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Caught by daddy


Author: Shyann
Published: 20-Jun-09 Revised/Updated 15-Sep-09

Im 19 and my pussy has always craved big cocks, when daddy finds me with another guy he gives me a big cock.

* * * * * * *

I was home alone, my mom was on a three week business trip, my dad was working late. I sighed, my pussy throbbed for a nice big cock. I decided to call my boyfriend Jason, when i put on the sweet girl voice he came running. While I waited for him I slipped my hand down my mini-skirt and put my finger in my soaked pussy. Oh god I was wet and ready for him, i rubbed my clit reaching a climax and bringing it back down. I did this often it make my orgasm's longer, harder and very pleasurable. A knock startled me, Jason had left himself in and was in my door way. "Drop your fucking pants" I teased. I used my other hand to play with one of my 34C tits. He dropped his pants like a good little boy. I pulled up my tank top and let my boobs free, my nipples were hard so i pinched them and twisted them. "Come here" I ordered Him. He obeyed and I pulled off my skirt and panties. He didnt hesitate for a moment, He nuzzled his face in my pussy sucking and licking my clit. I moaned moving my hips into his face as he fucked me with his tongue. I felt myself climax as I mashed his face into my pussy "Cum for me baby" I heard him mumble. I felt wave after wave of pleasure ripple though my body. My body had tensed and realized the huge orgasm I had waiting just for him. My body shook as he pulled away his face covered in my pussy juice. I pushed him down and started jerking his cock. he moaned in pleasure. I put the mushroom head into my mouth. His huge erect cock twitched begging me to suck it dry and I intended to do just that. I slowly moved my mouth up and down his rock hard shaft. As my mouth got faster and I sucked all the precum out of his dick and I felt his cock spasm.

I got faster sucking harder "I'm going to cum in your mouth......fuck I'm cumming...I'm fucking cumming" He yelled as he unloaded his hot sperm into my mouth. I licked it all up and sucked his cock hard getting every last drop. His cock went limp and I looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. He started rubbing his plum balls as his cock became semi-erect. I laid back down as he made his cock rock hard again. He rubbed the head over my wet pussy before slipping it into my hot tight pussy. He pounded my pussy as I yelled and moaned. I was at my peak as was he, I tensed my body when I saw my father standing in my doorway. "Dad" I yelled covering myself up the best I could. Jason's cock slipped out of my pussy when he heard my cry, he jumped up grabbing his clothes and fleeing from my room. I used my sheets to cover my naked body. "Daddy.." I quivered pushing myself up into the pillow waiting for him to explode and yell at me. I was surprised when he looked at me and said "That a bad thing you did, I'm going to make sure you know better next time" He stripped his belt off. My eyes widened as i figured he was going to beat me with his belt, but he dropped it on the floor. I watched in wounder as he stripped down to his boxers, his erect cock was almost sticking out of his boxers.

It looked about nine inches! God my pussy was getting wet thinking about it, jason's cock was the biggest I had ever seen and he only had a seven inch."Daddy" I moved back further up on my bed as my dad sat down next to me. "Show me your tits" He said firmly "Daddy no" I held the sheet tightly to my breast. "you've already been a bad girl, you disobeyed your father Show me your tits" He said again. I reluctantly Let the sheet fall. he smirked "now your gonna let daddy touch your pretty tits" he reached out and grabbed my nipple "your have firm nipples" he complimented. I looked away disgusted. He moved his mouth on to my nipple and sucked it a bit. "You disgusting pig, your trying to fuck your own daughter" I sobbed. He grabbed my chin "Did you just talk back to daddy" He asked jerking my head to look at him. I cried "daddy your hurting me" He gripped tighter "are you going to be a good little girl" he asked. I nodded and he let go. He took his dick out of his boxers "do you like this cock baby girl" I looked down to see him stroking his huge cock... god I was so fucking turned on by it "daddy are you going to put it in me" I asked innocently. "Of course I am, I'm going to stick it into your tight little pussy" he kept stroking.

he looked at the ground in front of him and nodded. He wanted me to suck that monstrous cock. Getting down on my knees in front of him, I stroked his cock with my middle finger and thumb squeezing it. "suck it" he ordered. Just as I had done with jason's cock I sucked the perfect mushroom head as his shaft soon followed into my moist mouth. I gagged getting it 3/4 of the way down. I pulled my mouth away "God your big daddy" I looked up at him. He grabbed me by the hair and shoved my mouth back onto his cock, I sucked as he violently pushed and pulled my head. I felt him spasm in my mouth "Cum daddy" I yelled putting it all the way down my throat I gagged ferociously As his hot, sweet cum filled my throat. I swallowed it all. "good girl swallow daddy's cum" He let go of my head throwing me to the ground. "let me see your ass" He ordered and I frantically got up and got on the bed and lifted my ass in the air to him. "do you like my ass daddy" I asked as his rubbed it. "its nice and firm" he complimented.

To be Continued...

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