Gina and Dad

Author: circle21
Category: Incest & Taboo Stories
Published: Apr 4, 2009
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She used to masturbate by different methods and I believe her simply because she still loves to masturbate at fifty-one years old. She said long before she ever had sex with anyone, she knew she would love it, but yet never actually fucked anyone until she was twenty-three years old.

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I am writing this story on behalf of my wife, Gina, who will proofread it before I submit it to make sure it is as accurate as possible.

I love my wife and I love her sex drive. When she was a teen, she told me she used to read love novels and get horny. She used to masturbate by different methods and I believe her simply because she still loves to masturbate at fifty-one years old. She said long before she ever had sex with anyone, she knew she would love it, but yet never actually fucked anyone until she was twenty-three years old.

But, she had one incestuous experience with her dad that she will never forget and talks about whenever we have sexual conversations.

As I stated, her experience with her dad was a one time thing and it happened by chance. Apparently her dad was taking an afternoon nap and she was in her bedroom which was beside of her parents and none of their bedrooms have doors on them even to this day. Their dog kept barking in the back yard and Gina was doing something in her room and she was going to go and get their dog to be quiet. When she left her room, she had to pass her parents room and her dad had gotten out of bed to yell at the dog to shut up.

Her dad slept in the nude and when she walked past his bedroom, there he stood stark ass naked. She said he didn't see her at first and she just froze and stared at his dick, which was hanging low. She said it seemed like forever but had to be only a few seconds when her dad turned back around and saw her staring at him. He never tried to cover himself up but walked back towards the bed as if to crawl back in it.

Before he did, he said something to her about staring at him and she needed to move on. Gina apologized and didn't mean to stare. He walked over towards her and said for her to go on and she never moved. He got right in front of her and she couldn't take her eyes off his dick. She reached out to it and lightly touched it and it began to twitch slightly.

Again, her dad said for her to go somewhere but she didn't and he didn't really press the issue nor tell her to stop. She looked up at him and said she wanted to touch it some more and he actually said okay but then she had to go. Gina then put her whole hand on it and wrapped it around his now stiffening dick. With her other hand, she reached down and touched his balls and now tells me how huge they were, but not sure if that was just because they were the first balls on a mature man she had seen.

He said he was going back to bed and walked towards his bed and lied down on it with his dick pretty much sticking straight up. She also walked to the bed and again began rubbing his cock and balls. She said her dad just laid back and seemingly enjoyed what she was doing to him. From reading her novels, she knew a little bit about what to do and rubbed his dick up and down but didn't really grab hold of it.

He reached down and took her hand and wrapped it around his dick and told her to keep going up and down. She did as told and her dad laid back and was enjoying the sensation and beginning to make some moaning noises.

All she knew about this is from what she read, but she kept it up as it was turning her on and she could feel her nipples hardening and her pussy getting moist. There was pre-cum now coming out the end of his cock and she had read about that. She squeezed his dick to get more to come out and wiped it with her hand and rubbed it between her fingers and all over the head of her dad's dick.

Her other hand kept the pace on his extremely hard dick and it's purple head. She claims it is still vivid in her mind because it was her first time and she was extremely excited. About that time, he really started moaning and humping and then he shot a load of cum out into the air. Gina said she stopped when that happened but he grabbed her hand and said not to stop yet, he wasn't done.

She continued pumping and more and more cum followed and pretty soon it was not shooting out but just sort of oozing out. Now he asked her to stop as he was completely drained apparently. She grabbed some cum and rubbed it with her hands and stared at it and smelled it and stared at his drooping dick.

He said maybe she better go now and that should not have happened. Gina was so horny she told him not to worry, she would never tell anyone what happened. He told her it would never happen again and he felt ashamed of himself.

Her father wiped the cum off his dick with his underwear that was lying on the floor and then she left to go wash her father's cum from her hands. She never saw his dick again and neither of them ever mentioned what had happened. But she took what she had learned from that experience and put it to good use on some of her early boyfriends as she would jack guys off and feel their cum in her hand. She says she is sure she got somewhat of a reputation and is not sure how many guys she jacked off, but I can attest to her expertise as I have been the recipient of her hand jobs for many years now.

About: The author of "Gina and Dad" is circle21. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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