly stopped moving and then she started shaking. I couldn't believe she was cuming just by sucking my dick. I pulled out from Kelly's mouth and put it in front of Tracy.

"Now you do it!" I said to Tracy.

My cock was no more than three inches from her face. Tracy was stunned, confused and still frozen, staring at my dick. She couldn't let her little sister be more experienced than her. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her closer to me. She resisted for a second but then, she opened her mouth and I watched my rod slip between her red lips.

That was one of the happiest moments of my life. I had my two hot sisters sexually involved with me for the first time. I knew I still had a long way to go but the first step was taken and the rest would be easy.

Kelly recovered from her climax and was back in action, licking my balls and the part of my cock that was left out of Tracy's mouth. Tracy sucked me hard for a while until she took my cock out to catch her breath. Kelly seized the opportunity and replaced her. I started to fuck her face hard like the day before, slamming to the back of her throat. Tracy was amazed to watch her younger sister suck my dick so wildly. I couldn't hold it any longer and I yelled "I'm cuming!!" as I pulled out my cock.

Kelly opened her mouth waiting for her prize. I blasted my first load in her mouth. Then, I aimed my cock at Tracy and blasted my second shot on her face. The sperm hit her on her nose and lips. This took her off guard and made her flinch but she reacted fast and opened her mouth just in time to receive the third shot on her tongue. I moved again and put my cock in Kelly's waiting mouth to let the last drops of cum pour inside.

As I pulled out my softening dick, Kelly spit the semen on her hand. Tracy watched this and did the same. The Kelly gave her a big smile, stood up and grabbed her sister by her arm. They walked together to the bathroom to clean up.

"We will do this again very soon," I said as they left the room. I knew that Tracy had not climaxed yet and she was still very horny. I was planning to take advantage of it that same night.

* * *

Later that night, I was sitting in the living room watching TV and planning how to approach Tracy in her bedroom to screw her brains out. I knew she was not a virgin, so once I had her going again, she would be all mine, all the way.

I heard someone coming from behind the sofa. It was Tracy. She walked around the couch and sat on the other end. She had her hair wet and she was wearing a white bathrobe that had belonged to our dad.

"Mark" she said, "I don't think we should do that know... what we did upstairs".

"Why" I asked.

"Well, it's not right. I don't think our father would ever approve it," she responded.

"Our father is not here!" I responded harshly.

She remained quiet for a while and then she started crying.

I moved close to her and held her, "I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. Don't cry".

She wrapped her arms around me and sank her head on my chest. Then I said to her "I think mom and dad wanted us to be close to each other and that's the way we will always be. Always!"

She held me tighter. I put my hand on the sides of her face and kissed her on the forehead, then on her nose and then on her lips, very soft and just for a second. We stared at each other for a moment and then she reached up and kissed me passionately. I immediately slipped my tongue in her mouth and she responded equally. I reached for her breasts and realized that she was wearing nothing beneath the robe. As I caressed her hardening nipples, she moaned in my mouth. Then I moved my hand down her body and found her clitoris, which made her break the kiss and gasp with pleasure. I kissed her neck and further down to her breasts, sucking her nipples gently, increasing her excitement. Then I licked her flat belly until I reached her pussy. She arched her back and screamed in delight as I nibbled her swollen clit with my lips.

Tracy was crying with pleasure and her hips were moving up and down furiously as I inserted my tongue in her vagina as deeply as possible while I rubbed her clit with my fingers. She grabbed my head with both hands trying to pull me closer to her. By the sound of her breathing I knew her orgasm was close. I moved my other hand below her ass and rubbed the tight entry of her anus with my thumb, which made her jerk with amazement. Then, I inserted my whole fat finger in her rectum and she stopped moving completely. Tracy slowly lifted her head from the couch and I saw her eyes glazed in bliss. She had a violent spasm as she threw her head back. Then another spasm and another. Her legs were shaking uncontrollably, her pelvis buck up and down, pushing my face along. I tried to remain stuck to her clitoris as her orgasm reached its peak and then slowly faded away. Finally, she let her body fall back on the cushion, completely exhausted, one of her arms hanging from one side of the couch. She was breathing heavily with her eyes vacant, staring into the ceiling.

I moved over her body and kissed her on the lips. She barely kissed me back, still recuperating from her tremendous orgasm. My cock was hard as a rock and I started to rub it along her well-lubricated slit. I put the head of my cock directly at her opening and looked into my sister's eyes. She looked back at me. I entered her tight cavity, slowly but steadily, and she rolled her eyes as she moaned. When I had my entire cock completely inside her, I stayed there for a moment and then pulled almost all the way out, just to push back in until reaching bottom. Then again, and again. I started to pump her in a steady rhythm and she just gasped with every stroke. Her arm was still limp to one side; her whole body was motionless, just laying there for my pleasure. I could only see the white of her half closed eyes. I pumped, she gasped. This went on for several minutes.

As my rhythm began to pick up, she started to moan again. Then, I felt her legs wrapped along mine. Her hips began to move opposite to mine and finally her arms moved around my back and she started to mumble..."Ahh...ahh...ahh...oh god...yes..."

I fuck her in the same position for several minutes until I got tired and decided to change. I pulled away from my sister and help her stand up. I told her to kneel on the carpet and rest her arms on the seat of the couch so I could fuck her from behind. She did as told and as she leaned over the couch, she grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them apart, offering to me her wet and open pussy. I didn't need further invitation, so I went down to my knees and jammed my dick as deep as I could, making her scream with joy. I grabbed her hips and begin pumping her again fast and hard.

While I was doing this, I saw a shadow move in front of me. It was Kelly. She must have heard her sister's bliss and she wanted to be part of the action. She walked around the couch and stood right next to me. I slid my hand along her inner thigh and started rubbing her slit.

"Sit on the couch, baby," I ordered her.

She sat almost in front of Tracy, and I leaned forward inserting one finger in her pussy, which made her shudder. Tracy looked up and she saw her little sister sitting just beside where she was leaning. She saw my finger going in and out of Kelly's pussy and she put her hand over mine, like encouraging me to keep doing it. Since I was kneeling behind Tracy, Kelly's pussy was almost too far away from me and this position was a little uncomfortable. Then, I had an idea and said,

"Kelly, sit in front Tracy."

Kelly moved a little to her left while Tracy lifted her head to accommodate her. Once Kelly was in place, Tracy dove between Kelly's legs and started licking her pussy. Every time I smashed Tracy from behind, she buried her face between our little sister's legs. It was almost surreal.

I licked one of my thumbs and after rubbing Tracy's anus for a moment, I pushed it all the way into her asshole. Tracy screamed.

"Ahgg... yes... yes...I love this!"

"Do you want me to fuck your ass, baby" I asked.

"Yes...fuck my ass!" Tracy said, too excited to think straight. I pulled out of her pussy and aimed my cock at her tight asshole. I began pushing until the head popped in.

"Ummfff...yea..h...god..." Tracy mumbled.

Kelly was gasping and holding her sister's head clamped to her pussy, but she couldn't take her eyes off my cock penetrating her sister's ass. I pushed harder and my dick went a few inches deeper. I pulled out a bit and then pushed in again until I was buried all the way to my balls. I pulled out and in again. The resistance disappeared little by little and Tracy started to moan and gasp as I pumped rhythmically inside her, slamming my balls over her pussy every time.

I saw Kelly's legs shaking as she reached an orgasm and her body jolted with spasms. Her glassy eyes were still fixed on my cock pulling in and out of Tracy's ass, but her brain was only registering the waves of pleasure coming from her wet, contracting pussy. Then, Tracy began to contort too as her climax took control of her body. She had to support herself on Kelly's legs to avoid failing to the carpet. I felt her ass twitching around my dick and this was too much for me. I exploded inside her, bursting a gallon of semen inside her rectum, or so I thought because I kept cuming longer than ever.

As I came back to my senses, I pulled my softening cock out my sister and Kelly was already sitting on the floor beside me, waiting to put it in her mouth and suck off my fluid. She was a little disappointed to see that I had already cum inside her sister, but then, the most incredible thing happened. Tracy's slightly open anus began to leak some cum, which dribbled down to her pussy. Kelly noticed this and pushing me away, she leaned over and buried her face in Tracy's ass. She locked her mouth to her sister's anus and started to suck the sperm out. My young sister had become a real cum freak! And Tracy was certainly enjoying the ride as Kelly pushed her tongue as deep inside her sister as she could, sending small jolts of pleasure while Tracy's orgasm subsided.

The three of us ended the session lying on the rug completely exhausted. After a while, I got up, kissed both my sisters and walked to my room like nothing had happened.

Chapter three

The next day, I came down for breakfast and Tracy was sitting on the kitchen table. "Good morning," I said, "how are you today"

"My ass hurts," she said calmly.

"Oops... sorry," I responded.

"Don't be. It was really worth it," she said. Then she got up, kissed me on the lips and walked up the stairs, looking back at me with a wicked grin. I was angry that I had to leave for work.

I came back as early as possible that afternoon. Again the house was really quiet and I went directly to my room. As expected, there was Kelly, looking at the porn pictures and caressing her breasts. I walked in and when she saw me, she said with excitement,

"I can't believe this... How can this girl handle all those guys at the same time!"

"Ha, ha... you need to learn first how to handle one guy!" I responded.

"That's why I have you," she responded boldly.

"You got that right," I said back, "Speaking of which, what are you waiting for to get naked" I added.

"Now" she asked.

"Yes, now. Better yet, take your clothes off for me like a stripper. I'll put the music on and you dance," I said to Kelly.

"Ok!! Let's do it," she said.

I put the song Black Velvet on the computer and pumped up the volume. I lay on my bed and Kelly walked to the middle of the room where she began to dance slowly, rubbing her hands all over her body. She was wearing a black top and tight, low-rise blue jeans. I don't know where she learned, but the girl can dance like a pro. She was moving her body in the sexiest possible way and as she turned her back to me, she took off her top and threw it to the bed. Then she began to unbutton her jeans as she turned again to face me, showing her beautiful, small breasts. Her nipples were fully erect, begging to be touched. She pulled down her jeans and stepped out of them, leaving only her tiny pink panties on. She walked around the bed and stood only three feet away from me. She licked one finger and rubbed her pussy through the delicate fabric.

By then, I had taken all my clothes off and I was naked on the bed. Kelly was staring at my hard-on and licking her lips. Then, she looked back at my face and pulled her panties off, very slowly. Wow! She had shaved off all her pubic hair and was completely bald and clean, just like the woman she had seen in the gangbang pictures. I could even see her love fluids already moistening her pussy.

I could wait no more. I grabbed her by the waist and threw her on the bed. I was going to take my little sister's virginity and I knew she wanted that more that anything in the world. Skipping any kind of foreplay, I hopped on top of her and without any warning I sank my cock to the bottom of her pussy. Kelly screamed in ecstasy and arched her back as she felt my hot rod fill her completely for the first time. Pain mixed with pleasure but she had waited too long to complain. She wrapped her legs around me and clenched her nails to my back. I pumped her hard and fast, ramming her tight cavity like there was no tomorrow. After only a few minutes of hard fucking, she began to buck and contort beneath me. She was cuming like crazy, breathing in short gasps, with her belly smashing against mine on every spasm. She arched her back while her pussy clasped on my cock, milking it. When her climax passed, she let her feeble arms fall on the mattress. I continued fucking her, a little slower now, enjoying every second while she started to moan again, barely conscious.

Her pussy was a waterfall of fluids; my dick was splashing inside and the sound of it made me crazy. I kept fucking her for ten more minutes until I felt my balls ready to explode and I said in my sister's ear, "I'm cuming baby, get ready".

"Ummmhh... yesss..." she muttered back.

When I was about to burst, I got off my sister and pulled her off of the bed, letting her sit on the floor, "Open your mouth!" I said.

Kelly eagerly leaned forward and swallowed my dick as deep as she could. I could feel the tip of my cock touching the back of her throat. I pulled her head even closer to me as I shot my first load. She wrapped her arms around my ass and I shot the second load, still buried deep inside her mouth. Then a third and so on until I had no more to give. Kelly was breathing through her nose and refused to give up an inch of my cock. She was moving her tongue all around my shaft inside her mouth and it felt incredible. She started to move her mouth along my dick trying to keep it hard and it worked!

She kept sucking me for a few minutes until I was hard as a rock again. A stream of cum was trickling out of her lips and dripping to her firm breasts.

I lifted my young sister from the floor and we moved back to the bed. This time I try to take things a little bit slower. I kissed her passionately on the lips while I gently caressed her breasts. On the contrary, Kelly grabbed my lower back and pulled me against her body, urging me to penetrate her again. I aimed my cock to her warm pussy and slowly pushed forward, inch by inch, until I was again completely inside of her. I was looking right into Kelly's eyes and she was looking back at me. She needed no words. We both were in heaven. I rolled over onto my back and brought her on top of me.

"Sit on my cock" I ordered her, "Like they do in the pictures".

Her face lit up and she straddled me with a big smile on her face. She was going to do everything that she had seen on the computer screen so many times.

"Now move up and down".

She began to ride my dick, moving on top of me like an expert. I guess all those hours she spent watching my porn movies really paid off. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them softly, this made her moan hard and increased the pace of her moves. After a while fucking this way, Kelly told me between gasps,

"Fuck me... like you fucked...Tracy... yesterday".

"You mean in your ass" I asked.

"," she said gasping.

"Ok... but you will do it yourself," I responded.

I made Kelly stand up over me, facing my feet. Then I told her to sit down on my dick very slowly. When her pussy was inches from my lubricated cock, I aimed to her anus. She continued to move down until my cock touched her small opening and she stopped.

"Relax," I said, "Let it go inside you. It will hurt just for a moment"

She moved her arms back to support her weight on my chest and I grabbed her hips. Then, she resumed her movement down until the head of my cock slip past her sphincter. She gasped and stopped again. I pulled her down and she let herself go. Inch by inch my hard dick assaulted her insides until it disappeared completely inside her rectum and her ass cheeks rested on my pelvis.

I pushed her up until my cock almost slid out and then let her fall all the way down. This was too much for her and her arms gave up letting her upper body plunge on my chest, with the back of her head resting on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her slim body and began rocking her, pumping her anus hard and steady. She started to moan in no time. As I stroked her, she clenched the sheets and screamed in delight. Her asshole was so tight that it didn't take long for me to be ready for another explosion. "I'm cuming baby. I'm gonna cum inside you. I'll fill your body with my warm milk".

"Yessss... ahhhhhh...yes..." she arched her back and her own climax rolled over her.

I spurted at the same time she came. She milked my dick like a giant vacuum. Her anus constricted around my shaft every time a spasm ripped through her body. This was the best fuck ever. After we were both done, we stayed in the same position for several minutes. When I finally caught my breath, I asked my baby sister:

"Did you like it"

I got no answer. "Kelly, did you hear me"

Still no answer. She had passed out, overwhelmed by the extreme experience.

Chapter four

A few weeks passed and my sisters and I had become very active lovers. Some days we had a quick fuck before breakfast and others we had long sex sessions during the night. The weekends were the best. We stayed home all day walking around naked and enjoying each other as much as possible. Tracy turned out to be also a fan of swallowing my cum.

During this time, Kelly had become more and more curious about the gangbang issue. She clearly was craving sex with more than one man. I wasn't sure how to help her satisfy that desire, until one day Kelly approached me with a paper in her hand. She showed it to me and said,

"I want to do this. I need to!"

It was a printed picture of a girl being fucked by three guys at the same time.

"Are you serious about this" I asked.

"Very serious" she responded. Then she looked at me with her puppy-eyes and added, "pleeeease..."

"Ok, ok... I'll see what I can do," I told her.

She just bit her lower lip, took the picture from my hand and walked away strutting her ass.

I had some friends that could help me fulfill Kelly's fantasy but I didn't want them to know that I was fucking my sisters, so I had to think about it carefully.

By the next day I had the perfect plan. My work friends didn't know I had sisters so I was going to tell them that next Saturday was my birthday and I was going to throw a party with two strippers. They would be hired to service anyone that showed up. I explained my idea to my sisters and Tracy was not really convinced about doing it, but Kelly was so excited by the whole thing that Tracy just had to say yes. The next day, I told my friends about the "party" and they were more than willing to go for it.

Saturday morning I bought some cases of beer and a few snacks. My sisters went out shopping for clothes and by early afternoon we were all set up.

The doorbell rang for the first time of the night and my sisters ran for the back door to change clothes in the garage and hide for a while. I opened the door and there were my friends Michael and Keith, with two other guys that I had never seen before. Keith was pretty much like me in size. Michael and his friends were black and well built. He was over six feet tall and his friends were almost as big. Twenty minutes later the doorbell rang again end it was Kevin, David and another unknown guy.

Ten minutes later there was someone else at the door. It was Kelly and Tracy pretending they had just arrived.

"Hey! The strippers are here!" I shouted.

My sisters walked in like true pros. They stepped forward very confident and smiling at everyone. The seven guys in the living room could not believe their eyes. There were two extremely gorgeous angels dressed to kill and ready to please the crowd. Kevin walked close to me and said,

"Were the hell did you find these girls They look like supermodels!"

Then Michael joined us and said, "You most have spent a fortune dude!"

"Just enjoy the party guys! I hired them for the whole night," I said to them.

The doorbell rang again and there were the rest of the guys from work. Ben, Artie, Jeremy, Sam and three other unknowns. It seems that everybody brought unexpected friends. I began to worry a little for my slim sisters but there was no turning back now. When Tracy and Kelly looked at the new gang walking in, they looked at each other with wide-open eyes and Kelly laughed nervously.

We all drank a few beers, including my sisters. And we all chatted for a while like at a usual party, pretending not to stare at the gorgeous teen bodies walking around the living room. My sisters were making up stories about how they got involved in the life of "sin", and the guys believed every word they said. Then I walked to the center of the room and announced loudly,

"Ok everybody! The show must begin! Let the dancers do their thing!"

"Yeahh!! Let the show begin!!!" Everyone cheered and screamed, anxious to see the girls naked.

My sisters had their show well planned. They put a CD in the stereo and moved to the center of the room. Then, they started to dance with each other to semi-slow but rhythmic music. They were rubbing their bodies and licking their lips very sensually. Then Tracy got closer to Kelly and pulled up her top, leaving my younger sister wearing a very small lace bra. Then Kelly did the same to Tracy. They danced a little more, proceeding to the removal of their skirts.

Every time a piece of clothing flew off, there was cheering and screaming from the guys. My sisters kept the show going until they were completely naked, dancing and rubbing each other's bodies. I had seen my sisters naked many times before but this was hotter than hell. All of the guys were practically drooling over the sexy show.

I decided that was enough dancing and I pulled a footstool to the center of the living room and sat on it.

"Ok girls. Let's sex this up".

Kelly took the initiative and drooped to her knees, hurrying to undo my pants and taking out my already hard dick. I was a little embarrassed with all the guys looking at me but once Kelly sank her mouth on my cock, all the shame vanished. She sucked my dick for a minute until Tracy knelt beside Kelly and "stole" my shaft from her sister. They kept sucking me for a while and some of the guys pulled out their cocks and got closer.

Then I said, "Ok guys, I don't think it's fair for the girls that we are all dressed up and they are naked so, everybody, get naked now!"

In a matter of seconds all fourteen guys were totally nude. My sisters stopped their work on me and looked around the room, marveled of all those cocks surrounding them.

"Oh, God..." It was all Tracy could say.

Kelly couldn't take her eyes off the parade of swinging cocks displayed in front of her with different sizes and colors, some of them already fully erect and some well on the way

The guys pulled another footstool to the center of the living room to make an improvised small bed. I laid over it and told Kelly to sit on top of me. She obediently climbed up and slowly sat down letting my dick penetrate her warm pussy. She was already dripping wet and I slid easily to the bottom of her cavity. Michael moved closer to her face and she grabbed his large cock, putting it in her mouth. Her delicate lips could barely fit around that huge piece of meat but she moved her hands around his butt and pulled him closer, deeper inside her, until he was banging the back of her throat.

Tracy knelt over the couch straddling one of Michael's friends while Keith was standing in front of her with his dick buried in her mouth. Ben and Artie were standing to each side of Tracy fondling her ass and breasts. I had to take some pictures of that. I pushed Kelly up and told her to lie back on the footstools. I told Michael that it was his turn to mount her. He didn't think twice and moved on top of her, inserting his long shaft in my little sister's cunt. Kelly screamed, feeling her tight pussy stretched to the max. When he began to pump her, she wrapped her legs and arms around him and began to pant and moan madly.

A walk toward the stairs and Jeremy asked, "Where are you going dude"

"I'm gonna get my camera" I responded,

"Cool!! I will want copies of that!"

When I came back, Michael was still banging Kelly. She had her head hanging from the edge of the stool with one guy's dick in her mouth. When I started shooting pictures, she just looked at me with pure joy and I could barely detect I smile in her overstretched lips.

Tracy was now on the carpeted floor mounting Artie, facing to his feet and Ben was leaning over licking her breasts and sucking her swollen nipples like there was no tomorrow. I took pictures from all angles and some close-ups. Then another guy approached and buried his cock in Tracy's mouth so deep that it made her gag but she recomposed quickly and encouraged him to face-fuck her. Tracy was caressing his balls with one hand, as her head moved back and forth, making squishy sounds. Drool fell from her lower lip to the carpet.

They were a lot of guys just standing aside waiting for their turn and I had an idea. I made Tracy lean forward, still seated on Artie's cock. Then I said, "Ok. The rest of you guys doing nothing make a line in front of this little angel."

The guys cheered, pleased. I indicated to the guy fucking Tracy's mouth to move over and the next guy stood in front of her with his cock hard as a rock just a few inches from her face. Then, as Tracy opened her mouth, he shoved his shaft deep inside her. This brought another cheer, which seemed to encourage her because she began sucking his dick with eagerness. After fifteen seconds or so, I shouted "Next!" and another guy took his place. This went on until my beautiful young sister tasted all of them. In the meantime, I was taking pictures non-stop. One of the guys was too horny to hold back, and spurted his load in Tracy's mouth. She opened her eyes wide while threads of white goo escaped her lips and dribbled down to land on her tits.

Now I turned my attention to young Kelly. One guy had already spurted his load on her mouth and face and some cum was still gliding down her face to her hair. Keith took his place in her mouth and she began sucking him with true passion. Michael yelled, "Fuck!" and he emptied his balls inside my sister's pussy. This was enough for Kelly to reach her own orgasm too. She arched her back and screamed with Keith's cock still in her mouth, shuddering with spasms from head to toe. Now, it was time to make Kelly's real fantasy come true.

Michael moved away and I helped Kelly to stand up. Then I told one of the black dudes to lie on the stool. This guy's cock was going for the record. It was at least nine inches long and thick as my wrist.

"Stand over the stool and sit slowly on his cock" I ordered Kelly.

She stared at his cock for a moment and agreed. She stepped over the stool straddling the guy, facing his feet, and slowly lowered herself until her pussy lips parted over his large dick.

"No. Put him in your ass!" I said.

She looked at me astonished. I could see her chest heaving and I almost could hear her heart beating from the excitement and fear. Then, without saying a word, Kelly moved her body and positioned the black man's cock directly below her anus. The fat head of his cock began to press on the tiny opening of her rectum. When the head of the monster cock finally slipped in, Kelly gasped loudly; She kept her eyes glued to mine as she managed to go half way down his shaft. It seemed like the giant rod was going to split her in half. Then, she began to move her hips around and up and down. She let out a cry of pleasure mixed with pain as more and more of it sank into her, forcing its whole length into her tight passage. Finally, I could only see his balls.

"How the hell does that pole fit inside you!" I said truly surprised.

I only got a loud moan in response and Kelly fell back over my friend's chest. She looked really tiny with her petite cream body revolving over that large black dude.

She started fondling her clit as the cock pumped her ass and after a minute she was completely out of control. I shot some close-ups of her asshole stretched wide and then I told another black dude to jump on top of her and penetrate her pussy. He was not as big as his friend but certainly was one of the biggest in the room. He stood between Kelly's legs and aimed at her velvety cunt lips. As he entered her, Kelly lifted her head and opened her eyes wide. The black cock slid forward until it reached her cervix. I couldn't imagine how my sister's body managed to accommodate both fat rods inside of her. The guy leaned over and now Kelly was a sandwich between two massive black bodies. Then, I told Kevin to fuck her face and as she heard this, she opened her welcoming mouth.

When he had his shaft inside her, I told David and his friend to move closer so she could hold their dicks in her hands. When they did, I took pictures of the scene from every possible angle. The guys started to increase the rhythm and now were fucking her rough and fast. My young sister servicing five cocks at the same time!

I thought I had taken this too far when practically only her arms and legs were visible and her head moved from side to side in frenzy, slipping Kevin's cock out of her mouth. Kelly released her hold on the cocks and wrapped her arms around the black guy's back, scratching it with her fingernails. She was practically screaming in ecstasy.

Then Kelly shouted, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me!! I'm cuming!! Ohhhh.... myyy... Goooooodd!!"

Her orgasm came like a train wreck. She climaxed harder than ever, twisting out of control between the two big studs, her legs reached straight out as her toes curled up and her eyes rolled back into her head. She kept bucking around but this didn't seem to bother the black guys who just continued to fuck her pussy and asshole relentlessly. Definitely this day was going to remain in her memory forever. Finally Kelly's arms and legs went limp and fell to each side of the stools. Her eyes were lost in eternity. The guy below her had his big cock inside her ass all the way to his balls and the guy on top was smashing his full weight against my little sister's pussy, also burying his shaft to the hilt every time. By now, Kelly was just a rag doll lying there to receive whatever they had to give.

Turning back to Tracy, I realized she didn't want to be left behind. She had organized her own fantasy as well. She was sitting on top of Sam, with his dick deep inside her pussy and the rest of the guys were taking turns fucking her ass and filling her mouth. She was out of her mind, bucking up and down on Sam's shaft and spreading her ass cheeks with her hands. I went back to my photographer job, taking close shots of her face; eyes half open and some drool and cum sliding down her chin. Her anus widely opened as one cock replaced the other. Tracy couldn't take this ravishing for long and soon enough, her eyes turned white, her belly stiffened for a second and she started shaking as her strongest orgasm traveled through her body and reached her brain. She jerked with spasms for at least fifteen seconds and then, she collapsed on top of Sam, exhausted and overwhelmed by the extreme bliss.

I heard some grunting behind me and turned around in time to see the black dudes finally shooting their cum inside Kelly's body, who was still barely conscious. The boys finished and placed the feeble teen flat on her back over the footstools with her head hanging over the edge. David put his cock back in her mouth and this kind of woke her up. She pulled him closer and deeper. He pushed inside until he reached her throat and then pushed beyond. The long cock kept going into her mouth until only his balls were visible. I just couldn't believe my eyes.

"Take it easy. You'll choke her!" I said worried.

When he pulled his cock out, Kelly took a deep breath and said,

"I want more!"

He immediately impaled her mouth again. Her eyes showed pure lust. I was truly amazed of how my beautiful little sister had turned into such a sexual woman. I guessed this was my fault in some way.

David kept his entire cock in her mouth and started fucking her face hard, slamming his balls against her nose with every stroke. Then, after a few minutes of rough deepthroat, he pushed his cock to the hilt one last time and shot a blast of cum right inside Kelly's throat. Her eyes turned white again and, by the contortions of her body, I could tell that Kelly was having another orgasm.

David finally withdrew his cock from my sister's mouth and she just laid there, sperm escaping between her lips. Then, I saw Tracy step forward and lick the cum off Kelly's face, swallowing it. She kissed her sister and slipped her tongue inside, and while doing this, she moved on top of Kelly, pussy over pussy, tits over tits. Tracy broke the kiss and pushed Kelly's head back to the edge of the stool.

Then David's friend stepped forward and jammed his cock into Kelly's mouth, pushing deep until my sister had his dick buried completely down her throat. He pumped hard a few times until Kelly pushed him away to let herself breathe.

Tracy, who was just inches above her sister's face, took the opportunity and pulled the cock into her mouth. She sucked hard on it while Kelly was getting ready for resuming the deepthroat blowjob, but the guy couldn't hold any longer and he just had time to pull out of Tracy's mouth and sprayed his load on Kelly's face, smearing her nose, lips, cheeks and hair, the last spurts flooding her open mouth.

Then another guy moved forward and did the same thing, Fucking Tracy's mouth and blasting his cum on Kelly's face and mouth. This process repeated two more times, until my young sister's face was really coated with cum. Her silky skin was a mess, glistening with the white cream dribbling down to the floor. When the third guy finished draining his balls, Tracy started to lick Kelly's face clean and swallowed every drop of cum she could.

A few minutes later, Kelly looked at me and winking an eye, she said,

"I haven't tasted your cum honey".

I got up in a second and put my cock in Tracy's mouth. I pumped her face for a moment and then a said to Kelly "Open your mouth babe... here it comes!"

I blasted a huge load of cum directly in my younger sister's mouth. I kept cuming as if I hadn't cum in a year and the white goo began to accumulate in her mouth. When I was done, Kelly stuck out her tongue to lick the last drop of cum hanging from my dick.

"Don't swallow it. Keep it in your mouth!" I ordered my sister. I grabbed the camera and took some pictures of my own semen churning around in my sister's oral cavity.

Then Tracy said out loud "I want everybody to do the same Mark did"

Jeremy quickly approached her and sank his dick in Tracy's mouth. Meanwhile, one of the black dudes moved behind her and penetrated her ass, inch by inch until he was completely buried inside of her. She had not been fuck by a cock this big and she opened her eyes wide and groaned with Jeremy's cock pumping in her mouth.

Kelly could feel her sister rocking on top of her and watch the hard deepthroating just inches above of her face. She was getting impatient to receive her load of warm goo.

After a little while of hard sucking, Jeremy pulled out of Tracy and squirted his cum inside Kelly's mouth.

Tracy was finally able to scream in pleasure at the pounding she was getting in her ass, but not for long because almost immediately another guy filled her mouth again. Soon he also shot his load in my little sister's mouth and then another guy came and another.

After ten guys had moved forward, Kelly's small oral gap was just about to overflow with the sperm poured inside. Some of the guys squirted their load inside Tracy's mouth and she just leaned over and spilled the cum into Kelly's. I could not believe my eyes and I was so excited, I could barely take pictures.

Finally, when all the guys had been drained out two or even three times, Kelly's mouth was overflowing with sperm and it was sliding down her face to the floor. The black guy finally shot his load inside Tracy's ass and she was now taking full attention to her younger sister. When she saw the semen began to spill to the floor from the little pool that flooded her sister's face, she didn't like this so she dove in and put her lips inside Kelly's open mouth, suctioning out and swallowing most of the cum that was churning in there. Some of the white fluid fell out of Tracy's mouth back into Kelly's and she hurried to swallow it before her sister "stole" it again. Everything was captured on film and digitalized for the future slideshows.

Soon after that, the party was over and everybody got dressed and left, very satisfied, I can assure you.

Later that night, after a long bath together, the three of us were lying in our parent's bed cuddling tightly. Out of the blue, Kelly said,

"We should do this again tomorrow."

Tracy opened her eyes wide. I just laughed.

The End.

About: The author of "My Sisters Gangbang" is Homealone_447. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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