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Author: Jen
Published: Dec 23, 2008
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I was twenty-six when I decided to take pity on my nephew Rob and teach him a little about sex. He often came to stay with me during the school holidays and I knew how attracted to me he was, he was 18 at the time.

I was twenty-six when I decided to take pity on my nephew Rob and teach him a little about sex. He often came to stay with me during the school holidays and I knew how attracted to me he was, he was 18 at the time.

Rob had been with me a couple of days and we had spent that afternoon on the beach, I wore a very brief bikini because I knew how much Rob liked to look at my figure, he had never been able to hide it, poor boy. After dinner we sat outside, the evening quiet and still very warm. We had both showered and I had on just a shift with a pair of briefs, Rob was simply dressed in shorts. He was a good-looking boy, dark haired with grey eyes and an intense look about him. I couldn't miss the fact that he still couldn't take his eyes off me although I was displaying a lot less than I had that afternoon. I asked him about girl-friends, he shrugged and said, 'There must be something wrong with me, Auntie, I can't get any of the girls I know to come out with me.' I thought I knew why, if Rob looked at the girls the way he looked at me, he probably scared them off. I said, 'Darling, it's obvious to me that you haven't had any intimate experience, shall we say A girl picks that up, they're probably frightened that you might try to get too close too hard.' He coloured up, 'So what do I do about it' 'Well, the trouble is that you probbaly think about sex all the time and that comes across to girls and it scares them off. I tell you what we'll do, I've seen how you look at me, you look at my breasts and down between my legs, it's all right, I'm not offended because most men are like that, but those girls are virgins and what appeals to me would scare them. I'm going to teach you so that you can overcome the way you appear to your friends.' He looked completely nonplussed. As I said, it was still very warm and my garden is extremely secluded, I go up from my chair and, in one movement, took the hem of my dressed and removed it over my head. Rob gasped, he stared at my naked breasts, I have small but really nice breasts with those swollen looking aureoles and my nipple quickly rose. 'Gosh, Auntie, you're so beautiful!' His eyes dropped to the prominent mound outlined by my tight cotton knickers, I said, 'I bet you've never seen girls breasts, let alone a pussy, have you.' Thunderstruck, he said nothing. I put my thumbs into the waistband of my pants and hooked them down and off. Rob gasped again, his eyes on stalks. I'm blonde and have never had much pubic hair, what little I have I started shaving off when I was still at school. I lost my virginity at the age of fourteen to a boy I thought I loved, that is until I'd let him have me, then he didn't want to know. That taught me a lesson and afterwards I made sure that I was the one who controlled my sex life and friendships, so I was well experienced by the time I decided to seduce Rob.

I said, 'Come here Rob.' I showed him how to kiss properly then led him through the sequence of making love. While he caressed and kissed my breasts I removed his shorts, he was quite well endowed for a near seventeen year old, just less than seven inches I thought and quite thick. I caressed his cock while instructing him on how to caress my pussy, I explained the physical aspect of a woman's private parts and how to pleasure her. I could sense that he was almost coming with excitement as he felt me gently as instructed. I have quite a large mound and my pussy has long lips, vestigial inner lips and a very well developed clitoris. I explained the purpose of the latter and how it is the only organ in the human body devoted solely to pleasure.

By the time he had aroused me manually I knew that I would have to let him enter me otherwise he would be coming before he even got there. I took him indoors, his lovely cock swaying from side to side, I lay on my bed and opening my legs positioned him and entered his cock into my orifice. I said, 'Don't worry, Rob, you're likely to come very quickly but it doesn't matter, just come, you can't make me pregnant and after that I'll teach you to do me properly.' Well, of course I was right, he didn't even get to six thrusts before he was shooting deep inside me, it felt lovely. He started to apologise but I cut him short, 'It really is all right, darling, I knew you would do that.... no don't let it slip out, keep it in me.' I squeezed tight on his cock and kept him there, after a minute or two I began to squeeze rhythmically and he was hard again in a couple of minutes.

It felt lovely as he got hard again, I'd forgotten just how hard a young man's erection could be, he started doing me immediately. I told him how to control what he was doing and he managed to last over five minutes before he came again. I loved the feel of all that spunk in me!

That was just the start, now he'd got the taste for it, Rob couldn't leave me alone and fucked me at least six times that night! I let him sleep on in the morning, I could still feel his cock an his spunk was still leaking out of me and soaking me knickers for a long time. When he got up he showered and came down, 'Gosh, Auntie,' he said, 'thanks for letting me...well... you know, it was wonderful!' 'Oh, there's a lot to learn yet, Rob, but I enjoyed having you and I shall enjoy teaching it you.' And I did, he took to oral sex, both ways, like a duck to water and I hadn't been fucked so much in years! his lovely spunk was oozing out of me for a couple of weeks on end! I'm so glad that I took him in hand, the next time he came to stay he told me that he'd had sex with several girls that he knew but couldn't understand why they now agreed to go out with himn so readily. I couldn't really tell him the answer but I knew that when I was young some men had that certain aura that made you feel safe with them, perhaps it was their sexual experience, I don't know.

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