Step Mum

Published: Mar 25, 2009
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I could see her pussy lips faintly outlined through her pants. Her lovely behind was a foot away from my face! I immediately became hard, and couldn't believe how good she looked. She seemed to realize this and righted herself and pulled at her tight panties a bit..

I first met my step mum when i was 7 years old, when my parents broke up she moved in with my dad. I've always had a close relationship with her as i have known her most of my life. I am 18 years old now and she is 47. Despite her age she has an incredible body, Occasionally at the dinner table she would bend over and I couldn't help but look over at those round hips. Four years ago she had a baby with my dad. My dad and her once said they were sure she became pregnant on their first try - and I believe it - you could tell she was flushed and plumb with fertility. But that didn't change a thing. She was still as shapely (and I'm sure just as fertile) as ever and increasingly I found myself fantasizing about her.

About a month ago my dad was away on business trip, not back until late that night. Denise was cooking dinner for me, she leaned all the way over to clean up something on the floor, and, my dad not being there, I jumped at the chance to take in that beautiful rump. I could see her pussy lips faintly outlined through her pants. Her lovely behind was a foot away from my face! I immediately became hard, and couldn't believe how good she looked. She seemed to realize this and righted herself and pulled at her tight panties a bit ( I guess she had a wedgie). She flushed a little and looked at me with her eyes wide, knowing what I must be thinking. She giggled and then smiled at me, then, clearly embarrassed, went to put her young son to bed. I went into the living room to watch tv, as no one was home she came and sat with me. I was still fantasizing about her, imaging how good she would be. She started asking me about my week the paused and said "do you feel comfortable around me" i asked her why she said it and she replied "well you always seem a bit nervous". She was right i was always quiet around her, i could never talk to her much at this age. I then answered, "i do really like you, more than you think", "can i tell you something, "yes go on" she replied. "Well i have always thought about us doing stuff together, "you mean sex". I was to embarrassed to say anything so i nodded. She took my hand and pulled it towards her and she placed it on her hip, we began kissing each other and removing our clothes. Her body looked amazing as she stood up to pull off her jeans, revealing black bra and thong. Denise moved up onto me and sat on my face. As she leaned over and took my young dick in her mouth, her love lips engulfed my face. I breathed in and as she slurped on my cock I took in her pussy's fresh musk. Her plump ass on my face smelled like fresh fruit. I could smell the estrogen seeping from her vulva and as I started pumping my dick down her throat, her lips tightened around it, her tongue giving it gentle strokes. I grabbed her thighs and rubbed them, feeling around to her lower back and down again to her plump ass cheeks, now hugging my face. I sucked on her labia as she purred, "Oh Sam, mmmmm." I loved hearing that sweet voice. I lifted her a little and turned her around and looked down at my dick, wet with her delicious saliva. Her pussy was just as wet as I mounted her from behind, sliding in and out of that beautiful ass. We rocked back and forth as I sunk my inches into her sopping wet vagina, deep, deep, until she squealed like a baby. The combined wetness of her blowjob and pussy juices made a slurping sound each time I penetrated her. As I fucked my stepmother doggystyle on the sofa, her plump ass slapped up against me. I savored the feel of those round hips and caressed her love handles as I pulled her gently, back and forth, against my stomach. I pounded her for about 15 minutes, we then changed to the cowgirl position. Her mature body lay gracefully over mine as i entered her once more, continuing to fuck her for at least a further 20 minutes. Finally we stand up and continually kissing and slobbering, we could not resist one another, the feeling was so intense. Denise yelled "Don't stop fucking me!" so we threw ourselves back onto the sofa and entered from behind, after about 10 minutes i shot my glock deep, and with final thrusts, my youthful testicles slapped up against her skin making a slap, slap, slapping sound that echoed down the house where my little brother was sleeping. Denise bucked and moaned as she reached orgasm. Her breasts expanded like balloons filling with creamy milk. I cannot describe the way my stepmother made love to me. It was like an injection of intense life through my body, seeping its way through my veins. The sensation of her warm body against me for the first time was a feeling I will always cherish. You see, up until that day, I'd been a virgin, and to suddenly be making love to the woman whom I'd been in love with - a deep, sexual, lusty kind of love, to the point where I was aching for her touch - this was an indescribably wonderful experience. Completely uninhibited, together we vented our pent up feelings for each other in a sweet union of man and woman on that cold friday night. My body was warmed inside and out by her sex, contrasting with the cold wind blowing against the windows. Her ass bucked with orgasm after orgasm. I creamed her and have never ejaculated that much semen before in my life. I must've at least tripled what I usually can muster by masturbating. There was so much of my young love juice that it filled up her insides and forced its way out of her pussy and onto the sofa, seeping in and sticking on everything, making a generally slimy, sexual mess.

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