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My Sisters Best Friend

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Author: L Michaels
Published: 10-Nov-08 Revised/Updated 11-Nov-08
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she was having a teenage party up in her room, my sister had three of her friends over for a sleep over.

* * * * * * *

It was fourth of July, my sister's birthday, she was turning fifteen, now I'm 18 and going into the army when I get out of high school. I was in my room, looking at the party form my room, I had set up a camera in her room in the air vent, I was watching everything on my TV, computers weren't out yet for the average person, this was 1971 so you know, they weren't out. Well I was watching them do there make up, there nails, there eyes, I was waiting for them to change into there PJ's so I watched with baited breath. It was getting near time for them to do it, I waited until they were starting, I hit the record button on the VCR, I wanted this forever, and I got it all, I mean all, they were laughing as they stripped, they played with there budding titties and acted like they had big ones, they even took off there panties and rubbed themselves as they changed, I was beating my cock without mercy, I was about to cum, when, out of no where my mom yells up for them to quite down, it threw off my whole timing, I was pissed, now I've seen my mom nude dozens of times, she goes around half naked most of the time and since dad isn't around, she does her thing with her vibrator or her fingers, I'd love to do it for her, but don't have the guts to ask her. Now I got back to the girls, they had changed into there PJ's when one of them, I think her name is Naomi, but I knew Sharon and Jessica, they were really hot, Naomi asked if she had to wear her PJ's, she said she doesn't wear anything to bed, Sharon said she didn't either, so my sister said ok, let's all get naked and we can sleep that way, so they did, now I have all this on tape, it's mine forever and ever. Well it was near midnight when I heard my door open, I couldn't see who it was, but I could make out it was a girl, so I acted like I was asleep, she came in, pulled back the covers and looked at my cock with a small flashlight she had, I just laid there, then I got the idea to play a little game, as she stood there, with flash light in hand, I rolled gently over an started to stroke my cock, well it got hard, fast, and she gasped, put the covers back down and left the room, I got up, when to the TV, turned it on, it was Sharon, she had just came back into the room, I saw them talking, then Jessica got up, she took the flashlight, I turned off the TV and went back to sleep, my cock was still rock hard, she crept into my room, she turned on the light, she pulled back the covers, she gasped also, then she reached out and touched me, she held her cool hand on my hard cock, I moaned and she let go, then she let the covers go, and she left. It was about ten minutes and Naomi came in, she did the same thing, but her tits were bigger so I got to see them up close and personal, she touched me, stroked it a few times and left, I laid there, wondering if my sister was going to be brave enough to come in, and sure enough she did, she had the flashlight and came in, she pulled the covers back, then stroked me, and I moaned again, she let the covers back down and left, I got up, turned the TV back on, they were all laughing and talking, now I couldn't hear what they were saying but they were making gestures of the size of me, they all licked there lips, I said ok, it's now or never, I took a deep breath, I turned off the TV, and headed for the door, I turned the knob, I was going to go over and see them all face to face, I was almost there, but I froze, then I heard her door open, I got back into bed, I laid there until I heard the door open, but this time I saw all four of there silhouettes, they were coming to me, I laid there quietly, they came over, I could see they were all still naked, I must have been dreaming, I had four naked girls in my room, now what was I going to do, I waited, well I didn't have to wait to long, one of them pulled the covers back, I was laying there, with a super hard on, they all whispered about it, then one of them picked it up and stroked it again, I moaned, they all froze, then she did it some more, I moaned again, they all snickered at it, they kept it up, soon I was ready to blow, I was so close, I couldn't take it any more, I finally said well either finish me or let me do it, they all screamed and ran out, I laughed as they ran out. I was right behind them, they ran into her room, I came in and said ok, now, we're going to have some real fun, so they all looked at my cock, I said now, who's going to be first, I said you got me hard, now one or all of you are going to relieve me, so open your mouths or spread your legs, I don't care, they all looked at each other, Kattie my sister said what makes you think we're going to do anything for you, I said well you came into my room, jerked at my cock, got me close then ran off, so what do you think, I wasn't going to wake up during this, ha, I don't think so. They looked at each other, I said so what's it going to be, Jessica came over to me, knelt down, and took my cock into her hands, she said I'll do you, but you're going to have to return the favor, I smiled and said I planned on doing that, she smiled and started to suck my cock, I had to tell her what she was doing wrong, but she corrected it right away, she got me ready, I said ok, I'm going to cum, get ready for it, she kept sucking me, I blew my load into her mouth, she got the first pulse, but the second and third one got her face and chest, she smiled as she licked it off, Sharon came over as did Naomi and helped her out, they were tasting there first cum for them, they all including Kattie were licking it off Jessica, I said ok, does anyone want to have it the right way, inside them, I'm ready, Naomi said yes, I want you to fuck me, I've had a young boy, but I think you'll do a better job, so she laid down, I licked her pussy until she came, then I slid my cock into her, she moaned as I pounded her, I was about to cum I pulled out and shot it all over her body, it even hit her face a few times, she smiled and the others were right there wanting there turn so i did, it took me all night, but by morning I had fucked them all including my sister, she said wow, I've been missing something really great, I said yes we have, they all giggled. I peeked out into the hall, and went into my room, I got a few hours sleep before mom came in and woke me up, I was on to of the covers, and she saw my hard cock, I had to pee something fierce, she told me get up, she needed me to get something for her, and to hurry up, so I saw her standing there, looking at me, I smiled at her and said ok mom, I'll be right there. She turned back once more to look at me, after she left I said yes, she is interested after all, so I said it's my turn now, so I went downstairs in my boxers, some old ones that had holes in them, she looked at me and I said what can I get for you mom, she said I need the flour and sugar from the top shelf please, I said sure mom, no problem, so I reached up there, knowing full well she could get them down herself, but I let her look, I sat them on the table for her, by that time the boxers were almost off me, I pulled them up, I said anything else mom, she said not that I can think of, why don't you get your shower and then tell your sister and her friends breakfast will be ready soon, I said can do mom and left. I went into Kattie's room, I was standing there looking at my latest prizes, I had fucked them all, and spewed my cum all over them all, what a night, but I still wanted mom, so I told the girls what I was suppose to, Jessica pulled down my boxers and started to suck me off, I gave her another load, she smiled but this time took all three pulses, she licked her lips and said yummy for my tummy. I smiled and nudged Kattie, she looked up and said ok, we'll be there, I said ok, but you have to promise me something, she said what's that, I said I'm going to do mom, but I don't want you guys around, so either after breakfast come back up here or leave, she said you're going to do what, I said I'm going to do mom, she laughed and said yea right, like she's going to let you do that to her, I smiled and said we'll see won't we. Kettie said I'll bet you she won't, I said what, she said if she does for some weird reason let you have her, I'll let you fuck me in my ass anytime you please, and if she doesn't, then you have to eat my pussy when ever I want, ok, I said well hell that's a winner for me any way I go, so your on, but how will you know if I succeed, she smiled and said I'll know, so I said ok, Jessica said I want in on that bet, so did the others, I smiled and said fine by me, so we all shook on it. So I went in and took my shower, the girls all got there PJ's on and went down stairs for breakfast, they all stuffed them selves, mom smiled and said what time did you girls finally go to sleep, Kattie said oh around 3 or 4 this morning, mom said yea I remember my first sleep over, we did the same thing, stayed up all night talking about boys, other girls and such, they smiled and said wow, you did do the same thing, she said well yea, I was a girl at one time you know, they all giggled and finished up, they said I think we're going back to bed, mom said ok, sweet dreams girls, so they ran upstairs and told me the coast was clear. I asked Kattie if mom still had on her night shirt, she said yea, I smiled and said ok, I'm off, they said yea in the head, but I smiled and went down stairs anyways. Mom was standing in front of the sink, she had her back to me, I came up behind her, took a deep breath and reached around her, taking her tits into my hands, she stood motionless for a second, then she felt my cock up against her ass, she moaned, I continued to fell her massive tits, she was really into it, I turned her around and kissed her, she didn't respond at first, then she did, she kissed me back, as we broke off the kiss, she opened her eyes, she looked at me in fright at first, then I put my hands back on her tits, she stayed right there, I kissed her again, and she kissed me back, I was caressing her tits the right way, she was moaning form it, then like she was shot or something, she pulled back and said Jack, no, I'm your mother, I put my fingers up to her lips, she didn't say a thing, I lifted her shirt up to expose her pussy, I slipped my fingers between her lips, she moaned again, she said this is wrong, please stop, I looked at her, she said you need to stop, but this time she held out the word stop for a long time, she was enjoying this to much, but then again so was I. I could see that her pubic area was nicely trimmed, I knelt down and started to lick around her pussy, I spread her legs a bit, then stuck my tongue in as deep as I could, she moaned even louder, I was in, she was mine, so I continued to tongue her, she came in buckets, she shivered with every lick, she pushed my head into her pussy as I licked her, she came again, she stood there as she finished up, I came up, she kissed me, I then took out my cock from my boxers, she took it into her mouth and started to suck me off, I asked her to stop, I took her hand and led her into her room, I pulled off her shirt, she was standing there in front of me naked, I pulled my boxers off, she was staring at my cock, I helped her lay down on the bed, I slid up between her legs, she brought her knees up to allow me easier access, I slid my cock into her dripping cunt, she moaned loudly as I pounded her, her tits were bouncing all over her chest, I was in heaven, she came once more, and then I asked her if she wanted me to cum inside her or on her, she said on me, please, I'm not on birth control anymore, so I pulled out, she turned around and took my cock into her mouth, she swallowed the whole load, and the little bit she couldn't, she licked up with her fingers, we laid there together, she said you don't know how badly I needed that, but we should do it again, ti was a one time thing, ok, I didn't say a thing, I rolled over atop her and inserted my cock back into her, she took me willingly, she said well I see that didn't work, I guess I'm your fuck buddy then, I smiled and said no, your my mother who loves her family, she smiled and pulled me close as I pounded her pussy, since then we've had sex lots of times, and she's back on birth control so I get to cum inside her, I went into the police force instead of the army, but they took me anyways, so I'm in Nam for now, but will be home soon, to collect my ass fucking debt from sis and her friends and do mom some more.

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