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My Little Sister's a Bitch


Author: Her older brother
Published: 16-Jun-09 Revised/Updated 09-Jul-17

I just had to know what was going on. and why Mom was yelling, "She was going to come. I'm going to come" I couldn't figure out where she was coming from or too. I heard a lot of grunt's, moans & the smell of a heavy pheromone just intrigued me. I just had to know what was happening in their bedroom...

* * * * * * *

I was remembering back when I was a child and how this actually happened.

I would go up to mom while she was at the sink doing dishes, cooking or something and grab the hem of the her dress tail and raise it up to see mom's panties. This really didn't go well with mom. She would tell me that little boy's shouldn't do that to girls. And chase me out the house. I was doing this just to get the attention. This continued for a few years. I must admit there was something up there that I was attached to.

I was 8 by now & lying on my bed listening to mom & dad wrestling in a Battle Royal, Hearing their bed squeaking and the headboard hitting the wall. I just had to know what was going on. and why Mom was yelling, "She was going to come. I'm going to come" I couldn't figure out where she was coming from or too. I heard a lot of grunt's, moans & the smell of a heavy pheromone just intrigued me. I just had to know what was happening in their bedroom.

Very sneaking & ever so quietly I opened the door just a little bitty crack & a Crack is what I had found. My thoughts to myself "Gees Mom, you are cracked all the way around from your belly button to your butt" At 8 years old I was getting interested in what that was and the difference between boy's and girls. Wow, This was pretty cool as I thought to myself.

As I watched intently to them wrestling, mom had dad in a tight leg-lock on dad's face. He was trying to eat this patch of hair. Why I thought! Why would dad want to eat this hair (SIDE BAR) Cuz Little did I know, huh Later I found there was some pretty good tasty stuff in there!

Anyway as time went on Janice was a young girl, but we still didn't like each other at all. I know mom tried her level best to see that we grew up right. I was still being a butt in every way. Not minding mom, causing trouble with Janice. Rating her off just to see her get in trouble. Janice seemed to transform her self from a royal pain-in-the-ass to a full-blown bitch overnight. Her thinking was, (What about me, Everyone needs to think about me) She even had I hard time living with herself!

Time again was still passing. Bob had gotten married and left home. I was away at college, funded by myself. Janice was left at home. She failed the 4th grade, twice. What ah dummy! She was trying to finish high school. She was about 18 - maybe 19 She wanted to go off to college major in restaurant management and own her own restaurant business.

I took a long weekend at Thanksgiving & went home for ah while. I walked into the house and there was Mom standing doing what was left of the dishes in her house-dress. Mom always looked in a fit condition. She was looking extremely well today. I grabbed her dress tail and lifted up. "Mom you remember me doing that Yes Randy I do.

She was surprised to see me that early in the week it's was Monday about noon. She & I hugged and kissed each other. She stopped what she was doing and we sat down at the table just to talk over coffee. I asked her how she was really doing with out dad. Of course she said she was doing rather well. I knew better. She looked good as always, but she was in needing some company. I knew she was lonely. We sat and talked for quite ah while. She asked me if I wanted a beer or something to drink. Whiskey & water was my drink. Mom said she didn't have the booze for the fixings there but she would go to the store and get them. I'll go Mom you're busy, be right back.

When I returned she was there at the sink. Mom didn't hear me come in. I put the booze on the counter. I walked up behind her and grabbed the dress tail and threw it up in the air again. Mom didn't do anything this time. She said, "Yes I do remember you doing that & Randy, I was hoping you would do that again. I was surprised to hear her say something like that. Mom didn't have on her panties or her bra. Mom said "to tell you the truth about how I am son, I am so lonely son and I miss your father. It's been a long time now and I miss him so." We always had a healthily sex life. Going around the house with just this dress I can play with my privates and hope to get off some how"

"Son do you remember the night you snuck up to our bedroom door and watched dad & I making love I said,

"Well yeah, I was as quite as I could be, how did you know I was there

Mom replied "I was shocked at first to know you were standing there watching us. But later it has still been a huge turn for me. I still get all twitterpated just thinking about that night. Even right now. Daddy never knew you were there"

I fixed a drink for us & turned her around to face me. I asked her why she never said anything about it. She said " Randy I was making love with your father and although it was a turn-on for me I didn't see a reason to bring it up. It was just a one time sight of me naked" We finished our drinks and I made another. Mom wasn't into drinking much. The third drink she was pretty loose with her actions & language. She said. "I have gone out with a few men in the past but they can't stack up to your father. He was so into me I couldn't imagine me being in someone's arms"

"Yes Mom " I remember, Dad was pretty far into you when I was watching you guys in bed"

We just laughed and hugged each other. I could feel her perk hard nipples come to rest on my chest through her thin dress and they were starting to increase in size and hardness. Her nipples were at leased 1/2" and about the size of sewing thimbles. The areola is 2" and looking good! They were beginning to shrink in circumference like a persimmon, all wrinkled up. It was pretty cool.

Mom was getting drunk and she said she was horny enough to fuck a two peckered Billy Goat. Mom then said, "Do you know what dad was doing with me then

"Mom, yes I do know. But back then I sure didn't back them" We laughed again. She placed her hand on my leg about mid-thigh and squeezed and rubbed my leg. She stopped her hand just across from my crouch as my dick was coming to attention.

"Oh Randy" she said, "If I could have one more chance to make love with your father knowing he was going to die I would have never stopped" Well, Mom "I'm not dad, but what can I do to help I didn't know how she would react. She said, "I do have some toys a girlfriend gave me, but there are not the same" She showed them to me. Long ones, short / fat ones. Some that vibrate in different colors, even one with a reservoir for liquid. "Randy have you had sex with a woman" Yeah! Mom a long time ago. Why

She then reached for the collared hem of the dress and raised it over herd head & said

"Does my pussy look different now

I Hollered "MOM What Are You Doing"

"Well does it look any different now she asked

Well yeah, it does looks prettier now. But what are you doing

She said she started shaving after her menopause. It just seemed like the thing to. Mom had a small amount of hair, a heart shaped figure that comes to a point just above her clitoris.

"Hey, your pubic area was smooth & your pussy is like the one Janice had when she came home from the hospital.

We had a big laugh and hugged again and she snuggled in real close to me and kissed me right on the month. I got an instant woody. She looked better then I remember. Mom noticed the pile of meat behind my zipper. And asked if she could see it. Randy it's been so long. I said 'Yes mom but you are my mother" Yes son, but I just want to look at it. Besides that I changed your shitty dippers many times.

She lowered the zipper and grabbed my cock in her warm hand. I nearly lost my wad right there. Just then the phone starting ringing, Mom the phone! Hey, Mom it's the phone. Nah you get it she said, "I'm too busy! Hell-O and the voice said, "Let me talk to mom Dickhead! I knew who it was. Mom it's for you! Who is it Who do you think It's your daughter. Oh tell her I'm too Busy! Janice, mom said she too busy to talk, what do you want anyway Janice said, now! That's none of your business, "Oh Forget it! You asshole " No, No Wait Janice, She said what "I have one question, "Yeah" "Do you know what the loneliest sound in the world is As I hung up the phone.

Mom's eyes widened Wow you do have a one big one huh I think you've got your dad beat on this one. She started rubbing ever so lightly from the base to its tip. Mom asked if she'd be able to kiss it. Yeah I guess. She did more that just a kissed it. I dropped my jeans to my knees. My dick was swallowed in one gulp. I could smell that old familiar aroma that I did as ah child. She cupped her wet snatch in her hand; she looked at me with approval. My hand followed "Oh Mom you're so wet and slippery" I could slip my dick in there with no trouble. She said "Why not Do it. But, But Mom you're my mother.

She said " Randy do you call yourself an adult" Yes! And am I Yes so what's wrong with sex between two consenting adults I picked her up and turned around and placed her on her back on the table. She said, I want you to eat my her pussy first.

As soon I started she said, "Your father did this so well, here. Randy, Place you're tongue here son & lick the hoody that hides my clit" I did and as soon as I added a little pressure on it her little penis like clit was hard and mighty sweet. Her eyes were closed & moving her head from side to side and screaming "Do It, Do It To me hard Randy such on the clit, just like your daddy did! Oh Yesss, Randy, Fuck my hole with that tongue. I had never heard my mom talk like that.

And the phone rang again. Yep it was the pain. Janice! She asked to talk to mom. I said, "Mom & I are kind of tied up right now call back later and hung up on her. While I was on the phone my fingers had constant pressure on mom's clit. She was about to cum again. I took my dick and drummed it on her clitty. Mom started her orgasm, while in the middle of her pleasure I slid my cock in her love connection until I hit her cervix. She was in pure ecstasy! Mom was fucking me back with hard deep thrusts. Each time a little faster a little deeper. " Wow Mom that pussy is one hot little kitty huh She didn't say anything.

She hollered, " Pete, PETE "Oh Daddy it's been so long, Fuck ME! Fuck it, Make me cum all over your cock" Pete was dad's name. Faster, Fuck your lady. I need that cum in my pussy. I felt my balls erupting. "Mom, MOM! I'm going to cum. Your are making me loose my nuts" She then opened her eyes.

And said "Randy Screw Momma's Cunt. Jamb it in Hard and Just hold it there, Please! Hold it there cuz I'm going to squirt my cum HOLD IT OH Shit Son I, I, I've not done that in so long time. I emptied my balls as she was squirting. Damn what a feeling. We just lay there a few moments to re-gain our breath. We had a mess to clean up I said. She said fuck-it we can do that after I get your nuts off just one time. With that she said.

"Randy, Your dad like to stick that cock of his in my ass. Bet you'd like to Huh" She stood up, turned around and bent over at her waist.

"Damn Mom, did dad fuck your butt too

I noticed that my cum was leaking out of her wet hole. That was all it took. She started lowering one hip then the other in a way saying, "Come get me. Come and stick that dick down my dirty road!!

I couldn't believe Mom talking like this. She reached between her legs and grabbed me by the dick and guided it to the entrance to her bunghole.

She said. "Too take it slow and easy I haven't had a cock up there since your dad. He was smaller then you are. So take it s l o w Randy"

I took my own cum from her slit and lubed her butt hole. I am taller than she is so I had to lower myself or raise her up. I got the small footstool from under the sink for her to stand on.

She started cooing, "That's better son, it's just right. Now Com'eer and get it & and take her" I came up behind her and aimed the helmet to her puckered up hole. I felt her stubborn flesh part around my throbbing pole.. She wiggled her ass around and putting pressure on her hole & plop I was in. She stood still so she could get used to her ass invader. "Now son go slow until you hit bottom" In a little out a little. She was getting moist again. Her moans were both loud and soft at the same time. Out a little and in a little bit. 7 1/2" took a while. But soon she was backing up with each thrust of mine. (You ever see a chicken back up). "She is looking for something" That is what mom looked like. What a turn-on! This was a wonderful descent into the hot depths of her ass

I really didn't know my mother was like this! She was really getting into this. She "Screamed take it out and jam it in my wet glory hole hard and back to my ass" Yes Mom, Here ya go. Wow I hit her cervix and back to her butt. Damn what a sensation! I remained speechless watching my mother as if I was standing before the seventh wonder of the world. I was so hard my dick hurt. I had to get my nuts off. I started jambin it in her ass hard and back to her pussy as fast as I could. I felt mom's cunt milking my dick as in retracted.

"Oh Gawd, she was screaming "Ohhhhhhhh Gawd I'M Cumming again! Stick that cock in me and just hold it there at the bottom right at my womb" while I cummm!"

With a thrust I jabbed my cock in that pussy one more time and held I there as she requested. It was so amazing what mom could do with her pussy. She was using her pussy muscles to squeeze my dick for the base to the tip. I was about to explode. Stream after stream of my seed was pumped onto her womb "Ugh...ugh...ugh!" I quickly groaned as my orgasm exploded inside of her. She was howling as she started to squirt her precious cum all over her ass the tabletop and I.

We collapsed together in a large body of sweat. We just stayed there to savor the emotions & feelings of what had just happened. Gathering our breath we showered and cleaned up each other. I was trying to get frisky in the shower. Mom said she was beat and her love connection was sore. We finished, dressed one another. And guess who showed up Yeah, Janice!

Her first words to me were "Why the hell wouldn't you let me talk to mom when I called What a jerk you are! She called me everything but a white man " Mom looked over at me, we smiled at each other. Mom told her she had something on her mind was too busy and left it at that.

We still had sexual encounters from time to time, but mom has since re-married. What a lucky guy! Mom & my step-dad moved to Florida. I met & married my wife, Louis & moved to the west coast. Brother Bob and his family live in northern Syracuse, NY. Janice never got involved with anyone. She found out that no one would put up with her crap! Just FYI Janice did not go into business; She works for Wal-Mart there in town. She is not a people person & I knew she would never make it! Today Janice is still the same old bitch and all alone in that little mid-west town

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