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Annie's Story - In Control

Author: Joe Long
Publish Date : May 13, 2009
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Helen, now awake but still blindfolded, was close to orgasm when she realized that the hair in her hands was much too long to be her husband's. She pulled off the nightshades to see her daughter Annie's head between her thighs, while her husband Joe was fucking Annie in the ass.

* * * * * * *

Annie lay on her bed, still awake. Guys were such assholes, never cared about anybody except themselves. She thought she was attractive enough, and was proud of her butt. Every guy at school who had asked her out wanted sex right away, and that would have been OK, but the last three only wanted to brag later to their buds about how they scored. Two years ago at camp she met Chrissy in a game of pickup basketball, then hit the showers. Chrissy was toned, tanned, very athletic. She was the one who made sure to brush against Annie's ass on the way past, then playfully spent all day lathering her pubic hair. Annie was curious, and just kept on showering until she and Chrissy were the only ones left. Chrissy eyed Annie's naked body up and down, and asked if Annie would like to meet her in the woods later that night. That became Annie's first taste of pussy. She became fascinated with girls, and fell in love with the site of Brittany when school started a few weeks later. Annie had always been bringing her friends over to the house, and didn't think her parents suspected anything.

The day at the pool had been Brittany's idea. Annie's Dad was once again staring at Brittany's tits, so they decided to let him see them up close and personal. By the time it was over, not only Brittany but also Annie had fucked her Dad. Annie had never enjoyed sucking a dick so much. Now two weeks later, Dad had yet to mention anything about that day, but she couldn't stop thinking about it. Last week she had been caught playing with herself in the school restroom and now had to attend "Masturbators Anonymous". She got a dildo, but Mom found it and took it away. She couldn't help it, she was just always horny. Annie thought she was becoming a nympho like Brittany.

Looking at the clock, it was 2 a.m. She was laying here, her fingers in her pussy, and no closer to sleep. She couldn't turn off the images in her brain. She got up and headed down the hall to the kitchen. Her parent's door was open, and seeing Dad on the bed, next to her mother, rekindled all the memories. Annie walked slowly and quietly into the room. The TV was still showing Nick at Night. Dad was flat on his back. Kneeling next to the bed, Annie reached her hand inside the fly of his boxers, and slowly stroked his soft cock. After a minute it started to grow, and she wrapped her hand around it and started to pump. She leaned over and licked her tongue across it's head, then wrapped her lips around it. As soon as she started to bob her head up and down, he woke up and grabbed her hair. He gave a startled but quiet "What the" and glanced over at her mother. Mom seemed oblivious with her mask pulled over her eyes. Annie continued sucking him for a few minutes, then Dad pulled her nightie up over her head to expose her breasts, nipples hard with excitement.

She pulled off his boxers, then disposed of her own panties. Carefully she climbed onto the bed and straddled his cock, using her hand to guide it into her pussy. Neither of them could believe they were doing it again, and so brazenly in the same bed with Mom. The sexual thrill was only heightened by the fear that she might awake and discover them.

Annie had a sudden thought, and put up one finger to tell her Dad "Wait a minute". She slid off him, and went to the bottom of the bed by her mother's feet. Climbing up on all fours, Annie lifted her mother's nightie to reveal no underwear. She gently spread her mother's pubic hair, and finding the pussy lips lowered her face in. Glancing at Dad, he looked stunned and confused. Annie waived her hand towards her own ass. She loved this sense of being in control, especially over her own parents. As Annie went back to licking Mom, she could feel Dad's cock entering her from behind. Dad started to stroke harder, banging his thighs against her ass with each thrust, while Mom was groaning and squirming her hips, now with her hands on Annie's head.

Joe and Helen hadn't had sex for several months. She would pick on him about it, which usually got him out of the mood and questioning his own ability. That was mainly what drove him to the internet. He even went on Myspace, pretending to be 20, to see if he could get any girls to like him. It actually worked, with one 17 year old even getting pissed because he wouldn't blow his cover by going out with her. On one of the adult sites, on nights when Helen wasn't home, he had masturbated on webcam for any woman who wanted to watch. After the encounter with Annie and Brittany at the pool, Joe too couldn't keep the memories at bay. After masturbating just about every break time at work, he decided to make things change with his wife. It took a couple days of prodding, but he finally got to fuck Helen three times this past week. She wasn't sure what got into him, but didn't want to ask. She was finally getting sex again.

Helen, now awake but still blindfolded, was close to orgasm when she realized that the hair in her hands was much too long to be her husband's. She pulled off the nightshades to see her daughter Annie's head between her thighs, while her husband Joe was fucking Annie in the ass. Helen thought she must be dreaming, but the orgasm seemed real enough as she squeezed her thighs against Annie's face. As the orgasm and the shock of the situation began to wear off, Helen figured that she didn't want to be the one to ruin the party now. She hadn't tasted pussy since college, but told Annie "Come up here" and helped steady her as the girl slid up over her mother's body, then lowering her pussy onto Helen's face. Joe got on the bed, on his knees between Helen's legs. Putting her feet over his shoulders, he guided his cock into his wife's wet cunt, then rocked his hips back and forth fucking her. Annie, her pussy being probed by her mother's tongue, leaned back so that her father could press against her, cupping her tits in his hands while kissing her neck. Joe started to grown, stiffened, and squeezed his daughter's tits as he shot his load of cum into his wife's pussy. Helen was rubbing her daughter's clit as she tongue fucked the girl, and a few seconds later Annie spasmed in orgasm.

As Joe pulled out, Helen started to complain that he was going to drip cum on the bedsheets. Although Annie didn't much like boys right now, she still loved the taste of cum, and said "Let me take care of that!". She spun herself around, facing her father, and from all fours licked his cock clean. Then she dropped her head down, using her tongue again to slurp all the goo from her mother's cunt.

Annie lay in her parents bed. The clock said 6 a.m. The TV was off now, everything was quiet. Her body tingled all over. She smiled, remembering how when she was little if she couldn't sleep she would come to her parents room and get into bed, in the middle between them, where she felt safe and secure. Fifteen years later, here she was again, in the middle between her parents. Her father was to her right, on his side facing Annie, his right arm draped over her belly, his limp cock pressed up against her thigh. Her mother, on her left, also faced towards Annie, hand on top of her husband's, just inches from Annie's pussy. Safe and secure.

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