Ava's Professor needs to talk about the final 'Exam'

Author: Blythe
Published: Jul 13, 2009
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I hear his soft moan behind me. His hands are around my shoulders. Their firm touch slides down my torso to my hips. I stand rooted to the spot, unable to breathe. Markend grasps my hips tightly and I'm pulled sharply back into his warm body."Now what, my dear, did you do that for" He breathes the words like silk into my ear.

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It's 7:00 sharp. I'm sitting on the bench outside Professor Markend's office, wondering where he's gone to and if he'll be late for our meeting. "Good. You're here already. If you'll just step into my office, I'll be right with you," Markend's deep eyes seem to spark as he turns and stalks off to a classroom down the hall. As I stand I find my legs are weak. How strange. I only just reach the desk in the center of the room when I hear the office door snap shut behind me and the soft metallic ring of the lock. I spin around to see that Markend is half in shadow, his jacket slung over his arm, leaning nonchalantly against the wall; his keys dangling merrily from his right hand. "We don't want to be interrupted now do we Ava I can't entertain the entire campus, try as I might," The look on his face now is a frightening one - lit with hungry eyes. "I - I don't know what you mean," my stammering seems to make him smile. "Please, feel free to sit down," he gestures to the sofa to my left. Not wanting offend him, I set my bag on his desk and sit on the end of the couch and immediately sink into comfort. I start to think it might not be so bad after all when he sits down next to me, ignoring the other half of the couch entirely. The distance between us is just far enough apart that I don't jump up. "If I'm not mistaken Miss Walsh, we are here to discuss your final. I made it clear in class that if any student wished to decline taking the exam, they would need to consult me on alternative options," Markend's eyes flashed again. "Yeah. I wanted to ask you, since the final isn't till next week, if my essay topic was okay. I wrote it on a novel I read recently called "The Hollow Earth". "Well, I would certainly be happy to review it," his eyes scanned my body which was uncomfortably still. "I'm sure it will be more than satisfactory. You're an excellent writer. Did you remember to provide the citations in MLA format" "Oh, yeah. I forgot to print that page out, but I've got them all. Can I give that to you in class on Monday" "Of course you can. Now, there's one more thing I've been meaning to discuss with you. . ." A faint smile crosses his face and his brown eyes twinkle with hidden meaning. "What's that I . . ." my voice became unsteady once again. His hand was suddenly on my knee. I sprang to my feet. "I've got my final paper with me Professor," I nearly whisper the words. My heart is pounding in my ears. The tension in the room is uncomfortable and makes me nervous. I turn to gather my bag and pull the paper from the folder within. But then - I hear his soft moan behind me. His hands are around my shoulders. Their firm touch slides down my torso to my hips. I stand rooted to the spot, unable to breathe. Markend grasps my hips tightly and I'm pulled sharply back into his warm body. "Now what, my dear, did you do that for" He breathes the words like silk into my ear. I'm still frozen and my head is spinning slightly. My silence does not go unnoticed. He breathes into my ear again. "Sooo soft, so sweet. . ." Markend slips my shirt off my shoulder and I can feel his lips press into my skin. Slowly he traces kisses along my exposed neck. A shiver tingles down my spine and he responds, biting gently at first, then harder into just the right spot. My knees start to buckle, but he catches me. With a jolt I realise that this is what I want, that this is what I've wanted all along; to have him want me, to have him take me. I turn to face him, breaking his hold on my hips. He seizes my wrists and slams them into the wall, pinning me tightly. With intense ferocity he thrusts his mouth upon my own in a passionate kiss. I surrender to the dream turned reality, and kiss him back, pressing myself eagerly into him. Another passionate kiss follows, and another, and another until I realise that he's gradually backed me toward the couch. He releases my wrists and shoves me down into the soft cushions. He rips my pants open and yanks them off me. I'm gasping and I realise that my panties are soaked. He rips them off too. Then he tears off my shirt and bra as well. Markend is on top of me now, and he cuts off my gasps with new intense kisses, his hands clenched around my wrists once more. I can feel his member hot and hard against my thigh. "Professor!" I moan. "Ava!" he moans in return. I arch my back, thrusting my hips into his rhythmically, writhing with pleasure. His hands leave my wrists and he sets them on either side of my chest. Instinctively I wrap one hand around his neck and the other around his shoulder, pulling him closer. My fingers dig into his shirt and hair. Our kisses are like fire, our lust like air. Suddenly Markend leans back and stands up. His eyes shine with lust and I return his gaze. Almost immediately his clothes are in a pile on the floor and he's coming back down on me. God do I want that body right there, so close. God do I want him to fuck me. He stops inches from my body and he puts one hand on my hip. I wrap my arms around him again, and he moves his hand between my legs. I hear him groan with desire as he feels my wet mound. He slides his middle finger down to split my lower lips and he pushes the tip of his finger into my clit. I gasp. He pushes harder and circles my clit steadily faster and faster. I moan and gasp and quiver. I nearly climax but he stops and I look into his eyes. "More," I demand, but he shakes his head and drives his long, thick middle finger into me. Thrusting and moving his finger inside me I shudder and convulse. His thumb massages circles around my clit and the pleasure is too much. He shoves two more fingers inside me; I cry out in agony, wanting him to fuck me. He's breathing heavy, drinking in the sight of my painful bliss. It's turning him on. He fingers me harder, stroking and groaning louder. Unable to take it anymore I scream "FUCK ME!!!" Markend takes his fingers out of me and tastes them. Eyes crazy, he straddles me and begins to fuck me hard, driving his hard dick into my pussy again and again. I claw at him and moan loudly; my yelling makes him fuck me harder. Reaching a hand around my head Markend grabs a fistful of hair and yanks my head back. I cry out as the pain sends electric shock through my body. My mouth is open, my eyes are rolling upward, and I'm gasping uncontrollably. I love him riding me hard, thrusting himself into me with greedy lustful need. I feel his dick get harder inside me and I lift my hips up, slamming them into him. I'm going to cum I can feel it. He pulls tighter on my hair to hold on. Flashes of pure ecstasy fill me like fire, like ice, like lightning and then - I cum as he does and I can feel the rush of heat inside me. We cry out and moan, and we tremble together in the orgasm. My head spins; I feel weightless. Markend collapses on top of me and we lay there, unmoving. His body is comforting even with the sweat and the heat. He rises a little and kisses me once more - passionate but not needy like before. I'm still shaking as he gets up and falls into his office chair and lights a cigarette. He leans back in his chair, still unabashedly naked, eyes closed. "Ava. . ." he whispers in a cloud of smoke. I sit up, aching all over but feeling light-headed from the mind-blowing sex, and take a cigarette for myself. I whisper in my own cloud "Professor. . ." Markend's eyes open and he looks at me. "Daniel. My name is Danel." I correct the mistake and exhale smoke, "Danel. . ." "Ava," he repeats, eyes closed again. "Your rough draft was remarkable, but you'll still have to come in for your final."

About: The author of "Ava's Professor needs to talk about the final 'Exam'" is Blythe. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Incest & Taboo Stories section.

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