Great Aunt Vera teaches the ins and outs of her underwear - The Bra

Author: Danny
Published: Dec 15, 2008
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Aunt Vera took off her robe to reveal that she was wearing the same style panties as me and a white bra with beautiful lace trim. "So let's start today's lesson with a look at why I wear a bra.", said my aunt.

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My great aunt Vera had recently taught me all about panties and why they differed from men's underwear. This had involved me wearing a pair of her prettiest pink panties and culminated in her helping me soak them with my boyish spunk. A week later, and I was back for my second lesson. She'd told me I would learn all about her bra. I was already hard when I knocked on her door and she let me in. As before, she was wearing a robe but I could easily visualise what she had on underneath. We went straight up to her bedroom, where aunt Vera took a pair of lacy white panties out of the drawer and said, "Put these on. It'll make both of us feel more comfortable." I did as I was told, slipping out of my trousers and underpants and pulling on the sexy full briefs. While I did this, aunt Vera took off her robe to reveal that she was wearing the same style panties as me and a white bra with beautiful lace trim.

"So let's start today's lesson with a look at why I wear a bra.", said my aunt. "It's obvious why you men don't need one - because you don't have big breast like us ladies. Of course, you do have breasts - and nipples - but they don't need any support. Now, stand behind me and put your arms around my waist" I did as she asked, then she took my hands and brought them up under her breasts. "Stand in nice and close. That's it. I can feel you pressing against me now." She put her arms down and left me cupping her with my hands. "Now you should be able to understand what a bra does for a woman. It makes her nice and firm by lifting her tits upwards. It also emphasises her cleavage. Women's clothes have always done this because men have always found it attractive. There's nothing modern about admiring a woman with a nice pair of tits." She continued, "You're also in a very important position - one that most women like. They feel that their body is being appreciated. This is very important for a woman at any time but especially if you want to arouse her intimately. You have to understand that a woman's breasts are much more sensitive than a man's. You must always be gentle with them - unless she asks otherwise. Now let's teach you a very important skill. Take a look at how my bra is done up at the back - the hooks and eyes. Now, I want you to gently kiss my neck just under my ear and see if, at the same time, you can undo my bra." My first attempt was a complete failure. I just couldn't do it without looking, which meant I had to stop kissing her. She encouraged me to relax then try again. At the third attempt, it came undone! She had me do it up again then repeat the exercise twice more. "That's very good", she said. "Now you need to learn how to do the same thing while standing in front of me." I stood in front of her with my arms around her. Once again, I kissed her neck while I tried to undo her bra. This was much more difficult! It took me five attempts this time. I said, "Wow, aunt Vera! You'd have thought it would be easier than that!". She replied, "Yes, that's what most men think. It's really important for a woman that you remove her bra without too much fumbling. It can really put her off otherwise."

"OK, so now I've got my bra off and you can see how my tits hang naturally. Quite different to the way they are when I'm wearing my bra. You can also see that my nipples are rather swollen. That's as natural for a woman when she's aroused as it is for a man's cock to swell -just like yours now." My aunt gently ran her hand once up the length of my cock, making me shudder and gasp. "Well, now that you've got my bra off, what do you think comes next" I said, "Well, what I want more than anything is to suck your tits." She smiled and said, "Of course you do - that's simple biology at work. But remember what I said about being gentle. Don't just suck, which can be a bit painful if you do it too hard - use you tongue and run it around and over my nipples." I did as she said for about five minutes. As I did so, she cooed quietly, holding her head back and slowly gyrating her hips. As I continued, she said, "Now, you remember what I explained about the panty gusset and women getting moist I want you to put your hand down into my panties and run you index finger along my gusset." I did. "Oh! It's very wet.", I said. "Yes", she said, "Now, without bending your finger, press upwards". I did. "Oh, aunty! My finger is inside ... is that your slit It's so warm and smooth and moist. Oh! That's lovely." "Yes", she said, "that is my slit, as you call it. More commonly it's called my cunt. The reason it's so wet is because you've been so gentle and made me feel very sexy. I'll teach you much more about that another time but I think that now I should reward you for being such a careful and attentive student. Lie back on the bed." I lay back and my aunt knelt beside me. "Let's take a good look at what's making the front of your panties so damp." With that, she pulled the waist band of my panties down and took hold of my rampant cock as it sprang out.

She moved so that her tits were where I could easily reach them with my mouth and I started eagerly to lick and suck them. "Put your hand back into my panties and let your finger rest in my cunt again", she said. I did as I was told and she started to rub my cock, slowly at first but then increasingly quickly. The whole experience was exquisite - like nothing I'd ever felt before. Here I was, sucking my great aunt's tits, with a finger in her moist cunt, while she was wanking me. I don't care who you are - that's a recipe for one and only one thing - a huge eruption of cum. It shot out of the fire that was burning on the tip of my cock. The first wad arced up and landed on aunt Vera's back. The second, on a lower trajectory, hit the side of the tit that I still had in my mouth. The rest came out in three big pulses all over my tummy and aunt Vera's hand. When I managed to catch my breath I said, "My God, aunt Vera, what did you do to me", to which she replied, "Oh, that's only the start. Come back next week and we'll talk about girdles and stockings - then we'll see what else comes up." With a wicked wink, she got up and started to dry herself with some tissues. I grabbed some tissues as well and promised I wouldn't be late for my next underwear lesson.

About: The author of "Great Aunt Vera teaches the ins and outs of her underwear - The Bra" is Danny. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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