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Annie's Story - All In The Family


Author: Joe Long
Published: 13-May-09 Revised/Updated 29-Aug-09

It was bad enough that he was having sex with someone else, but her own daughter, in her own house. Then he would get back into bed with Helen, still smelling of Annie's pussy

* * * * * * *

He stepped into Annie's room and found her with her back to the door, sitting on the chair typing into the instant messenger on her computer. Her Dad started to gently caress her shoulders, then leaned over to whisper in her ear "are you busy" Annie typed "got to go, my Dad wants me" fully aware of the irony of her choice of words. Rising and turning to face him, they embraced as Joe kissed his daughter's neck. Making his tongue pointed and rigid, he slipped it into her mouth. Annie responded by bobbing her head on his tongue as if she was giving it a blow job, which in seconds had Joe's dick rock hard. Joe lowered her back onto the bed, with her legs dangling over the edge. He always had a thing for women's feet, and satisfied his fetish by kneeling to suck on his daughter's big toe. He licked her ankle, then slowly worked his way up her calf and thigh. At that point he reached up and slid her panties out from under her butt, pulling them down her legs and then tossing them on the floor. Staring at her clean shaven cunt brought back memories of when she was a baby, Joe feeling embarrassed to use a wipe to clean his daughter's genitals. Now she lay with her legs spread wide on the bed in front of his face. Resting his head on Annie's thigh, he explored her pussy lips, twirling her clit between his fingers as she started to squirm.. Finally he went in with his tongue, up and down her labia. Joe couldn't wait any longer, and stood to lift his shirt over his head. Then he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to the floor. Slipping off his boxers, he stood naked between her legs, his 7 inch shaft arching upward. Taking it in his hand, he stepped forward and guided the head of his cock up into the folds of his daughter's pussy. Starting slowly, he went deeper and deeper until he was in up to his balls, the bed springs squeeking and the head board slapping the wall with every thrust, Annie's legs wrapped around her father's back.

Annie still loved the sex, and she loved her father, but she was starting to tire of him coming to her virtually every night. She was feeling like it was no longer her choice, that it was her obligation anytime he demanded. She wasn't sure the last time he'd been with Mom, other than the threesome Annie had initiated last month. Her Dad's cock did feel good, as he quickened his rhythm and pushed deeper into her pussy. His hands were caressing her breasts, as her hand slipped down to massage her clit while he continued to fuck her. Now on birth control, she felt lucky she didn't get pregnant the first time. She felt him slow and arch his back, and then blow his load deep inside her. Dad pulled out, his dick dripping with cum. Annie hadn't cum yet, so Dad laid beside her and fondled her clit with his hand. Rubbing in a circular motion, soon Annie was bucking up and down, her thighs clenching his hand as she let out a throaty scream.

Helen was pissed. Almost every night he left to go to her. It was bad enough that he was having sex with someone else, but her own daughter, in her own house. Then he would get back into bed with Helen, still smelling of Annie's pussy. She had been caught up in the moment the month before when she awoke to find Annie's face buried in her own pussy, with Joe down at Annie's ass, fucking away. Now that Joe got to have Annie whenever he wanted, he had forgotten about Helen. She could hear the headboard banging on the wall. If Joe could do this, so could she. Helen threw on her robe and headed down the hall. Billy was only 18, but was already 5ft 11, and from what she could tell, was full grown in other places too. Helen opened the door to his bedroom and was stunned to see him already naked on the bed, eyes closed, stroking his hard cock. "Mom, what the hell", as he jumped back and knocked the glass of water off his bed stand. "Billy, what are you doing" Helen froze for a moment, then knelt down to pick up the glass. He stammered "I was, was listening" as Helen realized that the Joe and Annie Show was very audible in this room as well. Still kneeling, Helen laid her hand on Billy's chest as she told him "It's perfectly natural to have these kind of feelings". "Like Dad has for Annie" That wasn't exactly what Helen wanted to hear, but she nodded. "Yes, and that's why I came here to see you." Helen slipped her robe off her shoulders and let it fall onto to the floor. Never having liked to suck cock that much, it had been several years since Helen had done it for Joe, but now she felt compelled to indulge herself with her son's naked body. Her right hand slowly caressed his shaft, her face leaning forward. At first she lightly grazed it's head against her cheek, then brought it to her lips. She probed hesitantly with her tongue, and could taste the pre-cum oozing from her son. Billy put his hands on the back of his Mom's head, pulling her down onto his cock. She began to bob her head, but gagged when the end of his dick crashed into her throat. Stopping for a moment, Helen then was careful not to take her son so deep into her mouth, making slurping noises as she sucked on his cock. Helen lifted her head, let out a long exhale and told Billy "I need you in me". She stood, wearing only her panties, then bent over to slide them off her legs, kicking them away.

Billy stopped breathing for a minute at the site of his mother's naked body standing over his bed and his own stiff cock. He had never seen a girl's pussy, let alone fuck one. Mom got onto the bed, on all fours above Billy. She lowered a breast onto his face, and asked him to suck on her nipple. Then he felt his mother's hand around his cock, positioning it against her pussy. As Helen lowered herself, Billy was amazed at the heat and moisture that engulfed his penis. Mom started bouncing her hips onto him, and Billy tried to match her motion, although a couple times he slipped out, and they had to pause to get him back inside. Billy could feel the pressure and sensation building in his cock, not placed inside his fist, but inside his mother's pussy. Billy closed his eyes, stiffened and groaned as he pumped his cum into his mother. After what seemed to him an eternity, Billy went limp, and Helen rolled off of him. She wanted to taste her son's cum, and took his now softening cock back into her mouth, slurping off the mixture of each of their bodily fluids.

When Helen returned to her own room, Joe was on the bed. He turned from watching TV and asked "Where were you".Spitefully, Helen answered "Fucking my son - how about you"

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