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The Awakening

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Author: H M
Published: 10-Jan-09
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Parting my pussy lips, biting gently on my clit, tongue darting in and out, I was rapidly loosing control. Abandoning myself to the moment "Fuck me Adrian" I demanded, "Fuck me". He didn't hesitate as I felt that enormous cock enter me.

* * * * * * *

I am a forty five year old woman and although my story may shock you, I can assure you that the incidents depicted in my story actually happened. But to begin.

I live in a middle class area of outer London with my 2nd husband my18 year old step-son, my 25 year old daughter left home to live with her partner 2 years ago. After my divorce, My marriage is a good one with a very devoted husband. The only thing lacking was a good sex life, we made love on average about three to four times a month but it, like most marriages of sixteen years, had become rather pedestrian and boring, with the result I have to resort to using my collection of sex toys for gratification and satisfaction. Until one day last year.

The day started out like any other day, husband of to work early, brought my cup of tea in bed before he left and I as usual drifted back to sleep for another half hour. Upon awakening, I went for my normal shower. I do not wear any night clothes and because I am always alone in the house, I drift around the house naked. I was feeling particularly horny this morning so had a little session with my favourite vibrator in the shower, very satisfying. Our bedroom is at the front of the house with the passage to the shower at the back. Along the passage is my step-son's bedroom. I had my shower, listening to the radio back in my bedroom I finished drying myself off and started about my normal routine of tideing up around the house. Lounge, kitchen our bedroom, then my sons bedroom. Upon opening the door I got the shock of my life, my step-son was still in bed, not asleep and playing on his computer was a porn movie. I heard a quick rustling of clothes as I opened the door. I had a rush of adrenalin, as I realised he had been wanking, and was very embarrassed, going blood red in the process. I stood there for a split second, motionless looking at his erection clearly visible under the sheet. I didn't realize how he had grown until then. As I was still naked, I saw him stare, first at my shaven pussy, then at my breasts and now protruding hard nipples. I did not attempt to cover myself deciding to brazen it out. I said, "Sorry darling I thought you had gone to work, are you ok" he could hardly speak replying that he had a day off. "Oh" I said, "Wait a minute I will put a robe on". Leaving the door open I left to go to my bedroom for a robe, shaking from head to toe realizing that I was so wet between my legs, just thinking about the flash I saw of his erection. Putting on my silk robe, tying it up, I returned to his bedroom. He had turned the porn movie of and was lying on his side looking rather sheepish. I sat on the edge of the and told him not to worry, because I had heard him before when he had been playing, my stomach was turning over, trying to stay calm, reassuring him that it was natural, leaning forward, stroking his forehead he grabbed my hand and squeezed it saying "Sorry about that". He was staring at my nipples now erect under the silk robe, hiding nothing. I could feel myself starting to tremble, staring him straight in the eye's I took his hand and put it on my right breast. He squeezed it through the silk robe feeling my hard nipple getting even harder to his gentle touch. " Do you like that" I said, not saying anything he squeezed harder, sending electric shocks through my whole body. I pulled his sheet back stroking his chest and over his belly, stopping short just there he let out a groan, grabbed my hand and put it down onto his hard cock. It felt enormous in my hand. It was me, now, who caught my breath at the size of it. All inhibitions were swiftly going out of the window. I could feel him quickening as I rubbed his massive cock. I took my hand off it pulling the sheets right back I got my first glimpse of it, Oh my god it was beautiful. I wanted it. He just lay there still caressing my breasts through the robe, not saying a word I stood up in front of him and slipped the robe off, he gasped and grabbed at me, I stepped back took his hand and directed it onto my hot pussy, letting him feel how wet and hot I was. His fingers lightly touching my hardening clit, he gasped again as I let him, throwing my head back delighting in his touch. I didn't want this to end to quick, moving away from him, I dropped to my knees at the side of the bed, my left hand grasping his hard cock, looking into his eyes. Kissing down his body over his belly and kissing the shaft of his beautiful cock, looking up at him quickly I then took him in my mouth.

Tasting the precum, feeling the hotness and hardness, caressing his balls I could feel him quickening again, his hand came on top my head pushing it hard down over his cock "I'm coming" he started to say as he spurted, uncontrollably, his hot lovely cum deep in my mouth and down my throat. I put my right hand on my now tingling clit rubbing it as I continued to suck on his cock, and cum, body shuddering as the orgasm took over my whole body. I stood up, he moved over to the side of the bed to make room for me to lay beside him accepting his offer, as it is only a single bed I could feel his whole body next to mine. "Are you OK," I asked, "Yes he said adding that he had a confession to make. "What I asked". "I have been wanking over you ever since I saw you naked laying on your bed playing with yourself a couple of weeks ago, you didn't know I was watching you but it really turned me on". Now it was my turn to be embarrassed. "When was this" I asked. "Three weeks ago, I had to come home from work for some papers, came in and could hear you upstairs, you didn't hear me come in or up the stairs and I watched you through the crack in the door". I then realized all the time he was talking, he was caressing my tits and my nipples were hard again sending little electric shocks down to my pussy. For an 18 year old boy he certainly knew how to treat a woman.

I loved this attention, so I moved onto my back, abandoning myself to his touch, and I was not to be disappointed. He moved up onto one elbow facing me, gently caressing my tits one at a time, leaning over to take each nipple in turn in his mouth. My hand had drifted to my pussy stroking it gently, he obviously spotted this, moved my hand away and replaced it with his own, Oh it felt so good, rubbing my hard clit, two fingers drifting in and out of my wet hot pussy, my legs were wide open now. He suddenly moved quickly between them kissing down my body and straight onto my open pussy, the sensations cursing through my body were something I had never experienced before. This wasn't my step-son making love to me; it was a man, a lover.

Parting my pussy lips, biting gently on my clit, tongue darting in and out, I was rapidly loosing control. Abandoning myself to the moment "Fuck me Adrian" I demanded, "Fuck me". He didn't hesitate as I felt that enormous cock enter me. "Oh god" I shouted as he started pumping harder and harder going deeper and deeper with every thrust, it was sensational "Im'e coming" I shouted "Don't stop darling" Faster and faster, deeper and deeper he went as my whole body was taken over by his thrusting. I orgasmed at least four times as he continued to obey me, they just would not stop coming. I had never experienced anything like this before. I wanted more. I wanted him to cum inside me. He finally relaxed on top of me, "Roll over darling" I said. Laying on his back, his still hard cock standing proudly, I climbed over him, kneeling in front of him playing with it, "I want you to cum inside me darling" I said. Not saying another word I lowered myself onto him, sinking that hard hot cock deep inside me, riding him up and down, faster and faster, he started to move under me, thrusting up as I bear down. Once again abandoning myself, feeling his hard shaft rubbing against my clit, as he seemed deeper and deeper in me, I could feel him getting faster and faster, raising his hips as he pushed up as I pushed down. Grabbing my hips pulling me tight to himself as he let out an almighty groan. I could feel his hot cum filling my pussy as I could feel myself loosing control. I orgasmed again time after time as he continued to pump his cum into me, it seemed to go on for ages.

We lay a there a little later, kissing and holding each other, totally exhausted. An end to a wonderful, eye opening experience for both of us. There will be more to come, I am thinking to myself. I had to ask him where he had learnt to make love to a woman like that. His answer was a complete shock, "From Andrea" he said.

Andrea is my 25 year old daughter !!!!!!

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