Husbands and Brothers

Author: Lynne
Published: Nov 16, 2008
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I was kneeling at the end of the bed and Frank was fucking me hard, Janice and Bob stood watching, Bob had the camcorder. I was well up for it, having it from behind in that position was what I liked best.

I was kneeling at the end of the bed and Frank was fucking me hard, Janice and Bob stood watching, Bob had the camcorder. I was well up for it, having it from behind in that position was what I liked best.

Frank's my husband, we're both in our thirties, been married for ten years, Janice is Frank's sister and Bob, her husband, is my brother. We are all very sexually oriented, but this is the first time we've all got it together. As it was Frank's first fuck of the day I knew that it wouldn't last too long but knew that I would enjoy it, especially when it came to Bob's turn.

I had my head down looking between my thighs watching Frank's balls swing with each stroke, I could even see part of the shaft of his cock. I reached between my legs and began caressing my swollen clit, I came quickly with Janice urging me on. I always get extremely wet and I could already feel juice oozing down my thighs. Frank grabbed the front of my thighs and redoubled his efforts, really pounding me. I looked round and saw Bob gently playing with his cock, it made me feel even more aroused knowing that it would soon be inside me. I few more forceful thrusts and Frank gasped, 'I'm coming, I'm coming!', and I felt the first hot spurt as he began to fill me with his spunk.

A few seconds later he was holding on to me gasping for breath, Bob said, 'Come on, mate, my turn!' Frank's rapidly diminishing cock slipped out of me and was immediately replaced by Bob's, he began to fuck. Frank's cock was the thicker of the two but Bob's was longer, you pays your money and you takes your choice! I'd been having Bob's cock ever since we were kids and he knew just how to fuck me, Janice shouted, 'Go on, Bob, fuck the little cunt, give her what for!' I knew she loved to see her brother fucking me. Frank now had the camcorder and was covering the action, later when we'd finished we would all watch ourselves on the big plasma screen downstairs.

Bob took his time giving me loads of pleasure, practice makes perfect they say and he sure knows how! 'Christ,' he panted, 'there's nothing like fucking a cunt full of spunk!' I didn't need to play with my clit any more as I was coming more or less all the time, not mind shattering ones but there were so many of them! Spunk mixed with my cunt juice splashed around my thighs, belly and bum and ran down my thigh, I love it messy! He fucked me for about fifteen minutes before finally shooting his load up me, filling me to the brim once again, then sagged back on his heels, his cock slipping out.

I carefully got down from the bed, the thrills were still coursing through me, spunk and juice ran everywhere, good job we'd covered the bed and floor with towels. 'Your turn, Jan,' I said, moving away. Bob took the camcorder as Jan took my place on the bed and Frank got behind his sister, he was hard again, his cock red and still glistening from being in my cunt. Jan's cunt looked great from behind. Full lipped and open, it was a deep coral red, with impressive inner lips, they were much bigger than mine, her clit peeped from under her clitoral hood and everything glistened with her love-juice. Frank smiled as he took his cock in hand and directed it it into Jan's love-hole, he pushed it home and she gave a little gasp. I moved so that I could see it distorting her cunt lips, his heavy balls swinging up under to slap her stomach.

I knew how much Frank would enjoy this, he loved fucking his sister just as much as I loved fucking my brother. He took his time, fucking her rhythmically at first, grasping the front of her thighs and pulling her onto his thick cock. 'Oooh!' Jan crooned, 'I love your thick cock up my cunt, don't fuck me hard yet!' Juice was running out of her, coating her thighs and stomach, Frank's rhythm made a slapping sound as his stomach hit her bum each time he thrust into her. Having fucked once Frank was now able to last and it took him a good half hour before he finally shot his load up his sister. My brother pulled him away and pushed his rigid cock into her flowing hole, the contents of her cunt squirted everywhere, 'You fucking sexy cunt!' Bob snarled as he rammed into her. He fucked her hard to her evident delight, 'Ooh, I've never had your cock so far up me,' she squealed.

Frank focussed on his brother in law's action in his sister's cunt, it certainly was erotic, I was working my clit like mad just watching! It seemed only a few minutes before he came deep inside her, but when I checked my watch it had been over twenty minutes. Jan had been screaming and shouting as he gave her orgasm after orgasm.

We all felt exhausted after all the action and showered before going downstairs to watch the video, Jan and I just put loose dresses on with nothing underneath, the men wore dressing gowns. Jan and I sat together with a thick towel to protect the furniture as we leaked spunk and love-juice. I think we were all impressed by what we saw, it was the first time we had ever videod our sexual play. Our fucking had originated after a night out several years before, when we fucked each other's husbands and we already knew that both Jan and I had fucked our brothers, but that's another story.

About: The author of "Husbands and Brothers" is Lynne. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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