Fucking My Girlfriends Family - The Sister In Laws Mother

Published: Jan 10, 2009
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Sitting at my desk at work, I had realised that it had been a while since my antics with my girlfriend's sister, and her mother. I still had the photo evidence on my phone, but had in recent weeks had to use the key lock with code facility to make sure my girlfriend didn't see them.

Sitting at my desk at work, I had realised that it had been a while since my antics with my girlfriend's sister, and her mother. I still had the photo evidence on my phone, but had in recent weeks had to use the key lock with code facility to make sure my girlfriend didn't see them

Steph had not suspected a thing - which was good. I had fulfilled a fantasy to fuck my girlfriend's sister and mother, but something was lacking. I needed to fill that with something just a risky, just as horny...what could that be

I returned home to an empty house - Steph would no be home for ages. I changed and flicked on Sky Sports News on the tele.

I looked in our diary, which was fit to bursting this month with engagements. All over the place we were off to, but this weekend presented a good opportunity... it was a house warming party at our new house we had just brought. I knew then who my next target would be. Stephs sister Lucy, as you know had a boyfriend. We had invited his mum and sister to the party, as we all got along. My mind was made up.

It was the day of the party and Steph was flapping. She was on the phone to her sister

"Lucy, why do you always insist on going into town after the party" she whined down the phone "ok then you have twisted my arm, laters" and with that she put down the phone.

She explained to me that she would be going to town with the people going to our party, and I should come too. I agreed but would get a separate taxi as I would tidy up first, so she didn't have to when she got back

"Where would I be with out you Jay" Steph said with a hug

I replied "It's the least that I can do" knowing that this slot would be my target time.

People arrived and the party thronged. It was getting towards the time that people were going to head off. Maybe I should explain our house. Its three story with bedrooms on the middle and upper floor. Taxis organised, I persuaded Lesley and Lizzie to stay and help me tidy, to which they agreed.

I said "seems funny to see you tidy up in your stilettos and mini skirt, get comfy"

Lesley agreed "yeh okay, I'll take off the shoes.

Lizzie said "that's better, nice and comfy"

I playfully flicked dusters at them both and we danced to the music on my stereo, until I started flirting with them both.

I went over to Lesley and flicked her bra strap. She looked deep into my eyes and said "I know why you kept us behind"

"Well shall we" I said and with that Lesley and Lizzie went upstairs "get your self comfy" I shouted and ran up after them.

In the bedroom, they lay there, and I got on the bed with them. This was different as there was no persuasion. I decided to show them the pictures of Steph's mum and sister with my cum all over their faces and Lucy's wide gaping arse hole after my cock had savaged her a-hole.

They laughed, and I noticed their nipples had gotten a lot harder. I looked at Lesley (she was about 45) and kissed her face.

Lizzie her daughter got up and removed her pink t shirt and jeans, revealing a black bra and thong. She sat and her mother passed me over to her and took over kissing me, whilst Lesley undressed. A sky blue bra with the same French knickers. Her breasts were that of a 45 year old but they were a 34 DD, and beautiful. Lizzie was a 32C and firm. Lesley pulled off my jeans and Lizzie unbuttoned my shirt and they kissed me all over. My cock was a rock in my boxers and pre cum soaked through.

I sat up and ordered them both on the bed, to strip naked. I had to be in control. I started taking pictures. Lesley was shaven and opened up her pussy lips for me. Deep red and mature. I put my nose near and smelled her mature pussy. I started to lick her out, and Lizzie stood and went behind me. What was she going to do

She opened up my arse crack, and licked my rim. It felt amazing. I was so turned on. I reached up and tweaked Lesley's nipples and they were rock solid. I needed to get my rocks off. I motioned Lizzie to climb on my cock, her tight shaven pussy was open above my cock, and slid in effortlessly. Lesley sat on my face and Lizzie began to bounce on my cock.

I could feel Lesley's pussy contracting, and she shouted out "I'm nearly there you too"

What I didn't know was Lesley was a gusher. She sprayed her female ejaculate over my face and stood up, still had it dripping down her thigh. Lizzie leaned over, pausing the fucking and licked it all off. "Good vintage mother" she noted.

Lizzie got off my cock and I ordered them to bend over. This was my moment. Two arse's in one hit. I poured lube into their arse hole and they laughed. The 4 boobs hanging down, mother and daughter each giving each other the occasional kiss.

I went for the younger one first this time. I put my cock head at the entrance of her dark brown tight star, and pushed it in very hard. She started to cry, I decided to insert a finger into Lesley's arse too. I rocked cock and finger in each hole, and the noises were amazing. Lizzie was still crying but had put a hand under to rub her bulging clit. She was now starting to enjoy this. Just as she was going to cum, I pulled my cock out and swapped holes. Lesley shrieked "I've never been taken up the arse before!!!"

Another virgin. "Great stuff" I said, as I ploughed into her hole, with out any respect for my elders. I pumped in and then Lesley's hand reached down for Lizzie's hand to they could rub each others pussy. I was taking this all in and my balls began to boil up. I knew I was about to cum and a lot of cum at that. I smacked the arse cheeks of both women and they looked around and saw my face, holding my cum back.

They turned round and I grabbed my camera. I shot load after load on their faces and over their eyes. They were truly fucked. But this was different. They wanted it more. I asked them "do you often do that"

"No but we think we will in the future" Lizzie replied. I photographed their faces, covered in semen, thick globs of the stuff.

They both let me photograph their stretched arse holes too. "Lovely" I thought, more for me to wank over.

The mother and daughter duo let me keep their panties for my collection. As they left we tongued each other, and got a cab into town. It was the best house warming ever.

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