Great Aunt Vera teaches the ins and outs of her underwear - The Girdle

Author: Danny
Published: Mar 3, 2009
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It was with a great sense of anticipation that I called round at my great aunt Vera's house for my third underwear lesson. This time it was to be about the girdle.

It was with a great sense of anticipation that I called round at my great aunt Vera's house for my third underwear lesson. Each time I thought about the last two times, my heart started pounding, remembering the sensation of wearing my aunt's panties, sucking on her tits, feeling her moist cunt and being wanked to a massive ejaculation of sperm. My biggest concern was whether I could stop myself from cumming in my underpants. I knocked on the door and aunt Vera opened it. As before, she was wearing a robe but I noticed at once that her legs were clad in nylons. We went straight up to her bedroom. "So, you've come for your lesson about girdles. Well, it's just like when we explored panties - you'll have to wear a girdle to understand it." I now felt no embarrassment as I said, "Oh aunty, I was hoping you'd say that. Let's start!" "All right", she said and handed me a pair of pink panties, a girdle and a pair of stockings from her underwear drawer. "First, let's look at the finished article, so you know what we're aiming for." She took off her robe to reveal she was wearing a bra, girdle, stockings and a pair of pink panties exactly like the ones she'd just given me. "The girdle is a simple pull-on affair with no hooks or clasps. The idea is to form my figure, giving me a trim waist and flat tummy. This adds impact to the way my bra lifts and supports my breasts. As you can see, there are six suspenders to hold up my stockings, and the stockings make my legs look sleek. You'll also notice that my panties are on the outside of my girdle, making it easier if I have to answer a call of nature. Now, come and run your hands over me and get a feel for how firm this makes my figure." I did as she said, running my hands over her breasts, around her waist, over her bum and down her thighs. "Oh yes aunty, I see what you mean. It all feels so smooth and I love the little decorative lace motifs on the front of your girdle." "Yes", she said, "We ladies do like our underwear to look pretty, even if no-one else sees it. It helps us to feel glamorous - and that's a very important feeling for a woman." "Now, it's time for you to feel what it's like to dress like this. You get started and I'll help you when you get to the stockings."

I was out of my trousers, underpants and socks in no time. I stepped into the girdle and pulled it up. It was really tight over my hips and aunt Vera helped me to pull it up to the right height. Then I put the panties on. My cock was inside the girdle, straining to get out and I said, "Gosh, it's really tight in this girdle." "Ah, but that's the point", said my aunt, "So just you keep everything inside there just for the moment." "Now, let's help you with those stockings. They're a little bit different to mine because they're what we call seamed. You see There's a dark seam running all the way up. The idea of that is that it accentuates the line of the lady's leg and can be further accentuated by wearing high-heeled shoes, which extend the calves." "Here's how you put stockings on. You gather them carefully up until you've just got the toe left. It's important to make sure that you've gathered the seam carefully, so it doesn't end up too twisted when you put the stocking on. You can make a small adjustment once it's on but anything too big is likely to ladder the stocking. Now, making sure that the seam is at the back of your leg, you put your toe into the stocking and pull it carefully up your leg." The sensation of my aunt's hands pulling a nylon stocking up my leg made me gasp and, were it not for the pressure of the girdle, I swear I would have cum there and then. She continued, "If you've done it properly, the stocking should reach just above the end of your suspenders and you fix each one in turn, like this, starting with the front one, then the back and then the side." She showed me how to put the button of the suspender under the nylon, then ease the metal fastener over it and make sure it was secure. "If you turn your head and look down the back of your leg, you'll see that the seam is slightly twisted. You can see it much better in the mirror. It's easy to adjust but you have to be careful not to pull the nylon too much or it will ladder." She made the necessary adjustment and the seam looked perfectly straight. "Now, see if you can manage the other stocking by yourself." It took me a couple of attempts to gather up the stocking. "Yes, men's fingers are not very good for that sort of thing", offered aunt Vera. I managed to get the stocking up and attached quite easily and aunt Vera helped me with the seam. "Well, you do look the part", she said. "Now I think it must be time for a reward from your teacher." This was what I had been waiting for but what I got was a complete surprise.

As I lay back on the bed, aunt Vera said, "It's time you learned how to give to a lady, as well as take. You remember that last time you touched my cunt This time, I'm going to teach you a bit more about it and how to make a lady feel really good." Then she climbed on the bed, astride me but with her bum towards me. "I want you to pull my gusset aside so that you can get a good look at my cunt", she said. "Can you see OK, now gently use your fingers to pull my cunt open. That's it. Can you see the folds inside Those are called the lips. Ease then apart. Yes, that's right. Now you should be able to see an opening. That's called my vagina and it's made for a man to put his cock into. But we're not going there today. If you look where my lips meet, you'll see a little hood with like a smooth pebble under it. That's called my clitoris and is the most sensitive part of my body. Touch it gently, so I know you've found it. Unnnng! Yes! That's it!. Now I'm going to lower myself over your face and I want you to use your tongue to gently stimulate my clitoris, just like you did with my tits last time. Yes, yes, that's exactly right." As I followed my aunt's instructions, I felt her release my cock from under the girdle and then from my panties. Then something unexpected happened - I felt her mouth close over my cock, sucking gently and moving it in and out. It felt wonderful and the more I concentrated on licking my aunt's cunt, the more eagerly she seemed to eat my cock. "Aunty! Aunty!" I said, "If you're not careful I'm going to cum in your mouth!" "Mmmm! Mmmmm!", she said, pressing her cunt into my face and taking the whole of my cock into her mouth. Too late! "Nnnnnng!" My spunk erupted into her throat. I heard her choke momentarily, then she swallowed and sucked every last drop out of me. "Oh aunt Vera!", I said, "That was spectacular!" She climbed off me, using a finger to wipe some of my cum off her cheek and said, "Yes, I thought so too. Well, I think we've covered the underwear side of things pretty well. What do you say we explore a few other things next time" I said, "You must have read my thoughts!

About: The author of "Great Aunt Vera teaches the ins and outs of her underwear - The Girdle" is Danny. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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