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My Buddys Daughter

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Author: A. Christianson
Published: 15-Nov-08 Revised/Updated 26-Jul-17
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Pulling my boxers down, she released my cock from it confines. Jill grabbed my shaft and looked at me. "I have a new toy," Jill stated. "I'm taking my new toy in to the shower with me," Jill added. Grabbing me by my balls, she lead the way...

* * * * * * *

What a difference a year makes. If you had told me that I would lose everything I had in one year I would have said you are nuts. Yet here I am one year later with no job, no wife, and no home.

It all started with the down turn in the economy.

Hi, my name is Christian, I work in banking. Like I said, it all started when the economy went sour. I was the one at the bank in charge of making loans to home buyers. When the loans started going belly up the bank fired me as an escape goat. Back then everyone was looking for easy money. Soon after I lost my job my wife informed me that she wanted a divorce. She said that I was not good enough for her. With no job to pay for a lawyer, she took everything we owned. I mean everything. All I have left is a ten year old S-10 with 150,000 miles. Thank goodness for Bill. Bill is a friend that took pity on me. He lets me stay in his spare bedroom in exchange for preforming odd jobs around his house. He shares the house with his wife, Joan, and daughter Jill. Jill is 18 and is a big flirtatious tease. Jill has her mother's looks. Dark hair with blond streaks, D size boobs, and golden tan skin. I am not in bad shape either, if I say so myself. I stand 6' at 175# with an athletic "v" cut build with short brown hair. I like to work out in my spare time.

My real troubles started about four weeks ago. Having just finished my morning shower, I was coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist. Jill, being the playful girl she is, decided to surprise me by snapping my butt with a wet towel. Of course I let out a yell and jumped. This resulted in me loosing my towel. Jill was standing there giggling with a surprised look on her face. I had not noticed that I lost my towel. Turning to look at Jill resulted in giving her a full frontal view of my now naked body. Still giggling she pointed down to the floor. That brought my attention to now a more regent need. To recover my towel and cover back up. Jill had now stopped giggling, but still had a surprise look on her face. I noticed that she now was starring directly at my cock. Not to brag, but I am rather well hung. I am 9 3/4" long and about as thick as a very large banana. I just finished wrapping the towel back around my waist when Jill's mother, Joan, walked into the hall. Joan told Jill to stop playing around and to go get ready for school. Joan apologized for Jill then headed off to work.

Fast forward about a week later. In the morning Bill and Joan usually are the first to leave the house so that they be at work by 7am. This leaves Jill and I alone in the house until she leaves for school at 8am. That morning was no different expect I was leaving at the same time Bill and Joan left as I had an early interview that day. About three miles down the road I remembered that left some documents in my bedroom that I needed for the interview. So, I turned my truck around and went back to retrieve the needed documents. I guess Jill had not heard me enter back into the house. Unknown to me I was to get a little surprise. As I walked down the hall I noticed her bedroom door open. The sight I saw when I looked in made me stop in my tracks. There she stood looking at herself in the mirror naked as can be. Surprised as I was she just stood there as if she was frozen, looking at me. After a few seconds she regained her senses and flashed me a big smile. Giving her boobs a quick giggle, she closed the door. The one thing that surprised me more then anything was not seeing her gorgeous nude body. It was the thickness and bushiness of her dark pussy hair. It had a un-kept wild look to it. A few minutes later she exited from her room fully dressed. As Jill walked down the hall she stopped and looked over her shoulder. Jill asked if I saw anything I liked "I know I did a week ago," she confessed. With that she wiggled her butt at me and left for school.

A few days later I woke up to hearing Bill and Joan starting their cars to leave for work. Being wake I decided that I better start my day and get a shower. I was feeling sore that morning from a workout the day before. The hot water felt good. Suddenly the shower door flung open. Jill was standing there in the nude. Looking directly me in the eyes she stated that if she do not get a shower that minute that she was I am going to be late for school. As she stepped into the shower she informed me that she did not want to be in trouble with the school and her mother. I began to protest. We can't shower together I told her. Look, Jill stated, we already seen each other naked. What is the big deal "It's wrong," I said. I was told that I needed to relax. Handing me the soap, she again asked me to wash her back. "Besides, this shower is big enough for both of us and then some." Jill stated. Wiggling her butt at me she again asked me to wash her back. Resigning myself to having to wash Jill's back I began doing just that. "Now is that so bad." she asked After I finished Jill told me that it was my turn for her to wash my back. As she began to soap up my back I could not help feel how good her touch felt on my sore muscles. Soon I lost myself in the moment. Its been a while sense I have been with any female. My cock began to harden... Suddenly, Smack !!! Jill has hit me on my ass proclaiming she was done. With that she jumped out of the shower and informed me she was off to school.

The very next day I was awakened with Jill standing over me naked. "Good morning stud," she said. With a big smile she said it was time to get up and shower. Protesting, I informed her again that it was wrong for us to be naked together must less taking a shower. Don't be a fuddy duddy she told me. Jill proceeded to grab my bed covers and throw them back. Throwing back the covers resulted in her exposing the boxers I was wearing and a morning hard on. She giggled, "so you are glad to see me."

Pulling my boxers down, she released my cock from it confines. Jill grabbed my shaft and looked at me. "I have a new toy," Jill stated. "I'm taking my new toy in to the shower with me," Jill added. Grabbing me by my balls, she lead the way. I was in no position to resist. Soon Jill had the hot water running and we stepped into the shower. As I grabbed for the soap Jill informed me that I had to be careful where I stuck her new toy. She did not want any harm to come to it. She then turned her back to me so she could set her legs on the shower bench and shave. Finished soaping up, I turned myself around to rinse off. As I did I stopped to look down. Jill still had her back to me. My hard cock found its way between her legs. The tip of my cock head was resting up against her pussy lips. Sliding her pussy lips up and down my shaft, she looked down between her legs. Giggling, she grabbed my cock. Telling me I was a bad boy, she gave my shaft a hard squeeze. I almost blew my load right there. Jill then informed me that she was done shaving her legs and needed to soap up. I looked down at the wild hairy nest between her legs. I told her that she was not done shaving. Jill looked at me, "I'm not" "No, you are not." I responded. "We need to clean that up,"pointing to her bush. Go get your father's beard trimmer I told her. She sprang out of the shower. Her boobs bouncing as they lead the way. Returning, she handed me the trimmer. "Don't shave me bare." Jill demanded. "I'm not a little girl anymore." she explained. "No, we will crop it short, thats all," I returned. I instructed her to have a seat on the shower bench and spread her legs wide. Obeying, she presented her hairy bush to me. I started with trimming the sides of her bush neatly. Next, I began to cut a little off the top. Taking it down little by little. I did not want to clog up the trimmers. She sure had a thick hairy mound. Soon I had her bush cropped so that a half inch of hair was left. Standing back, I admired my work. Jill looked down and smiled at me with approval. Thanking me, she finished getting ready for school and left for the day.

The next day was Saturday. Beginning of the weekend. With Jill's parents around she would leave me alone. Monday was to be a different story. Jill sneaked into my room before her parents left for the day. Waking me up with a deep kiss. She whispered good morning. "What are you doing," I demanded. "I'm horny," Jill whispered back. "Your parents have not left yet," I informed her. "So," she returned. "I do not need anymore trouble," I added. "If we do not keep quiet we will be caught," she retorted. Jill then removed her t-shirt that she trimmed short to show off her mid-section. The white t-shirt barely covered her boobs. Stepping out of her blue t-bar panties, she stood there naked. Smiling at me, she demanded I strip. "No way," I told her. "If you do not strip I will scream," Jill stated matter of factly. "Then you will be in a real trouble," she stated coolly.

Knowing that she was right, I stripped of my boxers. Giggling, she hopped on top of me. With her boobs bouncing Jill demanded to be eaten. "Eat me," she demanded. Placing her pussy on my mouth she grabbed the back of my head. Smothering me with her pussy I licked her clit like a pro. Jill began to breath deeply. Her boobs heaving up and down. Jill began to slide her pussy back and forth on my mouth, riding my face. Arching her back, Jill let out a silent scream. Her juices floaded my mouth and ran down my chin. Its at that exact moment we heard Jill's mother, Joan, turn off the water in the shower. Jill slowly slid down my body until her mouth was above my huge cock. With a devilish smile, Jill started to suck my cock. Licking up and down my shaft Jill revealed her cock sucking skills to me. Jill soon had me had me ready to shot my cum load. Sqeezing my shaft hard, she stopped.

It's at that time Joan could be heard in the hall just outside my door. Joan was heading back to her bedroom to get dressed. Jill went back to sucking my cock. Stopping and starting. Stopping and starting. The last time Jill did not stop. She started sucking my cock like a Hoover. Not able to last any longer, I bagan to shoot my load all over her D sized boobs. Joan's bedroom door could be heard opening at that same exact time. Jill aiming my cum onto her tits as I shot my load. Jill sat up on my chest with a big smile on her face. My cum was dripping off the end of her hard nipples as she rested. "Fuck me." Jill whispered. I shook my head no.. Jill shook her head yes. We went back and forth like this a couple of times. Finally Jill whispered, "I'll scream." Ok, I nodded. Jill layed down on her back and spread her legs. I positioned myself above her dripping wet pussy. Grabbing my cock, I guided it over her slit. Back and forth. Slowly I teased her with it. Bitting her lower lip, Jill watch my cock play with her pussy lips. A little loader then a whisper, Jill demaned, "fuck me you bastard!"

"Quiet," I returned. Slowly my cockhead slid past her pussy lips. Working my huge cock in little by little. Finally, I had my cock balls deep in her pussy. I could not believe I had my cock all the way in this 18 year old girl. The heat from her pussy was incredible. Jill grabbed at the bedsheets as I slowly started to pump her cunt. She was now my pleasure thing.

Jill wrapped her legs about my waist. She started to grind her clit into the base of my cock. Her breathing became heavy and labored. Her tits heaving up and down. Both of us were going to cum soon. I feared her parents would hear us. The excitement and the risk soon took its toll. Bill and Joan could be heard leaving the house as I pumped Jill's pussy. Then the cars starting and driving back out of the drive way. At that moment Jill burried her face into my shoulder and let out the loadest scream I have heard from a girl. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!!!" Jill shouted. Her pussy bucked up and down. I stopped and looked out the window. Her mother's car stopped at the end of the driveway. Jill's body was still convulsing from her orgasim. Joan was looking straight at the house. I was wondering if she heard Jill's scream or not Jill popped her head up to look out. We waited to see if Joan heard us. In the next coming moments we were about to find out.....

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