Aunt makes Nephews birthday fantasy come true

Author: Dan Sparlow
Published: Mar 4, 2009
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Aunt giving her Nephew the best birthday present he's ever had. From Aunt to lover.......

My name is Dan and it was my 30th Birthday, it started boring but turned out to be my best birthday I ever had. I was living with my Aunt and Uncle for a couple years and long story short I had this secret little crush on my Aunt Tammy since I was 13. I guess because she was a bit over 10 years older than me and extemely hot. It was my birthday and it was just one of those days were everyone had plans and what not and I was home on a Saturday night with nothing to do. No one was home all weekend like usualy, between everyone working or sleeping over someone elses house. The only person who was home on the weekends was me and my Aunt Tammy. I was always real close to my Aunt, we talked about everything and jokingly flurted here and their. It was about 11:30pm and I usualy went out in the back to talk on the phone. I was in just my shorts getting ready to go sit in the pool and I got a call from this one girl who was just a special friend if you know what I mean. I was chatting and pacing back and forth and I happen to walk by the bathroom window and seen the light come on and heard the shower start up. Oh by the way forgot to mention that I was drinking and feeling very good at this point. I told Stephanie I would call her back and hung up the phone. Their was a lawn chair right near the outside table so I went over and grabbed the chair and put it up to the window and nervously peeped in. It was pitch black outside and very bright in the bathroom so I knew that she couldn't see me. I thought for a moment it was my Aunt's Friend Beth that came over earlier to go swimming and play cards with my Aunt but didn't know she had gone and left a long time ago. So I thought it was her because she was hot for a 44 year old. So I peeped in all excited hoping to see my Aunt's Friend in the raw and again not knowing she had left, it was my Aunt Tammy standing their butt ass naked. My heart skipped a beat, the sight was better than what I was anticipating for. Their was my Aunt Tammy standing their, big beautiful tits, nice size ass, long dirty blond hair and a trimmed hairy vagina. She had some weight on her but looked good on her, she was 5'2" 180lbs. Meat in all the right places. Like I said I always had this little crush on her. Well right away I just dropped my shorts, I was in the back yard, it was pitch black with a tall fence surronding the yard so I dropped my draws and started jerking off. She got in the shower and thank goodness for a see thew shower curtain. When she got out, she stood at the base of the tub shaving her legs one at a time. Each time she lifted one of her legs up, I could see her beautiful snatch. I am just milking this for all its worth. Well to my suprise out of all nights their was a flash of heat lightning that lite up the sky and which lit up the back yard like day and my Aunt caught me looking dead on right threw the window and grasped for breath. She yelled at me, what the hell are you doing I jumped off the chair and threw my shorts on quick and ran in the house. She came out of the bathroom 2 minutes later and what a akward feeling I had. She asked if I was at the window and I said yes and I am sorry. I was feeling good and had a few to drink and I happen to walk by the window and thought you were Beth but realized that it was her and I just couldn't help not looking because how beautiful she was. Plus I explained I was feeling lonely anyway cus it was my birthday and my Friend Stephanie was getting me all hot over the phone and I couldn't help looking at you and masterbating. She said it was no problem and to never tell anyone about this and she would do the same. I agreed and she asked if I really thought she was attractive like that I said of course, you have the most beautiful body I have ever seen. (trying to put icing on the cake)(brown nosing). Aunt Tammy blushed and said, well since its your birthday, you better never tell anyone and I mean anyone about this. She dropped her towel and stood their naked and told me I might as well finish what I started and it was a birthday gift since she forgot to by me a present. I immediately asked her if she was cool with it and she smiled and said go for it, I will show you my stuff up close and personal. I almost ripped off my shorts and started cranking my cock. I had my Aunt naked inches from me. One point she bent over and spread her legs and I lunged my face in and licked her pussy and asshole quick and she jumped a mile. I was like I am so sorry I couldn't help myself, she smiled and said I kinda liked it and she took my hand and led me to her room and she got on all fours and told me to pick up were I left off. I then launched my face directly towards her big ass and sucked and kissed her ass cheecks and then started licking and fingering her asshole and then led down to her creamy snatch and started sucking that hot wet clit. She got off me and told me to get up and lay on my back. Then she sat right on my face, her hot hairy wet pussy right on my mouth and rid my face for a few minutes and then went down on my cock as we started 69. We sucked each other till we both cummed gallons. We then layed their talking. I then started sucking on her big tits, it was the first time I had her sexy tits at my exposal. I sucke d those huge mellons and her nipples got rock hard as my cock did also. She then jumped on top of me and rid my cock till she came then got on all fours and fucked the shit out of her doggie style and then pulled out blowing my load all over that huge hot ass and ass hole. It was the best site in the world fucking my Aunt Tammy doggie style and I never came so loud and much in my life. That night we must a couple more times and went to bed. I thought it would have been an awkard breakfast but she kissed me first thing in the morning and right away got on my cock for a morning fuck and told me she wasn't getting off me till I blew my load deep in her twat. That I did, and it felt great to shoot inside my favorite Aunt. So now we make the best out of being home alone on the weekends. She ended up telling the whole story to her friend Beth the next weekend and Auntie encouraged us to bang right on her bed while she watched. But that went from a specticle to a 3 way in no time. I ended up moving out a couple years ago but I still get some of my Aunt Tammy a couple times a month.

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