Great Aunt Vera teaches the ins and outs of her underwear

Author: Danny
Published: Dec 14, 2008
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I said, "They're so different from what men wear. They're so soft and delicate and .. well .. I mean .. your panties, for instance, are shaped so differently to men's things." Aunt Vera smiled and said, "Well, of course. That's because we're built differently. But, you know, the best way to understand the difference is to put some on."

When I was at school in the early 1960s, I always passed my Great Aunt Vera's place on the way home. She had a small shop and, whenever I called in, she would always have cakes and sweets that were past there sell-by date but good enough to eat anyway. But I had another reason for stopping by. I'd discovered that she would often do her ironing wearing just her underwear. I used to try to arrive on wash day, when she had all her panties and slips hanging on the line to dry. I would brush up against them as I made my way along the garden path. Then I would take up position so I could sneak a peak through her window and watch her. Most times, I'd just watch her and not call in.

One day, I'd been up to my usual game when I was momentarily distracted by a noise. I missed seeing my aunt leave the room. A moment later, her door opened and she saw me. "Oh, hello Dan. I couldn't have heard you knock. Come on in." I jumped in surprise but was quick witted enough to say, "Ah, yes. That must be right.", as I moved to the door.

Aunt Vera was wearing a robe but, of course, I knew what she had on underneath. "I've just finished my ironing." she said. "Here, go upstairs and put this stuff away for me and I'll make us a cup of tea. The sheets go in the bottom drawer, my skirt and blouses in the middle and the rest in the top." She handed me a pile of clothes. It was the underwear on top that caused me to look dumb and mumble, "Er .. um .. er .." Aunt Vera looked at my slightly flushed cheeks and said, "Oh come now, surely you're not embarrassed by a few of your aunt's undies! Go on. I'll make the tea."

I went up to aunt Vera's bedroom and started to put the stuff away. I saved the underwear until last. When I opened the top drawer, it was like entering Alladin's cave. Laid out nice and neatly was the sexiest collection of delicate clothing items I'd ever seen in one place. There were her panties - mostly white and pink - partially see-through and mostly with delicately embroidered patterns on them. There were her slips - mostly full slips - again, white and pink with beautiful broad lace edging. There were her bras - I didn't know about sizes etc. but she was a fairly well built woman. And there were her girdles - white pull-on, each with six suspenders to hold up the variety of nylons that were also in the drawer. I ran my hand gently and slowly over them all. It was so sensual. My cock was quite hard and I'd lost track of time and what I was supposed to be doing. That's when aunt Vera walked into the room and said, "I thought you were taking rather a long time. Have you been enjoying yourself"

For the second time that day, I jumped with surprise but this time I couldn't think of anything to say - not even something stupid. "Oh, don't worry.", said aunt Vera. "It's perfectly natural for boys to be attracted to ladies undies. But tell me, what is it that fascinates you so much" My aunt's easy attitude helped me regain my composure and I said, "They're so different from what men wear. They're so soft and delicate and .. well .. I mean .. your panties, for instance, are shaped so differently to men's things." Aunt Vera smiled and said, "Well, of course. That's because we're built differently. But, you know, the best way to understand the difference is to put some on." I was visibly shocked but she said, "Look, it'll be the same as you wearing a pair of swimming trunks down at the pool. You can keep your shirt on if you want. Come on. Why not" Without waiting for an answer, she picked out a pair of pretty pink panties and said, "Here, put these on while I put the rest of the ironing away."

Still in a state of shock, I slipped out of my trousers, socks and underpants and put the panties on. They felt so good! As aunt Vera finished what she was doing and turned round, she said, "Oh yes. You do look nice." Of course, I already had a real boner but somehow the sensation of wearing my aunt's panties took away all the embarrassment. "Now", said aunt Vera, "the main differences are obvious. The fabric is very light-weight and the elastication is not as strong. That's because we ladies don't have such heavy protuberances to contend with!". She smiled as she gently ran her hand once up the bulge in the front of my panties. Her hand then went between my legs and softly cupped my balls through the panties. "And we don't have these bits either, which means that our panties sit flatter between our legs. Here, feel for yourself." She opened her robe and took my hand, placing it between her thighs. "The cotton lined bit down there we called the gusset. You'll have noticed that there's no front panel on these panties like you would find on men's underpants. You need that to absorb wet spots, like the big one that you've got on the front of your panties now." I looked and I'd clearly oozed a load of pre-cum. She continued, "We ladies have a similar problem but, because of the way we're built, it comes out lower down. That's what the gusset is for. Here, touch my gusset again and you'll know what I mean." I did, and she was obviously damp. "So, now you've learned all about panties, I suppose we'd better do something about your obvious discomfort. Why don't you lie down and I'll see what I can do."

I lay back on the bed and my great aunt proceeded to stroke my cock through my panties. The more she did it, the harder I seemed to get. My balls got tighter in my gusset and I though the tip of my cock was on fire. I let loose, sending rope after rope of my boy seed into my panties. "Well", said aunt Vera, "you ARE a good student. You'd better come back another time for more lessons about the ins and outs of my underwear." I could just croak, "Oh yes, I'd like that!"

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